How to set value to Model Node of cardinality 0..N

I am looking for a way to set value to a model node of cardinality 0..N
i imported a WSDL into my applicaion , which has the following Node Structure.
--- ModelNode_Request
      ---ModleNode3_Roles  [ cardinality 0..n singleton 1..1]
           ****Model_Attribute RoleID     <<<<<<<<<<<<
           ****Model_Attribute SysID      <<<<<<<<<<<<
i tried with the below code  but effort went in vain.
i tried following ways to set the value but , i get Nullpointer expection error.
i aslo looked into the forum but couldnt find any solid solution.
It would be great if some one can throw some snippets on the same.
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Hi RR,
As far as i know u can set model nodes and values nodes are different. whats shown in the link is for values node. u should do differently for model node..
    Since this is a model node...u first need to create an object of the node type. then create an arraylist for that and then add values..
try this..
// Create an object for structures in the node to be used
Yweb_Po_Items objPOItems = null; // where Yweb_Po_Items is the structure of the node...
// Create an abstractlist for structures in the RFC node to be used, if u are planning to give single or multiple rows (in node/table) as input to the RFC
AbstractList POObjAbsList = new Yweb_Po_Items.Yweb_Po_Items_List();
objPOItems = new Yweb_Po_Items();
//    /set first set of values
objPOItems.setColumn1(u201Cabcu201D); // here hard codede for example
// add the object to the abstract list
//    /set second set of values
// add the object to the abstract list again
POObjAbsList.add(objPOItems); // now u got 2 records
// now set the abstractlist to the node in the RFC
Hope this information is useful...
Md. Yusuf

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    HI Ushashri,
    What do you mean by 'static value is not accepted by model node location'
    how you have done the mapping
    send me the hierarchy of rfc and ur value node
    With Regards

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    Try something like this:
        DATA lo_nd_sflight TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
        DATA lt_sflight TYPE wd_this->elements_sflight.
        FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_sflight> TYPE wd_this->element_sflight.
    '*   navigate from <CONTEXT> to <SFLIGHT> via lead selection
        lo_nd_sflight = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_sflight ).
    '*   get all declared attributes
            table = lt_sflight ).
        LOOP AT lt_sflight ASSIGNING <fs_sflight>.
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    I 'm trying to set values for the node with cardinality 0..n. The node type is "Fields".
    <xsd:complexType name="Field">
          <xsd:element name="fieldCode" type="xsd:string"></xsd:element>
          <xsd:element name="displayValue" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0"></xsd:element>
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    Hi Marcus,
    If there is no way you could change the cardinality of the node, and thus it can contain 0..n items, I think you should create-and-add a new element programmatically.
    Since the collection can contain zero elements, I would add a 'new' button, which upon clicking adds one new element via:
    IYourNodeElement yourNodeElem = wdContext.nodeYourNode().createYourNodeElement();
    Hope this explains a bit!
    Robin van het Hof

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    Same issue is with InputTextArea. how to set value in it via code(RowSelectionListener of icefaces)

    Balaji wrote:
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    i have bind htmlSelectOneMenu. it contains some value. I want to set or display a value after a process.
    How to change value
    i have tried using setValue method of both binding property and value property of htmlSelectOneMenu.
    Same issue is with InputTextArea. how to set value in it via code(RowSelectionListener of icefaces)The html SelectOneMenu is bound to a value of a backing bean. You have to change the value of that backing bean, not the JSF component directly. JSF takes care of updating the model, you shouldn't be touching it unless you know what you are doing.

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    where socSurnames is List<SelectItem> - manually filled list of SelectItem(SomeObject, (String)text_description), so - SOC is filled manually (no binded iterators, etc..)
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    Thanks in advance.

    this.selectOneChoice.setValue(selectItems.get(2).getValue());Try as per the following sample:
    <af:form id="f1">
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Select One Choice" id="soc1"
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    <af:commandButton text="Set Selected Value" id="cb1"
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;
    import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
    import javax.faces.model.SelectItem;
    public class SelectOneChoiceTestBean {
    private RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice;
    public SelectOneChoiceTestBean() {
    private List<SelectItem> selectItems;
    public void setSelectItems(List<SelectItem> selectItems) {
    this.selectItems = selectItems;
    public List<SelectItem> getSelectItems() {
    selectItems = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("One", "One"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Two", "Two"));
    selectItems.add(new SelectItem("Three", "Three"));
    return selectItems;
    public void setSelectOneChoice(RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice) {
    this.selectOneChoice = selectOneChoice;
    public RichSelectOneChoice getSelectOneChoice() {
    return selectOneChoice;
    public void onClick(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

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    how to set value in combox by code

    You can use the following code to set the values in combobox by a query
       strQuery = "select ItemCode,ItemName  from OITM"
            oRecSet = Me.SBO_Company.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.BoRecordset)
                 oCombo = Me.oForm.Items.Item(encontrolName.colEmpType).Specific
            If oRecset.Fields.Count > 0 Then
                While oRecset.EoF = False
                    oCombo.ValidValues.Add(oRecset.Fields.Item(0).Value, oRecset.Fields.Item(1).Value)
                End While
            End If

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    I have two buttons on top of the region "Check all" and "uncheck all".
    My requirement is when I click check all button all rows corresponding to "select row" column gets selected to Yes and when I click No all rows gets selected to "No".

    Actully I want to set the value of a column in report region.
    There are replies in the forum but in those the item is in form but not in the report region.
    I am generating report region by using htmldb_item.selectlist and i dont know how to set value in these type of items.

  • How to set value for trim and bleed using jsx script?

    I have tried using bleedoffsetRect but somehow it is not working. Can anybody please help me on how to set value for trim and bleed using jsx script? Any example will be highly appreciated.
    Following is the code I am trying with:
    var _saveName = new File ( root_path +_strFileName+".pdf");
        var _saveOpts = new PDFSaveOptions();
        _saveOpts.printerResolution = 300; 
        var bleedarray = new Array();
         bleedarray[0] =9.00;
        _saveOpts.bleedOffsetRect = bleedarray;

    I would expect although I've not actually tried this for the bleed off set box to be larger than the artbaord and the first two values to be negative or 0…
    var bleedarray = new Array(-9,-9,artboard.width+9,artboard.height+9);
    Where 'artboard.width' & 'artboard.height' you will have calculated from your file. An Array(9,9,9,9); would not constitute any boxes bounds.

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    Can I programmatically set a value on Item No. in matrix on Sales Quotation which is of type SAPbouiCOM.LinkedButton?
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    et.Value = value
    Dim et As SAPbouiCOM.LinkedButton = oMatrix.Columns.Item(matrixColumnID).Cells.Item(rowNumber).Specific
    How can set value for the Item No.?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Just treat the Item No. column as an EditText for purposes of setting its value.
        Dim sboEdit As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
        Set sboEdit = sboMatrix.Columns("1").Cells(lngRow).Specific
        sboEdit.Value = "XXXXXX"

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    when level = 1 then 1
    else -1
    end as status,
    "ENAME" as title,
    null as icon,
    "EMPNO" as value,
    null as tooltip,
    'f?p=36648:34:5234984107903::::P40_SELECTED_NODE:'||empno as link
    from "DEPT"."EMP"
    start with "MGR" is null
    connect by prior "EMPNO" = "MGR"
    order siblings by "ENAME
    and i put Selected Node Page Item: P40_SELECTED_NODE . the tree worked good and retrieve the data into tabular form according to tree node value
    my Question :
    1- i want to retrieve the data without submit the page where each time i select value from tree make page reload to update the tabular form with new value ,there is any way to pass the value of tree node to P40_SELECTED_NODE item and refresh tabular form without page reload .
    2- i want when selected from tree run page process according to value of tree node i tray to create Dynamic action with *(jquery selector : div.tree li>a)* but the Value of node incorrect.

    look at this link
    Re: How to get Value of tree node without Reload Page ..!

  • How to set value to dimension1,2,3 column in AP Invoice?

    Dear All,
    I have a problem when creating AP Invoice using SAP B1 2005 B DI/API. The problem is when i can not find dimension1, dimension2, and dimension3 properties in oDraft.Lines. (oDraft is my variable for object  oPurchaseInvoices).
    How to set value to dimension1,2,3 column in AP Invoice using DI/API ?
    Herfin J.

    Hi! Yatsea,
    I am working with 2007B, In the order reference of B1WS, I found only CostingCode and COGSCostingCode provided:
    OrdersService.DocumentDocumentLine.CostingCode() As String
    OrdersService.DocumentDocumentLine.COGSCostingCode() As String
    Where are the rest 4 dimensions for both of them?
    Plus, I also got the XML from DI server, with only one CostingCode exposed.

  • How to set value for radio button in sap crm survey suite

    Hi ,
    I created a survey in CRM Service, in which I added a question with answer as '10 Selection Button Group ('radio button'). And answer has 11 answer options (which means 11 radio buttions). Now when we test the survey, the value for the radio buttons is appearing like 'id_0050569b03091ee480a29d8ee61e953c'. But i want to set a specific value for each radion button (from 1 to 11). So, how to set value for radio button in sap crm survey suite???.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I found solution myself. Click on Goto -> Editing Mode -> Expert Mode. Now you can set value for radio button.

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    This post refers to the forum article found How to set value on MRU insert Tabular Form
    I have included the problem and proposed solution below. My problem follows
    I am using a Tabular Form. I used the wizard and it created all of the items (Cancel, Submit, Add, Multidelete buttons, etc.). I have a table that is like an FK table. For instance, we could have a customer table, and then a customer address table. Each customer could have multiple addresses. In the address table, the first ID column is the customer ID. So in using the tabular form for the addresses, I need to make the first column the same when I insert. But when I choose add row, everything works fine except it tries to insert a null into customer id. The uniqueness of the row is determined by customer ID and address string.
    Any time I make it to this screen, all new rows will have the same ID with I have in a variable that I can reference from the page called :P0_ITM_CUST_ID.
    How do I set the first value for all inserts? My guess is I need to do this in Computations. I'm also guessing I need to do this with a replace statement. I'm just not sure how to reference the first column of the new row.
    The way to do this is by using the "Default" value for that Column. Go to
    Home>Application Builder>Application xxx>Page yyy>Report Attributes>Column Attributes
    Set the default value for newly added rows as in
    Hope this helps.
    Un-resolved problem
    have also tried to do this but the fields I see are not the same.
    Please see screenshot=
    I am using the Oracle hosted environment, so 2.2.1.
    To my knowledge I have done the same as the user in the first post. Am I doing something incorrectly or should I have created the tabular form differently?
    Many thanks. Kris

    Kristian - You see a different version of the form depending on whether the selected column is the primary key column or not.

  • How to set value from one view to other view's context node attr b4 save

    HI all,
    My requirement is as below:
    There are two views in component BP_CONT.
    BP_CONT/ContactDetails    IMPL class
    I want to set value from first view to second view's context node's attribute.
    i get Sales Employee BP number in ContactDetails view, from here i want to set that value in to STRUCT.SALESEMPLOYEE
    of second view in the same component.
    please send me code snippet for doing the same.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Seema
    You can access the fields from different views by either using custom controllers or by using component controllers, in your case you can access the Sales employee BP number from the Component controller.
    first access the component controller  as below in BP_CONT/SalesEmployee  (in do_prepare_output method) or in (specific setter method)
    lv_compcontroller type ref to CL_BP_CONT_BSPWDCOMPONENT_IMPL,
    lv_partner type ref to cl_crm_bol_entity,
    lv_role type string,
    lv_partner_no type string.
    lv_employee TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access,
    lv_compcontroller  = me->COMP_CONTROLLER.
    lv_partner ?= lv_compcontroller  ->typed_context->-partner->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
    lv_role = lv_partner->get_property( iv_attr_name = 'BP_ROLE' )
      lv_partner_no ?= lv_current->get_property( iv_attr_name = 'BP_NUMBER' ).
    now set the value
    lv_employee ?= me->typed_context->salesemployee->collection_wrapper->get_current( )
    CHECK lv_employee IS BOUND.
        lv_employee->set_property( iv_attr_name = 'SALESEMPLOYEE' iv_value =  lv_partner_no  )
    Thanks & Regards

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