How to restore safari icon and internet after updating 3gs to ios6.1

How do I restore internet function and Safari icon after updating iPhone 3gs to ios 6.1?

The Safari icon cannot be deleted. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, verify you didn't turn it off.
Otherwise try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

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  • How to restore my back up files after updating into iOS 5?

    please help me how to put all the back up files i made when i already get the iOS 5

    Right, but i was not able to do that, i HAD to restore from scratch, thats way i would like to know if there are any ways i can access my back up files to recover at least my camera roll pictures!

  • How to restore safari bookmarks after osi update

    how to restore safari bookmarks after ios. update

    The only way is to restore from a useful backup, if you have one.
    If you sync the iPad to iTunes and use Time Machine regularly, you would likely have the appropriate backup to restore from. In that case:
    Restore the iPad backup set from Time Machine from a date before you overwrote the bookmarks. The location of the backup is ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ (you can get to it by pressing Cmd+Shift+G in the Finder and entering this path).
    Connect the iPad, run iTunes and restore from the backup.
    If you use iCloud Backup, then you can restore from iCloud and choose which date's backup you'd like to restore from. You can check if you're using iCloud Backup by opening the Settings app on the iPad, then going to the iCloud submenu and looking at the status right below "Storage & Backup", where it would say "iCloud Backup is off." (or "iCloud Backup is on.", as the case may be).
    In any case, keep in mind that restoring from a backup means you lose all application data changes after the date of the backup.
    Also see Restoring from a previous iCloud backup.

  • There is a question mark covering my safari icon and it wont open

    Why is there a question mark covering my safari Icon and how do I remove it?

    Where is it? Did you move it or did you delete it? Try doing a Spotlight search for it just in case you moved it.
    Otherwise, get out your OS X installer disc and look in the optional installs folder for an installer from which you can restore pre-bundled software. You may be able to restore Safari. Or, you can download a Safari version for Tiger or Leopard at

  • How to restore files from Time Machine after Clean Install of Mavericks

    How to restore files from Time Machine after Clean Install of Mavericks. I know the data is there but seems unaccessable because I may have changed the Computer or Owner name. Is there any way to fix that now?

    Hi Linc,
    my back-up data is managed by Time Machine; the actual data is on a second internal Hard Drive with a capacity of 1TB - not partitioned. I am using Time Machine and have access to all data backed up since Mavericks Clean Install but not the data prior to this date.
    When I open the 1TB drive in Finder I can see a folder "Backups.backupdb/Sigi's Mac Pro/ followed by many folders of backup dates going back to 2010-09-20-103441 and up to 2014-02-07-142414 all followed with folder Macintosh HD.  February 7th  2014 was the date of the clean install.
    These Backups are followed by backup date folder 2014-02-08-075554 with a subfolder of MacPro-320GB (this is the name I assigned to my Boot Drive during formatting; I suspect I should have assigned the same name as before ie. Macintosh HD) and 2014-02-11 with a subfolder Macintosh HD, these are the ones I get access to by way of Time Machine > Restore.
    Weird thing is on Febr 11 when I relised my possible mistake and renamed the Bootdrive back to what it was initially ie. Macintosh HD despite this I have access to all backup data since the Clean Install in both folders MacPro-320GB as well as Macintosh HD but not to any data prior to the Clean Install.
    Is there something that Time Machine knows and prevents access or is it simply a matter of renaming the subfolder 2014-02-08-07554/MacPro-320GB to ........./Macintosh HD?
    I like to restore selectively and not everything - It was hard work reinstalling apps that were supposed to be the troublemakers (ref my discussion on Maverick problems) but I now need to get onto data specific to some of these apps as well as other data I may have missed. Long story? Yes and sorry.

  • How to restore safari abck onto my notebook 10.3

    how i lost it in the first place i will never no!,
    any help on how to restore safar will be greatly appreciated

    Download safari:
    Try using Pacifist to extract it from the MacBook's original disks, and then run the combo updater for your version of Mac OS X.

  • How to restore safari search field in upper right corner ? Thanks

    How to restore Safari search field in upper right corner of Safari home page ? Thanks.

    Safari 6
    In Safari 6 URL address bar and Google search bar are unified together.
    Apple calls it " Smart search field".

  • Lost all contacts and data after update iOS 7.1.2, how to recover all the data?

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    Restore from your last backup file.

  • How to restore a question and secret answer?

    How to restore a question and secret answer?

    Security Questions
    Apple ID Contact

  • I lost safari from home screen and settings after updating to iOS 7.0.2 on Iphone 5

    Lost safari from home screen and settings after updating to iOS 7.0.2 on Iphone 5

    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout
    If no joy, check whether you have Restrictions set.

  • How to create the ICONS and SYMBOLS

    how to create the ICONS and SYMBOLS
    Title was edited by:
            Alvaro Tejada Galindo

    Check this sample code....Not mine...
       WRITE:   /(5) <F>, 20 '@',21 ICON-ID+1(2),23 '@',ICON-OLENG,
    Also Try this,
    INCLUDE <symbol>.
    INCLUDE <icon>.
    Write:/ 'Phone Symbol:', SYM_PHONE AS SYMBOL.
    WRITE: / 'Alarm Icon: ', icon_alarm AS ICON.
    For more information check out the following link it will help you.

  • How to restore Safari to previous session ?

    Just bought my first macbook. I would like to know how can restore Safari to the state i last left it in eg, how can i have all the websites open each time i reopened safari?
    Each time I open Safari I have ti type my fav websites again.
    Can someone advise how to reopen all windows from last session?
    Thank you

    Hi Anna...
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities. Congrats on your new MacBook Pro!
    From your Safari menu bar click History > Reopen All Windows from Last Session
    You can set up Safari to open windows from the last session in Safari > Preferences > General
    You can use the Command ,  (comma) keyboard shortcut to open Safari > Preferences for you.

  • How to restore safari settings?

    how to restore safari settings & how to change the language in safari?

    You would need to change the language globally, meaning on all your apps in order to change Safari.
    Open Sytem Preferences > Language & Text then select the Language tab.  (It may say System Preferences > International) instead of Language & Text.
    Drag the language you want to use to the top of the list.

  • How to change of NAME and IP after RAC installation.

    Hi Friends,
    I have a challenge here...Would appreciate if anyone can help me..
    I have to install Oracle RAC on windows 2003 server 64 bit.
    My issue is now the server names and ips are set and I am going to install the RAC.
    But the client need is that after one month, they need to change the names and ips of the servers (a one time change).
    Because according to their server naming standards, current production servers are having the acceptable names and ips.
    The installation was on a 32 bit OS, so they are facing out of process memory errors. Thats why they are going to 64 bit OS on new servers.
    After the new servers are ready, the data will be migrated to new server. After a month, they need to change the names of new servers to that of the old (current production) servers.
    Could anybody help me by giving me information about how to change the NAME and IP after a RAC installation ?
    Any metalink notes or commands as it is........
    Thank you,

    You can change the IP later but you can not change the hostname of the system.
    You have to install CRS freah if you want to change the hostname of the system.
    Please let us know which IP you want to change.
    You can see the metalink Note.276434.1 for VIP or VIP hostname change.

  • How do i get my favorites back after updating software on IPad?

    How do I get my favorites back after updating software on Ipad? It asked to back up and restore which I did but now I cant find the favorites. Any suggestions.

    Do you mean the Messages icon has disappeared from your DOCK on your Mac ?
    Or do you mean that Messages does not appear in your Applications folder either ?
    Or do you mean that in Messages Menu > Preference > Accounts the iMessages account is not Logged in ?
    9:59 pm      Thursday; October 24, 2013
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Mountain Lion 10.8.4)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     Couple of iPhones and an iPad

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