How to set default value in select option for ABAP query

Hi experts,
What is the way to set up default values for select-options in ABAP query.
I have one field 'Year' in my ABAP query selection screen.
I want value of current year to be appeared here whenever user execute report
Thanks in Advance

Hi Harkamal,
execute your Query via SQ01. On Selection-Screen
goto save Variant. Mark your field
as selection variable an press Button election variable.
Take variable from TVARV and use it.
Than save the Variant.
Look at TVARV if the 'Year' is updated to the actualYear!
regards, Dieter

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  • How to set default values in initialization event for select option

    I have 3 GL account like 0024831231,0024831238,0024831245.
    Please help me how to set default values in select-options ( s_hkont ) in INTIALIZATION event

    Select option is table <Structure> with fields, low, high, sign & option
    you need to append the value into the select option, with appropriate value in low or
    S_HKONT-low  = <value>
    S_HKONT-SIGN = 'I'
    S_hkont-OPTION = 'EQ'
    append s_hkont.
    Default value for select-option also can be added directly in select-option statement.

  • Set default value to selection screen for report

    Hi All,
       I've a report selection screen which has 3 fields from the report category: PNPPERNR, PNPSTAT1, PNPBTRTL. My logical database is PNPCE.
       How can I set the default value to the field PNPSTAT1? Means when I first display the selection screen, the value for this field will automatically display '3' in it.
       Hope someone can help me on this.

    Hi All,
       Thanks for reply. But I think I should declare my question clearer.
       Actually it's not a parameter.
      My problem is when using the logical database, if you define a TABLES: PERNR, then you can see the SAP standard report selection screen. So my selection screen has 3 standard fields which are PNPPERNR, PNPSTAT1, and PNPBTRTL.
       I need to set the default value '3' to field PNPSTAT1.

  • How to make default values in selection field?

          i have selection field date , using data element 'QENTST' using following code in view INIT Method. i get the input selection field when i test application.
        I_TYPENAME                     =     'QENTST'
        RT_RANGE_TABLE           =     LT_RANGE_TABLE.
        I_ID                                     = 'QENTST'
        IT_RESULT                         = LT_RANGE_TABLE
        I_OBLIGATORY                 = ABAP_TRUE.
    What i need now , to make default value in this selection field( low = sy-datum and high = sy-datum + 10 ) . I have checked , i found one method called... SET_RANGE_TABLE_OF_SEL_FIELD. Bt i m not able to understand how to assign values to input table parameter in this method?
    Thanks In Advance.
    Saurin Shah

    Refer this Article by Thomas on how to make default values in Select Options:
    I hope it would solve your problem.

  • How to set default value to date type attribute.

    How to set default value to date type attribute.
    E.g I want to set u201C01/01/1999u201D to date attributes.
    First i want to set value and then i want to fetch the same & want to check equals.
    please suggest solution.

    In wdinit() method u can set the date
    DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
    Date today = Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
    String reportDate = df.format(today);
    Another way you have set the this formate like that
    1. Create a Simple type under "Dictionaries->SimpleType" called DateFormat
    2. Select the type as "date"
    3. Go to the "Representation" tab and set the format as "dd/MM/yyyy" (or whatever u want, but month should be MM)
    4.Bind the context attribute to the type created now.
    Hope this helps u.
    Best Regards
    Vijay K

  • How to get the values of Select-options from the screen.

    The value of parameter can be obtained by function module 'DYNP_VALUES_READ' but How to get the values of Select-options from the screen? I want the F4 help values of select-options B depending on the values in Select-option A.So I want to read the Select-option A's value.

    Refer this following code..this will solve your problem...
    "Following code reads value entered in s_po select options and willprovide search
    "help for s_item depending upon s_po value.
    TABLES : ekpo.
    ebelp LIKE ekpo-ebelp,
    END OF itab.
    SELECT-OPTIONS   s_po FOR ekpo-ebeln.
    SELECT-OPTIONS s_item FOR ekpo-ebelp.
      dyn_field TYPE dynpread,
      temp_fields TYPE TABLE OF dynpread,
      zlv_dynpro TYPE syst-repid.
      zlv_dynpro = syst-repid.
          dyname     = zlv_dynpro
          dynumb     = syst-dynnr
          request    = 'A'
          dynpfields = temp_fields
          OTHERS     = 0.
      LOOP AT temp_fields INTO dyn_field.
        IF dyn_field-fieldname EQ 'S_PO-LOW'.
            SELECT * INTO CORRESPONDING fields OF TABLE itab FROM ekpo
            WHERE ebeln EQ dyn_field-fieldvalue.

  • How to set default values for boolean columns

    I'm trying to deploy some content types and columns into a site with a feature. All it's ok, except that I'm trying to set a default value for boolean columns with no success.
    I've tried to set default value at column level:
    <Field ID="{EFE23A1D-494E-45cf-832E-45E41B17F0CF}" Name="ScopeSpanish" DisplayName="Se publican noticias en español"
    Type="Boolean" Hidden="FALSE" Group="Columnas ShaCon" >
    and at content type level:
    <FieldRef ID="{EFE23A1D-494E-45cf-832E-45E41B17F0CF}" Name="ScopeSpanish" DefaultValue="TRUE" Required="TRUE" />
    But in any case, when i create a new item with this content type, default value is applied.
    Can anyone tell how to set default values for boolean columns?
    Thanks in advance,

    In the field definition you can set
    How to set the default value Null?

  • How to set default values in dialog programming

    hi gurus
    can anyone suggest me
    how to set default values in dialog programming

    it's a bit dirty but I usually just place it in the PBO with a flag for control. It's simple and not too costly i think.
    MODULE preRender OUTPUT.
      DATA first_time TYPE flag VALUE 'X'.
      IF first_time EQ 'X'.
    *   put your initialization code here
        CLEAR first_time.

  • How to set default value in OAMessageLovInputBean?

    How to set default value in OAMessageLovInputBean while loading the page?
    I have tried the following code but its not working.
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    String delToLoc = (String)pageContext.getSessionValue("deliverTOLoc");
    Number delToLocId = (Number)pageContext.getSessionValue("deliverToLocId");
    OAApplicationModule am = pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
    OAViewObject poHeadervo =
    PoHeaderMergeVORowImpl poHeaderVoRow =
    if (delToLoc != null && !"".equals(delToLoc)) {   
    // poHeaderVoRow.setShipToLocation(delToLoc);
    OAMessageLovInputBean msb = (OAMessageLovInputBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("DefaultShipToLocation");
    msb.setValue(pageContext,delToLoc );
    Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Cristoph,
                      We tried all the way but could not able assign characteristics value before saving the document. it means we can only see the assigned value using transaction CV02N. but our requirement is to check if the user fills any value into characteristics it should check with default value which we would like to assign whenever we create a new part of the document which we are not able to achieve.we tried a lot but could not succeed.
    Nay idea if we can achieve this....
    Bhuwan Tiwari

  • How to set default values on the screen painter parameters?

    Hello ABAP Gurus,
    I would just want to ask how to set default values on the screen painter parameters.
    Thank you for your replies.

    To set default values for screen painter parameters initialize the field names with default values in the PBO module....
    say u have the field name as f_field1....
    in the PBO of that screen initialize it....
    f_field1 = '100'  "here 100 is the default value.
    <b>reward points if useful.</b>
    Vinod Samuel.

  • How to set default value of a table using sequence number

    Dear all,
    Does any body know that how to set default value of a table
    using sequence number.
    But I don't want to use trigger to do that.
    Please help!!!!

    Andrew is essentially correct. You can get around the trigger,
    but not the sequence, if (and this may be a very big if) you can
    guarantee that every time an insert is done into the table, from
    whatever source, the statement looks something like
    INSERT INTO tbl VALUES (sequence.nextval,other_columns_values)

  • How to set default value and bg color of cross tab cell?

    Hi all
    Which way can I set default value and background color for a crosstab cell where there are no any data?
    I try to pass it in following way
    if isnull(CurrentFieldValue) then
    But is has no effect.

    If your field is numeric
    if currentfieldvalue =0 then cryellow else crnocolor
    if the field is numeric but you don't see the 0 check check if : Suppress if zero is ticked in the Number format tab.

  • How to set default User preferences in Analyzer for all users

    How to set default User preferences in Analyzer for all users<BR><BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I would like to set some settings in Analyzer as default for all users. For example:<BR>1. Display | Char<BR>2. right mouse click on char | Chart Properties<BR>3. Axes tab<BR>4. "Format: Currency" i would like to change to "Format: Number".<BR><BR>How to set default values to all users? Is this possible?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Grofaty

    I'm pretty sure higher access superceedes, so you could set up a group with no actual access, just to get the preferences working, then their individual security will dictate what they can do. I haven't tested this fully, but I beleive this is how it will work.<BR>As far as setting the preferences, go into the admin console and right click on the group, then select Preferences. To apply the group preferences to a user, add the user to the group, then right click on the user, select preferences and from the upper left corner, use the drop down to select the active preference, in this case, it will be the group you created and added them to.<BR><BR>HTH

  • Setting Default Values in Search Criteria for COSTCENTER

    Hi ALL,
    I need Help for setting default values in search criteria for COST CENTER.
    Basically the issue is when creating a Shopping Cart, i need to assign a COST CENTER at Item level under COST ASSIGNMENT Tab.
    While searching the cost center i need to default the following fields in my search criteria based on the Login User :
    1. Controlling Area,
    2. Language Key.
    Please suggest some solution.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi Vani,
    Sorry for the delay reply and Thanks a Lot for your timely support......I would like confirm once again is the name of the BADI is <b>bbp_f4_read_on_exit</b> or <b>bbp_f4_read_on_entry</b>. In this BADI i've not found a method to default Controlling Area. Can you please suggest me which method i can use.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to set the Mail and Fax options  for the Smartforms ???

    How to set the Mail and Fax options  for the Smartforms ??? Please reply me very soon. Its a life deciding question now for me. Please .

    veera Karthik wrote:
    > How to set the Mail and Fax options  for the Smartforms ??? Please reply me very soon. Its a life deciding question now for me. Please .
    Check this Link:
    P.S: Never say reply me soon....people answer you here voluntarily and as everyone has their own desk to manage...sp replies may late or early..depending upon the availabality of the members.

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