How to set password in obiee delivery content reports (pdf format)

Dear All
i Need your help on the Obiee !
i hvae one Requirement how to set password in obiee delivery content (pdf format) its possible. what are the things i to do
Kindly Advice me
Advance Thanks

933154 wrote: My profile says PDF, config, report, settings says PDF and I get an Excel when I run screening reports. Very odd.You may want to make sure that the file where the system setting gets stored can be updated. In your <Intradoc_Dir>\urm\data\reportpublisher\config\config.hda file, there is a result set named "RPAdminConfigInfo". The third column of that result set should match the value being shown on the configuration settings page. I've changed the format value in the UI, and this file gets updated (and thus I'm getting my screening reports in the format specified in this config file.)
933154 wrote: Also, I wasn't clear on the second part of the question. The Screening Reports appear to use the template INTERNALITEMDETAILRPTTEMPLATE. Is that configuration set somewhere? Is there any way to have the screening reports use a different template or is changing that template the only way to change the screening report layout?Templates are not configurable in that respect - the template name values being called for a service are hardwired in the code (you'd need to override in a component - just not worth the hassle). I'd either edit the existing rtf file, or just check in a new revision to the existing one if the differences are that profound. You'd still need to conform to the BI Publisher standards/methodology in either case.

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    Check Note: 189367.1 - Best Practices for Securing the E-Business Suite

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         stmnt = c.createStatement();
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                   rs = stmnt.executeQuery(query);
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    (Remark: Invalid SQL statement)
    java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] �����I SQL ���q���G�a����'DELETE'�A'INSERT'�A'PROCEDURE'�A'SELECT' �� 'UPDATE' �B
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         at sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbc.standardError(
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    It is solved now. Go to Layout Model -> Main Section, Press F4. In the property pallet select the Orientation that is required to be selected when print is taken for that report.

  • How to set different header for different Standard report page

    How to set different header for different Standard report page

    A easy answer would be use the 'set report header' but maybe you are talking about something else ?

  • How to set multiple operating units in before report trigger

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    as we set single operating unit (mo_global.set_policy.context('S',81); as 81 is my operating unit).then who to set for multiple operating unit at run time.

    Sounds like eBusiness Suite, right? Better ask this in the appropriate forum.

  • Transfer ITAB contents to PDF format

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    (Note: my output in Z-report1 is in classical format and year wise but in output it contain all 12 moths data so i want to generate new PDF file for each month separately if i run this report in background then it will generate only one spool request for all 12 months)
    1) Z- report through which iam transferring ITAB comtents to memory ID.
    2) then through SUBMIT iam calling new Z-report1.
    3) then iam importing ITAB content to Z-report1.
    4) Now to get the Spool no i want to execute Z-report1 in background (automatically it should run in background because iam calling Z-report1 in Z-report).
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    Please help.
    Thanks .

    You can submit a program via job. Check the F1 help on submit button.
    I'm doing something similar :
    Here is the code snippet for submitting the program and getting the spool request.
      SUBMIT (gwa_rkb1d-rname) TO SAP-SPOOL COVER TEXT t_stamp
        INTO t_tsp01
        FROM tsp01
        WHERE rqfinal   IN ('.','X')
        AND   rqclient  = sy-mandt
        AND   rqowner   = sy-uname
        AND   rqtitle   = t_stamp.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
            rqident              = t_tsp01-rqident
            buffer               = buffer
            no_such_job          = 1
            not_abap_list        = 2
            job_contains_no_data = 3
            selection_empty      = 4
            no_permission        = 5
            can_not_access       = 6
            read_error           = 7
            OTHERS               = 8.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
          WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    Also Job_open, job_submit and Job_close functions can be used.

  • Opening content in PDF format on 3120 classic?

    Is it possible to open contents in PDF format on 3120 classic?
    Which app is suitable?
    nokia 3120 classic, fw V 10.00 06-03-09, RM365

    I think it is normal for books to take longer when they include multiple big size reports. I had a similar problem at a client. We ended up not including all the reports in one book and create several books instead. In another situation, we scheduled batches and the books ran automatically. This way, the users just received an email with the whole book in one pdf instead of running it on an ad-hoc basis and wait for the outcome.
    Hope this helps.

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