How to remove payment block for AP invoices which has been cleared

How to remove payment block for AP invoices which has been cleared

Thanks for immediate response in fb02 is in deable mode
mrbr unable to change
please provide to to remove blocking code i will assign points

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  • Number of invoices which has been cleared.

    Dear all,
    How can I get the number of invoices which has been cleared based on vendor and company code for a selected fiscal year and period?
    Thanks you very much.

    Hi SCNT,
    Check in MIR6
    You can always use transaction SE16 on table BKPF, provide the document date & fiscal year and then click on the tab "Number of entries" in the top, the system throw the number of invoices in the system for that selection.

  • How to clear incoming payement for the invoices which has been posted through payement terms

    Hi All ,
    Could any one help me on the below problem which i am facing from last 1 month.
    Here is my activity which i have done.
    1) i posted one invoice in f-22 with the payment term 002 which is predefined by SAP.
    01 - CUSTOMER A/C
    50 - SALES A/C with the amount 3000
    2) Now i want to clear incoming payment through F-28
    entry will come for Bank a/c and customer a/c
    now if i want to clear the amount of 3000 and i m getting the error message'correct the marked line item'
    please find the screenshot below for the same and help me to resolve this issue.

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Great - now you know the required field (Asset retirement) that is causing the error. (It is obviously not the Text field - otherwise it would be marked as such on the screenshot.)
    The second question is - does it make sense to push asset retirement here? Normally, you do it on an account for a revenue from asset sale, not on cash in transit.
    If yes, then after ticking the checkbox and pushing Enter, you will get a popup box, asking you to enter a number of fixed asset that you want to retire, plus perhaps some other data (sorry, I do not have it in front of me). When saving the document, the system will then automatically add lines for setting to zero (or reducing) asset value and accummulated depreciation against gain/loss from sale (or revenue vs cost), as per your AA configuration. Is this what you want?
    If not, then check if you have the correct field status assigned to the account (in trans. FS03, tab "Create / bank / interest").
    Good luck!

  • SD How to create IDoc once Sales Order Invoice (Billing) has been created ?

    How to create IDoc once Sales Order Invoice (Billing) has been created ?
    I.e Once you click on save button of Invoice , IDoc Should genrate Automatically.

    Go to T.code VV31 and select the billing output type and select the access sequence required and in the details screen of create condition records give all the required entries for eg: may be Billing Type, Sales Organsiation etc.and in the medium choose the option as 6(EDI) and time select as 4 that is immediately after saving the document.Also please ensure that particular partners for whom idoc should be generated they need to have partner profile setup with the billing message types. Hope this helps.

  • How to create IDoc once Sales Order Invoice (Billing) has been created

    How to create IDoc once Sales Order Invoice (Billing) has been created   ?
    I.e Once you click on save button of Invoice , IDoc Should genrate Automatically.

    We need to do custom configuration for this scenario such that an output type will be attached when ever an INVOICE is created.
    Refer to application V3 in NACE. The Output type should contain an entry with transmission medium: Distribution (ALE).
    for example check the customization done for an output type in NACE.
    Goto NACE ---> Select an application V3 ---> Click on processing routines ---> select the output type (Eg: RD00) ---> Click on Details button  (CNTRL + SHFT + F2) which gives the configuration info.
    For example we can generate the IDOC based on the settings in partner profiles for the customer (Sold To)
    With Regards,
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  • Urgent - An invoice which has been paid, route for approval again

    Hi All,
    Below is the what I am stuggling to sort.
    Scenario - The invoice 6200382/1 was processed on 6 March 2009. It was approved on 23 March 2009 by Mr. DAVE F VENTURA and Mr. BENOIT M VERHAEGHE. The invoice was paid on 27 March 2009.It appears that the invoice has now again routed for approval, and was rejected on 17 April by Mr. DAVE F VENTURA. The rejection notification (attached) which Norma received, indicates that the invoice was rejected on 15 April 2009. How can an invoice which has been paid, route for approval again, and why is there a difference in the rejected dates as indicated on the approval history and the notification?
    This has happened for the second time. I am unable to give a solution to this problem. Need help urgently.

    Hi Sonia,
    I am facing the similar issue just that the invoice was not rejected.It was paid and re-routed for approval.
    Could you please let me know how you resolve this issue.

  • How to Create a datatype for a storeprocedure which has got array ?

    Hi All,
    Please tell me how to create a datatype for a storeprocedure which has got an array structure ?

    Hi Sindhu.
    You would have to use a JDBC Cursor for this but it's possible only Output parameters, not Input parameters.
    It's describle in a help link:
    Defining an EXECUTE Statement
    The following SQL data types are supported:
    I think you can execute your StoreProcedure many times depends of array occurs.

  • How to view the income invoice which has been enter.

    Hi all:
        there is an income invoice which has been entered, how I can view it ?  which T-code should I use?
    Thank you very much

    Hi,tcode mir4

  • Creating Alias for any application which has been integrated into portal

    Hi All,
    How to create Alias for any application which has been integrated into Portal?
    What is portal alias?
    What is URL alias?
    What is the difference between all the three?
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    Hi jyothi,
    1. For your first question Regarding How to create Alias for any application which has been integrated into Portal? Can you please be more clear here my question is why do you need to create alias for applications that are integrated into the portal.
    2. For your second and third questions find the below links
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  • How to set Payment Block for Service PO when IR before GR?

    Could anyone advice me on how to set payment block especially for service Purchase order, item category D, when IR before GR (SES)?
    Alex Kwon

    Please try this...
    in IMG>MM>Invoice Verification>Invoice Block>Item amount check
    Here you can activate the item amount check for Item categories as well as GR item.
    Pls explore I have not tested.
    Hope it helps

  • BAPI/FM to remove payment block on MIRO Invoice

    I need a BAPI/FM to remove a payment block on a MIRO invoice.  I realize that this has probably been answered before but, due to SDN's search feature, I haven't been able to find an answer.

    Yes you are right. all methods are for price block only . sorry about that.

  • How to remove billing block for rejected order

    Hi gurus,
    There is a question about billing block that needs ur help..
    A sales order's credit status in header level is "Not approved" and thus it's blocked for billing. We've rejected this sales order in all items, but this sales order is still showing in V23-Billing block report, how can we remove it from that report without changing Credit status?
    Or we have to update the credit status and then reject it again?
    Looking for your advice and thanks in advance.

    First tell me have you checked the credit status of that particular customer.
    Have you rejected all the item in sales order of the same order in which you have set the credit limit.
    then in that case you will have to increase the credit limit and then reject it.
    I hope it completed your work
    please let me know is it a proper solution.

  • Payment blocking for MIRO invoice.

        We Need to build Payment release workflow for MIRO invoice.
        If the invoice amount exceeds 10000, that line item need to be blocked and shoudl be sent a mail for approval.
        My doubt is, whether the  payment blocking is done by configuration settings or will workflow take care of that one?
        Requirement is, line item should be blocked automatically while posting the doc in MIRO.
        If it can be done by configuration, could anybody suggest the path to do so.

    I would try another SDN forum.

  • How to cancel an A/P Downpayment Invoice which has payment on it?

    Dear all experts,
    How can I cancel a A/P Downpayment Invoice No.100001 whereby it has done the outgoing payment. I unable to cancel the outgoing payment due to this outgoing payment also paid for another A/P Downpayment and already draw to some invoices. Please advice on how should I cancel this A/P Downpayment Invoice No.100001? Thanks a lot.

    Hi Angie,
    I see in your case that one payment has been made for multiple A/P DP invoices.
    Let's see case per case.
    1.  if the payment is made for payment on acocunt, you will use BP internal recon to pay the A/P DP invoices.
    2. if you created payment for one DP invoice but there are some remain amounts, then you use internal recon to pay the another DP invoice
    for case 1:
    I see that you are using BP internal reconciliation. if it is so, just cancel the reconciliation first, then all A/P DP invoices are cancel.
    you must recon the payment again., Meanwhile the AP DP invoice that is not going to pay can be credited.
    for case 2:
    you must cancel the recon in the manage previous reconciliation window. After the cancelation, go to payment and cancel the payment. Then create again the payment to pay another correct DP invoice

  • How to remove syntax error for the method which i deleted?

    I implemented a attribute NAME2 in BP_ADDR/AddressDuplicate , in that i implemented GET_P_NAME2 and later deleted attribute it self now i am getting the error "ZL_BP_ADDR_ADDRESSDUPLICA_CN02CP Method "GET_P_NAME2" does not exist. There is, however, a method with the similar name "GET_BP_NAME"
    how to remove this error?

    Hi Pankaj,
    I tried that it is giving dump
    The following syntax error occurred in program
    line 1:
    "Method "GET_P_NAME2" does not exist. There is, however, a method with "
    "the similar name "GET_BP_NAME"."
    any clue how to solve this?

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