How to save video messages to a file on Mac?

How to save video messages to a file on Mac? Please, help. Thank you.Claire

Claire, I use a Mac w/ the latest copy of Skype and it IS possible to first play the file and then download it.  Steps are available for it but it involves some technical wizardry that can be above some muggles.   Then I found a post where some some VERY bright person made a small downloaded program for the Mac which once the video message has been played recently, you can run this program and download the file for safe keeping ( ALWAYS BACKUP or store it in the cloud for safety )  Kudos are deserved to user alvarop for this! It worked for me to download a video message that I recently played back.  Let me know if you need any assistance getting it downloaded you can PM me on here and I'll be happy to help with a screenshare. Best Regards,-Shawn G

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  • How to save Android contacts as Excel file on Mac computer?

    I want to manage and edit my contacts on my cell phone, my friend suggested me save them as Excel format! So now i am trying this way, but i can't find the right method to do this! Do you know how to save Android contacts as Excel file on Mac computer?

    If you want to save Android Phone contacts to Excel format, you can have a try the following method:
    Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone to Computer
    After downloading and installing the Coolmuster Android Assistant software on your computer, launch it and you will get the program interface prompts you to connect your phone to the computer. Just use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer and the program will detect the connected phone automatically. If it is the first time to run this software, you may encounter the following picture and be required to enable USB debugging on your phone at first. If your device can be detected by the program, you can directly skip to the next step.
    Step 2: Go to the Contacts windows
    All your phone data are categorized on the top menu. To transfer Android phone's contacts, you can go to click the "Contacts" icon to enter the Contacts window. Navigate to the left panel and click on the "All Contacts" option, then, all the contacts in your phone will show in list on the right window. Mark the contacts you want to backup on your computer and click the button of "Backup".
    Step 3. Start to export contacts to computer at once
    Once you click on the "Backup" button, there will be a "Path" dialog appears, asking you to choose an output location where you want to save the exported contacts. Specify an output folder and then click the "Ok" button. Then, all your phone contacts will be exported to the output location immediately, with all the email address, company's name, home address, and more contacts info perfectly kept in the output CSV or XLS file.

  • How can save video of my iphone to my mac?

    Can save the video captured with my iphone in my mac.
    With iPhoto i have no response. Appears a warning of unredeable format file.
    Thanks, if someone can help me

    Copying personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer

  • How to save my emails and adressbook files from an old ibook?

    How to save my emails and adressbook files from an old ibook (bought around 2002) ?
    The screen from the old ibook doesn´t work anymore (logicboard problem I guess).
    I saved everything else with starting it in target modus. That worked fine.
    I want to delete the files after that as well, because I wanna give away the old ibook and don´t want anyone to read my emails!
    Little helpers I have:
    A running MacBook
    External Screen (and cables to connect)
    Fire Wire Cable

    Don't know how helpful this will be but I often copy mail from one computer to another, I drag the mail from the mail window to the other computers drop box, then from the other computer double click it and mail asks me what I want to do with it, of course without a screen you'd need to use back to my mac.
    If you don't have back to my mac running, you could set up a second user account on the newer mac, import everything via target mode as suggested by c above, and then drag the mail to the first user account drop box.

  • How to save iMovie project as .mov file?

    That's my question!

    Dr.E wrote:
    How to save iMovie project as .mov file?
    That's my question!
    Share/Export with Quicktime
    That's my answer, and Welcome, Dr.E to the  boards ...

  • How to save query result in excel file

    Hi all,
    How to save query result in excel file from sql*plus tool.
    thank you

    Do you really need an Excel file (binary) or a simple CSV?
    If you just need a CSV then search for DUMP_CSV at or at this forum
    If you need formatting and/or multiple worksheets then you can use free tools like or

  • How to save infopath form in XML file

    How to save InfoPath form in XML file.
    I want every new record in InfoPath form save in XML file and also retrieve these records from XML like databases

    Based on your description, my understanding is that you want to save InfoPath form in XML file.
    I have done a test in my SharePoint, Do the following steps:
    Create an form library and publish an InfoPath form into it, Then when we create new document into the form library, it is by default that InfoPath form is saved in XML file.
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to save/load JTextPane to/from file?

    One of the simplest questions re Swing.
    How to save a JTextField onto a file?
    And, how to read back it onto a newed JTextPane?
    Yes, I have searched, searched and searched on the net, in vain.

    Assuming he's wanting to do the reasonable thing, I'm trying to do it too.
    linuxoid, I suspect he (and I) are looking for a way to save the contents. After all, a control that you can't get the information out of is pretty useless.
    Styled text is often just a BLOB to the rest of the app. It is in my case, and it probably is in his.
    I'm having the same trouble he is.
    I want to make a JTextPane, let the user edit it, then get some reasonably portable representation of it's current contents that I can serialize. A string representation of XML sounds dandy. Incomprehensible binary is acceptable. A representation in some markup language that I can insert in some other document and have it act like I'm inserting text in the editor would make me more than happy.
    Ideally, what I, and probably he, are looking for is something like
    JTextPane myPainIsGreat = new JTextPane();
    ... life goes on...the user writes poetry and turns the words tacky colors...
    String thisICanDealWith = myPainIsGreat.getStyledTextRepresentation();
    knowing better I'd settle for
    sadly, JTextPane's write just returns unstyled text

  • HT1766 how to save videos on your iphone

    how to save videos on your iphone

    i want to move videos from my camera roll into saved videos on my phone ,so that i can free up space on my phone?

  • E62,can i view/save video /jpg/jpeg/pdf files,can ...

    I want to know whether i can view/save video /jpg/jpeg/pdf files on E62 and whether i can send them as attachments via email.What is the maximum file size i can send via email from E62

    Once I finished composing my question I went back and spent some time to figure out the problem. Rather than choosing the "save as" option, which doesn't work, or attempting to choose "export" (grayed out), the correct option is to choose "export creation", which is near the very bottom of the initial drop down options. That works!  I still think it would make sense to have it as an option in the "save as" area.

  • HT3529 how to save my message to my SIM?

    (1) How i will back up my msg.
    (2) how to save my message to my SIM?

    You can not save anything on the SIM. The iPhone can not store any data at all on the SIM.
    Messages are part of the normal iPhone backup performed either to iCloud or iTunes.

  • How to find the resolution of media files in mac

    how to see the resolution of media files in mac?
    WIndows show the resolution when putting the mouse over the file.

    Hi Austin
    I should have describe more clearly.
    What I mean is for video files, I cannot see the resloution of the file. For example, 1980x1080 or 1080x720 so on
    Sometimes they do show

  • How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?

    How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?
    Need support!

    How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?
    As stated you can't. Even if the compressed data is TV compatible, the container is not. If the file is playback compatible with the QT X Player, you can, of course, play the file on your main system and "mirror" its display to the TV. Unfortunately, this normally means only the video is played back via the TV device. On the other hand, if you convert the MKV content to an TV compatible file (or move the compressed data to an TV compatible container if the data is already TV compatible), then you can mirror the QT X player (with audio) to the TV device in the full screen mode, air play/mirror it from iTunes (or any mobile device), or stream it directly from itunes.
    Basically, what you can do here depends on the compressed data in the MKV file container and how you define "mirroring."

  • How to delete videos stored in iPhoto on my Mac desktop Yosemite OS

    How to delete videos stored in iPhoto on my Mac desktop Yosemite OS

    Select the video in Photos or Events etc. and in the menu bar Photos select Move to Trash. Or just press the delete key.

  • HT204382 hello somebody, how can I open/listen to yousendit file on mac? thnx

    hey guys  how do I open/listen to yousendit file on mac?  Thnx

    To me you have left out the critical information on how you are connected to this other Mac.
    Presumably if you can see the other Mac's drive you can start your iTunes with the option/alt key held down and guide it to the iTunes Library.itl file on the other computer.  That is starting from its library, not just using its media.  You do not do anything with preferences,  Do not touch those.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that is how you use media in another location.  You can point all you want but iTunes will not look there.  It will, though, start storing all your files you add to the iTunes library in that other location from that point on which will result in a fine organizational mess.

Maybe you are looking for

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