How to secure oracle database

how to secure oracle database,
I am having the oracle database which will be packed as package in a machine and will be delivered to client place , need to ensure that the client will not access the database by any means.
Even he breaks the password (he should not break but despite client has broken the password) and went inside the database, he should not be able to see the databases Procedures ,views,functions and triggers.
Can we Encrypt this,if so can client will be able to decrypt the same?
Is there a way to secure the database from the client not to access the database.

933663 wrote:
so how can i secure when there is an option to unwrap ,then there is no use in using the wrap right?Yes, because when there is a lock there is a key, when there is wrap there is unwrap, when there is encrypt there is decrypt. We can not be rest assure for hack the code. I think you should think and explore above security options which are provided by Oracle itself which have lock and key by Oracle itself; which i have mentioned in my previous post.
You just think that if that is that much easy and cheap, then why Oracle have developed above options/features by expending many dollors..!!!
Girish Sharma

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    on the Insert command button and add the following code to the button click event:
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    it depends on configuration your going to choose, there are two ways--
    - Using X/Open standards, for this
    you have to make an entry of Resource manager in $TUXDIR/udataobj/RM file.
    Then in UBBConfig file in GROUPS section u have to set Openinfo.
    It also depend on which database you are going to use.
    In your service now you need to call tpopen() API from tpsvrinit() function.
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    PLEASE .... Ask in an Oracle Java forum.
    And read the documentaiton. There is a whole document devoted to doing that. has examples.
    PLEASE ... do not ask product questions in a forum which clearly has a title saying it is devoted to assisting with download problems.

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    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi ,
    all information are in the following document:
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    Well, Oracle probably has a command line tool. I think it's called sqlplus or somesuch. Check you Oracle docs.
    Of course, given that this is a Java forum, it's remotely possible that you're actually asking about accessing the database from a Java program.

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    Does this mean you are not using the WIndows operating system, or you doi not want to do this 'manually' using some point and click method?
    If this means, "do it automatically for reboots" and you are using the Windows OS, you need to set up a service and set it to automatic at reboot. Or, again in a Windows environment but at commnand line, use "net start {service name}" - as described in the manual.

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    i have my database in oracle 10g in linux environment, i wont to install oracle database audit vault 10.2.3 in linux
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    any usefull link would be helpfull

    Please check : How to install Oracle Database Audit Vault - Yahoo Video Search Results
    Thank you

  • How to start Oracle database in solaris Machine

    I installed Oracle database in my solaris machine. Everything went fine .. I was able to install it and test the database if it's working or not.
    Something happened that made me shut down and restart the solaris machine, the problem is that Oracle is not running, so I have to start it manually, and I'm not sure how to do that ... Is there a way to start Oracle automatically once the solaris machine is started ...
    I'm using the SSH Secure Shell Client to configure and install everything into the solaris machine ..

    Here is the work around for starting oracle instance automatically.
    1) logon the system as root user.
    2) under /etc/init.d/ directory, create a file name oraclestart(name the file to what you feel comfortable). eg: /etc/init.d/oraclestart.
    with the following content:
    # Created by Henry Nguyen
    # Date 10/11/2005
    # Script to automatic start and stop oracle instances on server
    ORACLE_HOME=/export/home/oracle/product/ (diffrent on your system)
    if [ ! -f $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart || ! -f $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbshut ]; then
    echo missing oracle start/stop script
    exit 1
    case "$1" in
    su - oracle -c '$ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart'
    su - oracle -c '$ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl start'
    su - oracle -c '$ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl stop'
    su - oracle -c '$ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbshut'
    3) create 2 soft link as following:
    ln -s /etc/init.d/oraclestart /etc/rc2.d/S99oraclestart
    ln -s /etc/init.d/oraclestart /etc/rc0.d/K10oraclestart
    Note the S99 and K10: that are Solaris priorities to when start and stop an oracle instance and those letter must be capitalized.
    Hope this will help you

  • How to install Oracle Database Client 32-bit libraries.

    Dear All,
    In the document :
    it is written "For 64-bit Linux system installations, you must use the Oracle Database Client 32-bit libraries"
    how can i install just the libraries from OUI Database 11.2
    Is it must to install these libraries first, whatif I install Oracle11.2 64bit client, and then install the OBIEE. Anyhow i need to install OracleDBClient to connect to Oracle server 11.2.

    You can't "just install the libraries", you need a full ORacle client installation. The Oracle client can be installed after OBIEE but you must have an Oracle client to connect to an Oracle database via OCI (which is the recomended approach). 64bit client should be fine as long as it has the 32bits libraries. The 10g client does, not sure about the 11g client. Make sure you install the FULL Oracle client, not the Instant Client. The 32bits client libraries are located under lib32, the lib directory is for the 64bits ones. You might need ot re-link them if they were linked correctly during the client installation. But for more information post a message in the Oracle client forum, this is the OBIEE forum.

  • How to use Oracle database in CR XI R2!!!

    Hi All,
    I am having Oracle database in onsite machine.
    I need to design the report without DSN and installing Oracle in my machine.
    I dont know how to use connection String and Find DSN file option.
    Please anyone help me to solve the issue.
    Thanks in advance

    Thank you for your reply.
    1. I tried to give connection string, but i couldnt succeed.
    2.If is give OLE(ODBC) I dono how the connection is established. Will it refer to TNSNAMES.ORA file, because it is simpy asking data source, use ID and password.
    it will be helpful if you clarify me on the doubts.
    Thank you,

  • How to connect oracle database in UNIX OS

    Hi All
    can any one help me on how to connect to oracle database in UNIX system(PUTTY)..
    Generally what i am doing is
    1) login with my user name
    2) trying to connect oracle using the command sqlplus -s username/password
    showing error SQLPLUS: not found
    Do i need to go any path where oracle is install? iF yes, how to find out that? or any other step to connect? Please help me by giving the sequence of steps...
    Prem Raj Dasari

    What is your database version?
    can any one help me on how to connect to oracle database in UNIX system(PUTTY)..
    Generally what i am doing is
    1) login with my user name
    2) trying to connect oracle using the command sqlplus -s username/password
    showing error SQLPLUS: not found
    Do i need to go any path where oracle is install? iF yes, how to find out that? or any other step to connect? Please help me by giving the sequence of steps...You need to source the database env file before running sqlplus.
    R12 -- Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite Documentation Set
    11i -- Maintaining Oracle Applications Documentation Set

  • How to Connect Oracle Database 10g Express Edition ?

    From example
    using Oracle.DataAccess.Client; // ODP.NET Oracle managed provider
    using Oracle.DataAccess.Types;
    string oradb = "Data Source=ORCL;User Id=hr;Password=hr;";
    OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(oradb); // C#
    conn.Open(); <== Connect Error
    Error Message "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified"
    I used
    Visual Studio 2005
    Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
    setup "Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET with ODAC"
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: user1949694 on 8 ก.ย. 2552, 9:20 น.

    I search "tnsnames.ora" in my computer. I found 3 file
    1. C:\oraclexe\app\product\10.2.0\server\hs\admin\tnsnames.ora
    2. C:\oraclexe\app\product\10.2.0\server\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames
    3. C"\oraclexe\app/product\10.2.0\server\NETWORK\ADMIN\SAMPLE\tnsnames
    How to entry in your tnsnames.ora file File1, File2, File3
    How to called "ORCL"?
    Please Help Me Step by Step
    Thank You.
    : )

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