How to Run the process chain

Deal all,
I have a doubt:
How to exclude a process from a process chain which has a daily loads.
Ex: We have a problem with 0FI_GL_4 data source and that problem will take more time to solve..but till that time  i want to run the remaining processes which are in the process chain (i.e meta chain). i mean to say is i have to exclude the Process which is in problem (0FI_GL_4) but remaining everything should go smooth.
once the problem is rectified again i have to include the process which is in problem in the process chain.
Please help me

Hi Venu,
U just bring the chain in Change Mode and then RightClick on that Process which u want to exclude and say delete.
Once u are done with this Activate ur Process chain and schedule ur Process chain for the time which u want.
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  • How to run the process chain immediately?

    Hi experts,
    I'm a beginner for this field, Suppose there is a process chain called "X" which is used to extract the data from SAP R3 side for the purpose of getting the data for BI query called "Q1". "X" has been schedule to run every day in the night in BI side and also there are jobs have been schedule in SAP R3 by using the T-code lbwe. (they also runs once per day in the night)
    According to above explanation, If I execute the BI Query today, I can view only up to yesterday data. Suppose I have updated  some data in the tables at SAP R3 side today. therefore immediately I want to see the changes when I execute the BI query...
    Can you explain me how can I do this? Please explain this in Step by step if you can.

    HI ,
    If u want to schedule the PC immediately, then go to the change mode of the process chain and double click on the start process select immediate button so that the process chain will run immediately after scheduling the PC.
    What job would u like to run in R/3 ? Is it V3 to move the records from the queue delta / unserialized v3 update  to delta queue, if so then go to LBWE --->job control and do the setting there.
    Note: U may get one box for o/ p  device  then type LP01 or ask the BASIS TEAM  .
    Hope u  got it,
    Thanx &Regards,

  • How to run the process chain sucessfully

    HI ALL
    I have a process chain loading differnt infopackages and the problem is that when ever there is no data to load the chain stops there and i have to manually make the request green and start from the next step.
    Is there any process type which makes the yellow request green when there is no data and proceed to the next step.

    I guess you need to do two settings in the request monitor. Open the monitor and goto 'Settings->Treatment of Requests'. In the following popup select the green light for requests with no data and for requests with warnings. As this is a global setting you only need to do that once. For the next loads it should then be fine for you.


    HI ALL,

    First and foremost let me advice you to be very careful while doing this.
    For Rescheduling
    RSPC> chain > Goto > Planning view and
    click on Execution tab > select > Remove from Schedule and then in Maintain variant of start process reschedule for the day you require it to run.
    For terminating active chain
    You can start from SM37, find the process WID/PID then go to SM50 or SM51 and kill it. Once its done come back to RSMO and check the request, it should be red but again manually force to red and save by clicking on the total status button in the status tab. This shuld ensure that the process is killed properly.
    The next step will be to go to targets that you were loading and remove the red requests from those targets.
    Note: For source system loads you may have to check if the request is running in the source system and kill if needed and pull it again.
    But for BW datamart delta loads u may have reset the datamarts in case u are going to pull the delta again.
    Re: Kill a Job
    Re: Killing a process chain.

  • How to stop the process chain showing status as yellow but no process step

    Dear Friends,
    How to stop the process chain showing status as yellow but no process step is running in that process chain.
    We have manually triggered the process chain for sales it finished successfully till load data but the next step is create index and DB statistics. Both of this steps are in unscheduled position only and no background job for this.
    Please guide me.
    Thanking you in advance.

      At times even I have faced this situation.  During those times, running the Function module RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH by passing the right parameters came to my rescue.

  • How to test the process chains

    hi sap gurus,
    Can anybody tell me how to test the Process chains before i load real time data,i run process chains every morning 6.15 am,before that i want to test every process is linked to another.
    thanks in advance.

    Scheduling the process is the only way to check whether it is running fine or not. The process chains should be checked first in the Dev server and then in the QA server before transported to Prod.
    You can also check the process chain using the "check" button to see if the processes are in the proper sequence or not.
    There is a "log" button to keep track of the progress of the chain

  • Authorizations setting for running the process chain

    Iam planning to run the process chain for loading the data into ODS. But i dont have authorization for it.
    so what are the authorizations i need to run the process chain in my system. And how can i set all those authorizations to my user-id.  I have all authorization rights .
    Pls let me knw

    Authorizations for Process Chains
    You use authorization checks in process chain maintenance to lock the process chain, and the processes of the chain, against actions by unauthorized users.
    ·        You control whether a user is allowed to perform specific activities.
    ·        You control whether a user is allowed to schedule the processes in a chain.
    The authorization check for the processes in a chain runs when the system performs the check. This takes place upon scheduling or during synchronous execution. The check is performed in display mode. The check is performed for each user that schedules the chain; it is not performed for the user who executes the chain. The user who executes the chain is usually the BI background user. The BI background user automatically has the required authorizations for executing all BI process types. In attribute maintenance for the process chain, you can determine the user who is to execute the process chain.
    See also: Display/Maintenance of Process Chain Attributes ®  Execution User.
    For the administration processes that are bundled in a process chain, you require authorization for authorization object S_RS_ADMWB.
    To work with process chains, you require authorization for authorization object S_RS_PC. You use this authorization object to determine whether process chains can be displayed, changed or executed, and whether logs can be deleted. You can use the name of the process chain as the basis for the restriction, or restrict authorizations to chains using the application components to which they are assigned.
    Display/Maintain Process Chain Attributes
    You can display technical attributes, display or create documentation for a process chain, and determine the response of process chains during execution.
    You can display or maintain the following attributes for a process chain:
    Process Chain ® Attribute ® ...
    ( Rename)
    You can change the name of the process chain.
    Display Components
    Display components are the evaluation criterion in the process chain maintenance. Assigning the process chains to display components makes it easier to access the chain you want.
    To create a new display component, choose Assign Display Components in the input help window and assign a technical name and description for the display component in the Display Grouping dialog box that appears.
    You can create and display documents for a process chain.
    For more information, see Documents.
    Last Changed By
    Displays the technical attributes of the process chain:
    ·        When it was last changed and who by
    ·        When it was last activated and who by
    ·        Object directory entry
    Evaluation of Process Status
    If you set this indicator, all the incorrect processes in this chain and in the overall status of the run are evaluated as successful; if you have scheduled a successor process upon error or always.
    The indicator is relevant when using metachains: Errors in the processes of the subchains can be evaluated as “unimportant” for the metachain run. The subchain is evaluated as successful, despite errors in such processes of the subchain. If, in the metachain, the successor of the subchain is scheduled upon success, the metachain run continues despite errors in “unimportant” processes of the subchain.
    Mailing and alerting are not affected by this indicator and are still triggered for incorrect processes if they have an upon error successor.
    Polling Indicator
    With this indicator you can control the response of the main process for distributed processes. Distributed processes, such as the load process, are characterized as having different work processes involved in specific tasks.
    With the polling indicator you determine whether the main process needs to be kept until the actual process has ended.
    By selecting the indicator:
    -         A high level of process security is guaranteed, and
    -         External scheduling tools can be provided with the status of the distributed processes.
    However, the system uses more resources; and a background process is required.
    With the indicator in the dialog box Remove Chain from Automatic Monitoring?, you can specify that a process chain be removed from the automatic monitoring using CCMS.
    By default CCMS switches on the automatic process chain monitoring.
    For more information about the CCMS context Process Chains, see the section BW Monitor in CCMS.
    You can send alerts using alert management when errors occur in a process chain.
    For more information, see Send Alerts for Process Chains.
    Background Server
    You can specify here on which server or server group all of the jobs of a chain are scheduled. If you do not make an entry, the background management distributes the jobs between the available servers.
    Processing Client
    If you use process chains in a client-dependent application, you can determine here in which client the chain is to be used. You can only display, edit, schedule or execute the chain in this client.
    If you do not maintain this attribute, you can display, edit, schedule or execute the process chain in all clients.
    Process variants of type General Services that are contained in a process chain with this attribute set will only be displayed in the specified client.
    This attribute is transported. You can change it by specifying an import client during import. You must create a destination to the client set here in the target system for the import post processing (transaction RSTPRFC)  The chain is activated after import and scheduled, if necessary, in this client.
    Execution User
    In the standard setting a BI background user executes the process chain (BWREMOTE).
    You can change the default setting so that you can see the user that executes the process chain and therefore the processes, in the Job Overview. You can select the current dialog user who schedules the process chain job, or specify a different user.
    The setting is transported.
    The BI background user has all the necessary authorizations to execute all BI process types. Other users must assign themselves these authorizations so that authorization errors do not occur during processing.
    Job Priority
    You use this attribute to set the job priority for all of the jobs in a process chain.

  • How to know the process chain start time and end time

    Hi Experts,
                   How to know the process chain start time  and end time .
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Reddy,
    You may find the run time of a PC using below steps.
    1. Call SE38 > /SSA/BWT > Execute  > Enter your PC , choose the date and time > Execute. Here Run-time of a PC is displayed. (or)
    2. Call RSPC1 > Enter your PC > Execute > Goto Log view > Right click on the start Variant > Displaying Messages > Note down the start time in Chain Tab. Now Right click on the last Process type of the PC > Displaying Messages > Note down the End time in Chain Tab. The Difference b/w start time and end time gives the Run-time of your PC.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to kill the process chain

        I have question how to kill the process chain during running.
    thank you.

    If the process chain is running in background,
    goto <b>SM37</b>
    Give * in the jobname
    Give the username who scheduled the process chain
    Job status - check the check boxes - SCHED, relased, ready, active
    click <b>execute</b>.
    It displays all the process chains that, scheduled & running.
    You can select the process chain that need to be stopped & click STOP active job or ctrl+F1.
    Hope this helps!
    Kindly award points for all useful answers.
    If you post the BW related queries in the <b>BI general</b> forum, you will get more answers.
    Best regards,

  • How to schedule the process chain

                       how to schedule the process chain to run on thirsday and friday b/w 8pm to 11:55pm which has already been scheduled for daily loads at 9am to 11am?
    (Tell me the answer in detail)
    your regards

    Hi Suresh,
    If you want to change in the Production system, you may not have the Authorizations. If you have authorization;
    1. Goto RSPC-->double click on the Process chain
    2. double click on the Start variant of the process chain-->Click on the EDIT button
    3. Click on the CHANGE SELECTIONS then click on the DATE/TIME Tab;
    4. There pls give from which date this process chain has to run to with your requirement time,
    then give the time and select the periodic job and select with your requirement.
    Save and exit.
    It is done!!
    Hope you understood.
    Ravi Kanth

  • Error while running the process chain

    Hi, I am getting following error while running the process chain.
    "Lock NOT set for: Deleting the data completely from a data target"
    Please suggest.

    This is due to a lock on the objects which is being used by ur load.
    Even if master data used by this would be in a lock by an attribute change run. wait till that attribute change run finishes and then repeat.
    If this target itself is locked by someother process like rollup , compression , this error would appear. In this case also repeat the step after those locking process finish.
    some general locks during loading:
    Sometimes parallel processing in DTP might lead to this, its better set the DTP and infopackage in serial processing. In this case change the settings and then repeat the process.
    There is a specific case in which the Serial DTP gets locked by itself, in this case repeat it untill it succeeds.
    You can identify the above scenario as below. This is applicable only if the DTPs processing mode is serial.
    if u see in SM 37 this load would have three DTP processes running.
    it should have only two.
    In this case cancel the process and repeat it untill u get it right.
    hope this helps u
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  • How to move the process chain from Unassigned node to a new node in 3.5?

    Hi all,
    I have created a new process chain in the development and it is falling under the Unassigned nodes. I want to move that process chain to an another node. but i am unable to do that
    Can anyone let me know how to move the process chain from unassigned node. I have drag and dropped but still the same in BW 3.5 ?

    Try this....
    Double click on your process chain. Via the menu select:
    Process chain > Attributes > Display components
    Select F4 (possible entries)
    At the bottom of the window you will find a create icon
    to make your own component.
    After you created it, assign it to your process chain.
    Don't forget to save the process chain.

  • SET CURRENT DEGREE = 1..error when run the process chain..

    Hi Experts,
    when i run the process chain ,  i got the following error..
    what is this error?
    Kindly help ..

    As BW reporting queries are often CPU-intensive and geneally executed in parallel.
    Parallel processing is activated dynamically in the SAP BW system for every reporting query CURRENT DEGREE = ANY and itsdefault value is 1.
      you can limit the maximum number of parallel tasks using ZPARM PARAMDEG(maximum number of parallel tasks ) for the no. of parallel processors for its usuage and this should match no. of processors you can get touch with your basis team
    check SAP Note:390016 -DB2/390: BW: Database settings and performance ; in that look at query parallelism it explain about this
    hope it helps

  • How to know the process chain start time & end time?

    HI all .
    how to know the process chain start time & end time at the table level as well as in RSPC level .

    there is a program "/ssa/bwt" which will help you to know the exact time when the process was started and ended.
    but the thing is you have to provide name of the process chain with the date at which it was executed.
    another option is - you can double click on start process and on the last process of the chain.
    here, you will get both the timings... Start time of the start process will be the start time of your PC and end time of the last process in the chain will be end time of your PC.
    Hope this will help you.

  • How to schedule the process chain fr the report

    hai experts,
    i have a query which i need to generate for every five hours? i know that we can generate the report thr process chain but i dont know how to build that..
    my question is how to schedule the report,how to build the process chain,....
    can any one plz tell me how to start this generating report for every five hours
    thanks in advance..points will be alloted surely ,i need this urgently..

    First of all you need to Identify the InfoObjects if you want to take up Master Data Loads, and if you want take up transaction loads then select the Data Targets to which the data has to be updated. Then plan the dataflow accordingly.
    You want to create a Process Chain, Go to RSPC, and then select the create option and from the Process categories available on the left handside drag and drop the Start process, then define the Variant for the same. In the same way you need to identify the other Process Types available on the lefthand side. For Eg: Start Process>Load to ODS>Activation of ODS Data>Delete Indexes for the InfoCube>Load to InfoCube>Create Indexes>Delete Overlapping Req-->Agg. Rollup.
    This is how you need to specify the dataflow, several other Process Types also included based on the requirement For Eg: Sending Mail Alerts when the Job is Success or Terminated.
    Also, have a look at this links to make urself clear about the steps in creating Process Chain.
    Hope it helps.

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