How to restore safari settings?

how to restore safari settings & how to change the language in safari?

You would need to change the language globally, meaning on all your apps in order to change Safari.
Open Sytem Preferences > Language & Text then select the Language tab.  (It may say System Preferences > International) instead of Language & Text.
Drag the language you want to use to the top of the list.

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  • How to restore safari bookmarks after osi update

    how to restore safari bookmarks after ios. update

    The only way is to restore from a useful backup, if you have one.
    If you sync the iPad to iTunes and use Time Machine regularly, you would likely have the appropriate backup to restore from. In that case:
    Restore the iPad backup set from Time Machine from a date before you overwrote the bookmarks. The location of the backup is ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ (you can get to it by pressing Cmd+Shift+G in the Finder and entering this path).
    Connect the iPad, run iTunes and restore from the backup.
    If you use iCloud Backup, then you can restore from iCloud and choose which date's backup you'd like to restore from. You can check if you're using iCloud Backup by opening the Settings app on the iPad, then going to the iCloud submenu and looking at the status right below "Storage & Backup", where it would say "iCloud Backup is off." (or "iCloud Backup is on.", as the case may be).
    In any case, keep in mind that restoring from a backup means you lose all application data changes after the date of the backup.
    Also see Restoring from a previous iCloud backup.

  • How to Restore Factory Settings on a Mac?

    How to Restore Factory Settings on a Mac OS X 10.6.8?
    I have been told you can do this without the Installation CD. I also do not remember the installation CD when i got the laptop. If it's possible then please someone let me know! if not then how can i get a new CD to do this?
    my computer keeps freezing on me at random times, and i have tried taking the laptop to my college tech support and also Best Buy and they said they can't do anything and that i need to try resetting the mac.

    You may not remember the installer disks but they came in the box. Your profile shows you are running 10.6.6 Snow Leopard. To restore back to factory settings you need those disks. That said to go that route may be unnecessry. Stay away from Best Buy tech people. They know nothing. Without the disks you do a repair disk to see if that helps:
    Start up your computer in single-user mode to reach the command line.
    Note: If necessary, perform a forced restart as described in the Emergency Troubleshooting Handbook that came with your computer. On desktop computers, you can do this by pressing the reset/interrupt button (if there is one) or holding down the power button for several seconds. On portable computers, simultaneously press the Command-Control-power keys. If your portable computer doesn't restart with this method, you may need to reset the Power Manager.
    At the command-line prompt type:
    /sbin/fsck -fy
    Press Return. fsck will go through five "phases" and then return information about your disk's use and fragmentation. Once it finishes, it'll display this message if no issue is found:
    ** The volume (name_of_volume) appears to be OKIf fsck found issues and has altered, repaired, or fixed anything, it will display this message:
    Important: If this message appears, repeat the fsck command you typed in step 2 until fsck tells you that your volume appears to be OK (first-pass repairs may uncover additional issues, so this is a normal thing to do).
    When fsck reports that your volume is OK, type reboot at the prompt and then press Return.
    Your computer should start up normally and allow you to log in.

  • How to restore Safari to previous session ?

    Just bought my first macbook. I would like to know how can restore Safari to the state i last left it in eg, how can i have all the websites open each time i reopened safari?
    Each time I open Safari I have ti type my fav websites again.
    Can someone advise how to reopen all windows from last session?
    Thank you

    Hi Anna...
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities. Congrats on your new MacBook Pro!
    From your Safari menu bar click History > Reopen All Windows from Last Session
    You can set up Safari to open windows from the last session in Safari > Preferences > General
    You can use the Command ,  (comma) keyboard shortcut to open Safari > Preferences for you.

  • How to restore safari abck onto my notebook 10.3

    how i lost it in the first place i will never no!,
    any help on how to restore safar will be greatly appreciated

    Download safari:
    Try using Pacifist to extract it from the MacBook's original disks, and then run the combo updater for your version of Mac OS X.

  • How to restore safari search field in upper right corner ? Thanks

    How to restore Safari search field in upper right corner of Safari home page ? Thanks.

    Safari 6
    In Safari 6 URL address bar and Google search bar are unified together.
    Apple calls it " Smart search field".

  • How to restore factory settings iphone 4

    how to restore factory settings iphone 4

    Well, just have the iPhone turned off and connected to the computer, and then hold the home screen button with itunes open for 10 seconds. It will recognize it, and you can just hit restore.
    And I would like to share you below articles about restore data from iPhone:
    * How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup files
    * How to put your iPhone into DFU Mode for Restore

  • How to restore factoy settings on my mac pro desktop

    Does anyone know how to restore factory settings on a mac pro desktop?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    To restore the Mac Pro to factory settings:
    1. Insert the Mac OS X DVD that came with your Mac, and press the C key while your Mac is starting.
    2. Go to Utilities menu > Disk Utility, select Macintosh HD on the sidebar, go to Erase tab and erase the disk.
    3. Close Disk Utility and reinstall Mac OS X, so it will be installed using default settings
    This will erase everything, so make a backup of your data before

  • Safari App deleted. How to restore Safari on iPhone without restoring to backup?

    I was trying to back up my phone using iTunes and not sure how, but the Safari is no more on my phone.
    How do I restore / re-install the Safari App without having to restore my phone?
    I have my work email configured and don't want to go through the configurations all over again and deal with the Support Personnel for that.
    Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Please help!

    But I just have gone in and Reset my Home Screen Layout but still no success.
    Even the Search on the phone doesn't show the App or details.
    Any idea what needs to be done?

  • I need to know how to restore past settings from more than a week ago, How do I do it?

    I changed some settings trying to allow cookies and I don't know what I changed. How do I restore my settings to back about a week ago before I made the changes?

    Use "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults" on the [[Safe mode]] start window - See

  • How to restore Factory Settings on 2008 Macbook Original disk or Snow Leopard?

    Hi, I've been browsing the forums to try and work out how to restore my 2008 Macbook to factory settings. What I can't seem to figure out is whether to use the Snow Leopard disks or the original disks that came with the computer?

    If you want to restore to factory settings use the discs that shipped with the computer when it was new.

  • How To Restore Safari's 8.0.3 Default Settings?

    I dont know whats happening. Since many days whenever i open any site some other sites open in new tab and eventually vanish. Also happen whenever i click on a link. I have tried clearing history and all stuff but nothing is doing any sort of help. Please guide me.

    This can happen if adware is installed without your knowledge.
    1. Use  free  AdwareMedic to remove adware
       Install , open,  and run it by clicking “Scan for Adware” button   to remove adware.
       Once done, quit AdwareMedic.
       Remove the adware manually by following the “HowTo” from Apple.
    2. Safari > Preferences > Extensions
        Turn those off and relaunch Safari.
        Turn those on one by one and test.

  • How to restore safari icon and internet after updating 3gs to ios6.1

    How do I restore internet function and Safari icon after updating iPhone 3gs to ios 6.1?

    The Safari icon cannot be deleted. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions, verify you didn't turn it off.
    Otherwise try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

  • How do restore default settings in FCPX Compressor?

    How do I restore FCPX Compressor default settings. I lost them when adding a few custom settings.

    First, the B for Bold, I for Italics, etc, that you see above, often do not work, so you'll probably just see plus marks around some of the words below. Please play like these words are italicized since in reality these functions don't work consistently.
    I said.... +“she can't get a menu to come up for her Dock icons.”+ To spell that out.... when she chooses an Icon on the Dock, say for example, Address Book, then taps the touchpad with two fingers, no menu comes up, meaning the menu that gives you options, such as ‘quit’. I can't find what controls that function (the function that brings up that menu).
    I said she.... +“got excited about changing all the settings.... now it's all we can do to see the pages on her screen....”+ That means she went into System Preferences and changed color/screen/display/etc and all kinds of other settings that makes anything on-screen hard to see.
    I’d rather not have to try to find all the settings she changed and then change them back to the original settings. I thought there was a +restore to original settings+ on the computer. If there’s not, so be it. Spotlight couldn’t find one.

  • How to restore Safari favicons?

    Yesterday the favicons were fine. Now they're all gone (all I have is the blue globe). Why did this happen and how can I restore them?
    I have an iMac (OS X 10.8.5) running Safari 6.1.3.
    Thank you!

    You would need to change the language globally, meaning on all your apps in order to change Safari.
    Open Sytem Preferences > Language & Text then select the Language tab.  (It may say System Preferences > International) instead of Language & Text.
    Drag the language you want to use to the top of the list.

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