How to send inline HTML page in mail(not as attachment)

I am using JavaMail to send details to users using text mail. Its working successfully. But now i have to send the details on mails that will contain HTML page (not as attachment but as inline HTML page containing text) and details in it. Plz help me. Its urgent.
Thanks in advance,

Set the contentType to "text/html" and send away.
(If you need both text and html you will need to make a multi-part message), this is covered in the FAQ.
travis (at)

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  • How to send BIP report link by mail not the attachment.

    I have a requiment to send the BI Publisher report link by mail.But not to send the report as an attachment.
    can any one have solution for this requirement.

    Alternatively, u can do this Send a report with all the report names on one side and another side link to that particular report.If any one click on that link means it will open the report(pdf/html/excel) format by referring to the url.we will get this by using RTF Template.

  • How to send the Adobe page as mail attachement from webdynpro...

    Hi Experts,
    How to send the Adobe page as external mail attachment from webdynpro automatically (for example: If I input the data for sales order in a view and created the sales order, if the sales order is created then have to place the created sales order number and the some details in a adobe form and should send as external mail and have to specifying the body as "Sales order created and details can be found in the attached adobe form" from webdynpro).
    Do the needful.
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi ravi,
    See the WDA forum for the how to attach a file in webdynpro component for the attachments.

  • How to send the jsp page with the data as attachment

    my application is to display all the datas from the database.In the same page. i'm having a option to select mail address from the combo box and to send the page with the same format thru mail as an attachment .
    <%      String from="";
              String to=request.getParameter("to");
              String mailhost="localhost";
                   Properties prop=System.getProperties();
                   prop.put("", mailhost);
                   Session ss=Session.getInstance(prop,null);
                System.err.println("session props");
                   Message message = new MimeMessage(ss);
                   message.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));
                   System.err.println("form not null");
                   message.addRecipient(Message.RecipientType.TO, new InternetAddress(to));
                   System.err.println("from and to r set");
                   message.setSubject("Hello JavaMail Attachment");
              // Create the message part
                   BodyPart messageBodyPart = new MimeBodyPart();
              // Fill the message
                   messageBodyPart.setText("have u got the attachement?");
                   Multipart multipart = new MimeMultipart();
              // Part two is attachment
                   messageBodyPart = new MimeBodyPart();
                   DataSource source = new FileDataSource("C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 5.0/webapps/MgmtTool/emsReport.jsp");
                   messageBodyPart.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(source));
              // Put parts in message
              // Send the message
                   out.println("mail was sent successfully");
              catch(Exception e)
    by using this code i 'm sending the emsreport page as attachment
    i'm recieving only the tabular format but i cant able to get those data which are present on that page
    i dont know wat to do???
    kindly help me
    thank u in advance

    Some of the points might help you in thinking towards right direction, you might already know this but doesn't look like you are following in your code anyway.
    1. The JSP that you are emailing is uncompiled source file. It need JVM environment to be able to run on.
    2. The JSP is a view technology so try to separate the view logic from the business.
    3. Try to put entire business logic in a Bean and use that in your JSP to start off with.
    You may need to write the HttpServletResponse#content on to the Writer and then persist it on the filesystem. and then send that persisted file as an attachment.
    Have a look at
    It provide different type of writer implementations.
    HttpServletResponse#getWriter() provides PrintWriter instance.
    Does it make sense?

  • How to send adobe form output in mail as a attachment

    i am get the adobe form output
    how to attach in a mail ....
    Anbu B

    my program is like this.............
          i_name                     = 'YHRIN_WELCOME'
         e_funcname                 =  lv_funcname
      gs_output-nodialog = 'X'.
      gs_output-preview = 'X'.
    gs_output-getpdl = 'X'.
       gs_output-getpdf = 'X'.
       gs_output-dest = 'LP01'.
          ie_outputparams       = gs_output
        CANCEL                = 1
        USAGE_ERROR           = 2
        SYSTEM_ERROR          = 3
        INTERNAL_ERROR        = 4
        OTHERS                = 5
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    DATA : gs_outputpara TYPE sfpdocparams.
    DATA : ls_return TYPE fpformoutput .
    gs_outputpara-langu = 'E'.
    gs_outputpara-country = 'IN'.
      CALL FUNCTION lv_funcname
        /1bcdwb/docparams = gs_outputpara
        wa_data = wa_mail
          /1bcdwb/formoutput = ls_return
          OTHERS = 1.
    DATA lv_output TYPE sdokcntbins WITH HEADER LINE.
    buffer = ls_return-pdf            "PDF file from function module
    binary_tab = lv_output  .
    *DATA : result TYPE sfpjoboutput WITH HEADER LINE .
        e_result = result
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    DATA : iv_len_in LIKE sood-objlen,
           it_tline TYPE TABLE OF tline WITH HEADER LINE.
    PERFORM pdf_file.
            lt_iattach TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1 WITH HEADER LINE,
            lt_ipacking_list LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            lt_ireceivers LIKE somlreci1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            lt_iattachment LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA  : lt_record LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA: lv_email   TYPE somlreci1-receiver
                          VALUE 'anbu.'.
    PERFORM build_xls_data .
    APPEND lt_iattach.
    Populate message body text
      CLEAR lt_imessage.   REFRESH lt_imessage.
      lt_imessage = 'Please find attached PDF file'.
      APPEND lt_imessage.
    Send file by email as .xls speadsheet
      PERFORM send_email_with_xls TABLES lt_imessage
                                    USING lv_email
                                          'PDF Attachment of an Employee'
                                          'Employee Detail'.
         Form  BUILD_XLS_DATA
    FORM build_xls_data .
    DATA :lv_buffer TYPE string.
    Convert PDF from 132 to 255.
      LOOP AT it_tline.
    Replacing space by ~
        TRANSLATE it_tline USING ' ~'.
        CONCATENATE lv_buffer it_tline INTO lv_buffer.
       replacing ~ by space
      TRANSLATE lv_buffer USING '~'.
        lt_record = lv_buffer.
    Appending 255 characters as a record
        APPEND lt_record.
        SHIFT lv_buffer LEFT BY 255 PLACES.
        IF lv_buffer IS INITIAL.
      lt_iattach[] = lt_record[].
         Form  SEND_EMAIL_WITH_XLS
    FORM send_email_with_xls TABLES pit_message
                                        USING p_email
      DATA: es_xdocdata LIKE sodocchgi1,
            lv_xcnt TYPE i.
    Fill the document data.
      es_xdocdata-doc_size = 1.
    Populate the subject/generic message attributes
      es_xdocdata-obj_langu = sy-langu .
      es_xdocdata-obj_name  = 'SAPRPT' .
      es_xdocdata-obj_descr = p_mtitle .
    Fill the document data and get size of attachment
      CLEAR es_xdocdata.
      READ TABLE lt_iattach INDEX lv_xcnt.
      es_xdocdata-doc_size =
         ( lv_xcnt - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( lt_iattach ).
      es_xdocdata-obj_langu  = sy-langu.
      es_xdocdata-obj_name   = 'SAPRPT'.
      es_xdocdata-obj_descr  = p_mtitle.
      CLEAR lt_iattachment.  REFRESH lt_iattachment.
      lt_iattachment[] = pit_attach[].
    Describe the body of the message
      CLEAR lt_ipacking_list.  REFRESH lt_ipacking_list.
      lt_ipacking_list-transf_bin = space.
      lt_ipacking_list-head_start = 1.
      lt_ipacking_list-head_num = 0.
      lt_ipacking_list-body_start = 1.
      DESCRIBE TABLE lt_imessage LINES lt_ipacking_list-body_num.
      lt_ipacking_list-doc_type = 'RAW'.
      APPEND lt_ipacking_list.
    Create attachment notification
      lt_ipacking_list-transf_bin = 'X'.
      lt_ipacking_list-head_start = 1.
      lt_ipacking_list-head_num   = 1.
      lt_ipacking_list-body_start = 1.
      DESCRIBE TABLE lt_iattachment LINES lt_ipacking_list-body_num.
      lt_ipacking_list-doc_type   =  p_format.
      lt_ipacking_list-obj_descr  =  p_attdescription.
      lt_ipacking_list-obj_name   =  p_filename.
      lt_ipacking_list-doc_size   =  lt_ipacking_list-body_num * 255.
      APPEND lt_ipacking_list.
    Add the recipients email address
      CLEAR lt_ireceivers.  REFRESH lt_ireceivers.
      lt_ireceivers-receiver = p_email.
      lt_ireceivers-rec_type = 'U'.
      lt_ireceivers-com_type = 'INT'.
      lt_ireceivers-notif_del = 'X'.
      lt_ireceivers-notif_ndel = 'X'.
       APPEND lt_ireceivers.
                document_data              = es_xdocdata
                put_in_outbox              = 'X'
                commit_work                = 'X'
                packing_list               = lt_ipacking_list
               contents_bin               = lt_iattachment
                 CONTENTS_HEX              = lv_output
                contents_txt               = lt_imessage
                receivers                  = lt_ireceivers
                too_many_receivers         = 1
                document_not_sent          = 2
                document_type_not_exist    = 3
                operation_no_authorization = 4
                parameter_error            = 5
                x_error                    = 6
                enqueue_error              = 7
                OTHERS                     = 8.
          SUBMIT rsconn01 WITH mode = 'INT'
                  WITH output = '' AND RETURN.

  • How do i send an html page in java mail

    hi everyone, i have an problem while sending html page in my java mail application.Actually it's sending the html page correctly but the thing is it doesn't display the gif files . why so ? can anyone help me. i think its b'coz of the path problem.
    My requirement is like this :
    I would like to send an html page to some [email protected] from my local system . for that i have written one mail application which will build an html page which is also having some gif files. And these gif files are located in my local system. when i sent to some xyz user it's not displaying the gif files . How should i give the path for that gif files. pls help me regarding this. This is Urgent.
    Thanx in advance.

    hi , here with i have attached my program which will work fine . What u have to do is u have to specify ur smtp host address. from address and to address. And if u want to embedd the gif file u have to specify the gif file name. It will work only in outlook and hotmail. if u have anyother doubt let me know.
    import java.util.Properties;
    import java.util.Date;
    import javax.mail.*;
    import javax.activation.*;
    import javax.mail.internet.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.text.*;
    * @author Jeevan
    public class EmbeddingGif {
         StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
         String line;
    public static void main(String[] argv) {
              new EmbeddingGif (argv);
    public EmbeddingGif (String[] argv) {
              String to, subject = null, from = "[email protected]",
              cc = null, bcc = null, url = null;
    //     String mailhost = null;
              String mailhost = "";                    // SMTP host address
              String mailer = "SendHtmlMail";
              String protocol = "imap", host = null, user = "jeevan", password = "jeevan";
              String record = "g:/rbs/web-inf/classes/emailstore";     // name of folder in which to record mail
              boolean debug = false;
              BufferedReader in = null;
              int optind;
         for (optind = 0; optind < argv.length; optind++) {
         if (argv[optind].equals("-T")) {
              protocol = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-H")) {
              host = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-U")) {
              user = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-P")) {
              password = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-M")) {
              mailhost = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-f")) {
              record = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-s")) {
              subject = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-o")) { // originator
              from = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-c")) {
              cc = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-b")) {
              bcc = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-L")) {
              url = argv[++optind];
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("-d")) {
              debug = true;
         } else if (argv[optind].equals("--")) {
         } else if (argv[optind].startsWith("-")) {
    "Usage: SendHtmlMail [[-L store-url] | [-T prot] [-H host] [-U user] [-P passwd]]");
    "\t[-s subject] [-o from-address] [-c cc-addresses] [-b bcc-addresses]");
    "\t[-f record-mailbox] [-M transport-host] [-d] [address]");
         } else {
         try {
         if (optind < argv.length) {
              // XXX - concatenate all remaining arguments
              to = argv[optind];
              System.out.println("To: " + to);
         } else {
              System.out.print("To: ");
    //          to = in.readLine();
              to = "[email protected]";
         if (subject == null) {
              System.out.print("Subject: ");
    //          subject = in.readLine();
              subject = "New Bill @ " + new Date ();
         } else {
              System.out.println("Subject: " + subject);
         Properties props = System.getProperties();
         // XXX - could use Session.getTransport() and Transport.connect()
         // XXX - assume we're using SMTP
              System.out.println("mailhost :"+mailhost);
              System.out.println("from :"+from);
              System.out.println("to :"+to);
              System.out.println("cc :"+cc);
              System.out.println("subject :"+subject);
              System.out.println("bcc :"+bcc);
              System.out.println("url :"+url);
         if (mailhost != null)
              props.put("", mailhost);
         // Get a Session object
         Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance (props, null);
         if (debug)
              session.setDebug (true);
         // construct the message
         Message msg = new MimeMessage(session);
         if (from != null)
              msg.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));
                             InternetAddress.parse(to, false));
         if (cc != null)
                             InternetAddress.parse(cc, false));
         if (bcc != null)
                             InternetAddress.parse(bcc, false));
         collect(in, msg);
    //     msg.setHeader("X-Mailer", mailer);
    //     msg.setSentDate(new Date());
         // send the thing off
    //     Transport.send(msg);
    //     System.out.println("\nMail was sent successfully.");
         } catch (Exception e) {
    public void collect(BufferedReader in, Message msg)     throws MessagingException, IOException {
                        BodyPart bp1=new MimeBodyPart();
                        String html="<H1>Hello from Jeevan</H1>";
                        html=html+"<img src=cid:mickey>";
                        MimeMultipart mp=new MimeMultipart("related");
                        BodyPart bp2=new MimeBodyPart();
                        DataSource source=new FileDataSource("fss.gif");
                        bp2.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(source));
         System.out.println("\nMail was sent successfully.");
    //                    msg.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(     new ByteArrayDataSource(sb.toString(), "text/html")));                                        

  • How to send an HTML email?

    Hey guys
    For the longest time I've been wanting to send HTML emails with Mail, not for promotional stuff, but more for thanking our clients for their business. This is the perfect holiday season to send a Thank You email to them, but I don't want just to send a plain and boring text email, I want graphics on it. I know this wasn't possible to do with any previous OSX until Tiger. This is what the Mail page says... - HTML Message Composition - Mail uses the Safari engine to format newly composed email using HTML. I read another post about an HTML Script to work with mail but it got so confusing that I wasn't able to make it work. Can anybody tell how to make this work? A step-by-step tutorial would be great, not just for me but for all those Mail users that are trying to do the same thing. If Apple can send those HTML emails and Newsletters, why can't we? I don't think they're using a Windows computer or any other email software to do this. Better not! :P
    This is the post I read, but it was posted a year ago, so I know there's got to be something more up to date.;#667497
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Hello Luis.
    Although RTF with Tiger Mail is basic HTML, you can't compose complex HTML within the body of a message.
    You can use an HTML composer of choice to include embedded images/graphics and/or objects that are stored on a server (to be downloaded/rendered from the server) when the message is opened by recipients instead of attaching images/graphics to the message.
    After saving the document, you can open the document with Safari to ensure the layout and settings are correct and at the menu bar, choose Edit > Mail Contents of This Page.
    A new message will open and the contents of the webpage will be copied to the message and it will be sent in its entirety.

  • How to send alerts to Pager/Fax

    Hi all,
    How to send alerts to Pager/Fax......
    I know that this can be done by checking the checkbox SMS,FAX in alert inbox.
    For receiving the Alert through Email,We define the Receipents in TCode ALRTCATDEF under fixed receipents.
    Where does we provide the Pager number/Fax number /Mob number so that I can receive Alerts Even trough Pager and SMS.

    Go to RWB->Alert Inbox->Personalize->Check SMS,
    Go to SU01->UserId->Change->Give mobile number & Fax Number in Communication Area
    G to SCOT -> Check weather SMS/Pager/Fax is configured or not
    ( It need to be Configured , Otherwise there is no medum to send the alerts to mobile,page,FaX ( Manditory))
    Check out SAP Connect (SCOT).
    SAPconnect provides a standard interface for external communication, which supports sending with telecommunication services, such as FAX, text message (pager/SMS), Internet mail, and X.400, as well as sending to printers and between different SAP systems. It enables external communication components to be connected to the SAP system.

  • How to send purchase order via e-mail.

    Please could someone let me know how to send purchase order via e-mail.
    I am an BC.
    e-mailing is functionning however I am not very familiar in settings for MM

    No, you do not need to touch ME_PRINT_PO. You need to put code before and after ME_PRINT_PO in the print program.
    Step 1 - Copy the standard print program SAPFM06P to make a Z version, lets call it ZSAPFM06P
    Step 2 - Copy include FM06PE02 to make a Z version, lets call that ZFM06PE02.
    Step 3 - ZSAPFM06P change the statement "Include FM06PE02" to read "Include ZFM06PE02".
    Step 4 - In include ZFM06PE02 you will find a subroutine called "ENTRY_NEU". In this subroutine you will see it first calls ME_READ_PO_FOR_PRINTING then calls ME_PRINT_PO. Before it calls ME_PRINT_PO just put:
    l_nast-nacha = 1.
    CLEAR l_nast-dimme.
    This means that ME_PRINT_PO will not e-mail, it will create a spool request.
    Step 5 - Still in ZFM06PE02, after ME_PRINT_PO has been called, add new code. First check that ent_retco EQ 0. If it does not then exit.
    Step 6 - Get the spool ID created by ME_PRINT_PO by either moving sy-msgv1 to a variable or select from NAST.
    Step 7 - Call function CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF using the spool ID from step 6, and put the result from table PDF into an internal table you can use later. ALso store the export variable pdf_bytecount, you will need it later.
    Step 8 - Call function SX_TABLE_LINE_WIDTH_CHANGE using the table from step 7 as content_in and put the results from content_out into a new internal table.
    Step 9 - Add some text into a internal table of type solisti1, this will be the body text of the e-mail.
    Step 10 - Add whatever receivers you want into an internal table of type somlreci1. If you just want it to go to the address that the PO would have gone to anyway, select the e-mail address from ADR6 where the address number = l_doc-xekko-adrnr, that is the data from the PO.
    Step 11 - Populate an internal table of type sopcklsti1 with data relevant to your PDF table from step 8 and the text table from step 9. You will have to put the size of the PDF from step 7 (pdf_bytecount) on the PDF line and the size of the text will be the number of lines of text * 255.
    Step 12 - Add info to a structure of type sodocchgi1. You can add the e-mail title in here, field obj_descr. Also add the size of the PDF and the size of the text from step 12 into doc_size, and give the doc a name in field obj_name. This can be anything, ZPDFPO for example.
    Step 13 - Call SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 using the tables from steps 8, 9, 10 and 11 and the structure from step 12. You can amend the sending e-mail also. Set commit_work to space.
    Step 14 - That is all you need, but I actually call function RSPO_R_RDELETE_SPOOLREQ to delete the spool request created in step 4, then call NAST_PROTOCOL_UPDATE to add some more messages to the processing log of the PO.
    That is all.

  • How to send a smartform result through mail?

    How to send a smartform result through mail?

    YOu can convert the output of Smartform into a attachment say PDF file & then send it across through mail.
    Refer following program:
    <a href=""></a>
    Best regards,

  • Can any one tell me how to send one PO to mutilple mail ids in vendor maste

    Hi Experts,
    Can any one tell me how to send one PO as a mail to multiple vendors who are all maintained in my vendor master record
    Suppose I have 3 mail ids in my Vendor master record and I created a PO with that vendor, will that PO goes to all the three mail ids maintained in the vendor master record  or only to one ?
    Inorder to send to multiple mail ids, Do we need to do any configure any thing in SPRO settings functionally, if so where we have to maintain?
    Or shall an Abaper needs to maintain a code for that.?
    Please suggest me, I would appreciate your feed back.
    Best Regards,

    Go to XK02 enter the vendor code
    go to the communication tab
    Email will be there press the ---> button
    you can add many Emails in the list.
    Please ensure that the  message output is configured by
    the  SAP BASIS team
    No need of any configuration
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • How to sending simple text in the mail body

    Hi friends,
                 How to send simple text in the mail body through ABAP code
       plz send me the related code and setting for that mail.

    try this...
    FORM send_file_as_email_attachment .
      DATA: objtxt LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 10 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA: objpack LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 2 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA: objhead LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 1 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA: reclist LIKE somlreci1 OCCURS 5 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA: objbin LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 10 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA : i_body TYPE soli_tab WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA: it_attach LIKE it_display1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
      DATA: doc_chng LIKE sodocchgi1.
      DATA: tab_lines LIKE sy-tabix.
      DATA: att_lines TYPE i.
    DATA: lv_lines TYPE i.
      DATA: file TYPE string.
      data: g_datum like sy-datum.
      data: g_datum1(10) type c.
      DATA: len TYPE n.
      LOOP AT it_email.
        CLEAR : objpack,
        REFRESH: objpack,
        g_datum =     sy-datum - 1.
        concatenate g_datum6(2) '.' g_datum4(2) '.' g_datum+0(4) into
    doc_chng-obj_descr = 'Aged Stock more than 45 Days'.
        CONCATENATE 'Aged Stock more than 45 Days' '-' it_email-vkbur INTO
        CONCATENATE 'Please find enclosed Aged Stock Details ( >45days ) report as on'
        INTO objtxt-line SEPARATED BY space.
        APPEND objtxt.
        objtxt-line = ' '.
        APPEND objtxt.
        objtxt-line = 'Regards'.
        APPEND objtxt.
        objtxt-line = 'LIS SAP Projects'.
        APPEND objtxt.
        objtxt-line =
        'PS: Pls send feedback for futher improvements to SAP office.'.
        APPEND objtxt.
        DESCRIBE TABLE objtxt LINES tab_lines.
        READ TABLE objtxt INDEX tab_lines.
        doc_chng-doc_size = ( tab_lines - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( objtxt ).
       CLEAR objpack-transf_bin.
        objpack-head_start = 1.
        objpack-head_num = 1.
        objpack-body_start = 1.
        objpack-body_num = tab_lines.
        objpack-doc_type = 'TXT'.
       objpack-obj_name = 'Run_prog'.
       objpack-obj_descr = 'Agestock.txt'.
       lv_lines = tab_lines.
        APPEND objpack.
    *CONCATENATE 'Plant'   'Material Number' 'Qty(More than 45days)'
    *'Amount' INTO
           it_display SEPARATED BY space.
           append objbin.
           clear: objbin.
        REFRESH it_display2.
        it_display2-werks = 'Plant|'.
        it_display2-matnr = 'Material Number'.
        it_display2-qty = '|Qty > 45 days'.
        it_display2-amount = '      |Amount'.
        APPEND it_display2.
        it_display2-werks = ''.
        it_display2-matnr = ''.
        it_display2-qty = ''.
        it_display2-amount = ''.
        APPEND it_display2.
        CLEAR : it_display2.
        sort it_display1 by amount descending.
        LOOP AT it_display1 WHERE werks = it_email-vkbur.
         AT FIRST.
    *CONCATENATE 'Plant    '   'Material Number' 'Qty(More than 45days)'
    *'Amount' INTO
           objbin-line SEPARATED BY space.
           append objbin.
           clear: objbin.
              input  = it_display1-matnr
              output = it_display1-matnr.
          it_display1-qty = TRUNC( it_display1-qty ).
          MOVE-CORRESPONDING it_display1 TO it_display2.
          APPEND it_display2.
        objbin[] = it_display2[].
        DESCRIBE TABLE objbin LINES tab_lines.
        objhead = 'Suug'.
        APPEND objhead.
        objpack-transf_bin = 'X'.
        objpack-head_start = 3.
        objpack-head_num = 1.
        objpack-body_start = 1.
        objpack-body_num = tab_lines.
        objpack-doc_type = 'RAW'.
        objpack-obj_name = 'Run_prog'.
        objpack-obj_descr = 'Agestock.txt'.
        APPEND objpack.
        reclist-receiver = '[email protected]'.
        reclist-rec_type = 'U'.
        APPEND reclist.
            document_data              = doc_chng
            commit_work                = 'X'
            packing_list               = objpack
            object_header              = objhead
            contents_bin               = objbin
            contents_txt               = objtxt
            receivers                  = reclist
            too_many_receivers         = 1
            document_not_sent          = 2
            operation_no_authorization = 4
            OTHERS                     = 99.
        CLEAR : it_email.
    ENDFORM.                    "send_mail
    Message was edited by:
            Sugumar Ganesan

  • How to create a html page

    Hello,i am very new to dreamweaver 8,and i have searched
    everwhere possible on how to create a html page.My website has a
    navegation bar.And on the navegation bar it has links,like
    forums,your accounts,and etc,but thats already integrated with the
    website.Now i have an option in the admin area,wher i can create a
    new category so that it would show up in the navegation bar,and i
    have a drop down menu where i cans select what to put in that
    category.But also i have an option to put a external url,so that
    when they click on it,it will take them to where that link is
    directed.The point is that i asnt to make a category in the
    navigation menu that says Lirics.So that i can put lirics of songs
    and etc,and that when users click on that link it will take them to
    the lirics page..Do you guys understand?Sorry for the bad english,i
    am now quite good with it..

    The most eloquent description will do nothing for us. To get
    a solution to
    your problem, we must see your code. Can you upload the file
    and post a
    link to it, please?
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
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    Tutorials & Resources
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    "don_playboy" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:eaadi9$kjf$[email protected]..
    > well what i am trying to say is that i created a Folder
    > Liricas(which is
    > lirics in spanish),on my ftp.Now since i created that
    folder in my ftp,it
    > will
    > show on my navegation menu control panel.But it will be
    blank since it has
    > nothing on it.Now what i want to do is,sicne i created
    that folder,and i
    > go to
    > my nav meny control panel and select it as a category it
    will show on my
    > navegation menu(the Liricas that is),but when u click it
    it has
    > nothing,since
    > it has no html or anything in the category.Now i want to
    create a html
    > page so
    > that i can put albums names,and under those albums name
    i want to create a
    > link
    > or category thats for lirics.So all this will be stored
    on the ftp.and
    > when
    > users click on the Liricas category on my navigation
    menu,it will take
    > them to
    > the liricas index page,which will show all the lirics...

  • How to create a HTML page like iView, thanks in advance!

    How to create a HTML page like iView, thanks in advance!
    I'm a newcomer, would you please tell me how to create a HTML page in WebDynpro ? In fact, i want create one welcome page which use html format and include some javascript.
    thanks again.

    jakinapallykrishna , thank you very much for you reply.
    The pdf file is a simple application, but i want know how create a view in HTML format (<HTML>... </HTML>), maybe use HTMLB control, i don't sure it.
    In fact, I need create a view in portal, some pictures in it, once mouse over one picture, it need change another picture replace old one. I don't know how to do it, just know it can be handled in HTML page. So, i need help.

  • How to show an html page using JEditorPane in applet.

    I have never use jeditorpane with applet so i dont know how to show a html page.if you have some code or any example then please posted that.Thanks

    public class MyApplet extends JApplet{
        private JTextPane textPane = null;
        public void init(){
        HTMLEditorKit editorKit = new HTMLEditorKit();
        HTMLDocument  htmlDoc   = (HTMLDocument)editorKit.createDefaultDocument();
        textPane  = new JTextPane();
        Container c = getContentPane();
        c.add(new JScrollPane(textPane),    BorderLayout.CENTER);
        c.add(buttonPanel,                  BorderLayout.SOUTH);
        c.add(Box.createVerticalStrut(5),   BorderLayout.NORTH);     
        c.add(Box.createHorizontalStrut(5), BorderLayout.EAST);     
        c.add(Box.createHorizontalStrut(5), BorderLayout.WEST);
        public void setHtml(String html){
            // you should check the textpane's document to detrmine if there
            // is already text in there..if so, then clear the textpane text and then
            // set the new html...Note: JTextPane only show basic Html ..
            // not like a full blown browser

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  • The iPod "user's iPod" cannot be synced.

    Since my laptop was reimaged/rewaved, I can no longer sync iTunes with my iPod. I am using iTunes, and it does have and play all of my music, movies, podcasts, etc. from the PC. When I try to sync my iPod 160GB Classic, I receive the followi

  • Livecycle design 8 Help with PDF forms

    I am new to Livecycle 8. I have created a simple PDF form in Livecycle 8 which was orignally an excel form. I set it up with a submit button to submit by email to a designated person. The form is housed on an internal web site for viewers with adobe

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    I've got the webfont Arimo in my site from using the CSS include - it works in chrome and firefox on Mac, in Edge Inspect on iPad, but not in Edge Inspect on Android. Instead, I get what looks like Roboto - a narrow width sans. Is th