How to see daily production qty against a Process order

Hi Gurus,
I have a requirement where user wants to see Actual daily production quantities against a Process order. The way client, I am working for, works is, They create One process order on 1st day of every month for one quantity. And then keep adding against that order only:-
For eg. They craete a Process order say 1234 for 50,000.00Kg on April 1.
And produce 5000 on 1 april, then ACtual GR qty will be shown as 5000
Next day they produce 2000, then Actul GR quantity will be shown as 7000
Next day they produce 3000, then Actual GR qty will be 13000....and so on..till end of the month.
Where can I see these individual quantities?
Please advise.

Hi Prashanth,
In SAP A material Document will be genarated For Everey goods movement, By taking the Mat doc NO for the day for that production order you can track the GI and GR quantites.
in CO03 we can get the material document no, by selecting GOTO---> DOCUMENTED GOODS MOVEMENT. 
THE material document contains all the details related to the goods movemet like date,quantity,movement type.
the configuration required to genarate the material documents. in OPL8 order type dependent parameters under IMPLEMENTATION tab you have to tick the documented goods movements.

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  • How to see the poduced qty workcenter wise

    Dear Friends
                            Will any body tell me , how to see the produced qty workcenter wise.
              were the following  things are maintained:
                             1. No of peoples for eg: operator ,contract ...
                              2. Shift  sequence

    You can use Order information system - COOIS to check operation wise confirmed yield.
    In COOIS select List - Operations, Profile - Standard Profile, Maintain selections as per your requirements.
    You should change the layouts to select the fields of your requirements viz, confirmed yield, dates etc.

  • Can we obtain Inspection lots against a Process Order / Production Order

    Can we obtain Inspection lots against a Process Order / Production Order  on time basis i.e hourly or day wise against the same order

    i think there is no this option.Like Plant maintenance ther is no scheduling tool.
    or you have to go with stability studies...

  • How to find Missing Parts for a particular Process Order?

    How to find Missing Parts  for a particular Process Order ?
    Is there any function module or Table ??
    Thnx in Advance.

    Hi prince roy
    you can use the T-code = <b>CO24 - Missing Parts Info System</b>

  • How can we tell the client that use process order or production order (proc

    Dear guru,
    My question on what reason we can tell the client that u have to use process order or production order .
    On what scenario we suggest client that use process order or production order

    Process manufacturing is primarily designed for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries as well as the batch-oriented electronics industry
    Discrete manufacturing is u201Cthe production of distinct items such as automobiles, appliances, or computers,u201D whereas process manufacturing covers u201Cproduction that adds value by mixing, separating, forming, and/or performing chemical reactions. It may be done in either batch or continuous mode.u201D
    Letu2019s think about what your company manufactures. Does it require mixing chemicals? If so, you may need an ERP system that does things like calculate ingredient quantities.
    If your company assembles products from many component parts, youu2019ll require discrete manufacturing functionality
    Other approach:
    If the finish good cannot return back to its basic components, your manufacturing is Process. For instance, the finish good is a can of soda. It cannot return back to its basic components such as carbonated water, potassium benzoate, aspartame, citric acid, and other ingredients. But if the finish good is car or computer, your manufacturing process is Discrete because it can be disassembled and the parts, to a large extent, can be returned to stock. Therefore Bill of Material (BOM) of discrete manufacturing consists of component parts for assembly while Process manufacturing consist of formulas, recipes and other ingredients
    Process manufacturing is scalable. If a formula calls for 1,000 pounds of cake flour, but you only have 500 pounds, you can still bake cakesu2014just not as many. Conversely, in discrete manufacturing, one missing part means waiting for it before the finished assembly unit can start rolling off the production line
    The obligatory requisite for process manufacturing is Lot Potency and Shelf Life where as discrete manufacturing values Serial Numbers, ECNu2019s and assembles.
    If it is discrete manufacturing ---go for Production order
    If it is process manufacturing ---go for process order
    thanks and regards
    Venkat V

  • Movement 262 against a Process Order and a RESERVATION number.

    Dear PP experts,
    Our raw materials are reels of paper. Our inventory supplies the production with a reel e.g. 1000kg and posts a 261 against this order (and against the reservation).
    By the end of the production phase any remaining raw material qties are returned to the inventory and a 262 against this order is posted (but the reservation is not updated).
    This causes the withdrawn qties shown at many pp info views to be *incorrect8. While the post goods movements lists are correct.
    A MIGO for 262 and with reference to a reservation is not possible.
    I did post finally a 262 against a reservation through COR6 and having the u201Cbackflushingu201D indicator on at the material view (process order material view). The u201CConfirmation of process order create: Goods movementu201D view had all info and MOV. TYPE 261 active and I was able to change it to 262 and saved it. All updates seems to be ok and withdrawn qties are the same with the sum of u201Cpost goods movements listu201D.
    IS THERE A WAY TO POST SUCH A MOVEMENT (262 AGAINST A RESERVATION) BUT NOT FROM COR6 (AVOIDING TO SAVE A CONFIRMATION TOO) ? Let's say to use only the screen of "Post Goods movement" of COR6 wo the 1st screen of confirmations? Or any other Tcode that might exist.
    Thanks in advance for yr suggestions.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Elly,
    To return via reservation number is not available in SAP, however, there is a workaround.  When perform Goods Issue via Reservation (Mvt 261), there will be a material document get created.  This material document will be used as reference to perform Goods Return (Mvt 262) in which it will update the respective reservation qty.
    You may then use tcode: MBRL - Return Delivery or tcode: MIGO with A02 Return Delivery, R02 Material Document.
    1) Enter the Material Document that was used for the Goods Issue via reservation.
    2) Be careful here, select ONLY the required material(s) (by default, all materials issued via the material document is selected) and their respective qty for return.
    3) Check and Save it.
    Hope these steps help.

  • Not able to see the Cost analysis in the Process order (T-Code COR2).

    Hi SAP Guru's
    Csoting in the Process order Configuration.
    I have done the Config setting related to the Product Costing Controlling with regard to the
    Cost Sheet, Cost Componet Structure.Overheads, asssigning the Cost elements in the Costing sheet.
    assigned the same in the Process order.
    And also the Costing variant options seen in OPL1 t-code can not be displayed in the Process order Csoting Variant selection.
    where as the in the Costing variant for the cost component structure, i can see  the Xompany code with required plant details.
    looking  the costing alanysis data in Process order, unable to see

    If you are looking at cost analysis.  You will get this only some you do confirmations to the production or process Order.
    I hope you did confirmation of material and quantities to the Process Order
    Best Regards

  • Cost of materials Issued to be captured against a process order

    Dear Gurus,
    I Issue Some consumables for cleaning purpose before the start of an order. This consumables are Issued against manual reservations raised by production department. But We want the cost of these consumables to be billed to the process order batch (cost of the product). But I do not want to maintain thses materials in the BOM of the product.
    What is the best way to do it.

    User T.Code : MB1A and Movement Type : 261 and enter, then enter the production order and below you can enter teh mateirals that are to be issued. Once you post it the cost of the consumables are captured on this production order.
    While Creating a Reservation in MB21 your production people can create the reservation against the production order with the materials that are to be issued.
    Hope the above helps.
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  • How settlement amt is calcuated in CO88 for process order in 2 currencies

           How the settlement amount is calcuated in CO88 settlement accounting document in local currecny and group currency.
    When  we are converting local currecny amount with exchange rate which has picked in BKPF Table from local to Group it is not matching for some process orders only. What could be the reason for this
    for ex local currency amount = 1000     exchange rate local to group indirect = 50
    then group currency amount shoud be = 1000/50 = 200 , but system posted 80 , how the system calculated 80 in group currecny????
    System does not convert directly  local settlement amt with exchange rate??
    Thanks & regds

    Dear ramchandra
    you will find an explanation in sap note 201445 , "Info: Currency translations in settlement"
    br, Guido

  • How to see masked Credit Card number in Sales Order !!

    In our SAP system credit card enceryption is activated. Certain users want to see the credit card number in the sales order change/display screen.We are in SAP ECC 6.0.
    Please let me know how we can achieve this.

    Dear Ambuj,
    There is no possibility to view the credit card number unmasked in the sales order. You will always get the masked number even if you have C4 authorisation ('C4' action for the V_VBAK_AAT authorisation object). You can view the unmasked credit card number in transaction XD02/XD03.
    If you use BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST to view the order then the C4 authorisation will be checked and the unmasked number will be displayed (if the user has this authorisation).
    If you have access to OSS notes then please check 836079 (FAQ: Credit card encryption and master data) and 766703 (FAQ: Credit card encryption in R/3 systems).
    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Ian Kehoe.

  • How to see if what a specific load process is doing?

    Hi all, having a little bit of a problem in that I have a load (not replication) job that seems to be hanging (not failing) but also not loading any data into HANA or not finishing.
    - Attempted to load table STXL in full, 440k or so rows loaded into HANA
    - Created an include for BOR event to filter all but 1 record, worked fine in about 3 minutes and 1 record present in HANA
    - Added additional code to decompress a compressed column format, code shown below. This was tested in a 'standalone' fashion as a program in an ECC system, so this is migrated to SLT as an include. In this case, the load job is just "hanging", it's not failing or not finishing. When I look in the monitor, can see it running for the last say 15 minutes "In Process".
    From here, no data ever makes it into HANA and the job in SLT doesn't seem to finish.
    How to diagnose where this is getting hung up or where the problem is? Normally if the code is bad, I would get a hard error in the application logs, which I don't get here.
    Code for include
    *&  Include           Z_TEST_IMPORT_TEXT
    types: begin of ty_stxl_raw,
             clustr type stxl-clustr,
             clustd type stxl-clustd,
           end of ty_stxl_raw.
    DATA: lt_stxl_raw type standard table of ty_stxl_raw,
          wa_stxl_raw type ty_stxl_raw,
          lt_tline type standard table of tline,
          wa_tline type tline.
    IF <WA_S_STXL>-TDNAME <> '0020874233'.
    clear  lt_tline[].
    wa_stxl_raw-clustr = <WA_S_STXL>-clustr.
    wa_stxl_raw-clustd = <WA_S_STXL>-clustd.
    append wa_stxl_raw to lt_stxl_raw.
    import tline = lt_tline from internal table lt_stxl_raw.
    READ TABLE lt_tline into wa_tline INDEX 1.
    <WA_R_STXL>-TEXT = wa_tline-tdline.

    Frank, awesome to hear you worked through the issues.
    Regarding DMC_STARTER, can you share how you were able to find the issue, specifically with such a large dataset, did you just step through until you hit a dump? When I referred to the documentation on debugging (that I had not yet created!), here is what I gathered just last week as a rough start. I'll probably repost this as a blog if you can confirm it is similar to your steps.
    - Ensure however you would like to test has already been started
    - For example if you want to test initial load, start the initial load and let it fail, and follow the steps below. When DMC_STARTER kicks up, it will start initial load again in debug.
    - If you want to test replication phase (picking up logging table records to process), get a table to replication status, stop the master job, then make a change in the source to log new entries in the logging table and follow the steps below. When DMC_STARTER kicks up, it will start in replication phase, picking up logging table records for processing.
    After the above is "set up" for testing, do the following, some of the functions will have different names based on your implementation.
    - Use Migration Object Z_<TABLE_NAME>_<CONFIGURATION_ID>, Z_STXL_001 for example, access plan = 1, test mode = X
    - /h to enable debug
    - Find OLC function module call CALL FUNCTION olc_rto_ident, set breakpoint, continue to enter the FM
    - Enter 1CADMC/OLC_100000000000*, find CALL FUNCTION '/1CADMC/IL_100000000000769', set breakpoint, continue to enter the FM
    - Enter /1CADMC/IL_100000000000769, find PERFORM _BEGIN_OF_RECORD_0001_, set breakpoint, continue to enter
    - Enter PERFORM _RULE_BOR_C., the include code should be found here and you can step through.
    Regarding your issues discovered
    1) When I referred the code changes I need to tag on the other blog, I was referring to the following
    - Check for <WA_S_STXL>-SRTF2 = '0' to only grab the first line (as you mention)
    - The CLUSTR size as you mention is a helpful check.
    - Also need to put a check above the processing of the record to be able to handle DELETE's, else you'll get a short dump. When a deletion occurs, only the key columns are passed through this logic, and when we are working (importing) on a non-key field it will of course be empty and cause a dump.
    if <WA_S_STXL>-CLUSTD is not initial.
    *Put Source fields into internal table for IMPORT statement to work on, main logic here
    2) The specific texts we were targeting would never be this large, they only consist of one single line so we never hit this issue. In the case you exceed 345 lines, are you just truncating the remainder?
    All in all, great stuff - good to see someone taking this concept further. If you want a deeper look into the folks who are doing much heavier text processing with additional logic (and much stronger ABAP'ers than I ), see Mass reading standard texts (STXH, STXL)
    Happy HANA!

  • How to see photo albums on iPad in alphabetical order?

      They are already sorted alphabetically in iPhoto, but syncing won't put them in this same order.

    If you are syncing them from iPhoto then they should copy over in the same order. You could try deleting the photo cache from your computer and then re-try the photo sync and see if they then copy over in the correct order - the location of the cache, and how to delete it, is on this page

  • How to see the print preview of a Purchase Order

    Can we see the print preview of the PO.
    I made changes to the sapscript associated with it.But I don't know how to test it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Venkat
    In the tcode ME22N, give the PO no.
    In the menu ... Go To -
    > Messages
    Define a entry for print o/p:
    Enter the o/p type
    Medium should be "1 Print Output"
    Hit enter.
    Click on Communication Method:
    in Format Enter the Test Sap Script name that you have changed.
    Save & come back..
    Then go to the initial screen & click on print preview, you should see the display.

  • How can I cancell a Downpayment against a Purchase Order?

    Hello SAP experts/friends!
    Is there a way to cancel a downpayment without processing it?  I am being told that the only way to cancel it is to actually process the invoices.  I don't want to process the invoices against the line item where the DP was issued against.  The decision to purchase line item 10 has changed since a few months ago. Line item 10 has been replaced by line item 20.  The DP paid against line item 10 still stands against this vendor.   In other words, we want line item 10 deleted, but the system won't let us delete it, because there is an outstanding DP against it.
    Any ideas?  please let me know!  Thank you, in advance!

    Please cancel the invoices and GRNs for line item 10,you will be able to delete line item 10 and then  proceed with line item 20.
    Generate credit memo for posted invoices.
    Edited by: [email protected] on Jun 2, 2011 7:06 AM

  • How to see which file iTunes Match is processing

    For those willing to troubleshoot problems in Itunes Match  here it is step by step
    Lauch "Activity Monitor"
    Now search for the Itunes process
    Now choose Inspector
    A dialog is displayed, choose Files and Open Ports
    Scroll down until you see a MP3 or AAC file...
    Leave this dialog open, and you see what Itunes Match is processing and the progress.
    Each music file will take a few seconds to process

    Now the complicated and definitive version (tested under Lion):
    Open Terminal
    In the shell execute the following
    cd /Applications/
    gdb iTunes
    After gdb is launched, execute this in gdb:
    br ptrace
    set $rdi=11
    iTunes is now launched
    Open activity Monitor
    Search for iTunes
    Find the process id (PID) In my screenshot it's numbered as 407
    Open another Terminal Window
    sudo su -
    It prompts for the password, enter it.
    opensnoop -p <PID>
    example: opensnoop -p 407
    Now all the files that iTunes open will scroll through this screen. It's very verbose

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