How To Set Third Party Media App Is Default When Launched From Default File Manager

I use rock media player, which can encode & decode The Video and audio files i use, unlike the phone i have, i don't receive the option to set the app as the default media player. I would really like to be able to use this app on the thrive as it is some much a better media player than the thrives defaulty app. Rock player is the name of the app, who do set it as the default player when launched from the default file manager.

From my experience playing with the Thrive, when you attempt to watch a media file, it will open a menu asking you what application to use. From that popup, you can set a default.
- Peter

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  • HT4085 are third party media apps (youtube, grooveshark, etc.) grouped in the muted or unmuted category?  Since music and podcast (default apps) DO mute and games DON'T mute I thought it worth asking.

    are third party media apps (youtube, grooveshark, etc.) grouped in the muted or unmuted category?  Since music and podcast (default apps) DO mute and games DON'T mute I thought it worth asking.

    It shows Peter's doing its jobs properly.
    Anyway there is no more communication from Sony since awihle. If you can have any news.
    Anyway good job Zero!

  • App aliases beep when launched from Dock

    Recently, my rMBP has started beeping (System Alert) when I launch apps that are aliases from the Dock.  If I just put the app in the Dock, no alert when launching it.  But if I make an alias of an app (say, for a collection of apps, like the Adobe Suite, or Internet related apps) in a folder, and drag the folder to the Dock so that I can launch any of the apps in that collection, the app will launch, but I get the beep/System Alert.  For the life of me I can't figure out why, and it only recently started doing this in the last month or so...was fine before.  I can't figure out why, and haven't had any luck Googling the issue.  Has anyone had this happen to them before, or have an idea what could be causing it?

    From my experience playing with the Thrive, when you attempt to watch a media file, it will open a menu asking you what application to use. From that popup, you can set a default.
    - Peter

  • Media Encoder goes away when launched from Prem-3.2 CS3 (help !)

    Need help fixing Adobe Media Encoder - Dies after launching from Pre-Pro cs3 v 3.2 Vista Platform.
    Very short clip. Just goes away.. no messages. I've gave it time to "soak"... 15 minutes - source clip is only minutes long.
    The only way to recover Premere is to kill VIA task manager and re-start.
    I've reinstalled CS3 master collection from scratch - all Adobe products have all the latest patches/updates applied.
    I've appiled the latest Vista Updates and the OS is current.
    I HAVE to fix this any idea's what going on here ?
    PLEASE PLEASE help.. and let me thank you in advance for your efforts.

    Welcome to the forum. While it might not yield even a clue, their might be a bit of a "trail" on the crashing of AME. Take a look at this ARTICLE, and see if you can locate any useful clue.
    Good luck,

  • HT2693 How come a third party badoo where allowed to take money from My account

    I have noticed that any interactive app has taken money or is trying to with out my knowledge since
    I have opened an a account with them and did not know that they made any auto subscription And
    Wasn't my intention to do so and do not wish to make any further payment to them.

    If you mean that you are getting a message to contact iTunes Support then you can do so via this link and ask them for help : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption
    But as far as I know debit cards are no longer accepted as a valid payment method - they are not listed on this page and there have been a number of posts recently about them being declined

  • How to set the current row in table automatically when tabout from one row to next row

    I'm using jdev
    How can we set the  row(in which row focus is)  as current row in the table?
    If we create a table with single row selection, then whichever row we select, that row becomes current row because of the selection listener(#{bindings.xxvo.collectionModel.makeCurrent}).
    Then if we do tabout from one component to another component in table and moved to next row, then the focus would be on another row .
    when focus is shifted from one row to another row, then how can we make the focused row as current row or selected row.
    Any suggestion would we appreciated

    Add clientListener inside table component and set client listener type to dblClick with method as a JavaScript method name.
    <af:clientListener method="dblclk" type="dblClick"/>

  • HT4623 How to stop third party apps download with out you permission from ATT partners that cant see any connections on your account due to you not being the prchaser?

    How to stop third party apps download with out you permission from ATT partners that cant see any connections on your account due to you not being the purchaser or on account as long as someone else is paying they can not hold legal resposible there third privacy  due to legal privacy laws.

    Then you should read these.
    This was strange but has to do with how startup disk and nvram interact
    I think your problems were solvable and not that the Sonnet card and 5,1 is not bootable, in fact the 5,1 is easier, there are more supported cards.
    I have the 1,1 where the Sonnet Pro is recommended but for data only and are not bootable because of the 32-bit EFI firmware. NOT the 4,1 and 5,1. The 2008's are problem child and have a mix of PCIe 1.1 slots, first implementation of EFI64 that also has problems. Also the 4,1 has two PCIe 2.x slots 3 and 4 that share a controller but that simply limits bandwidth.
    I would have left the TRIM support and NVRAM changes in Yosemite to a separate thread if you wanted to focus on the Sonnet Tempo Pro support in Mac Pro 2010-12 5,1s.
    Also the make of SSD can vary and they also have their own firmware as do bootable controllers along with the EFI of the Mac, all of which have to work together.  Meaning it might be that Samsung 840 va 840 EVO vs 840 Pro will all be slightly different but my experience is Samsungs work well (as do others like Crucial with the proper firmware - and there was/is an issue with the firmware of the Samsung 840 but not with booting).
    The PCIe card gets seen and treated as external and therefore 'eject' but of course you can't when it is the system boot drive.
    One thing I found last week and meant to mention:  After installing or changing PCIe cards, RESET SMC made all the difference in the world with the long boot delay. Some PCIe cards will add a few seconds, system has to search the device tree which now shows another controller with multiple devices - and sometimes NVRAM and SMC are what I will call "dirty" and need to be rebuilt and reset.

  • Third Party media inisde apps.

    How does Flipboard integrate third party media into their application without violating copyrights, trademarks, or infringing on others property?
    Besides getting permission from the network entity.

    Like most news or website aggregators, it is basically an overblown web browser. AS long as the site origin is visible or stated, no copyright laws are broken. It is no different than using an RSS feed.

  • Audio Output Selection in 3rd Party Media Apps

    In all 3rd party media apps that I have, including Netflix and Pandora, among others, I do not have that box/arrow button that allows me to choose which audio output to use.
    I normally have my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) connected to a pico projector, and paired with a set of bluetooth headphones.
    Depending on the order I plug the projector in, or pair the headphones, I can get the audio to play through the right channel, but it is very finicky. If there are any interruptions (call, text, ect) or if Ieave the app, and come back, it defaults to the serial connection, and tries to play the audio through the project.
    Is the lack of the audio channel selection button on the iOS side or the app side?

    You should be able to reset the default app in application settings, then it'll ask again, but I don't remember how >_>

  •​exception error on third party twitter app

    Device info
    My carrier:
    Blackberry 9360
    7.0 Bundle 1555 (v7.0.0.319, platform
    3G Bands 1,2,5,6
    Cryptographic kernel v3.8.7.0
    Branding version:
    Apps and free space
    Ubersocial (third-party twitter app) free memory : 105682514 Bytes (Yes, a battery pull solved the problem, but its keeps coming back)
    App: Ubersocial for Twitter
    Vendor:UberMedia, Inc
    Version: 1.252
     I just bought my Blackberry Curve 9360. I'm currently using the data plan offered by Starhub. I am not using the blackberry internet service or their data plan. Ubersocial worked perfectly fine with wifi, however when i'm outside and i use data to run the application, after a few hours of using the app, the error pops up. i tried allowing permissions an also tried changing the network setting for the app, but it still doesn't work. the app only starts working again only after i do a battery pull.
    Is there a particular setting i need to change in order for the Ubersocial app to run smoothly? Because currently this is giving me lots of problems as i would have to keep pulling the battery whenever the app stops working.

    Hence my question, which you haven't answered. Are you sure the files weren't corrupted in transfer? How did you do that? There are lots of ways to corrupt them, e.g. FTP in ASCII mode, Java with Readers and Writers, ... Also what JREs are running in the WIndows and Linux environments?

  • Allow desktop interaction within Azure Cloud Service with third-party desktop app (automated via code)

    I am developing a wrapper service as Worker Role which will take request from Service Bus and automate a third-party desktop app to produce an output file and then upload result back to our web server.  The automation is accomplished with the app's
    built-in .Net remoting based API.  This all works on my local development machine.  I am using code as below to start the desktop app.  In Azure:
    If I am not logged on to RDP and run the app as SYSTEM (or whatever the default WorkerRole account is), it waits forever for the MainWindowHandle.
    if I start the app manually in the RDP and try to get a reference to the running process (again as SYSTEM), I get Access Denied from WaitForInputIdle.
    if I start the app from code as the RDP user (ProcessStartInfo assign user/pass), I get InvalidOperationException - the app might not have a graphical interface from the WaitForInputIdle.
    Could anyone suggest the proper strategy for starting processes in a Worker Role that must create a window?
    For reference, I only care about the window to the extent that I need to make sure it's there.  All other interaction with the process is via the .Net Remoting API.
    private void GetOrStartThirdPartApp()
    _process = Process.GetProcessesByName("ThirdPartApp").FirstOrDefault();
    if (_process == null)
    _process = new Process();
    _process.StartInfo.Arguments = string.Format(@"-I ""{0}""", config.GetSetting("RolePath"));
    _process.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = config.GetSetting("WorkingFolder");
    _process.StartInfo.FileName = config.GetSetting("ExecutablePath");
    _process.StartInfo.LoadUserProfile = true;
    _process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
    if (config.GetSettingAsBoolean("StartThirdPartAppWithRunAs", false))
    _process.StartInfo.UserName = "user";
    var password = new SecureString();
    foreach (var c in "thepassword".ToCharArray())
    _process.StartInfo.Password = password;
    while (_process.MainWindowHandle == IntPtr.Zero) Thread.Sleep(50);
    _process.Exited += _process_Exited;

    I'd keep the app with the UI and the queue reader in the same process and account - not a worker role.  On start up you launch the desktop application and the queue reader in the same account, one after another.
    From what I've experienced, two users don't have the same
    Window Stations, so you can't pass a window handle in a different logged-in account across that boundary.  Read the Window Station documentation - you may find something that helps.
    You could use other techniques like sockets to communicate cross-process and cross-window station, too.
    Darin R.

  • How to use  third party package in java application

    hi, i am a student , new to java world can any of u tell me how to import third party package in our java application.
    i want to know how CLI is done in java.
    i am going thru this link
    not able to get anything.
    please please help me

    There are two steps -
    1. Import the classes you need from the package(s) using the Java import statement in your classes that need access to them.
    2. include the 3rd part code (one or more .jar files and/or root directories holding the code's package tree and .class files) to your javac and java class path and optionaly to the class path found in your .jar's manifest file.

  • How to use Third Party DLL in Adobe Illustrator Plug In

    Hi Everyone,
    I want to design plug-in for Adobe illustrator CS6(64 bit). As first step I am referring sample plug ins from ../SDK/SampleCode. I am not getting how to use third party DLL in plug in.
    Please let me know how to refer C# DLL in illustrator plug in.
    Thanks in advance.

    There's no C# API for the Illustrator SDK, so your plugin must be C++ at the very least. That said, you can probably write a bridge if you need to call out to a C# library/DLL.

  • How to make third party cables work on iphone?

    I have been using the original Apple charger cable that came with my phone (iPhone 5C) for a good year, but then it broke. So I bought this non-Apple cable because I didn't really wanna spend a lot of money for an original one. I have already charged my phone with third-party cables before, so I thought it would work. The first time I used the non-Apple cord, there were minor difficulties because I had to plug and un-plug it several times before it actually charged. 2 days later, I plugged an original cable (which was my sister's) to charge my iPhone. Obviously, it worked. But later on, when I went to charge my iPhone with the non-Apple cable, a message popped up (This accessory may not be supported). I dismissed it, thinking it would still charge. No such luck. I tried to unplug and plug it, but still, it won't charge. Now, I have to charge through my laptop. Can anyone tell me how to make third-party cables work? I don't really wanna bring my laptop everytime I charge. I'm planning to only use this cable until I get my hands on an original one. Please help.

    Are you seeing the EE (or T-Mobile) network name and network bars in the top right hand corner of the screen?  Turn off WiFi (Settings>WiFi - turn this off).  Is there anything next to the network name in the top right hand corner (3G, E or o)?  E is Edge and o = GPRS.
    If there's nothing next to the network name, turn off the iPhone and then turn it back on.  To do this, press and hold down the button on the top until you see the 'Slide to Power Off' message.  Slide and then wait for the iPhone to shut down.  To turn it back on again, press and hold the top button again unti lkthe Apple logo shows on the screen.
    EE and signal bars top left = Yes
    Turned off Wifi and next to the EE is 'o' which you say is GPRS? What does that mean please??
    Got this reply from another forum but still no success???

  • How to configure third party order ?

    how to configure third party order ? and how the business know that the customer has received the goods so that invoice to be raised?

    hi shoban,
    Third party order processing is as follows:
    Assume three companies X, Y and Z
    X - The company,
    y - The customer
    Z - Vendor
    When ever X gets a PO from Y to supply some goods, X has an option of either manufacturing those goods or procuring those goods.
    If he is procuring the goods, there are two methods that are generally followed:
    Method 1) After receiving the PO from Y, X creates a sales order against Y.
    Now at the same time he also creates a PO to a vendor Z to produce the goods
    Z produces the goods and supplies to X
    X receives the goods from Z
    Then X delivers the same goods to Y.
    After that X invoices Y and Z invoices X.
    Note : Here there is no direct/ Indirect relation between Z and Y.
    This process is known as Trading Process. and the Material here is created  with Material type HAWA.
    The other method is a Third party order processing method:
    Here the glaring difference is that instead of Z supplying the material to X and X in turn supplying the same material to Y.
    X authorizes Z to supply the material to Y on his behalf and notify him once the delivery is complete.
    Now Z supplies the material to Y and acknowledges the same to X.
    Z  will send a copy of delivery acknowledgement and invoice to X.
    After receiving the delivery confirmation and invoice from Z, X has to verify the invoice and this process is known as invoice verification and is done in SAP through Tcode MIRO.
    The next step for X  is to create an invoice and submit to Y
    Only after the invoice verification document is posted  then only X can create an invoice for Y.
    This is the business flow that is followed for third party order configuration.
    There are few steps that have to be configured to enable the system to function as mentioned above.
    If you are always followwing a third party process for a material then you have to create the material using item category group BANS.
    The procument type should be marked as External procurement (F) in MRP 2 view of the material master record.
    if you are not always allowing third party order processing then u can create a material master record with item category group as NORM and the procurement type should be marked as ( X) meaning both types of procurment ( in house manufacturing and external procurement).
    step 2)
    the item category in the order should be manually changed as TAS.
    For that you need to confugure the item category determination
    ord type + item cat grp + usge + Hiv level = Item cat + Manual item cat
    OR + NORM +      +       = TAN . + TAS
    OR + BANS +       +       = TAS
    Step 3)
    make sure that during the item category configuration for TAS  you need to mark relevnat for billing indicator as F
    step 4)
    The schedule line cateogry for this type should be CS.
    make sure that you mark  subsequent type as NB - purchase requisition  in this schedule line category as this will trigger the purchase requision order immediately after the creation of the sales order and the PO to vendor is created against this purchase requiesion.
    Hope it helps

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