How to set preferred audio output device on macbook pro mavericks

I've got a pair of Harman Kardon bluetooth soundsticks that I use as my living room speakers. Some time ago, I connected my macbook pro to them via bluetooth, and now whenever I restart my macbook or move it away from the apartment and then move it back, it automatically finds the soundsticks, connects to it via bluetooth, and sets it as the default sound output device.
I would like the soundsticks to remain connected whenever they're within range, but I want my macbook's internal speakers to be the default sound output even if the soundsticks are connected. I can't seem to set output device preferences in the sound preferences panel.
- will

I dont have a solution, but there is a thread on this topic already.

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  • How to set up the output device in output determinatin with customer master

    I am doing the output determination using customer master and not conditions technique.  Can anybody please let me know how to set up the output device . I have done the following:
    1)  assigned output determination procedure DB00001 to acct group 0001
    2)  added output type BA00 to customer master documents tab with print as the medium.
    3)  On creating a sales order and changing it its giving the message
    BA00     515     No printer defined for output BA00
    Please provide me with some suggestions , how to resolve this issue.

    1. tcode V/30 -> check BA00 type -> goto  "print" tab -> what's set in the "print param." field?
    2. IMG ->SD -> basic functions -> output control -> define print parameters -> V1 output -> for BA00 output type -> Assign a default printer. This is related with the "print param." set in step 1.
    For example: if "print parame." is set to '1' in V/30, then the default printer is assigned to sales organization.
    You can check F4 search help on the "print param." field (in V/30) to see what options you have.
    If you want to specify printer by customer account, you may need to use userexit.
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  • How to set correct audio output while using external screen for presentation purposes over a wire

    while trying to make a presentation or simply playing a video from my MacBookAir over thunderbolt/HDMI table to large screen I am experiencing problems with audio only being played from the MBA and not the soundsystem built in to that screen (unless using a VLS application and manually selecting the audio output target).
    Please help in finding how to steer audio output device  using 2in1 cable such as thunderbolt?

    Hi jar9,
    If you are not hearing audio over your HDMI/Thunderbolt connection, you may want to see if it is showing up as a selectable audio output as outlined in the following article:
    OS X Mavericks: If you can’t hear sound from your speakers
    - Brenden

  • How to set a default output device for FAX outputs

    Hi Experts,
    Business requires to set a default output device for fax outputs ( Medium as 2 Fax medium ).
    as fas as print output ( medium as 1 print medium ) is considered we can maintain output device in condition record--> communication
    I tried maintaining output device in VP01 for my condition type based on sales org but it did not worked.
    Can you please suggest ways to achieve default output device for fax outputs.

    Well, obvious solution would be to either update user profiles or change the output from 'process immediately' to 'process by a background job'. Then create a generic user ID with any fax number desired and use that user ID to process the output through the background job.
    This is not really an SD question, so if this simple option doesn't work for you, I'd suggest to discuss other custom solution with your ABAP / Basis team.

  • IPhone Audio Output vs. MacBook Pro

    I've been the owner of the Apple In-Ear Headphones for a while now, and have experienced an improvement in the sound quality between the in-ear and standard iPhone headphones.
    However, I've recently been using the same in-ear headphones with my MacBook Pro, and noticed a significant difference in the quality, depth, and volume of the sound. When playing the same songs on my MBP, the headphones are capable of much louder volumes, much clearer audio, and are much bassier than when using my iPhone 3G S, yet the audio tracks are identical.
    Is there any specific reason why my iPhone isn't capable of matching up to the quality of my MBP?
    Many thanks

    I wanted to chime in after my latest show-down between my iPhone 5 vs. iPad 3 vs. MacBook Pro 2010.  My medium of choice is vinyl for hi-fi listening, but otherwise I prefer Spotify @ 320kbits.
    I plugged them into my hi-fi system: rega brio-r amp, wharfedale diamond 10.1 speakers, standard [decent quality] 3.5mm to RCA cord to plug in each device.  No DAC in my setup. No cable splitting-- all directly plugged in.
    I used the latest Arcade Fire album, Reflektor, 320kbits from Spotify.  I think the album has enough dynamic range to make it a good test subject.  I started the test on track 2, that song in particular having a lot of dynamism.
    The breakdown:
    Iphone5 and iPad3 both sounded identical.  Everything sounded good on first pass until I plugged in the MacBook Pro.  The MacBook revealed an enormous difference in better audio quality!  The MacBook output crystal clear highs and the lows also had a "thump" that the iPhone/ipad did not have.  That difference right there showed that the MacBook is simply capable of handling a higher spectrum of sound.  With a higher spectrum, and the ability to differentiate the highs, mids, and lows helped give the sound much more dimension.
    Bottom line:
    I wish I could turn back the clock on all those hours I spent listening to my iPhone.  Without a doubt, the MacBook Pro has a much higher quality audio output.  I think this is attributed to the fact that the MacBook actually has a SOUNDCARD while the iPhone/ipad both have like integrated circuit boards.  It's the dedicated soundcard on the MacBook that gives it its advantage. 
    To break it down to hi-fi thinking, when a stereo has separate modular components that are dedicated to doing 1 thing well, there is a better opportunity for higher quality sound.  That would be in comparison to an "all-in-one" unit that crams a lot of electronics into a single "stereo" system.  Generally, the overall quality of the "all-in-one" will be hampered by what are basically the limitations of engineering and production; each new component/feature they cram on the same circuit board compromises the overall integrity of the whole.  What I'm trying to say is that the MacBook is more like a modular setup with dedicated components, and the iPhone/ipad are the "all-in-one".

  • Audio output switches randomly (MacBook Pro 13" 2010)

    I have recently bought my MacBook Pro. It works really good but unfortunately, there is a problem. When I'm listening to my music with my headphones (Koss Porta Pro), after about 20 minutes of listening, the sound keeps turning off and on. I found out that when this happens, the audio output randomly changes from Headphones to Digital output. When it switches, the sound is muted for a while. Really don't know how come is that. Could you please help me?
    Thanks for Your answers.

    .....and then I blew into the headphone socket. Instant success with sound restored. I can only assume that some dust particle was in some way mechanically interfering with a switch?
    Moral.. check the obvious, easiest and cheapest possibilities.

  • How do I connect multiple bluetooth devices to macbook pro

    I would like to connect bluetooth headset(Bose), my Magic mouse together to my macbook pro. 
    Also, If possible, I would like to use bluetooh headset and wired headset at the same time.
    Is it possible, if yes, could some one guide me.

    Multiple Bluetooth devices may be connected to your computer at the same time.
    Set up differs from device to device. The Bluetooth set up assistant should find new devices when they are turned on and in range of your computer.

  • How can I make audio play through my Macbook Pro while my Apple TV is on

    My Macbook Pro has now defaulted to my Apple TV as its source of audio while on the same network. If I attempt to switch it to internal speakers by clicking option and the volume button, it will not stay changed to internal speakers. This would be ok, except the audio comes out as very choppy from the apple tv as well. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to play audio through my macbook again?

    appletv can access compatible media from a running computers shared itunes lib
    you can't sync movies to the appletv as it only have storage for cache

  • How to set column headers in Mail on MacBook Pro?

    In Mail on my MacBook Pro I have a number of columns set as a default view in Mail - To, Subject, Date etc
    I want to add Mailbox (as I have more than one mail account) as a default header.
    When I right click on the header bar and add it, it works but next time I log on it's gone again.
    How do I add Mailbox as a column permanently?

    Can anybody help me with this?
    I anticipated it would be quite a straight forward issue.
    I presume I've posted it on the right forum but please advise if not.

  • How To open FLV audio files on my MacBook Pro

    How do i open FLV audio or video files on My MacBook Pro
    I run on My Macbook Pro OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.2
    kind regards and Thank you
    Solomon Tesfaye
    System Version: OS X

    Video Player - VLC

  • How Do I Transmit Audio from My 2008 MacBook Pro to My 2011 Samsung HDTV?

    I'm trying to transmit audio from my 2008 late model MacBook Pro to my 2011 Samsung HDTV.  My MacBook's Model Identifier is MacBook Pro 4,1 (ancient, I know).  I purchased this DVI to HDMI cable which does a beautiful job of transmitting the video to my HDTV, but no audio (as advertised):   HELP!!
    Thanks very much.

    I figured it out!  I plugged in my 3.5MM auxillary cable I use to plug my iPhone into car stereo jacks from the headphones port on my MPB to the "PC/DVI Audio In" on the back of my Samsung HDTV and voila! It worked! No additional cables (other than these two). No upgrading OS.  Yay!   
    Here's the auxillary cable: ie=UTF8&qid=1330576344&sr=8-1
    This looks like a great workaround to the MPB to HDTV audio problem!  Hopefully my geek status is still intact.  W00T!
    When in doubt, try all the cables you have in all the different ports.  AV hasn't changed much over the years and you can often rig things to work with what you already have.  Yay for keeping cables out of landfills and repurposing! 

  • The iCloud id on my iPhone does not change to the new one set up with iCloud on my MacBook Pro Maverick

    I have recently upgraded to Mavericks and bought an iPhone 5s. Initially I used the id already registered with Apple but changed it after a few days having used it on both my phone and MacBook Pro. Once I changed my id on the website, my MacBook Pro is fine but my phone has not synched the new id although any changes I make to Calendar, Notes, Contacts, etc do synch between them - puzzling. How can I change the id on my phone - in Settings it does not appear to be possible.
    I am on OS 10.9.2 & iOS 7.1
    Many thanks for your help.

    Go to website.
    Change it back.
    You will have 2 minutes to delete iCloud from iPhone.
    Change it to new one on website and verify.
    Sign in new one on the phone.

  • How to enable the audio output devices

    Dell vostro 1015 model
    while checking the audio device setup, i have unfortunately disabled the speaker and headphone devices.
    Now i am not getting any information in that dialog box.
    pls guide me fix the issue.

    while checking the audio device setup, i have unfortunately disabled the speaker and headphone devices.
    Hello. You could try using Windows System Restore to undo the changes you made, but probably you will have to download and install a fresh copy of your Conexant audio driver from the Vostro 1015 support page.
    Be sure to first select your operating system using the small blue Change OS button, then expand the Audio category and get the driver.
    If you need more help please include the name of your operating system in your reply.

  • [SOLVED]How to set default audio playback device?

    I have an X-fi forte soundcard that doesn't work on linux, so I'm just gonna use the onboard realtek chip, but I get no sound from that either unless I physically remove the X-fi card.
    I use the X-fi when I boot into windows though, so I'd like to keep it...
    How do I change the default playback device?
    I didn't find anything that worked in the wiki or with google.
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    oh wait... I just spotted this in the wiki guide, a little too late
    NB: Some modules do not support indexing options eg. snd-hda-intel. If you experience problems on reboot edit /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf to just have the modules.
    what does that mean "edit /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf to just have the modules.".... what modules? :S
    should I just remove "index=0" from the line?
    Edit: yes I should. It's working
    Thx man
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  • How to set up multiple monitors on a MacBook Pro

    Does anyone know how I might be able to set up more than one monitor to my MBP?
    Is there a splitter available, or some other means of connecting additional monitors? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    still the best solution although pricey
    There are some USB-connected graphics expansions avaiable for Mac, but IMHO these are still not up to the task speedwise.

Maybe you are looking for