How to set timezone or output format returned by "current-dateTime()"?

I would like to record a datetime stamp in log message I write at various points in my workflow.  When I build my log message using "concat(current-dateTime(), blah blah blah)" the time is formatted in what we used to call zulu time which appears to correspond to GMT, e.g.:
2011-02-11T15:35:02Z: Begin processing file 0101-376547-377-109-0.pdf
Is there a way to get control of how this data and time are formatted other than retrieving each component individually and concatinating the pieces manually?
Thanks for any suggestions!

your created  data
step 1
I create excel data like this
year___ | month_ | Product | revenue
02-04-09 | 02-04-09 | a | $4,154
03-04-09 | 03-04-09 | b | $6,813
04-05-09 | 04-05-09 | a | $9,875
05-06-09 | 05-06-09 | b | $6,813
06-04-10 | 06-04-10 | a | $6,813
07-04-10 | 07-04-10 | b | $9,875
08-06-10 | 08-06-10 | a | $9,875
22-06-10 | 22-06-10 | b | $6,813
In this, year and month both are same data, make the diffent data like year  2009, 2010  And month Jan, Feb, March, ...Etc 
and also one more check you formulas on month and year, select correct source data, destination data  for compoonent..
from above, to create a date column and convert  date-->year, date--> month and Explore it.
All the best,

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    We are on EBS and we are also using XML Publisher 5.6.2. We have few Excel output reports. The issue we are having is that when we defien these reports as a concurrent program, the options for output always defaults to PDF. The end user has to alter this every time to Excel as part of the options, even though we know, the output is always going to be an excel output.
    Is there a way to default other than PDF. If not, is there any enhnacement request to default it from the template.
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    thats right that default format is pdf but u can change this ... if u want the out put format as excel go to Oracle xml administrator responsibility -->administrator tab
    and change the default format as you required.
    otherwise .... if u want to change it while submiting the request .... go to submit request ... u find one options tab there click on it and change the format as well as template ..... or language if u want to change.
    also once u submit the request ... u can go to window menu and go for reprint and republish .... there also u can change the format and all.
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    Muhammad Nadeem

    If you have database 10g, look into function REGEXP_REPLACE. Otherwise you can also try this (you might already know).
    SELECT SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001', 1,2)||'-'||SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001' ,3,2)||'-'||
    SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001' , 5,2)||'-'||SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001' , 7,3)||'-'||
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    SUBSTR('CHHOCMIPO07020001' , 14,4)
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    If you have to use this at many places, create a function, pass the raw value, manipulate the string and return.

  • How to set up the output device in output determinatin with customer master

    I am doing the output determination using customer master and not conditions technique.  Can anybody please let me know how to set up the output device . I have done the following:
    1)  assigned output determination procedure DB00001 to acct group 0001
    2)  added output type BA00 to customer master documents tab with print as the medium.
    3)  On creating a sales order and changing it its giving the message
    BA00     515     No printer defined for output BA00
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    1. tcode V/30 -> check BA00 type -> goto  "print" tab -> what's set in the "print param." field?
    2. IMG ->SD -> basic functions -> output control -> define print parameters -> V1 output -> for BA00 output type -> Assign a default printer. This is related with the "print param." set in step 1.
    For example: if "print parame." is set to '1' in V/30, then the default printer is assigned to sales organization.
    You can check F4 search help on the "print param." field (in V/30) to see what options you have.
    If you want to specify printer by customer account, you may need to use userexit.
    Edited by: Harry Wu on Jun 23, 2010 9:18 AM

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    Valid ID for a java.util.TimeZone should be supported.
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  • How can i set permanent neat output format

    Hello Experts ;
    Good  Evening !
    Always i a, having problem with  table output format.
    please provide  permanent  solution for  neat output.
    i am not asking for  following output. i need permanent  solution because every i have to adjust  axx to a 99;
    My emp table output looks like  following below
    SQL> column econtact_no format a55;
    SQL> /
           EID ENAME           EQUAL      ESALARY         ECITY                EPERK
             1 sona            mba        10000           xxxxxxx
             2 maya            mca        15000           xxxxxx
    Thanks !

    It looks like you're asking about formatting done by the front end.  How to control that depends on your front end, so say what front end you're using.  (This forum is supposed to be for SQL and PL/SQL language questions, so this may not be the best place to ask this question.)
    It looks like you might be using SQL*Plus as your front end.  As far as I know, the default column formats can't actually be changed in any version of SQL*Plus, but you can put changes into LOGIN.SQL scripts, that get run automatically whenever you start a SQL*Plus session, and that may be just as good for your purposes.

  • How to set a Default date format.

    I would like to know if it's possible to set a default date format (b.e. dd/mm/yyyy) for new date object and not for the current object?

    default date format (b.e. dd/mm/yyyy) for new date objectI would guess not, and that is regardless of how they format it.
    Consider the java.util.Date.toString() method. There is no way to change the behaviour of that unless you want to derive a class from Date.
    At least not in 1.3.0 it isn't. The java.util.Date class uses a private data member called simpleFormatter which it hard codes to
    formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy", Locale.US)
    If however the time was formatted using the defaults from java.text.DateFormat then you could set the TimeZone. However, that doesn't impact formatting, it merely changes the offset (and daylight savings.)
    You could set the Locale in java.util.Locale. That looks like a real possibility. But the documentation doesn't really provide anything that suggests how you provide your own and impact the time stuff. For example, Date which uses static finals for the time stuff - which suggests Locale can't impact it. And of course changing the Locale would impact your entire application, so you would have to make sure all threads were blocked while it was changed.

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    If this is posted in a wrong forum, I apologize. I am not able to find the correct forum for QM. Please redirect me and I will be glad to post it in the right forum.

    You can use the FM ..RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE..

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    If you wan to to set password or other security for your output merged PDF, how to do? there is the tutorial:

    If you have a credit card, add it to your account, then you'll just be asked to verify your CVV code instead. You can remove it after.

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    Business requires to set a default output device for fax outputs ( Medium as 2 Fax medium ).
    as fas as print output ( medium as 1 print medium ) is considered we can maintain output device in condition record--> communication
    I tried maintaining output device in VP01 for my condition type based on sales org but it did not worked.
    Can you please suggest ways to achieve default output device for fax outputs.

    Well, obvious solution would be to either update user profiles or change the output from 'process immediately' to 'process by a background job'. Then create a generic user ID with any fax number desired and use that user ID to process the output through the background job.
    This is not really an SD question, so if this simple option doesn't work for you, I'd suggest to discuss other custom solution with your ABAP / Basis team.

  • How to set a digital output using a switch on the operator interface?

    Hi, is it possible to set a digital output using a switch on the operator interface?

    Unfortunately, no.  It is on our hit list...
    This account is no longer active. Contact ShadesOfGray for current posts and information.

  • How to set timezone environment variable to EST

    Hello Experts
    I'm having problem when I try to run my Enterprise Manager. Listner start normaly but then I tries to start the database I got the following message.
    [email protected]:~> /apps/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/bin/emctl start dbconsole
    Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release
    Copyright (c) 1996, 2005 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Timezone mismatch: The agentTZRegion value (EST) in
    does not match the current environment TZ setting(EST).
    The dbconsole cannot run with this mismatch.
    If EST is the correct timezone, set your timezone environment variable to EST and repeat the 'emctl start dbconsole' operation.
    If EST is not the correct timezone, make sure that the timezone in your environment is correct, and then run the following command in your local Oracle Home: 'emctl resetTZ agent'
    The output of this command will include detailed instructions to follow, to correct the mismatch.
    To me looks like I need to fix the timezone on my machine but I don't know how. Can please somebody shows me the steps how to achieve this task?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    I believe this issue is occurring because timezone info between the OS and oracle is out of synch - possibly because timezone patches have been applied to the OS or oracle, but not both. It is always good practice to apply such patches to both OS and Oracle.
    Pl see these MOS Docs
    401834.1 - Problem: DST: Workaround to EM Agent Restart Problem Due to a Daylight Savings Change
    362888.1 - Problem: Startup Agent: EM Agent will not start due to Timezone mismatch (Daylight Savings changes for Australia)
    549079.1 - Troubleshooting Database Control Startup Issues

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    We are upgrading 11i to r12
    In 11i We had a custom remittance transmission program defined and set for a particualr payment method of a receipt classa and remittance method.
    The field to set remittance transmission program is no more available in r12,
    when we are formatting a remittance batch
    In 11i the "Automatic Remittances Creation Program" used to fire "custom remittence trasmission program" , "Print Remittances" which are remittence transmission program and remittance print program that are attched to the payment method.
    In R12 The "Automatic Remittances Creation Program(API) is firing "Automatic Receipts/Remittances Execution Report" and "Print Remittances".
    The "Print Remittances", this i can see attached in the payment method definition. There is no field to attach custom remittance transmission format program and i am not aware where it is picking the "Automatic Receipts/Remittances Execution Report".
    The output of "Automatic Receipts/Remittances Execution Report" contains "WARNING: No format program defined."
    Some one please help us in creating and attaching custom remittance transimssion format to a payment method in r12.
    Thanks & Regards

    Payables Manager > Setup > Payment > Payment Administrator
    Payment Process Profiles
    Find your payment process profile > Update
    Reporting tab > Separate Remittance Advice section
    values I have in my instance
    Choose your format (we have customized the separate remittance advice format)
    Check Automatically submit at payment completion point
    Check allow multiple copies for payment instruction
    Select condition 'all payments'
    Select delivery method of 'printed'

  • How to set default sound output

    How do I set the default sound output?  I'm outputting to a USB converter but Mavericks switches to internal speakers on its own with no warning, most times in the middle of a song. Doesn't matter whether I'm using iTunes or a 3rd party music playback app.

    I too have the same setup as you and use my streamer with all of my Apple devices. I've found it necessary to turn off Bluetooth in the devices I don't want to connect to when they are all within range of one another. If you don't need Bluetooth on your Mac turn it off. I've also found that if I'm connected to my Mac and a call comes in to my iPhone that the phone will take priority.

  • How to set Timezone in a date object

    I need to write a method setTimeZone(Date d,TimeZone t) which should take a Java.util.Date and a Timezone object and set the time zone to the date object.
    for example...
    Date d=new Date();
    TimeZone tz=TimeZone.getTimeZone("PST");
    //should print the timezone as EDT because the current system timezone is EDT
    //should print the timezone as PST
    public void setTimeZone(Date d,TimeZone tz){
    Calendar c=Calendar.getInstance(tz);
    System.out.println("Timezone in calendar is "+c.getTimeZone().getDisplayName());
    But today is still showing up EDT timezone and Timezone in calendar is shown as PST.The new timzone is not aplied to date object @ d=c.getTime();
    Could any one please help me...
    Edited by: mchepuri on Apr 10, 2009 7:27 PM
    Edited by: mchepuri on Apr 10, 2009 7:29 PM

    Dates don't have any concept of time zones. Think of a Date as a wrapper for a long.
    Use SimpleDateFormat. Read the javadocs for some useful methods.

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