How to set AO channel to 0 value when VI stopped

when a VI stopped, the AO channel stopped on the level it's get, how to set these analog output to zero when stop a vi?

As a second option (and if your device supports it ) you could set the property "Idle Output Behavior"
see here:
and here:

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  • How to set to-mode to Fixed Value and give a date in RSDV transaction

             I am working in BI7.0 environment. I am deploying HR Reporting Project. I need to load data to HR Info Cube 0PAPA_C02, to do this I need to maintain validity slice (RSDV transaction) for the Info Cube. After first load I need to set "to-mode-'Fixed Value'" and give a date such as 31.12.9999.
            Can anyone please let me know the steps on how to set- to mode to Fixed Value in RSDV.

    Here's the basic steps to follow:
    1) Go to tcode RSDV, enter the InfoCube name (0PAPA_C02) and Execute.
    2) If there is data already in the InfoCube you will get a validity table with default validty dates from 0CALDAY.
    3) Click on the Display/Change button so that you're in change mode and edit the validity date to be 31.12.9999.
    4) In the To-Mode column, set the value to 'F' for fixed.
    5) Put the fixed date value (31.12.9999 in your example) in Fixed to time.
    6) Click on Save.

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    Hello Everyone,
    How to update zero to a column value when record does not exist in table  but should display the column value when it exists in table
    Regards Gautam S

    As per my understanding...
    You Would like to see this 
    SELECT COALESCE(Salary,0) from Employee;
    Shivaprasad S
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    You have 10.6 on that machine, I suggest you stick with it for performance, third party hardware and software reasons as long as possible.
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  • How to set group name as default value in People Picker in Infopath 2010

    How to set group name (shareoint Groupname)  as default value in People Picker in Infopath 2010

    Under the Developer tab in Infopath you can manage Loading Events, unfortunetly i dont have Visual Studio on this PC so i cant laborate, but i believe it's rather simple to figure out.
    Edit: Found a easier way, through Data > Default Values.

  • How to set a characteristic dependent on value of a keyfigure

    Hi folks,
    I'm facing the following problem:
    I need to create a solution that enables a user to set a characteristic to a values (Y or N).
    Because of the circumstances no direct access to RSA1 is possible.
    This is why I thought about BI  IP.
    The idea is now to plan a keyfigure with 0 and 1. Next step would be to use a planfunction in order to create the corresponding characteristic values:
    so like
                       month Jan Feb
    customer A              1     0
    customer B              1    1
    leads to                   Jan Feb
    customer A              N    Y
    customer B              N    N
    Any comment whether I'm on the right path?
    My Fox Formular looks like:
    FKNO_Y = Y.
    FKNO_N = N .
    FYEAR = VARV(YMM0005E).
       IF {YKNORESP, FYEAR, FKNO_Y, # } = 1.
          {YKNORESP, FYEAR, FKNO_N, Y} = 1.
             {YKNORESP, FYEAR, FKNO_N, N} = 0.

    Create 2 reports
    Report 1 having Month equal to @{Pv_Type}{Dummy}
    Report 2 having Year equal to @{Pv_Type}{Dummy} . Assuming Year in in CHAR datatype . If it is not then convert it to char.
    Now for your Year section use Report 1 in condition (row count greater than 0) and for your Month section use Report 2 in condition (row count greater than 0).

  • How to set input delay and output delay when source Synchronous

    ClkIN is the board clock which is connected to the FPGA. Clkif is the generated clock from ClkIN. The Device's clk come from Clkif. So, how to set input delay and output delay in this scene(within my understand, this is Source Synchronous)?
    The example in many document, the input delay and output delay setting all refer to board clock(within my understand, this is System Synchronous). In that scene, the input delay max = TDelay_max + Tco_max; input delay min = Tdelay_min + Tco_min; the output delay max = Tdelay_max + Tsu; output delay min = Tdelay_min - Th.
    So, I want to know how to set input/output delay in the Source Synchronous.
    In system synchronous, I set input/output delay such as:
    create_clock -period 20.000 -name ClkIN -waveform {0.000 10.000} [get_ports ClkIN]
    create_generated_clock -name Clkif -source [get_pins cfg_if/clk_tmp_reg/C] -divide_by 2 [get_pins cfg_if/clk_tmp_reg/Q]
    create_clock -period 40.000 -name VIRTUAL_clkif //make virtual clock
    set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks VIRTUAL_clkif] -min 0.530 [get_ports DIN]
    set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks VIRTUAL_clkif] -max 7.700 [get_ports DIN]
    set_output_delay -clock [get_clocks VIRTUAL_clkif] -min -0.030 [get_ports DOUT]
    set_output_delay -clock [get_clocks VIRTUAL_clkif] -max 1.800 [get_ports DOUT]

    So, first. Architecturally, the clock that you forward to your external device should not come directly from the clock tree, but should be output via an ODDR with its D1 input tied to logic 1 and the D2 tied to logic 0. This guarantees minimal skew between the output data and the forwarded clock.
    ODDR #(
    .INIT(1'b0), // Initial value of Q: 1'b0 or 1'b1
    .SRTYPE("SYNC") // Set/Reset type: "SYNC" or "ASYNC"
    ) ODDR_inst (
    .Q (Clkif_ff), // 1-bit DDR output
    .C (ClkIN_BUFG), // 1-bit clock input
    .CE (1'b1), // 1-bit clock enable input
    .D1 (1'b1), // 1-bit data input (positive edge)
    .D2 (1'b0), // 1-bit data input (negative edge)
    .R (rst), // 1-bit reset
    .S (1'b0) // 1-bit set
    OBUF OBUF_inst (.I (Clkif_ff), .O (Clkif_out));
    This generates an output clock that is the same frequency as your input clock. This is consistent with your drawing, but inconsistent with your constraints - is the forwarded clock a 50MHz clock or a 25MHz clock?
    I will assume your ClkIN goes to a BUFG and generates ClkIN_BUFG.  Your first constraint generates a 50MHz clock on the ClkIN port which will propagate through the BUFG to (among other places) this ODDR.
    create_clock -period 20.000 -name ClkIN -waveform {0.000 10.000} [get_ports ClkIN]
    Assuming your forwarded clock is supposed to be 50MHz, then your 2nd command is close to correct
    create_generated_clock -name Clkif -source [get_pins cfg_if/ODDR_inst/C] -combinational  [get_pins cfg_if/ODDR_inst/Q]
    With this done, you have successfully described the forwarded clock from your design. This is the clock that goes to your device, and hence should be the clock which is used to specify your input and output constraints.
    set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks Clkif] -min 0.530 [get_ports DIN]
    set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks Clkif] -max 7.700 [get_ports DIN]
    set_output_delay -clock [get_clocks Clkif] -min -0.030 [get_ports DOUT]
    set_output_delay -clock [get_clocks Clkif] -max 1.800 [get_ports DOUT]
    If you want to get fancier, you could try adding a set_clock_latency to the forwarded clock to account for the board propagation of the clock
    set_clock_latency -source TDtrace2 [get_clocks Clkif]
    (But I haven't experimented with clock latency on a generated clock and I don't know for a fact that it works).

  • How to set the default Excel cell format when opening XML to XLS using an existing stylesheet​?

    I have an XML file, which I'm opening with the Excel application. The stylesheet I use is horizontal.xsl.
    The problem arised when the XML has data in the format "1/4" or "1/16", which is translated in the Excel as date (like "01/04/2007").
    I think I have to set the default cell type to "Text" instead of "General". Does anyone know how it can be done?

    Is this the same question as idoZo, if so jigg has already answered it. If not then you should post your own query not hijack someone elses giving a clear and concise question, "how to set it??" doesn't help you or other in the forum to provide you with a solution.
    Is this relevant to TestStand? If it is then help by providing which version you are using and what software you are using with it. If not then post your question in the correct board.
    Ray Farmer

  • How to set Payment Block for Service PO when IR before GR?

    Could anyone advice me on how to set payment block especially for service Purchase order, item category D, when IR before GR (SES)?
    Alex Kwon

    Please try this...
    in IMG>MM>Invoice Verification>Invoice Block>Item amount check
    Here you can activate the item amount check for Item categories as well as GR item.
    Pls explore I have not tested.
    Hope it helps

  • How to set List and Tree Binding Value manually from backing bean?

    Dear All,
    I somehow found this code to work so that I could set a value on my bindings from a managed bean.
      public void setBindingExpressionValue(String expression, Object value)
        FacesContext facesContext = getFacesContext();
        Application app = facesContext.getApplication();
        ExpressionFactory elFactory = app.getExpressionFactory();
        ELContext elContext = facesContext.getELContext();
        ValueExpression valueExp =
          elFactory.createValueExpression(elContext, expression, Object.class);
        valueExp.setValue(elContext, value);
      public class MyBean{
      private String employeeId;
      public void inAmethod(){
      }Now, I am thinking. What if I have a List or Tree Binding in my managed bean then how or what should I send
    to the expression value. Is it a List or Map?
    The first one was easy as it is just a string but how about when dealing with collection?
    JDEV 11g PS4

    a tree binding does not set the value of the tree but determines the selected node. The binding itself represents the collection model that shows the hierarchical tree structure. So your question does not apply to a tree

  • How to set alpha channel names in a format plugin?

    I am writing a format plugin with 6 color planes for CMYK mode. I want to set the apha channel names for planes 5 and 6 to "White" and "Clear" instead of "Alpha 1" and "Alpha 2" when I read the color data from my file. How do I set the alpha channel names?

    I am still trying to find a solution to this.  The propChannelName is read only and the documentInfo structure is NULL when reading.  Any suggestions?

  • How to set a pixel to certain value in a Graphic object.

    Hello Every One
    I want to set a certain point in a graphic context to a new Color value let say i have a point (x, y)=(100, 100)
    and i have a JFrame window i can do like this
    Graphics g = getGraphics();
    Now i want to set the point(100, 100) to a new Color say red.
    Please tell me how to do that.
    Thanx Alot

    I was wondering about this earlier today too...
    you can use Graphics.drawLine with the startpoint and the endpoint equal to draw a dot on that pixel, but this seems like overkill.
    /me joins csquadian waiting for an better answer

  • How to set background color based on values in column grouping

    I have query
    select 1 as CustomerID,'Reality' as Type, 100 as Turnover
    select 1 as CustomerID,'Budget' as Type, 120 as Turnover
    select 2 as CustomerID,'Reality' as Type, 140 as Turnover
    select 2 as CustomerID,'Budget' as Type, 120 as Turnover
    I have matrix, where in rows are customers, there is columngroup based on field Type and in details are summaries of Turnover. I need to change background color of Reality field, when lower than Budget. How can I do that please ?

    Hi volyn,
    After testing the issue in my own environment, we can use custom code to achieve your requirement. For more details, you can refer to the following steps:
    Copy the custom code below and paste it to your report. (Right-click report>Report Properties>Code)
    DIM PreviousValue AS Decimal
    Dim CustomerID AS String = ""
    Public Function  GetPreviousValue(byval Val as Decimal, byval CusID as string)  as Decimal
    DIM Local_PreviousValue AS Decimal
    IF CustomerID <> CusID THEN
    CustomerID  = CusID 
    PreviousValue  = val
    Local_PreviousValue  = 0
    Local_PreviousValue =  val - PreviousValue 
    PreviousValue  = val
    END IF
    return Local_PreviousValue 
    End function
    Click the cell which contains [Sum(Turnover)] value, modify the expression of BackgroundColor property to like this in the Properties Window: 
    In this scenario, you can change Brown color to any color you like. The following screenshot is for your reference (I added some data to make it more clearly):
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to set a default tabular form value?

    I am trying to set a default value for a tabular form.
    In Tabular Form Element:
    Display as: Date Picker
    Formet: Date Picker (DD-MON-RR)
    Default Type: Item (application or page item name)
    Default P2_DATE
    My item P2_DATE is set as:
    Date Picker (DD-MON-RR)
    However when I try to add a row with a default date I get this error:
    report error:
    ORA-01790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression
    Any ideas?

    Sorry for spamming but found a solution:
    which was to change the type into PL/SQL Expression like so:
    This is the format I used in P2_DATE...

  • How to set a global configuration for Value Interaction

    Hi there
    i have this problematic situation about some of my dashboards, cause i need to set the same configuration for all of them in the part of the value interaction,
    some of there have in the "default situation" drill and others have "navigation"
    exist a config for this?

    Hello Pavel,
    >> … and then on the login page I created a process …
    A typical APEX login page includes a process called Clear Page(s) Cache, with a sequence of 30. If the process you have create has a higher sequence (>30) it will see a null page values as they have been cleared already.
    &diams; Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.
    &diams; Author of Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More

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