How to search for music in "my music"??

Hi Folks,
how can I search for a track or artist in my music? Can only search te stupid store but what about my own music??
Thanks in advance,

Yeah I think it should have search too.. but what are you going to do? You can leave feedback on the appleTV support site... that's the plce for that.
Although of kinds ***** that appleTV doesn't have search for music but iPod touch as a remote is very cool.. It's over WiFi so you can be anywhere to control it.
if you are just playing music you do not need your tv on.. it just connects to the appleTV sees its content and displays it on the iPod. If your TV is on you'll see it doesn't drive the appleTV interface at all. goes directly to whatever you click on on the iPod movies or music. You can also remote control iTunes if you want to use airTunes from your computer.
Unfortunately you can't stream to the iPod.. it's rumored to be a coming feature.. not just when you are connected directly to your network but wherever you are.. not right now though.

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  • How to Search for music in IOS 7?

    Does anyone know how to search the music app in IOS 7? I can search in itunes, but cannot find a way to search for a song with the new music app?

    Hello Frank,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!
    The way to search in your Music app for a specific title is very similar to doing a general search on the iPhone.
    Search iPhone. Drag down the middle of any Home screen to reveal the search field.
    From: iPhone User Guide
    Do the same thing in the Music app and you will see the search bar appear at the top.

  • How to search for music already on my iPhone

    In iOS 6 I could swipe to the left on my Home Screen and search for any file on my phone weather it be music, video, or document. I have over 300 songs on my phone and when I want to play something for someone it now takes a long time to go through all my music just to find what I want in iOS 7. Is there any way to searched for these things with the new iOS 7? I could use Voice Control but it never finds what I want, The voice recognition is too unresponsive.

    No, it does not exist in iOS 7.  Access to Spotlight has been changed.  Take some time to get used to the new operating system.  This link will help:

  • How to search for music

    Hi Guys;
    I have a strange search request. I am trying to look for music and I am finding that the ITunes music search is not enough.
    I have an old song that I recorded sometime in 1999 off of 3WK. The quality is very bad (8Mhz Mono) and I am hoping on locating the song on ITunes or similar. The problem is I have no idea who the artist is. I searched the web endlessly and I have not been able to come up with the information I need. I am hoping somebody in this forum recognizes this song. If somebody does, can you tell me provide me with the Artist/Album/Song information?
    This is what I know. It seems to be a trance song that is around between 30 and 60 BPM. It is around 10 minutes in length. It sounds like there are no lyrics, only samples. The samples are of some guy that sounds like he is on the phone. He sounds like he is describing a UFO sighting. He says stuff like through the song:
    "They got the light all of a sudden and the brightness was ..."
    "It was like the sun came out in the middle of the night"
    "Not a common experience" (repeated several times through the song)
    "They got the light all of a sudden"
    "And the brightness was like blinding"
    ? "What this was was a bolt of energy"
    "Like a spiral of disco lights"
    "White flashes of lights"
    ? "Up my wall in a circular motion"
    "It was like the sun came out in the middle of the night"
    "And it was shining everywhere"
    The song is posted at
    If anyone has any info on this song, your response would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Paul,
    You don't mention where in the world you are - and it may be a long shot anyway but in the UK there is the Shazam website ( which may be able to help.

  • How do i get my iTunes account to search for music on my laptop?

    how do i get my iTunes account to search for music on my laptop?

    Hello lkrick0232,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities, you can easily added music to iTunes.
    Check out this article that will walk you through. I also copied the specific instructions for your system.
    Adding music and other content to iTunes
    Adding content on your computer to iTunes
    Open iTunes
    From the File menu, choose one of the following choices:
      ▪ Windows 
    Add File to Library
    Add Folder to Library
    Navigate to and select the file or folder that you want to add
    Happy Listening,
    -Norm G.

  • How are people searching for music now that the power search link is gone?

    How are people searching for music now that the power search link is gone?

    That info in my above post doesn't bring back Power Search
    I think this Discussion holds the answer
    Found it under iTunes U!  Don't know why the moved it from the main page but you will find it here.

  • TS1424 How do you fix a R6025 pure virtual function call error?  When I try to search for music, iTunes freezes & returns this message.

    How do you fix a R6025 pure virtual function call error?  When I try to search for music, iTunes freezes & returns this message.

    For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down page in case one of them applies.
    Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.

  • Question about how itunes searches for my music

    i have a large library of music that i used to store on an internal hard drive (f:), but recently i got an external hard drive and moved all my music to it (g:).
    i copied all my music to the g drive, and in the advanced pull down menu in itunes i changed the location to search for music to g: my music... at that point i thought i was done.
    but as it turned out, whereas i thought i had MOVED all my files to the g drive, i had actually copied them, and the ones that were originally on the f drive are still there.
    since then i have added lots of music to the library, and it all lives on the g drive. but i am starting to run out of space on my f drive, so when i discovered there were duplicate files there, i wanted to delete them all. here's wherein my problem lies.
    if i go to a song that was in the library before i switched over to the g drive, in the get info window for that song in itunes, it still lists the song as living in the f drive as opposed to the g drive.
    i need to delete all the music off the f drive, but my concern is that itunes will say i've just lost all that music. is there a way to basically empty out/depopulate itunes of all the music, and then go to file> add folder to library and just choose the g: my music folder? i know it will take a while, but that's fine. i just don't want to lose access to 27 out of 38 gigs of music by deleting the music off my f drive, and i really don't want to have to go through folder by folder and make the transition, as there are several groups who have music listed in both the f anf the g folders... it would be a nightmare to have to go through group by group, album by album.
    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
    pc running windows xp Windows XP
    pc running windows xp   Windows XP  

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    If you delete everything from your iTunes library
    (Moving it to the Recylcle Bin), you can then go to
    File>Add Folder to Library and select the Music
    folder from your external drive.
    Or, from the file browser you can locate the Music
    folder on the external drive and drag+drop it into
    the iTunes window.
    Hope this helps!
    okay... this worked sort of, but now i've lost all my playlists. they are still on my actual ipod, but now i need to know... if i go to sync the ipod with itunes, will itunes recognize my playlists and move them into itunes? or do i now need to go through and manually re-setup all my playlists BEFORE syncing again, because the playlists will get wiped out when i go to sync?
    please let me know if you have any info about this... i really don't want to lose all my playlists.
    pc running windows xp Windows XP
    pc running windows xp Windows XP
    pc running windows xp Windows XP

  • Shutdown of itunes program when searching for music. How to fix this proble

    I have a problem with itunes. When I go into the itunes store and search for music it shows the loading bar at the top that shows its progess and when it is finished a screen pops up that says "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" and itunes closes. I have tried to change settings but nothing works.

    ^ I did everything you said except download the new itunes (I have dialup and can't tie up my phone line for 4 hours) and nothing is different.
    When I send the error report it "says" that apple has a solution for the problem and it provides a link provided by apple (which by the way is crap and just sends you to the store which has 0 solutions to this problem). I try to look through the help files but it is extreemly anti-helpful.
    If no one can help me then can someone please post the phone number to the support line for apple products (another thing they forgot to put anywhere in my ipod manuals which is stupid).
    (sorry if I sound ****** off but I am cus I baught an Ipod but I can't even use itunes)

  • Why isn't my iTunes store loading properly? It lists everything in text without images, and I can't seem to access the store when I try to search for music or movies etc.

    Why isn't my iTunes store loading properly? It lists everything in text without images, and I can't seem to access the store when I try to search for music or movies etc.

    1) The best way to relocate the iTunes library folder is to move the entire iTunes folder with all subfolders to the new path, then press and hold down shift as start iTunes and keep holding until prompted to choose a library, then browse to the relocated folder and open the file iTunes Library.itl inside it.
    If you've done something different then provide some more details about what is where and I should be able to help.
    2) Purchases on the device should automatically transfer to a Purchased on <DeviceName> playlist, but it my depend a bit on whether automatic iCloud downloads are enabled. If there is a cloudy link then the transfer might not happen. You can use File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. In iTunes you should also check out iTunes Store > Quick Links > Purchased > Music > Not on this computer.
    3) Backup the device, then immediately restore it. In some cases you need to add a restore as new device into that equation. Obbviously not to be attempted until you're sure all your media is in your library. See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device should it be needed.
    4) I believe there is complimentary 1 incident 90-day support with hardware purchases, but no free software support for iTunes itself. AppleCare gets you a different level of support.

  • Searching for music

    Hi ya.
    When i want to Browse or do a power search for music in the Itunes Music shop, no matter what i put in , it always says "No matches" . does anyone know what I am doing wrong??

    What is something you're looking for? I can try it and see if it works here.

  • Having problems searching for music

    I just recently encountered a problem searching for music on the Itunes store. I searched under song title, and it didn't bring up any results. Then I searched for the same music under artist, and the music came up. What's weird here is that the music was always there, but it's not showing up when I try to search under song title. Can someone tell me what's going on here?

    If the song is a part of "Compilation", you cannot find it using Artist or Genres. But you can find it searching through Albums or Compilations. Try that, maybe that's you problem.

  • How to search for file in jsp page

    i need help on how to search for a file in a folder where there is a lot of how u search in a document in windows. i need a complete codes in jsp page.
    thank you in advance.
    Message was edited by:

    no i need to do a search engine in jsp page which is the j2ee.
    i type smth than tat file from any folder will appear the same way when u need to search your file in a document in windows.
    well can u nice people tell me where i can get the codes bcos i stinks when it come to programming.
    thank you very very very much.

  • How to search for a BADI in a transaction

    Hi All,
    Please let me know the steps to find a BADI for a transaction.
    Jaffer Ali.S

    check this.
    u can find BADI's in different ways...
    1>First go to any transaction->iN THE menu bar SYSTEM->STATUS->Get the program name ->double click->u will go to the program attached to the tcode.Now search term will be CALL CL_EXITHANDLER.Now u will get list of BADI'S available..
    2>Goto SE24->Give class name as CL_EXITHANDLER->Display->double click on get_instance mathod->Now u will go inside the method->Now put break point on the cl_exithandler.Now go to any transaction code and pass dat..U will see that it will be stopped on the break point which u set on the cl_exithandler...In the exit name u can find list of badi's attached to the tcode..
    There are multiple ways of searching for BADI.
    • Finding BADI Using SQL Trace (TCODE-ST05).
    • Finding BADI Using Repository Information System (TCODE- SE84).
    1. Go to the Transaction, for which we want to find the BADI, take the example of Transaction VD02. Click on System->Status. Double click on the program name. Once inside the program search for ‘CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE’.
    Make sure the radio button “In main program” is checked. A list of all the programs with call to the BADI’s will be listed.
    The export parameter ‘EXIT_NAME’ for the method GET_INSTANCE of class CL_EXITHANDLER will have the user exit assigned to it. The changing parameter ‘INSTANCE’ will have the interface assigned to it. Double click on the method to enter the source code.Definition of Instance would give you the Interface name.
    2. Start transaction ST05 (Performance Analysis).
    3. Go to “Maintain Transaction” (TCODE- SE93).
    Enter the Transaction VD02 for which you want to find BADI.
    Click on the Display push buttons.
    Get the Package Name. (Package VS in this case)
    Go to TCode: SE84->Enhancements->Business Add-inns->Definition
    Enter the Package Name and Execute.
    Here you get a list of all the Enhancement BADI’s for the given package MB.
    The simplese way for finding BADI is
    1. chooes Tcode Program & package for that Tcode.
    2. Go to Tcode se18
    3. Press F4
    4. search by package or by program.
    Kiran Sure

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    How To Search For a File Like NewFile.txt in a Root Like C:\\
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