How to remove the stand of iMac 27 with retina

I buy a 27' iMac in US and am going to bring it back to China next week.
I'm going to remove the stand, and put the iMac to my 30' luggage. I've tested, it can be hold in the luggage, but the question is how to remove the stand "elegantly" because it's whole new and I don't want it to be "fixed"? Is that possible?

Good morning, Macwhy.
The best box you can get is the original packing it came in.   It would have to travel as accompanied Luggage and I strongly advise you to insure it for its purchase cost if bought in China.  I would also back up the content on a separate drive.   Thank you for the stars and good luck with the move.

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  • How i remove the stand from an Intel iMac 17"  ???

    Please it possible to remove the stand from an intel based imac 17" . If yes how i do it?
    Thank you

    Only the 24" iMac models have user removable stands. To remove the stands from the 17" & 20" models requires opening and some disassembly of the computer. This is complicated and difficult, and would most likely void any warranty you have left on the machine if it was not done by a Certified Apple Technician.
    But it has been done by some users in the past;
    Why no VESA mount!? grrrr....

  • Removing the Stand for imac 21.5 in for International Flight

    I am going on an international flight and I want to bring my imac as a carry on.  I need to remove the stand. Is this possible for 21.5 Inch imac.  I bought it new in Jan. 2011

    Have a look here:
    or this one might be better:

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    am using adobe photo shop elements 13
    trying to create a new video story  by basically joining all home videos in a chapter. the annoying this is that the new project comes with a default audio clipping which basically makes my home video's audio inaudible.
    how do i remove this default audio clip so i can hear my home video 's audio and not some random music..

    Hi Hemanth,
    Check this link,
    Remove Refresh link from No Result View.

  • How do I remove the stand from my 24' intel imac model ( A1225)

    Hello, I am moving my imac 24' from Europe to the states in my baggage. The stand mustbe removed to fit it in. Some models allow a business card or credit card to insert in the lever of the stand and the back of the imac housing where the stand is attached to. Thus oin pulling the stand levekl down with the acard inserted you will see a few srerws to unscrew to removing the stand. This is not with this imac 24' intel model number (A1225)
    Are there any tips or help that one knows to removing the stand?

    ==> Removing the 2007 24" iMac aluminum stand
    ==> Removing a VESA mount and replacing the aluminum stand
    I recently inherited a 2007 24" iMac that had been VESA mounted.  I searched all the online boards to figure out how to remove the VESA bracket and install the aluminum stand that I bought on Ebay.  Despite 6 years since the iMac was made, I really didn't feel the online posts gave a clear answer, so I felt compelled to give my input.
    First, the 'latch' mechanism that locks and unlocks the stand/VESA mount is RIGHT next to the top of the slot -- it's about 1/16" into the casing and shaped like a shallow L-shaped ledge that extends most of the length of the slot.  Here's a very effective way to hit it:
    * uninstalling stand;  put the computer on a bed at the edge; push the stand downward, somewhat hard, then slip a business card into the top of the slot,slanted 45 degrees upward.  do not push the business card hard at all.  it will hit the ledge/lever quickly.  leave it there.  now, insert a drivers license or credit card ON TOP of the business card, so it hits same ledge/lever but with more strength.  push a bit and start wiggling the stand.  the latch will release and you can now push the stand down to lock in the extended position, then remove the screws, install the VESA
    * uninstalling VESA:  the stand mechanism is already in the LOCKED/out position.  I spent about an hour trying to get it to lock into the extended position.  wrong.  it's already extended.  once you remove the VESA, install your stand, then follow the above guidance to unlock that mechanism and get your computer back upright.
    There are a lot of threads on this topic.  I hope this helps some.  My main insights are two;  1) the latch/ledge is very close to the top of the slot, and 2) that ledge can be caught fairly easily by pushing the stand down and using a flexible cardboard business card, then superimposing a harder plastic card on top while you wiggle the stand.

  • Taking my 20" Cinema display on the road; how do I remove the stand?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning to do alot of work on location this summer and would like to find a way to remove the stand attached to my 20" LCD Cinema Display so that I can pack them both into a smaller case. I've just removed the allen key cover on the right hand side (from the front) and was presented with a more complicated challenge inside the mount. It seemed to me to be a good time to consult the support forum before things went horribly wrong....
    Are there instructions anywhere that show how to dissasemble the hinge where the display meets the stand? Without destroying either?
    Can anyone recommend a lie-flat/two piece stand I can take with me on location?
    Many thanks,

    Look at me; I'm clever.
    Solution found at
    After removing the two screws, the stand didn't want to pull off easily and I thought it may still be attached. It turns out that the attachment point was just sticky and needed a firm pull.
    Thanks internet!

  • How do i remove the stand

    How do i go about removing the stand? I have no choice but to remove it cos then I can pop it in a backpack and carry it on a plane. someone please help

    If you fave a Rev A (first edition) or a Rev. B (Ambient Light Sensor) you can remove the stand by removing the back of the computer and disconnectiong the stand from the inside. The current (Rev C, iSight) model does not have a removable stand.
    A word of caution, the only real reason to remove the stand was to use a wall mount device. Leaving the stamnd off will leave a hole in the back of the computer and will allow dirt and/or other foreign objects to get into the computer.
    Proceed with caution.

  • 27": How do you remove the stand?

    My boss just got a new 27" Cinema Display, and would like to attach it to the monitor arm he's been using with a 30" Cinema Display.
    We have a VESA adapter, but we can't quite figure out how to remove the 27" original base. The 27" display's manual provides no information.

    The VESA kit that Apple sells comes with a plastic card very much like a credit card. You slide the card through the top opening right where the stand meets the display to disengage a latch within the display. The manual that ships with the VESA adaptor does a good job explaining it but like you said there is no information in the monitor's user manual. If you need further assistance let me know. I would not attempt it without full instructions since it is a bit tricky.

  • How to remove sd card from iMac

    hi how to remove sd card from imac ,thanks

    If your machine is in warranty, be careful not to do anything more that might damage it when removing it from the optical drive.  You might even be able to convince an authorized service technician to carefully remove it under warranty from the optical drive.  It is a design issue that lets people accidentally insert the SD card in the optical drive.   Of course if that's the only copy of your information on the SD card, be sure to let them know that, so they are extra careful not to damage it when removing it.

  • How to remove the bookmark from the table of contents?

    Hi everyone, I have a question:
    How to remove the bookmark from the table of contents in Captivate 6?

    Doug, your frustration is making you "bug" gun trigger happy. LOL
    LOL, I suppose I have.
    I believe the answer you are looking for is in the publishing preferences: under LMS advanced settings, look for the option: never send resume data.
    [can someone please confirm this - I am not at a desktop now]
    Anyhow, selecting this option will stop resume data - so the lesson will treat even returning learners as new. Hopefully, this will work for you.
    This works! Thank you again!
    *but* Why isn't Captivate asking the learner to make the choice of whether to start over or resume. It does this correctly if the lesson is published stand-alone.
    Thanks again!

  • ALV .  How to remove the sort buttons on toolbar in ALV report?

      As you know, in default case , the alv report will display two sort buttons(ascending ,descending) on its toolbar , So How to remove the sort buttons on toolbar in ALV report?
      Thanks for your help .

    Hi guixin,
    1. Before calling REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY
    2. Write this code :
    data : excl type SLIS_T_EXTAB.
    data : exclwa type SLIS_EXTAB.
    exclwa = '&OUP'.
    append exclwa to excl.
    exclwa = '&ODN'.
    append exclwa to excl.
    3. Then while calling the FM,
       pass this parameter also .
    IT_EXCLUDING     = excl
    It will work fantastic.
    amit m.

  • How to remove the '#'symbols for infoobject movement types in bex reporting

    Hi All,
      I have a problem in Bex reporting. The problem is when ever executing the report  that time some of the characteristic values is shown in layout '#' Symbols. i want to remove the '#' valuse in report.
    is it possible please give me step by step procedure for how to remove the '#' Symbols in reporing layout.
    this is very urgent please help to me on this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Guna,
    To achieve this issue, we need to replace the value of ‘#’, we need to change the description while retrieving the data from tables. So we need to write some ABAP code in SE38. Go to RSA1 transaction and go to Info objects tab. Then go to context menu for ‘cProject Key Figures’ as shown below. Click on the ‘Object Overview’ to get the overview of all the info objects. Here you can see the field names which are used to know the table names.
    In SE11, type the table name in ‘Database Table’ field. Now press ‘F4’, then you will get the next screen to select one of the P/Q/S/T tables.
    Now click on the button rounded in the below screen to view the data in the table.
    Now click the execute button or press ‘F8’ to view the records.
    Now go to Tcode: SE38. Create a source code and give some program name for that source code. To write code, you need access key. Contact your BASIS for this.
    Now write the below code for that particular table in which you want to change the value ‘#’ to description ‘Blank’. In the below source code, we are updating particular table, setting the field as ‘Blank’ where it is null or no value. Here the field will automatically get updated to ‘#’ if there is no value or null.
    update /BIC/PXXXXX set /BIC/ZXXXX = 'Blank' where /BIC/ZXXXXX is null or /BIC/ZXXXX = ''.
    if sy-subrc eq 0.
    write 'successful'.
    commit work.
    write 'unsuccessful'.
    If this # is because of the missing master data than,
    right click that IO -> maintain master
    you will see first row as a blank.
    whatever value you maintain in this row that will come in the report for all Not assigned # values of the master data in the report.
    maintain it according to your requirement, save and activate the master data
    Hope this helps u...

  • How to remove the the standard button APPEND/INSERT/DELETE in webdynpro alv

    how to remove the the standard button APPEND/INSERT/DELETE in webdynpro-abap  alv

    Use  this.
        data lo_cmp_usage type ref to if_wd_component_usage.
        lo_cmp_usage =   wd_this->wd_cpuse_alv1( ).
        if lo_cmp_usage->has_active_component( ) is initial.
          lo_cmp_usage->create_component( ).
        data lo_interfacecontroller type ref to iwci_salv_wd_table .
        lo_interfacecontroller =   wd_this->wd_cpifc_alv1( ).
        data lo_value type ref to cl_salv_wd_config_table.
        lo_value = lo_interfacecontroller->get_model(
        data: lr_std type ref to if_salv_wd_std_functions.
        lr_std ?= lo_value.
        lr_std->set_export_allowed( abap_false ).
    NOte: ALV1 is alv component name
    Edited by: sanasrinivas on Dec 1, 2011 6:11 AM

  • How to remove the sort function on the drill down and then save

    how to remove the sort function on the drill down and then save in the  change local view of the Query
    Is it possible to change the porperties of any characteristic in the local view and then save?
    If so please post the answer.

    I do not think that option is possible.
    Venkata Boga.

  • How to remove the white space that is now above the main images on each page?
    I took over updating some things on my site from my web designer. The main images on each page used to be flush with the navigation bar on each page. Now there is a white space in between each one. Can you tell me how to remove the white space?
    <div id="container">
    <div id="imgholder"><img src="images/feature-aboutus.jpg" width="951" height="341" alt="" />
    <div id="pageContentNoside">
       <div id="sideSub">
         <form action="form.php" method="post" name="form2" id="form2"> <table width="250" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
             <td width="273"><h2>Quick Contact</h2></td>
             <td class="mainContent">Your Name</td>
             <td><span class="style9">
               <input name="forname" type="text" class="colorfieldssmall" id="forname" size="20" />
             <td class="mainContent">Your Email Address* (required)</td>
             <td><span class="style7 style9">
               <input name="admail" type="text" class="colorfieldssmall" id="admail" size="25" />
             <td class="mainContent">Phone Number</td>
             <td><span class="style7 style9">
               <input name="phone" type="text" class="colorfieldssmall" id="phone" />
             <td><span class="mainContent">Type of Dog Training</span></td>
             <td class="mainContent"><span class="style9">
               <select name="need" class="colorfieldssmall" id="need">
                 <option value="select one">select one</option>
                 <option value="Basic Obedience">Basic Obedience</option>
                 <option value="Behavior Therapy">Behavior Therapy</option>
                 <option value="Board and Train">Board and Train</option>
                 <option value="Off Leash Training">Off Leash Training</option>
                 <option value="Puppy Training">Puppy Training</option>
             <td> </td>
             <td><div align="left">
               <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit"  value="Submit" />
         <h2><br />
           Dog Training Services<br />
         <ul id="subnav">
           <li><a href="basic-obedience.html">Basic Obedience</a></li>
           <li><a href="dog-behavior-therapy.html">Behavior Therapy</a></li>
           <li><a href="board-and-train-dog-program.html">Board & Train Program</a></li>
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           <li><a href="puppy-training-program.html">Puppy Training</a></li>
         <br />
         <br />
         <br />
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       <div id="mainContent">
         <h1 class="copyrightType">About NY DogWorks</h1><br />
         <h2> <span class="testimonal">The Owner of NYDogWorks</span>      </h2>
         <p><span class="copyrightType"><img src="images/dogpic.jpg" alt="Dog Behavior Therapy" width="183" height="275" class="h_img_float_right" /></span><strong>NYDogWorks L.L.C. is owned and operated by Master Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist Brian DeMartino. </strong><br />
           <br />
           His training is hands down the best out there. He has become one of the most sought after dog trainers throughout Long Island, Manhattan, &amp; New York.<br />
           <br />
           With over 15 years experience training and rehabilitating some of the toughest cases of dog behaviors. He’s Mastered the Art of teaching top knotch obedience and manners with outstanding results and has developed the most full proof and guaranteed system to fully housebreak any puppy or dog in the shortest amount of time.<br />
           <br />
           He is Certified in dog training and dog behavior and is an Official Evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s (C.G.C) Program.<br />
           <br />
           <br />
           <strong>All About NYDogWorks</strong><br />
      <p><br />
         <p>NYDogWorks Dog Education, is a Professional Dog Training Company offering dog training for puppies and older dogs through customized in-home training programs by Master Certified Trainers in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Hamptons, Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Rockland County, Westchester County, Orange County, and Bergen County New Jersey. NYDogWorks offers obedience training, Housebreaking, Manners, socialization for your dog,  Puppy Training and Education, Behavior Therapy, Trick Training, Agility, Complete Off Leash Training, Sport Work, and Personal Protection Training. <br />
           <br />
           <strong><br />
             NYDogWorks Boarding &amp; Training Programs</strong><br />
      <p><br />
        We offer boarding and training programs done in the home of owner, Brian DeMartino. This is a customized 2-6 week program to suit your dog's needs, great for someone who feels they do not have the time or patience to train or rehabilitate their dog at their home. This is a 100% guaranteed program. Your dog will stay with us for no additional charge if we feel that he or she has not learned all that was agreed upon. We guarantee that if there is any regression within 3 months of your dog being back home with you, he/she will come back to us for no additional charge.<br />
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    You should be able to add the following snippets of css to your stylesheet to fix that.
    In the mainstyle.css file, change...
    #imgholder {
    width: 950px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    margin-right: auto;
    margin-left: auto;
    #imgholder {
    width: 950px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    margin-right: auto;
    margin-left: auto;

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