How to remove the square from the icons when selecting them?

How to remove the square from the icons when selecting them?

hi jerry not quite sure what you mean, could you elaborate abit more please. lori

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    How to remove the icon of java in JDialog, and change it to my own icon.

    Please make the extra effort to write out words such as "please" and "your". The extra keystrokes won't cost much in the way of time, and the enhanced clarity will be appreciated by those communicating on a forum with international readership.

  • HT201456 how to remove the icon Apple and Bootcam on the screen ?

    how to remove the icon Apple and Bootcam on the screen ?

    please forgive me, I usually ask question on these boards, not answer them :/ but wouldnt...
    btn.setIcon(null)do it?

  • Can anyone tell me how to remove the owner when setting the location

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the owner when setting the location?
       Table Name:  (Table Name)
       Table Type:   Tables
       Owner:           Public
       Overridden Qualified Table Name:  (Table Name - same as above)
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Ann,
    please check this document to determine the correct space for your question:
    Find Topic Spaces on SCN (Forums)
    If you need help moving it, let me know!

  • How to Remove the Icon from the OWL Screen

    Hi All,
    Can we remove the Icon from the OWL screen for some fields without removing the Hyperlink as in the standard for Opportunity for Account Fields as shown below:
    As in the above OWL screen, i have to remove the highlighted Icon.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Malkit Singh

    Hi Malkit,
    You can check Icon in Thing Type like COD_Account__TT screen.
    Once you are in TT screen just go to "Controller" and select "Thing Type Data" from left side pan.
    But how to remove it I don't have any idea.

  • Urgent help: How to remove the accumaltion when show movies step by step with buttons

    I want to show the movie step by step by clicking the next
    button. Inside each frame, many movie clips are generated
    dynamically at runtime, and they can be played interactively.
    I achieves the step-by-step display of those frames by adding
    another layer with the action stop(). But I got one trouble: all
    the movie clips from previous frames are accumalted. How to remove
    the accumulation from previous frames?
    For the continuous display of the movie, I tried to use
    onEnterFrame() and change the _visible property of all the movie
    clips to false in this function. But it doesn't work for the
    step-by-step display. Once I click the next button, the movie clips
    at the current frame just show very quickly, then disappear. What
    should I do?
    I need to fix this immediately.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    - zcx

    you can use the removeMovieClip() method for those movieclips
    added dynamically.

  • How to remove namespace prefix from target payload when using HTTP in PI7.0

    i have a requirement to remove namespace prefix from target payload when receiver receives the payload by an HTTP request.
    i am not able to use XML Anonymizer Bean as in HTTP channel its not possiile.
    Target structure after mapping now is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns3:Order xmlns:ns3="urn:xxx-com:pi:project">
    i need the target structure after mapping should look like:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Order xmlns:="urn:xxx-com:pi:project">
    i removed namespace from source and target Message Type of message mapping but still getting "ns3" prefix. My requirement is to just have this ns3 removed.
    Please reply if anyone has solved this problem before.

    Hi ,
    >>>i removed namespace from source and target Message Type of message mapping but still getting "ns3" prefix. My requirement is to just have this ns3 removed.
    Which process you've used for removing mapping. In case of java mapping plese remove ns3 while creating the target element. Please go through the below blog it may help you.
    Quick Tips: Dealing with Namespaces in XI/PI

  • Hi can you tell me how to remove the icons in safari on my iphone 4s?

    Hello, I am using an iphone 4s and when I tap on the Safari icon, the screen shows sites I have visited, how to I delete these icons.  I have tried soft close - top button and home button together, in settings>safari tapped on Clear Cookies and Data - to no avail. Settings>safari>advanced and under website data I was able to delete each one, but the icon continues to appear on the screen when I tapped on the Safari app.  I was also unable to type into the search box, the app closed.  Hope someone out there can help.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my query.  When I tap the bookmark at the bottom of the screen, it opens a screen with Allowed Sites and History when I tap either of them there is no option to delete, also there is no Favourites to tap after tapping the bookmark icon.  Each time I tap the Safari app, and try to type something into the address bar, the app closes and I am unable to access the internet although connected. Any suggestions, would resetting phone help?

  • Bookmarks toolbar - site icons have appeared in FF4 - how to remove the icons?

    I can find the option to disable all toolbar icons BUT specifically website icons have appeared in V4 in the bookmarks toolbar.
    This is annoying as the icons take up so much space - I can only fit half as many toolbar bookmarks.
    How can I disable the bookmarks toolbar website icons?

    *Bookmarks Deiconizer:

  • How can I prevent songs from being duplicated when adding them to my iPod?

    One feature I really like about iTunes is that if you have a song on a playlist, iTunes will notify you if you are adding a duplicate song to that playlist. I am looking for the same help managing my iPod.
    For example if I have a playlist in iTunes called "AAA" and a corresponding playlist on my iPod called "AAA", my aim is to have the same content on each. If it is a playlist that I update/change on an ongoing basis on my iTunes, my issue is that I have to remember what songs I have updated or deleted off of this playlist in order to avoid duplicated songs when I have my iPod plugged in.
    I would like to just drag this "AAA" playlist from iTunes to my iPod and have just the new songs be added to the "AAA" playlist on my iPod.
    Hopefully there something I'm overlooking and therefore a way to constrict what is added to the iPod. If you know how to do this, please let me know because this would make iPod music management just as great as iTunes management.

    I turned off "manually manage music and videos" years ago and sync my iPods by syncing "selected playlists". Any playlist changes I make on the Mac are automatically synced to the iPods when connected.
    Watch this video for suggestions:

  • How to remove red pin from map app when dropped

    How do i remove or delete the red pin on the map app when it dropped?

    The label that is with the pin. Touch the blue arrow to the side of it and then touch where it says Remove Pin.
    EDIT: I just re-read what you said. If it is a red pin, it is from a searched address. In that one, you have to cancel the search and the pin will go away.
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  • How to remove an app from iphone 3gs when it is half loaded?

    My iphone has half loaded an app. I tried to delete it but it wont let me. I then tried to remove it using itunes from my mac book pro and sync it and it still wont go away. I have also tried to overwrite it with the full downloaded version of the app and it still wont go away!

    I just ran into this same issue. Have you found a solution for this?

  • HT3384 how to remove (delete) shapes from pages document or move them once they are in place

    How can I delete or move a shape once I put it in a document?

    If you are having trouble selecting the shape, try holding down the command key and clicking on its edge so you see the corner selection boxes, then hit the Delete key.

  • How do I stop Automator from reordering photos when renaming them?

    I'm attempting to use Automator to rename picture files. I select "Make Sequential" and put the name in that I want. However, once everything is completed my pictures are not in the same order they were out of the camera. I like how my camera imports the photos in the order that I took them. Now when I look through my pictures my vacation is completely out of chronological order. How do can I set Automator so that this does not happen in the future?

    Add 'Sort Finder Items' before the Rename Finder Items.

  • Removing the icon "Translations"

    How to removing the icon "Translations" of the cells of my Matrix?
    I ran the example "06-UseMatrix," and this translation option is already implied. And I want to take her to add another. How do I?

    Hi Harley.....
    You can disable/hide this icon from Menu Bar View> Picker's Display> Translational Fields Untick this option.
    Also check this View> Indicators's Display> Translational Fields Deactivate this option.
    Infact you can hide CFls, FMS Glass also from this Path.......

Maybe you are looking for

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