How to remove the Object from memory.

Flash file that i made with Flex Builder uses memory too
Look at the next example source code.
var testCan:Canvas = new Canvas();
testCan = null;
but just memory usage still goes up, is not freed instantly.
so if i load the large flash files on my web browser,
after 5 munites or something, the web browser is down.
How to remove the object from memory immediately without

It's all about the Garbage Collector ..
There is a nice write up here :

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    I want to delete unused objects from obiee11g catalog, i know in obiee10g it's working fine (i.e: we can do it via manage catalog then delete the unused objects) is there any way to do it automatically like RPD utility --->removing unused objects from Physical layer in RPD
    fyi: I don't want to delete manualy. i need somethink like button/link to find unused objects(report,filter,folder..etc) from my obiee11g catalog.
    Edited by: Devarasu on Nov 29, 2011 12:06 PM
    Edited by: Devarasu on Nov 29, 2011 3:15 PM

    Checked with Oracle Support team and confirmed below points
    --> incorporated into the Current product and consider as BUG it may resolve future release
    --> Currently there isnt any automatic method to remove the unused objects like reports, filters,folder etc from catalog.
    Treated as Bug
    SR 3-4984291131: How to remove unused objects from the webcatalog in obiee11g

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         <% if (request.getParameter("newid") != null) {
    Now i have to refactor my jsp to use facelets and i should not be using scriplets anymore . I did try with JSTL but the <c:remove> tag is not supported by facelets.
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    Thank you

    r035198x wrote:
    Redesign things so that the remove is done in a backing bean method rather than in a view page.Exactly that. I tend to cleanup session variables at the start and at the end of a page flow; generally the end is some sort of save or cancel action being invoked through a button but that is application specific.

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    Here is an easy way to move your messages from Phone Memory to Memory Card or from Memory Card to Phone memory In Nokia models.
    1- Install latest version of Nokia PC Suite and connect your set.
    2- Open Nokia Communication Centre. (Select Phone Memory or Memory Card from which you want to move messages to other memory)
    3- Select all messages in a single folder (Inbox/Sent Items or from My Folders) and click on file> export. This will create *.csv file.
    4- Download NBU Explorer 1.8 from​plorer/  (You must have installed Windows Installer 3.1 and Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 to run NBU Explorer. You can easily download these from Microsoft Site,)
    5- Open *.csv file in NBU Explorer and click File > Export All. (Your all messages will be exported as *.vmg files.)
    6- Disconnect and connect your phone again in Nokia PC Suite.
    7- Now set your target memory in your phone for messages.
    8- Open Communication Centre and Select your desired folder then click on file > Import messages by selecting multiple messages *.vmg files. (You don’t have to import messages one by one but you can import all messages in a single folder at once)
    9- And you have done it.
    10- You can import *.csv list in Nokia PC Suite rather *.vmg files, but in this case, all the spaces (blank spaces) in your messages will be lost. All the text of your messages will be merged to a single line. So exporting via NBU Explorer is recommended.  
    11- Any query?  Contact me at ********
    E-mail address has been removed from this post as it is unwise to post such personal information in a public web forum. This is for your personal safety and privacy.
    Edited by: Aikin19

  • How to remove the "0" from the sum cell when the other cells are empty?

    When I use the formula to sum the values from a few cells, there is a zero in the sum cell when the other cells are empty.
    My question concerns how to remove the 0 from the sum cell when the cells that will be summed are empty.
    Thank you!
    /Johan Strömbeck

    Please try the Mr. Laurence's suggestion first. Then, we may try the other workarounds.
    1) Go to Excel option> Advanced>Display Option for this worksheet> Uncheck Show a zero in cells that have zero value
    2) Go to Conditional Formatting>New Rule>Format only cells that contain> Value equal to 0> Format the color with white
    Hope it's helpful.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

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    Hi Guys,
    How to remove the Char. from one Operating Concern.
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    Now, i want to remove that new assigned Char. (WWDOC)from the operating concern (OOCC). I did't find any option in the menu also.
    Appreciate your help.....

    Hi Sasi,
    Iam not able to push back that char. from my operating concern. In help it is given you have to delete the data contents in the table before pushing back. Please let me know if any other option available.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • How to remove the bookmark from the table of contents?

    Hi everyone, I have a question:
    How to remove the bookmark from the table of contents in Captivate 6?

    Doug, your frustration is making you "bug" gun trigger happy. LOL
    LOL, I suppose I have.
    I believe the answer you are looking for is in the publishing preferences: under LMS advanced settings, look for the option: never send resume data.
    [can someone please confirm this - I am not at a desktop now]
    Anyhow, selecting this option will stop resume data - so the lesson will treat even returning learners as new. Hopefully, this will work for you.
    This works! Thank you again!
    *but* Why isn't Captivate asking the learner to make the choice of whether to start over or resume. It does this correctly if the lesson is published stand-alone.
    Thanks again!

  • How to Remove the underline from the selection screen parameter

    How to remove the underline from a selection screen parameter ?

    Anoop Menon wrote:
    > hi Avinash,
    > I am not able to understand the use of the 'comment line properly.
    > The last part of the statement which says modif id is confusing.
    > Please clarify..... I am unable to activate my code when I put the selection screen commebnt statement.
    Use this and update it to your requierement !
    SELECTION-SCREEN begin of line.
    PARAMETERS test(1) type c.
      SELECTION-SCREEN end of line.
      comm = 'test'.

  • How to remove the KF from cube .

    How to remove the KF from cube , I am not able to .
    When I drag the KF outside the structure , I am not able to .

    Hi Jain,
    If data is available in the Info cube we can not Edit,delet and Add a infoobject.But In BI7.0 we a option called remodeling in administration Tab.By this we can add a new infoobject or we can delet it nad we can edit it also.
    i hope this will help u
    assigne point if this help u
    JT Goud

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    How to remove the underline from Title of a report.
    plz tell.

    You have to go inside the title view :-)

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    says I cloud not been backed upin 12 weeks. plug in lock and connect to interent, but I cant get on internet and cant do anything while this box is there

  • How to remove the square from the icons when selecting them?

    How to remove the square from the icons when selecting them?

    hi jerry not quite sure what you mean, could you elaborate abit more please. lori

  • How  to remove the check from ShpmntCostsRel. (field VTTK-    FRKRL)

    Hi Experts,
    Can you please tell me to how  to remove the check from ShpmntCostsRel. (field VTTK-    FRKRL) when saving of the shipment document.

    shipment cost calculation only on the Leg level and not on header level. Currently a lot of confusion happened after creating the shipment cost document and found that the status is u201CBu201D.
    now we intend to define detailed specifications to how to create this new user exit to update the shipment cost relevancy at shipment header.
    The main functionality of the user exit  to be created is to remove the check from ShpmntCostsRel. (field VTTK-    FRKRL).can u pls tell how to do this.

  • How to remove the worksets from the Top level navigation for the ESS role.

    Hi All,
    I am working on enabling and disabling certain services in the ESS worksets.
    we are using EP 7.0, ECC 6.0 (NW2004s).
    When I login as a user with ESS role, I can view the changes in the overview pages. However, the worksets are still visible in the TOP Level navigation of th poral. can anyone please explain me how to remove the workset from the Top level navigation.
    Thanks for your help

    Go to the ESS role via Content Admin, then double click the workset (or page or iview) and in the drop down select navigation. Then click the <i>Yes</i> radio button of the "<i>Invisible in Navigation</i>" property.

  • How to move the objects from Infoarea to another?

    How to move the objects from Infoarea to another?
    Thanx in advance,

    Hi ..
    If the drag & drop functionality is enabled you can drag the catalog and drop it in another InfoArea just as you do with files on your PC.
    The other procedure is Use the right mouse button to create an InfoObject catalog in the InfoArea. If you want to make a copy of an existing InfoObject catalog, specify a reference InfoObject catalog.
    and check this  thread
    Re: Info Object Mapping to Info Area

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