How to search entire headers in

Given that "Entire Message" is anything but how do you search all headers in
I'm guessing it's not possible to do this.
Also does the spotlight importer even index this stuff?

Which os are you using?
How large is your hard drive and how much hard drive space do you have left?

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  • How do you create folders in mail app? Is there a way in 3GS IOS 5?

    How do you create folders in mail app? Is there a way in 3GS IOS 5?

    Russell D wrote:
    This is very disappointing, and i find it hard to believe that Apple would do this intentionally. It worked on previous versions of email application. Apple please don't dishonor the image of Steve Jobs this way. Fix this right away. I can't think of anything more basic than being able to organize the email that you download into folders. This absolutely ***** ... What a stinker.....
    I can't think of anything more idiotic than invoking the memory of Jobs here. Are you truly unaware that the iPad and iOS is pretty much exactly the way he wanted it to be, just like about everything else Apple?
    As to your claim of "previous email applications", certainly none in iOS ever did that, and the only folders you can create and manipulate in POP accounts are those local to only that single machine or platform, not particularly helpful or desirable in today's environments.

  • Search 'Entire Message' in Mail on network account.

    Hello -
    Recently an issue has come up where my users are unable to choose the "Entire Message" option when performing a search in Mail.  "From", "To" and "Subject" all work fine.
    All of my users are running latest updates of 10.6 and 10.7 and all are on network accounts.  This is not a new problem, but it's a new question that came up a few months ago and I've been scraping for an answer since then.
    -I understand that for the "From, To and Subject" search options, Mail handles them separately in the Envelope Index file.
    -Spotlight is responsible for the Entire Message option.
    -I had to force spot light to index the user folder through terminal using mdutil and specifying "~/".  The user folders are not on local storage so Spotlight ignores them.
    After forcing mdutil to index - a spotlight search will return results as I would expect - searching entire message but, Mail still does not allow for the Entire Message search option.
    Please let me know if more information would help.  Thank you in advance.

    Maybe I just needed to talk it out, but I think I've sorted it out on my own.
    I went to the Account Prefs > Offending Mailbox and under the heading:
    "Keep copies of messages offline for viewing" from "Dont Keep Any..." to "All..."
    Then I went to Mailbox>Rebuild in the menubar and Bang!
    Now I'm just waiting for the rebuild to finish to see what kind of hit my HD is going to take.

  • How do i re-install AOL Mail app that came with IOS???

    How do i re-install AOL Mail app that came with IOS??? I was having an issue with it and uninstalled it from phone. It does not appear in list of apps on Itunes. The one in App store is not the same product.

    There is no "AOL mail app that comes with iOs."  The iOS Mail App can't be deleted.  Is your phone jailbroken?

  • How to remove "notes" link in

    I just upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6, now that there is a version of PGPMail which works with Mail 4.0. The new is showing a "Notes" item, which I've never seen before, and which I don't want. Call me strange, but I use Mail for email, not as a notepad.
    I've found several hints telling how to make store them on the local hard drive instead of in an IMAP account, but nothing I've done is making that "Reminders > Notes" item in the folder list go away. Again, I don't want to see it at all.
    I was able to delete the one RSS feed they insist on subscribing me to, and that made the RSS group go away. Is it possible to just turn off the "Notes" functionality entirely? It's a feature I don't want, I won't use, and to be honest I don't understand why Apple added it to to begin with.

    No, Default iOS Apps cannot be removed. You can however remove the account from Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars so the Mail app no longer fetches your email and as such no longer beeps when there is mail.

  • How to import .eml files to

    I've been trying to find a less tedious way to migrate from Gmail to iCloud. Trying to drag and drop (or simply move via options) results in errors. I've been able to move over about 10000 of my 60000 messages so far, but it's been a long process disrupted by the aforementioned errors. Therefore, I've decided to simply download the Gmail messages. Unfortunately, they are in .eml files. Obviously I can open them in if I ever need them, but it would be much easier to import them into so they are on the iCloud server on not on my mac. This is good because it saves room on my mac, and also makes searching for old messages easier.
    So my question is (and I've been searching all over for this), is there still no way to import .eml files into Are there no programs that can at least convert .eml to .mbox?
    A workable solution would be a time (life) saver and greatly appreciated!!!

    In case anyone runs into this issue in the future, here is how I moved Gmail messages to iCloud.
    1) Download an app for mac called Backup Gmail. Proceed to backup all your Gmail messages to your mac by following instructions given. The files will be in .eml.
    2) Download emailchemy from the link above. Proceed to convert .eml messages to .mbox.
    3) Open and go to File > Import Mailboxes. Follow on screen instructions. Depending on how many messages you have, this can take a while. When done you will see a folder called "import-1" in your under On My Mac. At this point your Gmail messages are able to be used in and if you are happy with this, don't go to step 4. In step 4 we will move the messages to your iCloud server.
    4) This is where things get tedious and tricky if you have a lot of messages. Go to each folder in your "import-1" folder and select all messages. Then drag and drop them either in your iCloud inbox or any designated folder in iCloud. It appears that your sent messages are mixed in here, so it's not a clean solution, but the best one I've found so far. This process can take a long time if you have a lot of messages and you might run into some errors, but it works.s
    If anyone has an easier solution, please do share!

  • How to find add-ons for

    Am I missing something incredibly obvious about App Store?
    I want to find all add-ons -- worktogethers for  How?
    Example:   I found a product called MessageFont which may have a similar function to the one I am seeking.  Its web page is marked "Available on App Store". Sure, I can find Messagefont on App Store, either by overall search, or alphabetical arrangement of Productivity Apps.    So, I guess that the app I'm seeking MIGHT also be in this category.  But there are currently 3065 other apps in that category.   Does the Search box at upper left apply to the currently visible selection?  Maybe, sort of.  But searching for "" or "mail" don't seem to do what I want.  Searching for "apple mail" returns only 7 hits, including my example, MessageFont, but the hits also include OS X Server, and b) It seems unlikely there are only 5 additional add-ons -- worktogethers for
    Bonus question:  What I'm looking for is a utility that makes it easier to reply to formatted email messages in, by making visible --and prefereably, supporting removal of-- block structures.   It seems that block structures (e.g. blockquotes, perhaps others) interfere with opening vertical space into which  interspersed reply text can be entered.

    To what are you referring when you ask about "add-ons to Premiere 13" (assumed you mean Adobe Premiere Element 13)? On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running?
    Premiere Elements has not come with a Content Disc or offered Content download from an Adobe web site since Premiere Elements 10.
    If "add-ons" to you mean Content download...DVD Templates, Movie Themes, Clip Art, etc....then most of that is going to come from downloading
    Content from within the opened project. There is a limited amount of content that comes complete as part of the installation.
    A description of this process is fully described
    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: No Content Disc - Content Downloads from Adobe
    Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. Please supply more information If I have not targeted your question.
    Thank you.

  • NetBoot: full text search not available in

    we got a NetBoot 10.5.2 image with a IMAP account already set up.
    When you do a search in, the "Entire message" button is greyed out and not available.
    This probably has to do with Spotlight not playing well in this circumstance...
    There is a way to solve this?
    Thank you

    I don't know if this will apply, but it's worth checking.
    It mostly revolves around fonts that can't be indexed by Spotlight, and that may be the case on your NetBook image.
    Hope this helps.
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  • How to setup email account on mail app?

    I currently have an ".edu" account that I usually log-in through a browser.
    I usually place my email username in then redirects me to adfs."school here".edu
    Then I usually do the actual login username and password for the organizational account.
    We are currently using the Outlook Web App on our school email.
    So, I don't know how to use this .edu account for the mail app in Windows 8.1.
    Is there any manual settings to add a microsoft account in windows 8.1?

    Did you mean that you want to add a “.edu” account to Mail App (Tile)in win8.1, if so, please open mail app, move mouse to the right edge, click Settings>Accounts>Add an account>Other Account.
    But to get started with Mail app, you need a Microsoft account, see detailed information in this link:
    Mail app for Windows
    Microsoft accounts
    TechNet Community Support

  • How do I delete emails in Mail App that are no longer on the server?

    I have configured the Mail App on my brand new iPad to receive emails from my provider It is a POP3 account. The emails stay on the server until I fetch them with Outlook 2003 on my PC. After retrieving emails with Outlook they are deleted from the server. That is what I want. But the emails stay in the Mail App on my iPad. I also can’t delete emails with the iPad on the server.
    How can I do that?

    If you are accessing emails from multiple devices, you are better off using the IMAP protocol. Then the devices sync with the server and they are all looking at the same information. With POP, you are going to get your emails spread about, some on Outlook, some on the iPad. It could get very confusing.
    By default, the iPad will not delete from a POP server. Instructions for changing this are here:

  • How to disable message images in Mail app for all but contacts?

    I use the Mail app for OS X Mavericks and have been inundated with spam lately. I understand that spam email campaigns can confirm that you have opened their mail (and subsequently continue to send you mail) by image tracking so I would like to disable images from showing for all except my contacts. I don't recall if it was with Mail or another email client I previously used, but I vaguely remember message images not showing by default and requiring you to click a button at the top of the message in order to show the images within it. If possible, I would like to be able to do this for non-contacts.
    So my question is: how can I disable images from showing, by default, in messages from non-contacts within the Mail app?
    If there is no way to do this, can someone suggest an alternative email client for Mac OS that does allow this? I am willing to change if this feature does not exist within the Mail app.
    Thanks for your time.

    Personally, I've never heard of spammers tracking by a contact's image. I think you might be confusing this with the images in the message.
    Spammers can do two things to track you.
    1) Send an email with a read receipt. Mail doesn't support read receipts
    2) Send an email with an embedded image (sometimes called a bug or beacon). When the email is opened, the email software loads the image from the remote server by sending it an HTTP request.
    If a message matches the junk mail criteria, then a bar will appear near the top of the message. External images in the message will automatically be disabled, so that spam authors won’t be able to track if you’ve opened the message. To load the images, click the “Load Images” button in the bar, or to mark the message as not junk, select “Not Junk.”
    Mail > Preferences > Viewing >Uncheck Display remote images in HTML messages.
    Enable Junk filtering in Mail Preferences. Check "sender in in contacts, sender in in previous recipients**, message is addressed using full name.
    Use SpamSieve, third party product to filter spam,
    Keep contacts in your Address Book.
    Mark messages as junk to help train the junk filter.
    Don't open a message you think is spam. You should be able to see enough of a message in the preview to know if it's spam.
    ** Open Previous Recipients under Window in the Menu bar. Remove any addresses from spammers.

  • How to permanently delete email in mail app?

    Hi! I am using a 2011 macbook pro and it has been running extremely slow lately. When I started looking into things, it seems that my mail app is saving every email I have ever received, even though I have spent hours deleting them. It seems that they are not being permanently deleted.. I always highlight the message (or several) in the mail app and then click the trashcan. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

    Which os are you using?
    How large is your hard drive and how much hard drive space do you have left?

  • How to archive a message in mail app and delete in imap gmail

    I've been searching the forums before asking this but have failed to find the answer.
    I'd like to, if possible, use the archive function in my mail app on iMac to archive and store messages locally. At the same time I'd like to delete those messages from the Gmail servers so that my archived messages only sit on my iMac.
    I've tried but Gmail creates an [IMAP]/Archive folder with the messages that I've archived on my mac.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance

    Yes, I tried that already and it successfully stores the email locally, "On my Mac", however, the email remains within Gmail's All mail folder and is therefore not removed from Google's servers.
    Is it possible to achieve this without having to go into Gmail and separately deleting the mail from All mail?
    Would like to avoid the duplication if possible.

  • How to feed html content in Mail App from Indesign

    Anyone knows how Martha Stewart Everday Food Magzine achieved launching the ipad Mail App filled in with HTML body content directly from their digital magazine?
    At the end of each recipe, there is an email icon displayed, and when you click on it ipad mail launches with html content filled in and ready to share with a friend.
    Please help

    Please refer to this, "Scenario eMail/a: Share your article text as eMail"
    Hope it helps.

  • How to send html newsletter via Mail app

    I want crystal and clear instruction as all the ones I have found either old fashioned and not relevant or skip that interesting part.
    I have already done html page (newsletter). Now I want to transform it somehow and send via Mail app so my contacts could receive it as html newsletter. If I need to attach txt message please add it to the instruction. I need complete how to send html newsletter.

    alabanco wrote:
    thanks. Now we've got to the most interesting part and intriguing one. Why should I upload html page to the server. I do understand uploading the images to server which will be used as links in my html mail. But why and how should I store that page in my server if I have CMS post instead from which I used pictures as links. SHould I create yet another type of post in CMS that is my html newsletter? That's not cool. What is the industry standard approach for that?
    By the way uses that baby design templates for your messages. Why don't we have an option to delete all these creepy childish templates and store solid bold corporate style templates for newsletters and send it somehow? Or will it just attach the images to the message then? If so then it is not what I want and it is really depressing.
    The industry convention/"standard" is not to use html in email. Wheteher or not your html newsletter displays as you intended is at the mercy of the recipient and their email client settings.
    If you want to preserve your html layout and styles, save your newsletter as a pdf document and attach the pdf document to your email. Or, as already suggested, use a web server to serve your html newsletter.

Maybe you are looking for