How to reset all sequence to 0 or 1 at time?

DB: 9iR2
I have some 187 sequences. i want to reset all the sequences to "0" or "1" at a time.
how can i do that?
i its a single sequence, then i will do the below...
for example if i have the x.nextval is 4
alter sequence x increment by -4;
alter sequence x increment by 1;
the above is only for x but i have x,y,z,.......upto 187 sequences...
how can i do that?
any triggers or procedures? or any quick method.

A similar situation: there are tables having a group_column with group_column_values having each it's own sequence to feed a sequence_column
Adding data requires the sequences to be reset to new maximum values (it's our development environment not production)
procedure reset_sequences(p_table_name in varchar2) is
/* sequence names are like: table_name || '_' || to_char(group_column_value)
  name_for_sequence varchar2(30) := upper(substr(p_table_name,instr(p_table_name,'.') + 1)) || '_';
  sql_for_sequence_max varchar2(250) := 'select group_column,max(sequence_column) the_max from ' || p_table || ' group by group_column';
  the_result sys_refcursor;
  local_group number;
  local_max number;
  for the_row in (select sequence_name
                    from user_sequences
                   where sequence_name like name_for_sequence || '%')
      execute immediate 'drop sequence ' || the_row.sequence_name;
    end loop;
  open the_result for sql_for_sequence_max;
    fetch the_result into local_group,local_max;
    exit when the_result%notfound;
    execute immediate 'create sequence ' || name_for_sequence || to_char(local_group) ||
                      ' start with ' || to_char(local_max + 1) || ' nocache';
  end loop;
  close the_result;
end reset_sequences;Regards

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