How to select  multiple vendors in out going payment

We are issuing Letter to Bank asking to issue DD against 10
Vendors. In this case Bank issuing DD and making debit as
one entry. In Outgoing payment is it possible to select 10
vendors at time ( Is there any other way instead of 10 outgoing
payments )and make it as single payment, so that bank
reconciliation will be easy.
any body can help pl.

I am a little bit surprise but I need more explanation from you.
do you mean the vendors are the same ? it means the 10 vendors are actually 10 A/P invoices ?
if not, I am afraid that outgoing payment can take 10 different vendor codes all at once in the same outgoing payment no.
it must be using DTW but the final result is not one outgoing payment no.
You could create a consolidation vendor although actually they are not under one company group. It is in the BP master data --> tab accounting --> payment consolidation

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    hi all,
    i want to print vendor ref. no in out going payment pld.
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    Hi Chetan
    In the VPM2 Table look for the field DocEntry, Join it on OPCH.DocEntry, and then look for NumAtCard in OPCH to find out the vendor's Ref No
    the following query expains it
    SELECT     dbo.OVPM.CardName, dbo.VPM2.SumApplied, dbo.OPCH.NumAtCard
    FROM         dbo.OVPM INNER JOIN
                          dbo.VPM2 ON dbo.OVPM.DocNum = dbo.VPM2.DocNum INNER JOIN
                          dbo.OPCH ON dbo.VPM2.DocEntry = dbo.OPCH.DocEntry
    WHERE     (dbo.OVPM.DocEntry = %x%)
    I hope this now solves your problem!! Cheers

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    I assume you are using the Shape tool to draw your hexagons. After you drag out the shape, use the Transform controls to tweak the size, so that the width is evenly divisible by 4, and the height is an even number. If you wand a gap between shapes, include that in your adjustments. Make a note of the new width and height.
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    Weird seeing this question today after I dealt with this yesterday. I did a movie yesterday that was multiple clips. I was able to select all clips at once and drag the entire thing up to the top window. I just tried to do the same thing again after reading this question and for the life of me, it will no longer allow me to click and drag to select them all. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that all 10 or so clips I was able to highlight before, were all parts of the same clip when filmed (they were split into individual segments when imported). When I try to combine two clips that are not filmed sequentially, it will no longer allow it. The help menu says nothing about this. All it says is you need to click on the first clip and hold the mouse down and drag it to the end and it will select all. That is not working.

  • Vendor Out Going Payment Tcode(F-53)

    Hi Experts
    While Posting Documents In Vendor Out Going Payment tcode F-53 i didt get invoice against posting screen
    I get post outgoing payments select open items screen
    plz giv valuable solution to me

    You need to check in FBL1N first with the Vendor, whether there are any line items in open status or not?
    While searching in FBL1N - keep the Open item date as today's date.
    If yes, go to F-53, requirements which are necessary, just see throughly..
    Posting date
    Document date
    Bank account
    Vendor account (basically appears as ACCOUNT under open item selection)
    Click on "Process open items"
    They should display
    If there are no open items at Vendor line item level, then there won't be any list t display at payment level, means
    FBL1N   Open items should display in F-53
    Check them plz
    Edited by: nkonnipati on Feb 18, 2012 6:27 PM

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    I want to use multi select list box .. When i go to source of UI component and change that to select many listbox my page is not rendering it is giving error
    When i drag & drop the component i am unable to drop it as a multi select list box that option is not coming.
    I am working on Jdev and I am using ADF/BC components
    How to select multiple values from a listbox ?

    I want to use multi select list box .. When i go to source of UI component and change that to select many listbox my page is not rendering it is giving errorank
    And what is the error ?

  • How to select multiple values from the parameters in BI Publisher report

    How to select multiple values from the parameter drop down in BI Publisher, and how to handle this mulitple values from the report sql...

    Hi kishore,
    I have used all the steps as you mentioned in your previous reply....including checking Mulitple Selection Check Box..
    Iam able to get the results when I am selecting one value..
    and also I am able to handle multiple values the in the query by using IN :Parameter, but seems when we select more than one value from the parameter drop down i think the Bi Publisher is sending the values in concatenated form something ilke
    ex: "'ACCOUNT','HR','SALES'" ,and when trying to display the parameters values in the output, its throwing the error as 'missing right paranthesis' ....on the whole do you have any solution which would handle
    1.Single selection.
    2.Multiple selection.
    3.'ALL' Values.
    4.Separating the concatenated string into individual strings and dispaly them on the output of the case of Mulitple selection.
    Concatenated String from BI Publisher:"'ACCOUNT','HR','SALES'"
    Expected Output on the report:ACCOUNT,HR,SALES
    reply to this would be much appreciated....

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    I think there's no way to do that using standard feature.
    Some workaround I use :
    1. If the number of selections are fixed, you could use multiple parameters for the same valueset. For example :
    Selection1 : <choose first selection>
    Selection2: <choose 2nd selection>
    If you don't use it then leave it empty.
    2. Use text varchar valueset and enter it manually and separate by comma (or other value) , eg : selection1,selection2,selection3....etc.

  • How to select multiple row in ALV report

    Hi friends,
    1. How to select multiple row in ALV report
                   ( How to set tab in ALV report and want to select multiple line.)
    Thanking you.

    Hi Sahoo,
    If you are using the class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID. In methods SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY.
    in layout structure you will find field SEL_MODE
    pass :
    In PAI.
          ET_INDEX_ROWS = T_ROWS
          ET_ROW_NO     = T_ROWID.
    Hope these will solve your problem.
    Kumar M.

  • How to select multiple records from a TREE in the table

    I have a tree structure which is in the table.When I open the node of the tree,all the subnodes are coming as one-one records in the table.I want to slect multiple record from this table.I applied onLeadSelect for this table,I can select only 1 record from the table.
    Can any one plz suggest me how to select multiple records from the table so that I can get all the data of those selected record.

    First of all, Thanks for your help!
    Is there any other way in which we can access tables other than using BAPIs or RFCs?
    In my case, there is a table structure which has to be updated with values after validating a key. i don't think there is any RFC available now. do i need to create bapi/rfc for that?
    Krishna Murthy

  • How to select the vendor from the source list in the PO(me21n) screen ??

    How to select the vendor from the source list in the PO(me21n) screen.
    Is there any Sources of Supply tab in the PO just like we have in the PR.
    I don't want a PO raised from a PR which has got the Vendor assigned to it already.
    Or the SAP doesnot provide the option of Source list/Assign source/Sources of Supply the PO.
    Kindly reply

    There is not any facility available for Source Determination in PO. Only you can select the line item and click Menu Environment > Source List and view the list of sources available for the material but you can not chooss and assign. If you wan to assign the vendor then change the vendor already entered in PO and put the desired vendor.

  • How to select Multiple items in the dvt:pivotfilterbar?

    How to select Multiple items in the filters in the dvt:pivotfilterbar?

    To select multiple media and other files, it's not possible. You can do so in messages as directed.
    To select multiple files, connect to your PC and select them.
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  • How to select multiple items in ListView?

    Is it possible to select multiple items (rows) in ListView? I'm able
    to select only one item at a time.
    I'm running Forte 30F2 on Windows NT 4.0.
    Thanks in advance,
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    I talked to Forte support about this recently and they had nothing but
    bad news.
    They said that you cannot select multiple rows in a listview, and that
    this is a
    feature that will be in the next release ( release 4 ).
    I then asked if it was possible for me to highlight a row manually ( and
    do the multiple
    select myself ), and they said that also wasn't possible. This is due
    to the fact that
    there are no displaynode properties that effect display attributes (
    like font or color ).
    They suggested that I try changing the smallicon to show rows that have
    been 'selected'.
    In other words, when you ctrl-click on any particular row, you could put
    an icon at the
    beginning of a row that shows that this row has been clicked on.
    I'm still working on this myself, so I will keep you posted.
    Jeff Pickett
    From: Ramarao P[SMTP:[email protected]]
    Reply To: Ramarao P
    Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 1998 6:22 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: How to select multiple items in ListView?
    Is it possible to select multiple items (rows) in ListView? I'm able
    to select only one item at a time.
    I'm running Forte 30F2 on Windows NT 4.0.
    Thanks in advance,
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  • How to select multiple lines in reports

    how to select multiple lines in a reports and process those selected lines to other activities like BDC.
    Please paste sample report here. or any demo examples . (don't paste ALV report , paste only classical report)
    suppose there are 10 records in output, i want to select 3 records and process other activities like bdc.
    Point will awarded.

    Hi ,
    the o/p in ur case will be a basic list output with a check box enabled in the left .
    Now say there are 10 records in the list output and i have checked 3 of them where checkboxes are enabled .
    And i press a button to submit this to the BDC .
    Here u need to make use of
    READ LINE statement to read the records from the list output and then pass them to the BDC .
    The code would be something like this
    DO .
    Read line index <field> where checkbox <> ' '.
    You can have a look at the F1 help on read line . This will mkae u clear .
    Hope this gives u an idea.

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