How to retrieve input data from a HTML form in the UTF-8 cha

I encountered the following problem with a JWeb Application:
I tried to write a JWeb-Application for OAS 4.0, that retrieves
input data from a HTML form and writes it into an Oracle
All processing should be done in the UTF-8 character set.
The problem is, that the form data retrieved by getURLParameter
are always encoded in a non-unicode character set and I found no
way to change this.
Can anybody tell me what I should do to get the form data in the
UTF-8 character set?

Try set in the JWEB application's Java environment such
SYSTEM_PROPERTY: file.encoding=UTF8.
Thomas Gertkemper (guest) wrote:
: I encountered the following problem with a JWeb Application:
: I tried to write a JWeb-Application for OAS 4.0, that
: input data from a HTML form and writes it into an Oracle
: database.
: All processing should be done in the UTF-8 character set.
: The problem is, that the form data retrieved by getURLParameter
: are always encoded in a non-unicode character set and I found
: way to change this.
: Can anybody tell me what I should do to get the form data in
: UTF-8 character set?

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            }<html>  Then this data are send to the next Servlet for adding into two table.
    My header portion data are added into one table which added only one row in table. while footer section data are added into the no of rows in another table dependent on No. of
    Rows added into jsp page.
    Here is an code for that logic.
    ArrayList<String> mucode = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<Integer> serials = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<Integer> apxrate = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<Integer> srname = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<String> itcode = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<String> itname = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<Integer> iqnty = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<String> iuom = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<Integer> pqnty = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<String> puom1 = new ArrayList<String>();
                               ArrayList<Integer> arate = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                ArrayList<String> rdate = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<String> bcs = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<String> ccs = new ArrayList<String>();
                                ArrayList<String> remarkss = new ArrayList<String>();
                                //ArrayList<Integer> qtyrecs = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                                //ArrayList<String> dors = new ArrayList<String>();
                                //ArrayList<String> remarks = new ArrayList<String>();
                     String entryn = request.getParameter("entryno");       
                        String rows = request.getParameter("rows");
                        //String Entryno = request.getParameter("entryno");
                       // out.println(Entryno);
                      int entryno = 0,reqqty = 0,srno = 0,deprequest = 0,rowcount = 0;
                                        entryno = Integer.valueOf(Entryno);
                                        rowcount = Integer.valueOf(rows);
                               for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                        } //out.println(itcode.get(i));
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                               for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                               for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                     /* for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                              for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                                }catch(ParseException p){p.printStackTrace();}
                                           { rdate.add("");}
                                   for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                        ArrayList<String> Idate = new ArrayList<String>();
                        for(int i=1;i<=rowcount;i++){
                                                }catch(ParseException p){p.printStackTrace();}
                    String Rdate = dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                     String tdate = dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());    
                     // String Indentdate = dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                   //  String ApprovedT1 = dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                   //  String ApprovedT2 = dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                       // String ApprovedT1=" ";
                        //String ApprovedT2="";*/
                    String ApprovedT1= dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                   out.println (ApprovedT1);
                      String ApprovedT2=dashdate.format(new java.util.Date());
                    String Indentdate=(dashdate.format(slashdate.parse(request.getParameter("dateindent").trim())));
                        String Cocode ="BML001";  
                        String Deptcode = request.getParameter("dept1");
                        String Empcode = request.getParameter("emp");
                        String Refno =request.getParameter("rtype"); 
                        String Divcode = request.getParameter("todiv1");
                        String Usercode = "CIRIUS";    
                         String Whcode = request.getParameter("stor");
                        // String Itemgroupcode = request.getParameter("");
                         String Itemgroupcode ="120000";
                        String Supplytypecode = request.getParameter("stype");
                        String Delcode = request.getParameter("deliverycode");
                        String Itemclass="WS";
                        // String Itemclass = request.getParameter("iclass");
                       // out.println(Itemclass);
                        String unitcode = request.getParameter("uni");
                         String Todivcode = request.getParameter("todiv1");
                        String Appxrate = request.getParameter("rate");
                        String Srno = request.getParameter("srno");
                    /*    String Indqty = request.getParameter("indentqty");
                  String Itemcode = request.getParameter("itmcd");
                       String Othersp = request.getParameter("remark1");
                        String Reqdt = request.getParameter("dor");
                        String Munitcode = request.getParameter("mcode");
                        String Packqty = request.getParameter("packqty");
                        String Packuom = request.getParameter("pack");
                        String Remark2 = request.getParameter("remark2");
                        String BC = request.getParameter("bcc");
                        String CC = request.getParameter("ccc");
                            String sql="INSERT INTO PTXNINDHDR(COCODE,DEPTCODE,EMPCODE,APPROVEDT1,APPROVEDT2,INDDT,ENTRYNO,REFNO,REMARKS,DIVCODE,USERCODE,WHCODE,ITEMGROUPCODE,SUPTYPECODE,DELCODE,UNITCODE,TODIVCODE,ITEMCLASS)VALUES('"+Cocode+"','"+Deptcode+"','"+Empcode+"','"+ApprovedT1+"','"+ApprovedT2+"','"+Indentdate+"',"+Entryno+",'"+Refno+"','"+Othersp+"','"+Divcode+"','"+Usercode+"','"+Whcode+"','"+Itemgroupcode+"','"+Supplytypecode+"','"+Delcode+"','"+unitcode+"','"+Todivcode+"','"+Itemclass+"')";
                            for(int i=0;i<serials.size();i++){
                                out.println("Inside the Statement");
                                String query3="test query for u";
                               String queryx="Insert into PTXNINDDTL(APXRATE,ENTRYNO,BRKNO,INDQTY,ITEMCODE,OTHERSPFCS,MUNITCODE,PACKQTY,PACKUOM,REMARKS,DIMSUBGRPCODE,DIMCODE,REQDT)VALUES("+arate.get(i)+","+entryno+","+srname.get(i)+","+iqnty.get(i)+","+itcode.get(i)+",'"+Othersp+"','"+mucode.get(i)+"',"+pqnty.get(i)+",'"+puom1.get(i)+"','"+remarkss.get(i)+"','"+bcs.get(i)+"','"+ccs.get(i)+"','"+rdate.get(i)+"')";
                           int[] result=st.executeBatch();
                           for(int k=0;k<result.length;k++)
                           out.println("rows updated by "+(k+1)+"insert sta:"+result[k]+"");
                        catch(BatchUpdateException bue)
                        catch(SQLException sql)
                        catch(Exception l)
       Now I looking for to retrieve this footer section data available in multiple rows from footer table and present it in jsp page .
    I am finding difficulties in how to show this multiple row data for dynamic no of rows .i.e. variable no. of rows.
    I have able to show the data in Header portions of page in this ways
    here i am adding the part of code which shows the data from header part of table i.e from Header table
    <h2 align="center"><b>Indent Preparation</b></h2>
        <div align="left">
            <table width="849" border="0" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3" align="center">
                    <td ><div align="left"><b>Indent No.</b></div></td>
                    <td ><label>
                            <input name="indentno" type="text" id="indentno" size="15" value="" /><input type="hidden" name="no" id="no">
                    <td ><div align="center"><strong>Indent Date</strong></div></td>
                    <td ><label>
                            <div align="center">
                                <input name="dateindent" type="text" id="dateindent"value="<%=date1%>"/><input type="hidden" name="no" id="no">
                    <td> </td>
                    <td><div align="right"><strong>Entry No.</strong></div></td>
                     <%if(oper!=null && oper.equals("view") && hdrcode!=null && hdrdetails!=null){%>
            <td><input type="text" value="<%=hdrcode.get(3)%>" size="10"></td>
                   <td><input type="text" name="entryno" id="entryno" value="<%=entryNo%>"/></td>
                            <div align="right"></div>
                    <%if(oper!=null && oper.equals("view") && hdrcode!=null && hdrdetails!=null){%>
    <td><input type="text" value="<%=hdrdetails.get(9)%>" size="20"</td>
    <td><input type="hidden" name="div1" id="div1" value='<%=hdrcode.get(10)%>'></td>
                   <td><input type="text" name="div" id="div" /></td>
                   <td><input type="hidden" name="div1" id="div1" /> </td>
                    <td> </td>
                    <td> </td>
                    <td><div align="right"><strong>Unit</strong></div></td>
                   <%if(oper!=null && oper.equals("view") && hdrcode!=null && hdrdetails!=null){%>
    <td><input type="text" value="<%=hdrdetails.get(14)%>" size="20"</td>
    <td><input type="hidden" name="uni" id="uni" value='<%=hdrcode.get(12)%>'></td>
                   <td><input type="text" name="unit" id="unit" /></td>
                   <td><input type="hidden" name="uni" id="uni" /> </td>
      Any suggestion on any above works is highly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards

    Too much code. It's also not well intented nor formatted. I don't see a question either or it got lost in that heap of unformatted code.
    I will only answer the question in the thread's subject:
    How to retrieve multiple data from table and represent it in jsp pageTo retrieve, make use of HttpServletRequest#getParameterValues() and/or #getParameter().
    To display, make use of JSTL's c:forEach.

  • How to retrieve time data from infotypes 2001 and 2002 when we use PNPCE

    Hello Everyone,
       I am new in using PNPCE ldb.In the requirement i have to retrieve time data from infotypes 2001 and 2002 between the begda and endda.I tried using the macro RP-READ-ALL-TIME-ITY to retrieve data.But its not supporting.Can some body help me in doing this.
    THanks in Advance..

       Try the following code:
    nodes peras.
    Tables: PERNR.
    Infotypes: 2001.
    get peras.
    rp_read_all_time_ity pn-begda pn-endda.
    loop at p2001.
    write:/ p2001-abwtg,p2001-stdaz.
        It worked for me when using PNPCE. let me know if you have any problem

  • How can I plott data from a text file in the same way as a media player using the pointer slide to go back and fort in my file?

    I would like to plott data from a text file in the same way as a media player does from a video file. I’m not sure how to create the pointer slide function. The vi could look something like the attached jpg.
    Please, can some one help me?
    Plotting from a text file like a media player example.jpg ‏61 KB

    HI Martin,
    i am not realy sure what you want!?!?
    i think you want to display only a part of the values you read from XYZ
    so what you can do:
    write all the values in an array.
    the size of the array is the max. value of the slide bar
    now you can select a part of the array (e.g. values from 100 to 200) and display this with a graph
    the other option is to use the history function of the graphes

  • How do I input data to a pdf form in Acrobat 8.1.6?

    There's probably a simple solution for this but I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how to input data to a pdf form using Acrobat 8.1.6, or how I can make the pdf file data field input ready? Thanks. 

    If you created the form Go back to Acroabt and go to advanced menu and choose:
    Extend Features in Reader. then save.
    Now open Reader and you can add information and save. (limit 500 instances per pdf).
    Now if you created the form and have Acrobat make sure Acrobat in not in Forms Edit Mode.
    Just type in your information and save.
    Caution make sure that you finished all corrections and edits. because once you confer reader right you can not edit the form. you can edit the form items you fill in, but not the form itself.
    to correct the form design you have to go back to advanced reader rights and save a copy without rights. make changes then confer rights again.

  • How to retrieve name4 data from backend for display on View Ship-to Address

    Hi Everyone,
    I need your advise / help:
    I added name4 in shiptodetails1.jsp for new ship-to address when ordering.  This name4 can be entered, saved to backend and display before submit rder.  but when dispaly the created order, the name4 data is not shown on View Ship-to party Address page.  Seems address.getName4() is not enough, I need to modify some method to retrieve the data from backend address object. Can anyone guide me what and how to enhance forretrieving name4 data from backend, so it can display on View Ship-to Address?
    Any advises / suggestions?
    Thanks, Jin

    Hi Jin,
    I hope you already found the solution but here some more detail.
    I am working on ISA with ECC so I do not have an access to CRM system.
    As you are facing problem to retrieve data from back-end while displaying it on order status page you can debug code of class DetailStrategyR3.class.
    There is a method fillDocument this method call RFC BAPI_ISAORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST. This RFC actually read Order related data from backend and fill the SalesDocument object. Method fillDocument also call other methods like fillShipTo.
    During debug in NWDS you can see address data and check the values of Address object. If Name3 or Name4 and nickName contains no value then you can't get it on JSP page because it is not coming from the RFC.
    So I suggest you should first check DetailStrategyR3.class as it is preparing Document for display purpose. When you open any order on orderstatusdetail page this class comes in Action and prepare SalesDocumet with all necessary information including  Ship to Address of that order. So If here you do not get value in Name3, Name4 or Nickname then you have to do some custom development
    Check Below code while debug in NWDS.
    //fill ship-to information on header and item level
            ShipToData shipTo = document.getHeaderData().getShipToData();
    Check shipTo object in "Variable" window while debugging. Here you will get address object and can see all the variable value like FirstName, LastName, Name1, NAme2, Name3...NickName etc..... If no value in Name3, Name4 then you will not get on Page.
    I hope this will help you to understand why Name3-Name4-Nickname does not have a Value though you have provided while creating an order.
    Thanks and Regards.
    eCommerce Developer

  • How to retrieve specific data from a text file

    Hi, everyone
    For my project it is required that a parameter file is read at the beginning, in order for certain variables to be initialized with specific values that change with the user.
    At the moment, the way it is done is the following:  The values at a specified sequence in a text file are read and saved in an array and the elements of the array are retrieved according to their index.
    The problem with this implementation is, that if for some reason the format of the file changes, e.g. we want to use a parameter file from a previous version of the program that has the values for the same variables but in a different order, the only way to have the right values for the parameters is to change everything accordingly, which is really time wasting.
    Could someone suggest a different implementation that would make the reading of the different values independent from their order in the file, e.g. by scanning the file for specific strings and reading the value after the string?
    Thank you very much.
    P.S. I have  attached a screenshot of the routine I am using now.
    Go to Solution.
    read parameter file.JPG ‏180 KB

    Hi panagiov,
    Find attached Folders.
    Method 1: in this you can search for each variable separately. You can use "Config file vis" to get all keys(Variables) at once and then you can use for loop to get their values. Or you can access individual values as shown in this code.
    Method 2: here you will get all data at once. You will get Variable and Data (2D array) You need to search variables as and when required.
    I hope you will understand these methods.
    Best of luck
    Gaurav k
    CLD Certified !!!!!
    Do not forget to Mark solution and to give Kudo if problem is solved.
    Method ‏7 KB
    Method ‏9 KB

  • How can I input data from a Frontend site into a Backend SWF, pull data, then send back to Front?

    So here's what I'm trying to figure out...
    I have a site with an SWF that I can put some metrics into, such as ZIP Code, Weight, etc..    then, it takes that info and gives me shipping rates.
    I need to build a front-end site that I can have a forms page that will push data to the backend SWF, and then return the data back from the SWF to the front end.
    Any ideas how to do that?
    Front-end -> SWF (Zip Code, Weight, Size) -> *Calculates* -> Front-End
    That should be the flow..     So I need to send data to the backend, GET the data that it calculated, and return the results to my front-end.
    Thanks Much..  any questions, please ask..

    Depending on what the data looks like coming from the Flash movie, you can use the get or send method to output data from the Flash movie using URLRequest. You can look at the online help example for the URLVariables class. You will still need to use or create a server side script to read in the data, make the changes and send the modified data back. That will be a perl or PHP script and is outside the scope of this forum.

  • How to retrieve lost data from the reset Blackberry?

    Hi all, I accidentally reset my Blackberry curve 8250 when i wasnt sober and all my phone contacts, sms and notes were lost. basically i use my bb as a note pad so there were many info saved on the phone. i didnt do any backup before, but i really wanna retrieve the lost data desperately. is there any method or third party software which can retrieve the data or its not possible at all? please help me out w this. thank you!!!!!

    Please see the answer to your duplicate post here:
    Please don't post duplicate questions.
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • How do I move data from old hard drive to the time capsule?

    Hi ,
    I got the Time Capsule a couple days ago and have been backing up my Macbook pro's data. I have an old Lacie 160G external hard drive with data I'd like to put into the time capsule. The only way it can do that now seems like I have to transfer the data from the Lacie to my mac ...then backs it up automatically to the Time Capsule.
    However, my 256G of space on my mac is about to be full !
    The time machine automatically puts my Lacie hard drive as excluded from being backed up and the button - (to remove it) doesn't work when an external hard drive is connected to the Macbook. Right now, my trust in the time capsule is not superb. I've tried intentionally to delete a video file on my Macbook and then see if I could retrieve it . I've had one fail/error and one success. Since one failed I have not dared to delete anything.
    So..the plan is to delete files on my Macbook and then import data from my Lacie to my Macbook...and pray the time capsule will save everything?
    Can anyone with experience tell me how to use the time capsule correctly?
    Thanks in advance!

    The TM should be able to include the LaCie if it is formatted HFS+. If it isn't then no .. TM cannot backup.
    On Yosemite the simple fact is TM is working poorly.. we are awaiting a patch or 6 to fix some of the issues.. but it is being extra flakey.
    This is just a very personal opinion but I purchased Carbon Copy Cloner a couple of years ago.. very good purchase.. Easy to use.. reliable.. can backup network drives and disks that are not HFS+ formatted.. plus it can make a bootable clone.. It can backup separately your internal drive and your external drive to different sparsebundles on the TC.. I reckon for $40.. it is well worth it.
    Otherwise you are stuck with the Yosemite / TM bugs.. good luck with those..
    And more so the fact that TM is simply limited in its ability.
    At least create a disk image on the TC and copy manually the files from the external drive into it. You do not need to copy the files to the Mac to do this..
    But I think I would be buying another decent sized external drive.. 160GB drives.. sounds ancient..
    How to use data and backups properly on a TC.
    Q3 here.

  • How do you extract data from ArrayList of Maps and the classical Iterator?

    Hello guys.
    I ran into this great doozie when I was coding this project I am working on. I have created a randomized question pool for a test so that no two tests with the same ID are alike. I grab a resultset from the DB and push the values through a randomizer. After that, then I stick a Map of the entire object into an ArrayList. Each object is then one complete question. So I have X objects (questions) in the ArrayList then (this is determined by a value in the DB in the test table).
    I have the following code setup:
    Map m = (Map);
              Iterator keys = m.keySet().iterator();
              while (keys.hasNext())
                   key =;
                   value = (String)m.get(key);
    The key - data pair always comes out in the same order. What I am trying to do is populate a test (form values) for this. Is there a way that I can do this in JSP? The key map is 100% new to me.
    I want to put the test into a table layout. the typical HTML boiler plate stuff is a cinch, but how would I get the information into a textfield? I can print out the key value pairs, but I guess I get lost in the logic when trying to get these to print in a specific order. Any help you can provide would be highly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    You can use the JSTL c:forEach tag for that.

  • How to add "Prepare Data" from a web service to the form

    Can any one please advise on how to add the "Prepare Data" process from the existing web service and have the form to pre-populate the data from this "Prepare Data" process instead of using schema xsd. I heard that this is an alternative or may be a better way to pre-populate data in ES2/ES3 to avoiding creating a data source in Form Designer. I try to find a sample on Adobe site but could not find one, most of them are using schema.
    Any guidance or URL to the sample would be helpful.


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    The airport extreme has no data storage.  Where do you want the data to go?
    Does this help:

  • How to retrieve row data from a  table

    Have a table with data and each row has one column which is a button. How do I retrieve the corresponding data of the row in which the button was clicked. Meaning what do I need to do differently in the table and what type of javascript on an onclick event etc would I need to get the data. If there is a better or simpler approach im open to any suggestions.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance
    <td>column1 data</td><td>column 2 data</td><<input type="button" value="select" onclick="?????"/>

    In the onclick event submit the jsp with query string.
    <onclick="<%=column1 data%>">
    have column 1 data as a unique identifier. Using request.getParameter get the column1 data value and query the db again to fetch the whole row data. I guess, it will work.

Maybe you are looking for

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