How to Send the material master data from sap4.6c to ECC6.0

    Friends this is shalini Shah, i got one requirement that is
how to send the materail master data  from SAP 4.6C to ECC6.0 using XI.
i  know the file to idoc and idoc to file scenarios but i don't know this one.
please help me friends, Thanks in advance.
Shalini Shah

Hi Shalini,
To trigger IDoc these configurations should be done in the SAP 4.6, XI and ECC 6.0.
1) RFC Destination (SM59)
a) Choose create.
b) Specify the name of the RFC destination
c) Select connection type as 3 and save
d) In the technical settings tab enter the details SAP SID/URL and system number#.
e) Enter the Gateway host as same details above SID/URL.
f) Gateway service is 3300+system number#.
g) In the Logon /Security tab, enter the client user & Password details of Destination system.
h) Test the connection and remote logon.
2) Create Port (IDX1)
a) Select create new button
b) Enter the port name as SAP+SID (The starting char should be SAP)
c) Enter the destination client.
d) Enter the RFC Destination created in SAP R/3 towards other system.
e) Save
3) Load Meta Data for IDOC (IDX2)
a) Create new
b) IDOC Message Type
c) Enter port created in IDX1.
SAP R/3 (4.6 and ECC 6.0)
1) RFC Destination (SM59)
a) Choose create.
b) Specify the name of the RFC destination
c) Select connection type as 3 and save
d) In the technical settings tab enter the details SAP SID/URL and system number#.
e) Enter the Gateway host as same details above SID/URL.
f) Gateway service is 3300+system number#.
g) In the Logon /Security tab, enter the client user & Password details of Destination system.
h) Test the connection and remote logon.
2) Create Port (We21)
a) First Select Transactional RFC and then click create button
b) Enter the destination port name as SAP+SID (The starting char should be SAP)
c) Enter the destination client.
d) Enter the RFC Destination created in SAP R/3 towards other system.
e) Save
3) Create Partner Profile (WE20)
a) Create New
b) Create the Partner no. name as same the logical system name of the destination system.
c) Select Partner type LS
d) Enter details for Type: US/USER, Agent, and Lang.
e) Click on the + button to select the message type.
f) Select Partner no. and LS which ever create above.
g) Select Message type
h) Select Process code related to the Message type.
I) save.
Also go ther the Blog <a href="/people/swaroopa.vishwanath/blog/2007/01/22/ale-configuration-for-pushing-idocs-from-sap-to-xi Configuration for Pushing IDOC's from SAP to XI</a> By Swaroopa Vishwanath
U need to import the IDoc types both inbound and outbound to XI.
1. Create Inbound and Outbound Message interface.
2. Do one to one message mapping.
3. Define an Interface mapping.
1. Create 1 Sender aggrement.
2. Create 1 Receiver aggrement.
3. Define 1 RD and ID.
4. Only create an receiver IDoc CC.
<a href="Remember to set the thread to solved when you have received a solution to set the thread to solved when you have received a solution</a>
Where There is a <a href="">blog</a> there is a Way.

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    Check out the link -
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    Check the material available in MARC table in SE11 transaction against your plant.If it is not available please maintain through MM01 transaction.

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    If you want to extend the material form one plant to another then below are the possible options.
    1) MM01 - Use the material in the reference and fill in copy from and to then press enter to complete the extention.This is recommended only if you want to extend very less records.
    2) Use LSMW and record MM01 thru BDC recording available in LSMW and make the template in excel and convert it to .txt tab delimited format to upload more records.LSMW is the perfect tool and is used extensively in all the projects.
    3) Get the help from ABAPer to create upload program and include the BDC recording.
    There is no standard T code available in SAP becoz data mainatenance in the material master will be based on the industry.
    Hope it will help.

  • Guidance for getting material master data from database table

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    Edited by: sanu debu on Feb 24, 2009 12:41 PM
    Edited by: sanu debu on Feb 24, 2009 12:42 PM

    Use BAPI's 

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    Data flow :
    BW :
    When u right click on the Master Data Info object -> Select Data flow.Then  it will  show u the details like DS name,IS (If 3.x)
    Once u know the DS then you need to find out the source tables for the R/3 DS.This information will get using ROOSOURCE or ROOSFIELD tables  or
    My suggestion better to search in Help site for DS source tables.
    DS Tables :
    The following link will provide you the source tables for some of the LO DS.
    Edited by: Ramakanth Deepak Gandepalli on Dec 22, 2009 9:29 AM

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    Outbound side the status of idoc is 3 which is OK.But inbound side ,the status is 51 and the error is 'Function module not allowed  IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01'.I debugged the function module in which the control records , data records are getting transferred correctly and also the segments data is also fine.But , i am not able to rectify  the error.
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    Hi mahesh,
    check the proces code may be having the FM module 'IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01'. change with some other FM for processing the IDOC. you need check with different ways what is the problem. better dont stick on one thought.

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    you will be having  only one entry logically
    i.e. Opening Bal. clrng A/c Dr.
           To Vendor A/c Cr.

  • SAP standards for retriving the Material Master Data

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    Function Modules
    Sample code's
    useful answers will surely be awarded.

    These are the standard BAPI's for Material master.
    BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE Flag Material for Deletion
    BAPI_MATERIAL_DISPLAY Display Material
    BAPI_MATERIAL_EDIT Change Material
    BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA BAPI for Mass Maintenance of Material Data
    BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA Create and Change Material Master Data
    BAPI_MATERIAL_EXISTENCECHECK Check Existence of Material
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHCERT Create Quality Certificate for Batch in Portable Document Format (PDF)
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHES Create Batch List for a Material
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETCHARMERCHHIER Supply Characteristics of Retail Material for Material Group Hierarchy
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBERRET Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type for Retail Materials
    BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST Supply List of Materials for Search Criteria Transferred

  • Revoke the material master data's updated in production

    Hi Experts,
    I have updated the product hierarchy field for the list of materials using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA.
    I have forget to set the SALES_VIEW flag in BAPIMATHEAD table, instead it created all the views for the material. Is there any way to revoke the material master data.
    Thanks & Regards,

    ALL_CAPITAL should resolve your problem. Check this also:
    RSDMD 194: 0MATERIAL Datarecord is invalid
    /thread/307925 [original link is broken]
    Absolutley Stuck...can't load data as characteristic

  • Uploading Material Master data from legacy system

    Hi all,
    do we have any sap defined bdc for material master data ,if no ho to do that can anybody explain me step by step procedure how to do that
    Thanks in advance
    Santosh R

    Use BAPI as we already have pre-defined BAPI for material upload given by SAP.
    Also check this BAPI in MM01 uploading for the complete code I have written.

  • Function module to retrieve the material master data

    Hi all,
    creating material master dta i am using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA .is there any f.m with same structures as BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA to retrieve the materi master data.

    Not sure if there is any function module to get material master data with the same structure..
    You can select the data from MARA, MARC, etc...and convert it to the BAPI structures using the following function modules..

  • Downloading Material Master data from ECC to CRM

    Hello friends, I am working in CRM 5.0., I am finding difficulty in downloading Material master created in ECC to a Product Master in CRM. Can you please tell me how to use Customizations to download the material master to product master.

    Hi Rghunandan,
    To carry out the product replication from ECC to CRM,you need to carry out the foll steps.
    First download the customizing objects using R3AS
    DNL_CUST_PROD0 u2013 Material number conversions
    DNL_CUST_PROD1 u2013 Product : Categories
    DNL_CUST_PROD3 u2013 Material : R/3 sales status
    DNL_CUST_SPROD u2013 Sales product item
    DNL_PLANT - Plant
    To download products foll the steps below
    1.Defining Product ID Settings  -COMCPRFORMAT
    Cross-Application Components  SAP Products  Basic Settings  Define Output Format and Storage Form of Product Ids
    This activity describes how to synchronize the product Ids in the CRM system and the R/3 system.
    The material master length is R/3 is defined in transaction code OMSL and is set to 18.  (also check note no. 545824)
    2.Make sure that CRM item categories and R/3 item categories are the same.
    In CRM, item categories and item category groups are seen via
    Customer Relationship Management  Transactions  Basic Settings
    3.Selecting specific objects for replication : R3AC1
    Use adapter object MATERIAL
    Use filter settings tab and specify the material or a range of products you want to download .Use atble name MARA,field MATNR use an approriate operator and mention theproduct you want to downlaod.
    4.Replicate Materials : R3AS
    mention the adaptor object Material and execute

  • Uploading picture to the material master data

    Hi friends,
    I searched the forum about this subject, however there are mostly answers related to retail sector.
    I'd like to learn if ECC 6.0 could only itself is able to this. I mean is ECC 6.0 enough to add pictures to material master data or is there any configuration or customization requirement for that?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    Yusuf Gezer

    yes, it is possible to store images to the materials. here you have at least 2 options, DMS and GOS.
    DMS is document manament system, here it is even possible to classify the images for a better search. GOS is generic object services which is available in the maintenace transactions for material master and several other objects. Pretty easy to use, cannot search for the images, you always have to go into the material and fom there you have to open the GOS to see whether an image exists or not.
    further you should think about the place where you store these images and other attachments, I mean in SAP table system or in an optical disc system linked to SAP, which is much cheaper diskspace than the SAP tablespace.
    A migration from DMS to DMS is relatively easy and can be accomplished with IDOCs via LSWM or ALE scenario.
    Migration of GOS attachements is challenging. Nothing ready for use exists in SAP to do it.

  • How long does it take to create material master data from PO lines?

    Hi ,
    I was wondering if I could use an expert's opinion on the time and effort (FTEs) that goes into cleaning 50,000 PO lines that contain item descriptions to create a clean item master and a (basic) catalog.
    The idea is:
    To remove duplicates, invalid, non recurring/ redudant items
    To create categories and sub categories (Standard - no coding)
    Is there any defined tool and process-steps, not only for SAP but in general? Do consultants do this manually (with Excel spreadsheets) or some other means.
    Any references will be very useful.
    Thanks and regards.

    could be any time from a day to some months, just depends how big the mess is and how detailed the wishlist is and how well you want become.
    Most consultants will do this probably with Excel as they are used to it.
    Mixed tools can speed the process up if the people are used to those tools, or slow it down if they are not and need training before they can start.
    Is it really only the description which will finally be different for some thousand materials that finally need to be created?
    I would start with TAANA transaction, this would give me already an aggregated view on the items, as it can be used to group and count the items by description (and other parameters such as year) so it is  down in seconds  to the number of variations. Means the duplicates are eliminated.
    Then you identify the one-time buys from previous years and remove them from the list (the output of TAANA can be worked on with Excel inplace)
    Now starts the hard work to remove the garbage. This is usually a manual work, looking for typos which made this different from the same item with the correct description. And even identifying duplicates that are totally different written "Elbow - stainless steel" and "Stainless steel elbow" and far apart from each other in your list.
    For this I use Excel with the Fuzzy Lookup Add-in
    Watch some videos on youtube to see how it works, it's great.
    And finally you load the materials with LSMW. If you are experienced with SAP material masters then you know which fields this materials need, they all could be defined as constants and your input file could only have the description, if that is really the only difference, which I actually don't believe. There might be differences in material group, in the unit of measure and usually in the purchasing group too (probably even more fields). And exact those differences in the other fields have to be considered in the cleanup too.
    So, just technically eliminating duplicates and the worst garbage and all the one-time buys and finally load uniformed NLAG materials with just different descriptions could be done in a day. But the experience tells me that this can quickly evolve to a bigger long term project with harmonizing the way how the description will be written, harmonizing units and material groups.

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