How to select entire PDF document (scanned image content) and then edit?

I have a PDF file of a booklet that was created by scanning the pages as images. Whoever did the job aligned everything nicely, but for some reason ended up with an output where the pages are all too dark. The white parts of the pages are gray. I can go into the Advanced Editing toolbar and use the tool on the far right, right click the page and choose Select All, then Edit Image and it opens in Photoshop. There, I just change the brightness/contrast and save it. Then when I go back to the PDF the page looks great. Problem is, it only does one page at a time under the "Select All" option, and the booklet has more than 40 pages. Is there a way to select all the pages then edit them in Photosop all at once somehow?

I tried the other things suggested, but they didn't work, either. I ended up creating a new document and copying all of the text into the new document where it can be selected like normal. Go figure...

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    I really need someone to help me. I have been trying to figure out how to select a PDF document to convert to a Word doc. When I go to select a PDF file, all that shows up is the WORD docs. does not show ANY of my PDF files... Please help me figure out what is going on? We have it set on auto renewal so I know its not that we haven't renewed this subscription, because we pay automatically.

    Hi olivias,
    It sounds like there may be some confusion on your system about what application should be associated with PDF files. You can reset filename associations by following the steps in these articles (depending on your operating system):
    How to change the default application for a file type | Macworld
    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

  • How do you make an array of image icons and then call them?

    How do you make an array of image icons and then call them, i have searched all over the internet for making an array of icons, but i have
    found nothing. Below is my attempt at making an array of icons, but i cant seem to make it work. Basically, i want the image to match the value of the roll of the dice (rollVal)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, some code or link to tuturial, ect.
    * Roll, print, Gui
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class DiceRoller extends JFrame
         private ImageIcon[] image  ;
         public String[] images = { "empty", "dice1.jpg",
                   "dice2.jpg", "dice3.jpg", "dice4.jpg",
                   "dice5.jpg", "dice6.jpg" };
         public Dice die;
         private int rollVal;
         public int rollNum;
         private JLabel j1;
         public DiceRoller(){
              j1= new JLabel("");
           die =new Dice();
           int rollVal;
           rollVal = die.roll();     
           image = new  ImageIcon[images.length];
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          image[i] = new ImageIcon(images);
         if (image!=null){
         System.out.println("Roll = "+die.roll());

    import java.awt.*;
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        public static void main(String[] args) {
            EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable(){
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        static void launch() {
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                    String url = "" + (i + 1) + ".jpg";
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            } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
                throw new RuntimeException(e);
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  • Can I select a rectangle in pdf document, identify the bounds, and then retrieve the text with vba?

    I am using MS Access 2010 VBA and acrobat X, and AcroExchg.  I can manipulate and search pdf documents without difficulty.  I would like to programmatically capture the text in a rectangle that I have drawn on the document with a mouse.  It appears that If I can obtain the bounding rectangle that I could use AcroExchg.PDTextSelect to retrieve the text.  Is there a way to retrieve the coordinates of a mouse drawn rectangle in a pdf document.  In other words the equivalent of select, copy and later paste the text into another document?
    Message was edited by: jgm835
    I have reviewed posts from the adobe forum that indicate that obtaining the coordinates from a user drawn selection are not available through automation with AcroExch, but that function would be available .through a plug in.  Unless there is information to the contrary I will look to using menu commands in Acrobat

    hi Bruce,
    1. It sounds like what you need is to set the starting version number since your revision number increments in whole numbers, it would match up to SharePoint once the starting version number is set. You can potentially create a new custom field in the
    library to manually track the version of the uploaded PDF document, but this might not match up with SharePoint's own version number and could get confusing. Another possibility is to upload dummy versions of the PDF document until the SP version
    matches with the revision version and then delete these dummy versions.
    2. When you upload the PDF document again into the library, it should prompt you to see if you want to replace the existing. If you proceed with the upload, it should replace and increment the SharePoint version number.
    Please Mark Answered if my reply solves your problem. Thanks!
    Jeff Thai
    Technical Solutions Architect, AvePoint

  • How to select a layer mask (not its contents) and another layer/folder at the same time?

    I can do one or another, but both at the same time?
    It is annoying because a mask selection turns into layer selection when you select a second layer/folder.

    Well a layer mask is just that for that layer. If you want to apply that mask to a new layer, you can drag it or alt drag to drag a copy to the new layer. Then it will have its own layer mask. When your done, if needed you can then remove that mask from that new layer, if for some reason you only wanted to see a temporary mask.

  • How to insert a pdf or jpeg image into a blob column of a table

    How to insert a pdf or jpeg image into a blob column of a table

    Try This
    Loading an image into a BLOB column and displaying it via OAS
    The steps are as follows:
    Step 1.
    Create a table to store the blobs:
    create table blobs
    ( id varchar2(255),
    blob_col blob
    Step 2.
    Create a logical directory in the database to the physical file system:
    create or replace directory MY_FILES as 'c:\images';
    Step 3.
    Create a procedure to load the blobs from the file system using the logical
    directory. The gif "aria.gif" must exist in c:\images.
    create or replace procedure insert_img as
    f_lob bfile;
    b_lob blob;
    insert into blobs values ( 'MyGif', empty_blob() )
    return blob_col into b_lob;
    f_lob := bfilename( 'MY_FILES', 'aria.gif' );
    dbms_lob.fileopen(f_lob, dbms_lob.file_readonly);
    dbms_lob.loadfromfile( b_lob, f_lob, dbms_lob.getlength(f_lob) );
    Step 4.
    Create a procedure that is called via Oracle Application Server to display the
    create or replace procedure get_img as
    vblob blob;
    buffer raw(32000);
    buffer_size integer := 32000;
    offset integer := 1;
    length number;
    select blob_col into vblob from blobs where id = 'MyGif';
    length := dbms_lob.getlength(vblob);
    while offset < length loop, buffer_size, offset, buffer);
    offset := offset + buffer_size;
    end loop;
    when others then
    Step 5.
    Use the PL/SQL cartridge to call the get_img procedure
    Create that procedure as a function and invoke it within your PL/SQL code to
    place the images appropriately on your HTML page via the PL/SQL toolkit.
    from a html form
    1. Create an HTML form where the image field will be <input type="file">. You also
    need the file MIME type .
    2. Create a procedure receiving the form parameters. The file field will be a Varchar2
    parameter, because you receive the image path not the image itself.
    3. Insert the image file into table using "Create directory NAME as IMAGE_PATH" and
    then use "Insert into TABLE (consecutive, BLOB_OBJECT, MIME_OBJECT) values (sequence.nextval,
    EMPTY_BLOB(), 'GIF' or 'JPEG') returning BLOB_OBJECT, consecutive into variable_blob,
    4. Load the file into table using:
    dbms_lob.loadfromfile(variable_blob, variable_file_name, dbms_lob.getlength(variable_file_name));

  • How to position a PDF document in Preview?

    I've got a PDF ready-to-plot document. It's an architectural drawing on a A1 sheet and I have to print it on my machine which is not equipped with A1 sheets, but with a roll feed 42" wide (namely 1067 mm), set as a custom size (by a custom editable lenght of 150 cm), as shown in the attached screenshot.
    The thing is: I'd like to save paper by moving the drawing on the bottom of the preview sheet, in order to get the plotter printing the image first and then stopping. While navigating the preview options I haven't seen any setup for changing the position of the printed area on the sheet. Is it really missing??
    Other than creating an ad-hoc landscape oriented A1 (I believe it might be rotated from the application itself, but I didn't find out how!) that will fit the actual paper size, how can I solve this? Should I use a PDF specific app (such as Adobe Reader) to set the position parameter?

    Found out how: I currently print on a PDF A0 sheet.

  • Particular font for entire pdf document

    Can i set a particular font for entire pdf document while designing pdf forms in LiveCycle Designer ES?
    How can i do it?

    Each object has its own settings for font. You can set the object to the font that you want and then drag it back onto the palette. It will ask you to overwrite the current one. As you drag the object back into the drawing area the new font will be used. This is true aof all properties of the object and not just font.
    This is useful if you are creating a new form, but if one already exists then the easiest way is to open the XML source (right mouse click on the Design tab and choose XML source. Use the search facility to find all occurances of typeface and chnage each one to the font that you want. Save the XML and then all objects will have the same font.
    Make sure that you make a backup of th eform before you play with the XML. There is no undo once the cahnges are committed.

  • How to include several PDF documents into just one file?

    I have a Word document with 6 pages that I saved in PDF.
    I wanted to transform the entire document in JPEG (JPG) immage, so that I could use it in other tools, such as Facebook for example.
    The problem is that using Adobe Photoshop it opens and saves page by page.
    Can you give me s solution or hint?
    [email protected]

    Thank you!
    I already saved all pages as .pdf w/ Acrobat and have all 6 pages saved in
    .jpg, using Photoshop.
    Problem is that I want to post the whole text in my Facebook page, and to
    have it in six pieces is not quite readable...
    Thanks anyway and have a joyful Xmas!
    2011/12/24 try67 <[email protected]>
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    by try67 <> in Adobe Reader - View
    the full discussion <>

  • How to break the PDF file into images?

    How to break the PDF file into images? There should be settings in Photoshop CS 6 that imports PDF file and break it into images.  I have a short instruction:
    2.    Open the file in Photoshop.
    3.    A new window should open to Import PDF.  Click on images, not pages  import pdf into Photoshop.doc
    4.    Select all the files shown (shift + click), Click O.K.  Four files should open on your screen.
      Was anybody successful with that?

    Whether this is available solely depends on the structure of the PDF and whether it actually contains whole images that can be extracted separately. Depending on whatgoing on in the PDF this may simply not be the case and the images have been tiled and split up in multiple "objects" whose appearance can only be retained by rasrerizing the whole page...

  • How to submit a PDF document to spool request by coding

    Hi experts,
    I have a pdf document that is stored somewhere in SAP system, for example MIME repository. So I can read this PDF document and get its content as an xstring.
    I know SAP can print a smartform directly by calling its function module, or submit a program (list output) to SAP-SPOOL to generate a spool request.
    But how can I submit a document or an xstring which presents the content of a document to spool request in order to print it out?
    Or should I do it in some other way?
    Any of the suggestion or hint will be help.

    We have checked it with SAP and it seems no solution for printing a pdf doc by coding.
    The final workaround is to use an virtual printer or some converter on PC to convert the pages in that pdf document into BMP files. Then upload those BMP files in t-code se78 and build a smartform to include them.
    It is convenient to use the printing function of smartforms in ABAP coding.

  • How to attach a PDF document to work item .---urgent

    Hi EXperts ,
      I am wanted to know how to attach a PDF document to my work item which i will be geneating . Pls let me the Method coding to be done so that I can send the attachment also when the work item is generated ..
    What is need to pass to Workflow container ...

    Ah ok,
    then the only way I know is to get hold of some one with skills in Smart Forms, and alley up with them. Or better yet, use it as an excuse to learn to do it your self
    With a Smart Form, you can parse data into it, create the file, and then use the GOS functionality to attatch it to your BO. All this in back ground!
    Kind regards

  • How to SaveAs a pdf document?

    How to SaveAs a pdf document via javascripting using "Acrobat 8.0"? Kindly advise me with examples.

    Look at the method saveAs in the Acrobat Javascript API Reference.

  • How to read a pdf document which is saved on icloud

    how to read a pdf document which is saved on icloud

    Greetings jjakri,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    It sounds like you have a PDF saved on iCloud Drive and would like to view that on your iPad. To view a PDF on your iPad, you would either need to sync from your computer view it from an email attachment. For more information on these processes, please refer to the attached article. 
    iBooks: Viewing, syncing, saving, and printing PDFs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support

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    How I can send pdf Document file in I Pad

    A simple and popular way to copy files and share files amoung your devices.
    Using iTures to transfer files:
    Files Connect -- The swiss army knife of remote file connect
    Windows File server

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