How to set value to dimension1,2,3 column in AP Invoice?

Dear All,
I have a problem when creating AP Invoice using SAP B1 2005 B DI/API. The problem is when i can not find dimension1, dimension2, and dimension3 properties in oDraft.Lines. (oDraft is my variable for object  oPurchaseInvoices).
How to set value to dimension1,2,3 column in AP Invoice using DI/API ?
Herfin J.

Hi! Yatsea,
I am working with 2007B, In the order reference of B1WS, I found only CostingCode and COGSCostingCode provided:
OrdersService.DocumentDocumentLine.CostingCode() As String
OrdersService.DocumentDocumentLine.COGSCostingCode() As String
Where are the rest 4 dimensions for both of them?
Plus, I also got the XML from DI server, with only one CostingCode exposed.

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    Thanks and Regards,

    Just treat the Item No. column as an EditText for purposes of setting its value.
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        sboEdit.Value = "XXXXXX"

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    Thanks & Regards,

    I found solution myself. Click on Goto -> Editing Mode -> Expert Mode. Now you can set value for radio button.

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    Thanks in advance.

    this.selectOneChoice.setValue(selectItems.get(2).getValue());Try as per the following sample:
    <af:form id="f1">
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    <f:selectItems value="#{SelectOneChoiceTestBean.selectItems}"
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    import java.util.List;
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    import javax.faces.model.SelectItem;
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    private RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice;
    public SelectOneChoiceTestBean() {
    private List<SelectItem> selectItems;
    public void setSelectItems(List<SelectItem> selectItems) {
    this.selectItems = selectItems;
    public List<SelectItem> getSelectItems() {
    selectItems = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("One", "One"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Two", "Two"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Three", "Three"));
    return selectItems;
    public void setSelectOneChoice(RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice) {
    this.selectOneChoice = selectOneChoice;
    public RichSelectOneChoice getSelectOneChoice() {
    return selectOneChoice;
    public void onClick(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

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    Hope this helps.
    Un-resolved problem
    have also tried to do this but the fields I see are not the same.
    Please see screenshot=
    I am using the Oracle hosted environment, so 2.2.1.
    To my knowledge I have done the same as the user in the first post. Am I doing something incorrectly or should I have created the tabular form differently?
    Many thanks. Kris

    Kristian - You see a different version of the form depending on whether the selected column is the primary key column or not.

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    Good luck

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    Dear experts
    I use SBO japan version and i need to know how to get payment document number from paid column in monthly invoice ?
    in table MIN1, only contain invoice and credit note document number, there is no payment document number
    thank you for your help
    Best Regards

    Dear Gordon
    Yeah, you are right, i can use field MIentry in RCT2
    thank you
    Best regards

  • How to set values of a parameterized message in ADF Faces?

    Hi all,
    i've got the following problem: I want to set the values of a parameterized message before i add the message to the FacesContext.
    Contents of the message resource bundle:
    testPage.successMsg.create=The device {0} was created successfully!
    Code within backing bean method:
    String message = getStringFromBundle("testPage.successMsg.create");
    FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, new FacesMessage(message));
    In Struts/ADF UIX the following code did the job:
    protected void setUIXInfoMessage(HttpServletRequest request, String key, Object[] args)
    MessageData msgs = new MessageData();
    MessageResources mr = this.getResources(request);
    String msg = "";
    if (mr != null)
    msg = mr.getMessage(request.getLocale(), key, args);
    msgs.addMessage(null, msg, null, UIConstants.MESSAGE_TYPE_INFO);
    request.setAttribute(UIX_MESSAGE_KEY, msgs);
    Can anyone help me with this problem? I have searched a lot in the Oracle ADF Development Guide and within forum, but did not find any solution.
    Another interesting thing is, how to set the parameters from jspx-Code.
    How can i achieve the same results in ADF Faces corresponding to the following UIX-Code:
    <boundAttribute name="title">
    <messageFormat format="${nls['deleteTip.confirmation']}">
    <dataObject source="${bindings.TipName}"/>
    Resource Bundle:
    deleteTip.confirmation=Do you really want to delete the tip {0}?
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    I know, these are many questions. I am familiar with UIX, but now i have to start developing applications with ADF Faces and there are some things i don't find corresponding equivalents.
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    SRDemo shows you how to do this declratively
    <h:outputFormat value="#{res['srcreate.confirmPanel.message']}"
    escape="false" id="nextButton">
    <f:param value="#{requestScope.SRDEMO_CREATED_SVRID}"/>
    where the <f:param ...> element sets the value of the variable
    To programmatically access internationalized strings, SRDemo uses
    private static ResourceBundle getBundle() {
    FacesContext ctx = getFacesContext();
    UIViewRoot uiRoot = ctx.getViewRoot();
    Locale locale = uiRoot.getLocale();
    ClassLoader ldr = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
    return ResourceBundle.getBundle(ctx.getApplication().getMessageBundle(),
    locale, ldr);
    public static String getStringFromBundle(String key) {
    ResourceBundle bundle = getBundle();
    return getStringSafely(bundle, key, null);
    You take it from there and put it to a FacesMessage, If it uses parameters I guess you will have to parse the string

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    hi guys,I have an item on my oaf page that is non data base item and i want to set its value in AM.Actually I am calling a DB procedure in AM that return me a value now i want to set this value in TextinputBean.but i dont know how to set a non database item value.
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    Please Urgent

    You can't change bean properties in AM rather you have to use controller(CO).
    Call the AM method from controller and get the value. Set the value of the bean in the controller.
    Setting the value should only be done in processRequest.
    If your use case doesn't permit to call the AM method from processRequest then call the AM method from processFormRequest and call forwardImmediatelyToCurrentPage method which will call the processRequest and set the value of the bean in processRequest.
    For sample code have a look at the forum entry

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    String dimLayoutNew[][] = new String[3][];
    dimLayoutNew[0] = new String[1];
    dimLayoutNew[1] = new String[1];
    dimLayoutNew[2] = new String[2];
    dimLayoutNew[0][0] = measureString;
    dimLayoutNew[1][0] = strDimension1;
    dimLayoutNew[2][0] = strDimension2;
    dimLayoutNew[2][1] = strDimension3;
    Boolean applyNewLayoutFlag = tableQuery.layout(dimLayoutNew);
    In this Layout,How to set the value of strDimension2 page item to one member of strDimension2?

    what about this - look up the javadoc to get more >info ....You would have to admit, while BI Beans are great, the documentation is a little light.
    int targetHPos[] = targetDataAccess.getEdgeCurrentHPos (2);
    now apply the order to the targethpos as you, once you make your changes to the targetHPos, how does one actually make the change to the Query object (i.e. what method does one need to call to pass the new targetHPos in??) I looked through the JavaDoc and didn't see a SetCurrentHPos or equivalent function in the DataAccess Class. Is there one?
    Also, what role, if any, should the SetCurrentPage method of the query object play if I'm not using it correctly?

Maybe you are looking for

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