How to set number field in decimal 3 place

Dear All,
i m using Microsoft project professional 2013. i have assign the the task to 1 user, who is daily basis fill the data in 
in project plan, i have a problem the the actual date like that for example : 12.123, 234.456, 0.123,0.199.
All value are after decimal in 3 place but when i enter these value it is automatically round off decimal point 2 digit, which is not correct for us, because in
sub total the value have change due to round off the value.
any one can suggest the value should be shown in decimal 3 place don't round off. the field type is number.

Hi Ali,
Unfortunately you cannot change this behavior. This is by design that Project rounds with 2 decimals.
In addition, I'd like to challenge you on this: is it relevant and manageable to enter 0,123 hrs of actual work which is 7,38 minutes.
Hope this helps,
Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, P-Seller |

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    take a look at this:
        In the view, not all of the mandatory fields were included as key
        fields. The key of the view therefore is not unique.
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    If you have database 10g, look into function REGEXP_REPLACE. Otherwise you can also try this (you might already know).
    SELECT SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001', 1,2)||'-'||SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001' ,3,2)||'-'||
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    If you have to use this at many places, create a function, pass the raw value, manipulate the string and return.

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    Go to OB26
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    with regards
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    on debugging the GET_I method, i see that rv_disabled = 'TRUE' and the current = collection_wrapper->get_current( ) is returning empty value .
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    IF current->is_property_readonly(
    'NICKNAME' ) = abap_false. "#EC NOTEXT
    rv_disabled = 'FALSE'.
    when i check for other search fields of context node 'SEARCHEMPLOYEE' , all the fields are set to rv_disabled = 'FALSE'.
    can anyone suggest how to approch this. iam i missing any binding between context nodes or any activations ?
    The field properties are set as Input field and the display checkbox is not checked.

  • Round a number to 2 decimal places

    I have a computed value that returns 10 plus digits after the decimal place, exampe: 2.2482352941176.
    What is the easiest way to edit this value in TestStand to return a number that is rounded up to 2 decimal places (2.25)?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Go to Solution.

    One way to do this is to use the TestStand functions Str and Val.  The %.2f rounds the number to 2 decimal places.
    Val(Str(Locals.MyValue, "%.2f"))


    Dear all,
    I am facing a problem in displaying amount field  in alv report. I have two currency keys (US dollar and Japan yen). if it is japan yen I should not have to show decimal places and if it is US dollar I should show decimal places.
    How can I do it in a alv report if I have only one output amount field?

    Hi chittaramjan,
    1. use this kind of funda (just copy paste in new program)
    Important things
    a) one extra field in internal table
      declared in the same exact fashion
    waers LIKE tcurc-waers,
    b) Populate this field
    c) REST THE System will take care
       (based upon country settings)
    REPORT abc.
    TYPE-POOLS : slis.
    DATA : alvfc TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv.
    DATA  : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0,
            f1  LIKE P0008-BET01,
            waers LIKE tcurc-waers,
            END OF itab.
      itab-f1 = '-4.15'.
      itab-waers = 'KRW'.
      APPEND itab.
      itab-f1 = '4.68'.
      itab-waers = 'GBP'.
      APPEND itab.
          i_program_name     = sy-repid
          i_internal_tabname = 'ITAB'
          i_inclname         = sy-repid
          ct_fieldcat        = alvfc.
          i_callback_program      = sy-repid
          it_fieldcat             = alvfc
          t_outtab                = itab
          OTHERS                  = 2.
    amit m

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    Guys, I have the xcelsius 2008 and can not make it work chart with values % and 2 decimal places. Already set up everything that I know the spreadsheet and graphics.
    Someone knows what can I do?
    Thanks Anderson - Sao Paulo - Brazil.

    Hi Anderson,
    To get values in % and upto two decimal, follow the below steps:
    Go to Chart properties-> Appearences Tab-> Text tab.
    Select the "Vertical Axis Labels" and go to the Number format present below in the window.
    Change the format to "Percentage" and set decimal places to "2".
    This should work.
    Please revert incase you have any queries.
    Amit Mathur.

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    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Karthik,
    We don't set user specific layout. I am afraid there is some authorization code set in the program and it determine ALV activities on different user. Are there possibility of it in ALV?
    However thanks alot for your suggestion.

  • Rounding a number upto two decimal places.

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    My question is regarding the rounding of a number in such a way that answer that we get after the rouning comes upto two decimal places,no matter how small or the large the number before rounding was.
    Somebody please help me.

    use BigDecimal class in java.math package.
    here is some code how to do it ..
    BigDecimal bd = new BigDecimal(your number here);
    hope this helps ...

  • How do you increase or decrease decimal places

    Does anyone know how to increase or decrease the number of decimal places in Numbers?

    select the cell(s) then use the cell formatter to adjust the displayed number of digits.  To open the formatter click the "Format" button in the top right corner.
    Here is a number where the formatting is automatic:
    Here is requested 2 significant digits:

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    when customer number is entered in account identification, if there is no matching account, a new one is created. While creating , in the screen there is an country field and I want to set this field to a fixed value of our country. How can I do this??

    Hi everybody,
    I got a simple question. Can I use BADI: BADI_CRM_BP_UIU_DEFAULTS of Enhancement Spot CRM_UIU_BP_ENHANCEMENT
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    Component ICCMP_BP_DETAIL is Interaction Center.
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    Best Regards
    Edited by: Oliver Schultze on Dec 9, 2010 4:33 PM

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    Hi Dharmendra Ojha,
    Essbase rule file does not constrain you with only 20 fileds.
    When you click on 'create a rule file', by default it ll show you 20 fileds .But , when you open a data file ( in your case , you data file has 30 columns i.e 30 fields) in the data prep editor , you ll see all 30 fileds .
    So ,you have to do nothing to increase the filed count , rule file will automatically show all fields .
    Revert back for further clarity
    Sandeep Reddy Enti

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    thank you.

    this is to inform you that,
    in SAP there is no such a provision.
    in LSMW there is an option of CONSTANT VALUES.
    check in SHD0 - also
    please check and confirm

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    Actually these user defind fields are used/assigned in the routing.
    Initially u have to define your own user defind profile through OPEC transaction.
    Assign this profile in the routing.
    So when ur executing Mfg activities, suppose if ur using some high materials like silver...etc.
    Then after executing the particular operation some amount of silver chips or silver scrap will generated .
    To keep chip/scrap qty operation and date which user defind is used.
    Once u have assigned this profile to routing, then it will be automatically copied in the planned order/production order.when ur confirming the order then u have to enter the all related data.

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