How to restore my back up files after updating into iOS 5?

please help me how to put all the back up files i made when i already get the iOS 5

Right, but i was not able to do that, i HAD to restore from scratch, thats way i would like to know if there are any ways i can access my back up files to recover at least my camera roll pictures!

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  • How to get apps back on iphone after update to IOS 5?

    I just updated my iphone 3GS to IOS 5.  I can see that my phone updated, but my apps, which were backed up on my PC, but did not reload to iphone.  When I sync, nothing happens.  Tried turning on and off my phone, loaded an app on the phone from the App Store, hoping one of these would help, but no change.  Thanks for any help.

    Thanks for the quick response.  I see that now and can/will install one by one.  I hadn't seen that before, and thought there was an easier way to get all of my apps back, but this will work. 

  • My iphone 5 has restored to an old backup after updating to ios 7 is there any way of getting my stuff back as this has now become the most recent back up?

    my iphone 5 has restored to an old backup after updating to ios 7 is there any way of getting my stuff back as this has now become the most recent back up?
    also since the update it keeps resetting itself? i had a lot of stuff on there that i really wanted and alot of important info lost? please help!!

    You might be able to remove the recent backup from the backups folder and the old one should be usable at that point
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
    Note: The "~" represents your Home folder. If you don't see Library in your home folder, Option-click the Go menu.
    Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
    Note: To quickly access the Application Data folder, click Start, and choose Run. Type %appdata% and click OK.
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8: \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

  • How I can closed all open application after update to iOS Before this v iOS7 we was can closed any application's open :(

    How I can closed all open application after update to iOS Before this v iOS7 we was can closed any application's open :(

    There's no good way to do it.  But you don't need to.  iOS 7 automatically handles whether an application takes up memory or has files open.  There's no real advantage to you ever closing an application yourself.
    If you are having problems with a particular app, please describe them.

  • Iphone 5 back camera problem after update to IOS 8. Focus doesn't work on back camera!

    My device is Iphone 5 64gb IOS 8.
    I have problem after update to IOS 8. When i run camera.. I hear some scratch inside my phone. And focus of back camera doesn't work.
    1. How can i fix it?
    2. Or how to rollback to IOS 7+ ?
    3. Should i come to app store with this problem?

    I'm having this same problem too.  Worked fine prior to iOS update.  I contacted Verizon this morning who advised that this is a known issue.  They suggested I backup my device, and perform a factory data reset.  When prompted to update to iOS 8 again, re-installation has been known to resolve the issue.  With all the problems with iOS 8, camera, and overall device slowing, I might just wait for a follow on SW turn.

  • How to restore a back up file

    I accidentally deleted a pdf file from the Goodreader documents in itunes software that I edited with highlight, notes etc and can't find it.
    I think each time I sync my ipad with the laptop a BACK-UP file is created??
    Where can I find this and HOW CAN I RESTORE IT?
    PLEASE HELP since the edits in the pdf are very important to me.....thanks !!!

    Is the backup a Time Machine backup? If so, this link should help:
    Even if the backup is not a Time Machine backup, you should still be able to erase or reformat your drive using Disk Utility following these instructions and then use Setup Assistant to migrate the data from your backup.
    Good luck!

  • How to restore safari icon and internet after updating 3gs to ios6.1

    How do I restore internet function and Safari icon after updating iPhone 3gs to ios 6.1?

    The Safari icon cannot be deleted. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, verify you didn't turn it off.
    Otherwise try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

  • HT201210 cant restore my ipad from itunes after updating latest ios.  message tells me to turn off 'find my ipad' from my ipad, but I can't because the set up is not complete without the restore.  What do I do?

    I don't know if I'm repeating my question. I can't restore my ipad after updating to latest ios. The battery went low, I had to eject and plug in to charge.  The set up will not complete without resoring from icloud or itunes (i backed up to computer using itunes) or setting up the ipad as a New ipad.  I want to restore all my stuff but the message I get in itune says "Find my ipad must be turned off before 'ipad' can be restored".  Go to icloud settings on your ipad and turn off Find My iPad before restoring your iPad.".  I cant' get to this setting on my ipad because the set up is not complete!!!  I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm afraid if I set up the ipad as new it will backup the new ipad over my previous backup and then I will loose all my photos, songs, aps, notes,......

    I have the same problem and we can't simply just restore from the backup. It says that I have to set up my iPad through restoring. So I tried restoring it in iTunes but it won't restore until I have to turn off this **** "Find My iPad" crap but I couldn't because the set up's not complete and it won't let me go to my settings unless I set it up. So basically it's asking me to go to my settings but before I could go to it I have to restore, and in order to restore I have to go to settings. Get where I'm at?
    Please, Apple Tech people! Help this 14 year old girl on her period, PMS-ing, thinking about how I want  to strangle however made this mistake of a set up, updating her iPad in 3 am in the morning cursing the day she even thought of updating. I seriously need to get out of this loophole. I don't want to use my other iPad that only has 16GB. I just wanted the pretty graphics I saw in my parent's iPad airs, I don't ask for anything more :''''(

  • How do I get wifi to work after updating to ios 8.2?

    I have a iphone 5:  A 1429.
    wifi was working great with ios 8.1.3.
    I updated to ios 8.2.... and it says wifi is connected, but internet doesn't work for more than 2 minutes. I can turn it on and off airplane, and I can have up to 2 more minutes of internet.  I have 3 other devices on the network, and all of them work perfectly and have the internet, so the issue isn't the network.
    How can I get the internet to work on my phone?

    Try going to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. Once done, go back to wifi in settings and enter the router's password.

  • No sound from m4v files after update to IOS 5.1

    After updating my AppleTV3 to IOS 5.1 there is no sound from mine .M4V files.
    MP4 plays just fine. My apple TV is connected to LAN, and uses HDMI through my receiver.
    Has anyone experienced similar problems?

    Bought a new ATV3 and updated software.  Gives me picture, but no sound when I play movie trailers on the Apple service.  Also, no sound when I play purchased movies.  These same trailers and movies play through my ATV1.  Installed my new HDMI cable on the ATV1.  No change.
    I'm not interested in plugging directly into the TV.  As I use an HDMI switch, the ATV3 follows the same path through the receiver.
    Right now the thing is just a paper weight.  Doesn't give me sound when mirroring from my iPad which was my reason for buying it.

  • How do i fix my iPhone 4s after updating to IOS 8.3 when its showing no service ? i have tried the host solution but that doesn't seem to be the problem ? my provider is verizon :( Help me please

    so after just getting this phone ..literally 2 days i decide to update it .. to IOS 8.3... after updating i realize it doesn't have service and won't get service .......i try to download the firmware yet it says my device isn't eligible (i have the latest iTunes)... i also have tried to go to the host folder to delete the gs apple code but it isn't there to delete ... i really need my phone ... can you please help me...

    Maybe it's not as "brand new" as he claimed. Who is the carrier? If it's really brand new, it's still under Apple's warranty. Check it out here:  At least you'll know if he was lying to you.

  • How to fix the lag in keyboard after updating to ios 7.1

    My iPhone was recently update to iOS 7.1 as of the release date. As soon as it was done updating I unlocked my phone and the keyboard now and always lags and is not responsive unless you wait about a minute. I restored my iPhone and then restored it from backup and the issue continued. Can someone please help me solve this issue before the next bug update. Because I cannot text or type without waiting for my phone to respond.

    I have read that going to settings, general, reset, reset keyboard dictionary has helped. In the past, it was found that going to settings, iCloud, turn off documents and data helped too.

  • HT204389 How do I get Siri to work after updating to iOS 7.1?

    After updating my iPhone 4s to iOS 7.1, SIRI is no longer working. Siri worked perfectly prior to software update and the phone is in mint condition.

    You posted in the iPad forum instead of the iPhone forum. To get answers to your question, next time post in the proper forum. See  I'll request that Apple relocate your post.
     Cheers, Tom

  • How do i get all music back on iphone after update to iOS 6

    I have just completed update to iOS6 and i had to restore the phone so on completion it has wiped all music on iphone. So does anyone know how to get all music from computer to iphone again!
    Many many thanks in advance!!

    I figured it out! I went into itune then to purchased and redownloaded them from my ipod to my ipod

  • Cannot restore previous profile in ipad after updating to iOS 8, it never finishes

    iPad 64M, wireless, IOS 8
    I updated my ipad to IOS 8, which erased everything from it. At reboot, when asked to set it up as a new ipad or restore a previous profile, I selected previous profile and let it go.
    I have not been able to restore my ipad. It does the restore but i never finishes copying the apps. Very few things work.
    Is anyone getting the same problem?

    Hi Tripix,
    I understand it starts the restore from your previous backup but never finishes. 
    Here is an article for help with restoring from your backup.
    iOS: If you can't back up or restore from a backup in iTunes
    Depending on how much you are restoring, it can take quite a while.
    Best regards,

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