How to set a different output format as part of the Concurrent request

We are on EBS and we are also using XML Publisher 5.6.2. We have few Excel output reports. The issue we are having is that when we defien these reports as a concurrent program, the options for output always defaults to PDF. The end user has to alter this every time to Excel as part of the options, even though we know, the output is always going to be an excel output.
Is there a way to default other than PDF. If not, is there any enhnacement request to default it from the template.
- Vasu -

thats right that default format is pdf but u can change this ... if u want the out put format as excel go to Oracle xml administrator responsibility -->administrator tab
and change the default format as you required.
otherwise .... if u want to change it while submiting the request .... go to submit request ... u find one options tab there click on it and change the format as well as template ..... or language if u want to change.
also once u submit the request ... u can go to window menu and go for reprint and republish .... there also u can change the format and all.
Ratnesh P

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    Hi All,
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    Thanks & regards
    Edited by: Srikkanth.M on Mar 14, 2012 1:56 PM

    This table contains a complete history of all concurrent requests.
    When a user submits a report set, this table stores information about
    the reports in the report set and the parameter values for each report.
    This table records arguments passed by the concurrent manager to each program it starts running.
    This table records when requests do not update database tables.
    This table records information about Oracle Applications and operating system processes.
    This table collects runtime performance statistics for concurrent requests.
    This table contains the concurrent program performance statistics generated by the Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data program. The Purge concurrent Request and/or Manager Data program uses the data in FND_CONC_STAT_LIST to compute these
    Also see:
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    Find history of concurrent request details
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    file_type =>'request_xml_output' , --fnd_webfile.request_out,
    id => req_id,
    gwyuid => l_gwyuid,
    two_task => l_two_task,
    expire_time => 10 -- minutes, security!.
    when I used fnd_webfile.request_out the form was not compiling and hence I passed the value 'request_xml_output'
    Now no compilation error exists however how do I display the concurrent request in the screen.
    I am not clear here, is there any function I need to use. I checked the FNDRSRUN form and there they have used, 'Y');, I tried using it but no use.

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    i have LR from 2 through 4.4,  I am simply trying to adjust CR2s, and convert the them JPEG.  LR says my Perfectly Clear is expired but my update is up to date and all paid for.  What is Perfectly Clear and how do i get this puppy to be part of the team?

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    I need the concurrent request id in order to detect the user who launched the report. Is there other way on getting the user ??
    Thank you!
    All the best,
    Edited by: laurentiu on Jul 8, 2009 5:29 PM

    I read your previous post about this solution but i was not able to retrieve it. Here is step by step what i've done:
    - added the parameter to my data template
    - added the parameter to my concurrent program
    - added the parameter in my pl/sql package
    - i've run my concurrent request and the value returned in my xml is 0 for the concurrent request id parameter
    I don't know where i'am getting wrong ?!?
    Thank you!
    All the best,
    Edited by: laurentiu on Jul 8, 2009 6:47 PM

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