How to retrieve a deleted iMessage that was not backed up

hhow do I find a number I didn't save but sent a iMessage to?

If it is just the number you are looking for - not the message itself - and you can recall at least the first digit or two, you may be able to locate it accessing the recent contacts in the Messages app. Start a new message; type in the first characters of the number (at least as many as you can recall), and look for recommended entries that have an icon. Those should be recent contacts that are not in your contacts app.

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    I just recorded a 30 minute video then accidentally deleted a minute after recording. I'm at a conference so it was not backed up. Is there any way to retrieve it on my iPhone 5?


  • How can I recover a iMessage that was deleted and if not is there a way apple can send me email of all my iMessages in past month

    How can I recover a iMessage that was deleted and if not is there a way apple can send me email of all my iMessages in past month

    Hi Toniann,
    If you have a recent iCloud backup that was done when that message was on the devcie, you can restore from that backup.
    No, Apple does not keep your messages, no do they have access to them. That would be a serious invasion of privacy, don't you think?

  • HT201272 Before backing up my old iphone4 I traded it in for an iphone5. All of the apps I purchased I had no problem retrieving from itunes with no charge but I can't download music that I have already paid for that was not backed up w/out paying again.

    Before backing up my old iphone4 I traded it in for an iphone5. All of the apps I purchased had no problem downloading to my new phone from itunes with no charge, but I can't download music that I have already paid for that was not backed up w/out paying again. How can I get these songs to my new phone without having to buy them again?

    Whether you can re-download music depends upon what country that you are in (and whether it remains in the store). If you don't have a Music section in the Purchased tab in the iTunes store app on your phone for re-downloading it, then do you not have you library on your computer's iTunes or on your backup of your downloads ? If not then you could try contacting iTunes Support and see if they will grant you a re-download

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    I accidentally deleted an app that was not backed up to the cloud; can I get it back? It wouldn't matter too much except that it was a paid app. A search of topics wasn't successful. I've learned a lot from these discussion support communities. Thank you for any help.

    Download past purchases - Apple Support

  • How I retrieve a purchased app that was taken down?

    Hello. I would like to discuss with this problem that I have just encountered. Recently, I've chosen a back up storage and then iCloud was restoring my iPhone. There was a link of the app showing that it was there then suddenly it vanished off the iPhone screen. I've tried to restore it again and again. Same thing happened, link of the app was showing and then in a matter of seconds, it vanished. I checked my apple account(I have also checked in the hidden purchased apps, I got zero results) , the app that I have purchased for $3.99 was no longer existed. They said that the developer of the app(Yu Zeng) took it down, due to lack of office use. I really loved that app and I paid good money for it. So the question is,"How do I retrieve a purchased app that was taken down? Or "Is it possible to retrieve a purchased app that was taken down?" If there is any solution to this matter, please do tell. I really need a lot of help!
    Video Downloader Pro is the app that I really loved.
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    osKco wrote:
    I have not tried to repurchase it since it does not say installed when I look it up
    Because it is not installed on your iPad.
    If you are signed inot ht eiTunes store wioth the same account used to purcahse that app, click on Buy and it will tell you that you have already purcahsed it and ask if you want to redownload it.

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    I deleted a video that was recorded with my iPad & was not backed up. Is there any way to retrieve it?


  • HT5361 Just now accidentally deleted email account. No warning appears and was deleted. Mail was not back up ed. Does exist any way how for Undo of this delete operation (need to recover mails and contacts there)

    I just accidnetally deleted email account and there wa sno warining so it went through and I lost all my emails. The email was not Back up. Is there any way how this account could be recovered?

    If the account was an IMAP account your emails should re-appear if you recreate the email account. If the account was POP you hopefully have backup (TIme Machine?) you can restore the emails from.

  • How to recover the deleted imessages that iv`e never backed up?

    Hi. i recently deleted some imessages that iv`e never backed up. is it possible to recover? I have an iphone 4. I need to recover some messages, numbers and pictures if possible.
    I found one guide: Recover iMessage from iPhone, the url as follows:
    I'm afraid to get my iphone bad or lost much more data, so Did anyone have used this Mac iPhone Data Recovery? If you can recommend other tools, that's great! Thanks in advance.

    BruceeL wrote:
    Hi. i recently deleted some imessages that iv`e never backed up. is it possible to recover?

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    Is there a function that gets the last mouse button that was pressed? I am creating a GUI in the MATLAB environment, and its mouse button detection abilities are quite limited. Since MATLAB can import Java classes, I am hoping I can get around MATLAB's limitations by issuing a java command that will tell me which button was pressed (in MATLAB a cntrl left click and a right click are given the same tag!!!!)
    If this is possible, can someone show me the java code to get the mouse click info (note: I do not need any java mouse action callback behavior - I just need to know the last mouse click)

    This is probably something that you will have to do yourself. You can use the MouseListener interface and then store the last mouse click in a class variable. This is only theory to me as I have not done it myself.

  • Retrieving images and numbers from broken iphone that was not backed up

    My Iphone 4 will only go to the part where the white apple appears, and not roll over to the main menu.  I can however make phone calls with it still using my bluetooth in my car only.  I have never backed up my Iphone before (yes I know that was dumb)  BUT is there anyway to retrieve information from the phone at all?


  • I need to undo a restore on my iphone 3gs that was not backed up

    iup graded from a i phone 3gs today and did not back it up but before i could transfer everthing on to my new iphone 5 the kids has done a restore on the 3gs i lost everything that i had put into my reminders and i really desparetly need them back any one out there no of away of getting them back

    Did you sync your iPhone with your computer at anytime, or use the iCloud to sync your data.  If not you will not be able to retrieve your data. 

  • How to retrieve apps I paid for nd not backed up on pc

    I restored my iPad2 and lost all info, I had apps I paid for and silly me did not back up on my pc which I thought I did. Is there a way I can get my paid apps back and how?

    Read this.

  • HT1277 how do I retrieve my old mail that was not deleted?

    My mail from yesterday just disappeared, does anyone know how I can retrieve it?

    That's the main problem. There is no option to "restore from backup " for me because my phone broke during the process of restoring. I'm concerned about the fact that itunes has history of my back up but no way of recovering anything I backed up.

  • HT4623 how to retrieve data that was not backed up

    SOS!  Being a novice SmartPhone consumer, I tried to safeguard my data on my iPhone 4 only to lose all the data from the date of purchase, is there any way possible that the data (pictures and contacts) are not a total eternal lose? 
    Disperate in Cali

    mpg320 wrote:
    Today I completed a software update for my iPhone 5 without backing it up because I did not receive a warning that all my data would be erased and so, did not realize it would be an issue. Upon completing the update, I realized my mistake but figured it was too late to revert the damage and continued with the restoration of my phone to its factory settings.
    After completing the update, I realized just how much data was lost (including important notes with financial information and images and videos of recent trips around Europe). Now I am desperate to try to recover the data deleted in the update. Is there any chance at all that I can recover something? The notes and videos are most important to me. I am also missing many Messages but that is less important to me.
    Can anyone please help?
    Any response is greatly appreciated!
    Here's the official article from Apple on how to update your iOS.
    Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support
    Before you update
    Back up your device to iCloud or iTunes.
    That's virtually the very first thing it says to do.
    There's no excuse to not have your data backed up prior to updating.  Tell me, what would you have done if, instead of this being an issue where you updated your iOS and had an error, if instead you had dropped your iPhone and it was damaged beyond repair, or if it was stolen or lost, etcetera.
    Perhaps you'd been backing up to iCloud and didn't realize it?  Maybe the missing Notes data is linked to a Mail account?  You might be able to reconstruct the data, but it's going to be an uphill battle.
    Best of luck.  Make sure to backup more frequently in the future.  There are two types of people in the world; those who have lost data, and those that will lose data.  The only difference is how prepared you are for that event.

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