How to share a folder with java? in netbios in windows

hi. I want to write a programa that user can select a directory than
click the share button and the directory will be shared to other pcs.
the other pcs can acces this directory like \\servername\shareddirectory
the question is this. how can i share a director with java or JNI's?
please help me.
with my best regards....

thanks about net share command.
i know how to use Runtime.getRuntime.exec()
but i cont find the syntax of net share command.
can u give an example? i use net help share and i try different
sytaxes but i cant find the correct one.
please give an examle about net share command.
thanks a lot.

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    I know of apps that can access shares and download but I am not aware of any apps that will allow you to upload as well.

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    Keep looking it can be done. I have a folder on my hard drive that requires a password everytime I try to open it. I found how to do this in an old "Mac OS - The missing manual" but don't remember off the top of my head how I did it. I remember you have to partition a portion of the hard drive, I think I did like 10 Gig of my 1 Teribite external drive and then you give it a name and make up a password. The password is NOT changeable and if you lose it you can't get back in that folder. It appears as a standard folder but needs a password to open it.
    Email me direct if you can't find any info and I will try to look it up - [email protected]

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    PLEASE .... Ask in an Oracle Java forum.
    And read the documentaiton. There is a whole document devoted to doing that. has examples.
    PLEASE ... do not ask product questions in a forum which clearly has a title saying it is devoted to assisting with download problems.

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    You can create a messenger-style application using JavaTV fairly easily. JavaTV supports standard, and so any IP-based connection is pretty easy to do. The hard part of the application will be text input, but people have been using cellphone keypads to send SMS messages for long enough that they're familiar with doing this. This doesn't work well for long messages, where you really need a decent keyboard, but for short SMS-type messages it's acceptable.
    The biggest problem that you need to work around is the return channel. Many receivers only have a dial-up connection, ties up the phone line and potentially costs people money if they don't get free local calls. Always-on return channels (e.g. ADSL or cable modem) are still pretty uncommon, so it's something that you nee to think about. Of course, if you do have an always-on connection then this problem just goes away.
    This is really one of those cases that's technically do-able, but the infrastructure may not be there to give users a good experience.

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    OK, got it. Thank you!
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    RichardEL is probably correct.  I’ll go through your questions.
    > there is no Mac OS partition, I assume it would be directly underneath the HD on the left?
    I have not seen this particular condition where the hardware disk icon appears but the system volume that is supposed to be below it does not.  The System Disk partition would be below the HD icon indented to the right.  It is usually called “Macintosh HD” unless you renamed it.
    > when I go into disk utility my HD appears on the left, but I can repair or verify it
    Odd.  It appears but you cannot manipulate it with Disk Utility.
    > The S.M.A.R.T status reads verified
    If it did not say Verified then it would indicate a problem.  Saying Verified does not rule out problems but I think it indicates it is still breathing.
    > Is the HD deceased?
    If you booted the Recovery Partition (Boot, Command-R), which it sounds like you did, then at least part of the disk is still breathing.  If it took a long time to boot then that may have been a Network Recovery boot which would indicate the disk is very sick or dead.
    >  [If I] restore from time machine [will] everything will be back as it was before?
    Yes.  That is the beauty of Time Machine.  All your data, applications, and system preferences will be as they were as of the last backup.
    > I was thinking of erasing the HD, would this be of any help or do I just need a new one?
    Given what you reported from the Disk Utility steps you took it is unclear to me if there will be a way to repair the current volume, if you can erase and install from scratch or if you need a new disk.  Before proceeding it may be useful to have an expert at an Apple store look at it for you.  They may be able to revive it without a clean install or new disk.
    As was the case above, it could be a good disk with a bad cable in which case a new disk is not going to help.  To test this you can purchase an inexpensive external enclosure, remove the internal disk, place it in the enclosure, plug it in and then use Boot-Option to attempt to boot from the now external disk.  Here are links to the screwdrivers and enclosure you would need.
    $5 Toolkit:
    $22 USB 3.0 enclosure:
    If you attempt a clean install, use the Partition tab to repartition the disk, selecting one partition and with “Options…” electing a GUID partition.  Then use the Erase tab, select “Security Options…” and set it to write a single pass of zeros.  This will write to every sector to map out bad blocks.  (If you have an SSD do not write a pass of zeros.)
    If you do need to replace it I recommend an new inexpensive (~$100) and super-fast hybrid SSHD drive that has an 8 GB SSD cache that makes the data fly.  Google “Seagate 1 TB hybrid SSHD”.

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    That's only a good idea if the semantics of sayHello
    as defined in MyInterface suggest that a
    RemoteException could occur. If not, then you're
    designing the interface to suit the way the
    implementing classes will be written, which smells.
    :-)But in practice you can't make a call which can be handled either remotely or locally without, at some point, dealing with the RemoteException.
    Therefore either RemoteException must be part of the interface or (an this is probably more satisfactory) you don't use the remote interface directly, but MyInterface is implemented by a wrapper class which deals with the exception.

  • How to program a screensaver with java???

    Hi all,
    Can someone tell em how to program a screensaver with java, and how should i begin ? or maybe someone know any useful information source?
    thanks a lot.

    A quick google search gives me, among lots of other things:
    Good luck

  • Requesting information on how to share purchased music with friends on internet.

    How to share purchased music with friends on the internet.

    Find the song you want in Spotify or Youtube.  It may, but does not have to, match a song in your iTunes library.
    Right-click the title and choose "Copy HTTP link" (Spotify) or just copy the URL (Youtube). 
    Email the link to your friends.  They simply click on it and listen to the song.

  • How to create a folder with spaces written in Java under Linux?

    I have a serious problem
    I want to run a Linux command using a Java class with the runtime interface, there is a command to create a folder named eg "My Folder", with a space
    For create the Unix command is easy to do either:
    mkdir My\ Folder
    mkdir "My Folder"
    But how to translate this in Java, I tried with two commands :
    Runtime.exec("mkdir My\\ Folder")
    Runtime.exec("mkdir \"My Folder\"")
    For example :
    public class CreerDossier {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
    runtime.exec("mkdir My\\ Folder");
    runtime.exec("mkdir \"My Folder\"");
    But it's still not working,
    For runtime.exec("mkdir My\\ Folder") it creates two folders My\ and Folder
    For runtime.exec("mkdir \"My Folder\"") it creates also two folders "My and Folder"
    Are there solutions?
    Thank you !

    But my real problem is how to apply the chmod 777 on a folder containing spacesSo why not say so in the first place?
    Runtime.exec ("chmod 777 My\\ Folder");Runtime.exec(new String[]{"chmod", "777", "My Folder"});
    That is why I chose the example of mkdirYour reasoning on this point is incomprehensible. You wanted help with A so you asked about B. Just wasting time.

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    I'm looking for information on how to share an imovie library with other accounts on the same computer without duplicating files.  If I  copy imovie files to the shared folder each user is required to import the files to their library which duplicates the files.  It would be nice if imovie had the option of including events/projects shared in the share folder.  Is there an option to change everyone's default library to a shared folder?  Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

    The easiest way to do this would be to atach an external drive. The external drive should be formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled). If you have a drive that is formatted some other way, you can reformat it using Disk Utility. It can be Thunderbolt, Firewire, or USB, but Firewire or Thunderbolt will give best performance for video.
    Now you need to move the projects and events over to the external drive. This must be done from within iMovie.
    In iMovie, click VIEW/EVENTS BY DISK.
    Now, in the Project Library View, hold down the command key while dragging the small icon for each project to the small icon for the external drive. Now select one of these projects and click FILE/CONSOLIDATE MEDIA. This will enable you to move associated Events, Photos, and Music to the external drive. Repeat for all projects.
    If any events are left over at the end of this, because they are not used in any of your projects, you can move them to the external drive by working in the Event Library list. Hold down the Command Key while dragging the small icon for the Event in the Event Library List to the small icon for the External Drive. Repeat until all the Events are moved.
    Now you can edit these movies on any user account.
    For future clips that you import from a camera, be sure to select the external drive as the location.

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