How to save an excel file as CSV with semi-colon as data separator?

We are creating a flat data file to load the flat file data to our BW system with Excel.  When we save the file, there are three kinds of CSV types for selecting from the "Save as type" list box:
CSV (Comma delimited)
CSV (Macintosh)
There is no CSV (semi colon delimited) type.  If we pick CSV (Comma delimted) as the type, then when clicking the "Preview ..." picture icon under the "DataSource/Trans. Structure" tab of the InfoSource for this flat file (with the CSV radio button checked the Data separator default is ";"), the File Upload Preview window shows the data is messed up that some columns of the excel flat file are combined into one column.
Since the save type we picked is "CSV (Comma delimited)", then we try to change the default Data separator from ";" to "," in the preview selection screen, but still not helpful!
How to resolve the above problem?

Hi Kevin,
This "," is defined in your windows setting. If you want to have ";" as separator then go to control Panel, select Regional Options, go to Numbers Tab and define the List separator as ";". After that when you will save your excel file as CSV(MS-DOS) it will have ";" as separator. This will make sure that the amounts are not broken in to two different fields while loading.
Else if you keep "," as separator then you can also go into the Excel and define all number fields as Number without thousand separator.
Let me know if you have any doubts in this.

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  • How to print an excel file (2010 version) with multiple tabs into a pdf file with bookmarks (acrobat 9). I was able to do this easily using excel (2007 version).

    Recently I got a new laptop, with excel 2010 version and acrobat 9 standard.
    I could no longer print (save as) an excel file with multiple tabs into a pdf file with bookmarks.
    My old computer has excel 2007 version and acrobat 9 standard.
    Print an excel file into pdf with bookmarks was a piece of cake.
    Both machine has the same add-in -- Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM addin
    Thanks if anyone could help me with this.

    You need to upgrade Acrobat to a newer version.
    On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 4:12 PM, excel-pdf-bookmarks <

  • How to save as Excel file type?

    There were no Excel file type under the "Save As" function.  Is there anyway to include Excel file type under this list?  Snapshot attached. 
    Go to Solution.
    Export_file_types.png ‏28 KB

    Hi NiCoder,
    You have a numer of different options to get data from the DIAdem Data Portal to Excel:
    1)  Save to TDM or TDMS file and use the free TDM Excel Importer to load the data into Excel
    2)  Save to CSV file and use Excel's built-in ASCII file import feature to load the data into Excel
    3)  Load the gfsexcel.dll GPI-DLL and use the "File >> Save as..." option to export an *.xls data file
    4)  Use a custom VBScript to automate any of the above 3 options
    5)  Use a custom VBScript to directly send each Data Portal data channel to a column of values in Excel via ActiveX
    Options 1) and 2) are easiest if you want a purely interactive solution.  Option 1) will export all the data values as well as all the properties.  Option 2) will export all the data values and the name of each channel in the Data Portal, but none of the other properties.  If you choose to use option 3), know ahead of time that this feature is limited to 255 columns and will not export any custom properties, just the properties that existed back in DIAdem 8.1.  Option 4) can add in all the custom properties that are missing in option 2).  Option 5) can export all the data and all custom properties, but it is also the slowest option and involves the most programming.
    Let me know what sounds best to you,
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to save an excel file as .txt on a mac?

    I am trying to upload products for sale on Amazon. They have an Excel template that you use to do the upload. The problem is that you have to save the file as tab delimitated .txt. How do I do that on my Mac??

    If you're going to be doing this on a regular basis, consider Numbers from the App store for $15, which is the Apple program equivalent to Excel.

  • Saving excel file as .csv via OLE program

    Hi all,
    in my abap OLE program i'd like to save an excel file as .csv file with ";" separator according to the frontend settings. Unfortunately the file is saved with "," separator (and not ";").
    Here is the code:
         call method of e_newappl 'SAVEAS'
           #1 = path
           #2 = '23' ....>>
    I also tried 6, 22, 24 as #2 parameter values, with the same result. Running the program in differents workstations (all with ";" separator in the general settings) sometimes i get a file with ";" and sometimes with ",".
    Is there a way to always get the .csv  file with ";"? Or at least to check what separator will be used?
    Thanks for replies.

    please check this similar thread for the answer
    Sample code to download data to .CSV file using OLE method

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    How do I save a excel file from a pc to be compatible with my Mac?

    Hi juicebars,
    iWork is a productivity suite for Macs running OS or iThings running iOS. With a MacBook Pro you will need the OS version.
    iWork consists of:
    Pages, a word processor and page layout app (page layout mimics a drawing app). Pages can import Microsoft Word documents and you can edit and save them. Also Export as MS Word, PDF, plain text, RTF or ePub.
    Numbers, a spreadsheet app that mimics a database. Numbers can import Microsoft Excel or CSV documents and you can edit and save them. Also Export as MS Excel, CSV or PDF.
    Keynote, a presentation app. Keynote can open Microsoft Powerpoint. I don't use Keynote, so I can say no more.
    You can buy the iWork suite from the App Store, or buy Pages, Numbers and Keynote separately.
    There are some minor conversion glitches when converting between MS Office and iWork. If you are continually converting, it is best to buy Office or LibreOffice for Mac.
    iWork does not take kindly to huge documents.
    However, I find that Numbers and Pages for Mac OS to have a sweetly intuitive way of doing what I want.

  • How to create a excel file which will open in every version of MS Office?

    For excel file handling we are using Measurement Studio 8.0 for VS .NET 2003. Now we are save the excel file into.xls file using this format "CNiExcelWorkbook::FileFormatExcel9795" . it will save the file. Now the problem is If that PC has MS Office 2003 or lesser version, then its working fine. But if the PC has MS Office 2007, it will giving problem. So my question is how to save  excel file which will support any version of MS Office?
    reply me @:  [email protected] or [email protected]

    In your code, write this:
    DATA my_path type string.
    GET PARAMETER ID 'ZPATH' FIELD my_path. "or any other name you choose
    double click on ZPATH, choose create. You will have created a new parameter. You can use any names starting with Z or Y.
    Go to SU01, and set this parameter there (ZPATH)..I hope this doesn't need further clarification.
    In parameter value, put the path to the file..
    After executing the GET statement, the value will be available in the variable my_path. Pass this to GUI_UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD functions, and it should work fine.

  • No column heading in second page in alv report when save in excel file

    Hi Expert,
    How can i remove the column header from Alv report when program execute in background and save in excel file right now
    its comming column header in each page. Client dont want header column in excel from second page. is this possible?
    with regards

    Hi Ravi,
    thanks for reply i have solved this problm throug line count and NEW-PAGE LINE COUNT 10000 bcoz client want output in excel file only one page header.
    with regards

  • How to READ/SAVE Transformantation / Conversion File in BPC with ABAP

    hi Experts
    I would like to READ/SAVE Transformantation / Conversion File in BPC with ABAP
    When I interface Transaction File From Other Cube,
    I want to run Interface test from ABAP using Transformantation / Conversion File before run DM.
    and, l want to Manage files with ABAP Program ,if need to modify Transformantation / Conversion File
    Thank you.

    Hi Young,
    In addition to the above suggestions, would like to inform you that, if your requirement can be met by running those files in BPC Excel itself, what is the point in running ABAP program for the same?
    It would be much more easier for you to run those files in BPC Excel itself and that is how BPC is designed.
    Hope this clarifies further.

  • How to store an Excel file in InfoPath for users to edit

    I need an example on how to store an Excel file within InfoPath 2010 so that every time a user opens the InfoPath form they can make changes and can save as part of the form. The next user opens the form and another Excel files (blank) where they make changes and
    saves. Thanks

    Streamlining this would require a bit of custom work I imagine. However if you don't mind giving the users some extra clicks, there are probably a few ways to get the job done.
    You could upload the excel file to SharePoint, make sure it's read-only and link to it within the InfoPath form. Then the process would be that users open the InfoPath form, fill it out, download the excel doc to their desktops and fill it out, and then
    attach it to the IP form.
    Or you could set up a separate, sister library where the New Item defaults to your Excel template. Then from within the InfoPath form you could have a hyperlink that creates the new item, saving it to the library. The caveat here is finding a way to link
    to the two items together with a unique identifier. The benefit though is being able to browse and interact with Excel docs independent of the forms they are attached to, if necessary.

  • How to convert an .xls file to .csv file using procedure or function

    Hi All,
    My requirement is as follows.
    1. In my database server(linux), my excel file will be loaded in a particular directory.
    2. I need to load this excel file's data into an external table.
    3. Can i load the data from an excel file to table directly? Or do i have to change the format into .csv, if so how to conver the .xls file to .csv file via backend.
    Please help me.

    Have a look at this
    PLSQL UTL_FILE problem
    Yohanes 林贤汉

  • How to back up excel file in shareplace.

    Hi Friends,
    How to back up excel file  in shareplace.  Please help me to sort this.

    Hi Arun,
    I noticed you also asked the question in our Office forum via the url below:
    I wonder what does “shareplace” exactly mean in your post, since this is an SharePoint forum, so I assume you would like to know the method to back up Excel file in SharePoint sites.
    If you would like to back up Excel file before close, you could Save it to local then save to SharePoint sites. If I misunderstand your concern, please let me know.
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Please can someone tell me how to save a MP3 file from my email on my iPad so I can put in on Facebook? Thankyou

    Please can someone tell me how to save a MP3 file from my email on my iPad so I can put it on Faceboo? I use hotmail and please tell me step by step as I am not a tech guru lol. Thankyou

    Hi jscher200,
    Thank you for your reply, sorry for the VERY late late response, but I have just figured out how to control this separate 'panel'. I find it really useful for monitoring Google Analytics in as it can just sit there running. It does have its limitations, as it's a limited size (you can't expand it to full screen view), so you can only ever see a vertical section of a website and need to scroll to look to the right or left, but I have the live view of people accessing my website running on there and if the numbers start racking up at any time, I can scroll to look and see what pages they are accessing, where they've been referred from, etc.
    To get it to work, you save a website address in the Bookmarks Toolbar and when you can see it sitting on the toolbar at the top of the screen with its little icon, right click on it then click 'properties', then tick the box 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar'. The next time you click on this bookmark to open the website, it will load in this sidebar, which looks like a separate 'window' but is immovable. You can only have one sidebar application running at a time, but can change it by right clicking on the bookmark you want to load in there and it will then change to that one next time you click on that bookmark.
    I hope this might be useful to others, as I asked for help with this on loads of forums and not one person knew that this existed - even really skilled techies!

  • How to open a excel file in WLS 8.1  server.

    Dear Sir,
    I have created a excel file in WLS 8.1 Application server.
    Now I used method as redirectURL(req,resp,Population.xls) to open that file but it failed to open it.
    If I give the full path as 'D://USER_OBJETS/APPLICATION/Population.xls'
    but it tried to open from client PC not from the server.
    so the problem, I managed to create file in server but unable to open it.
    Kindly advise how to resolve this problem.
    Thanks and Rgds,

    Are you asking in general how to read an Excel file using ActiveX, or are you asking specifically? If you're asking in general, please do a search, as there have been many examples posted on how to use ActiveX to read/write Excel files. There are also numerous links in the Excel thread.

Maybe you are looking for

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