How to share iMovie library with other accounts without duplicating files?

I'm looking for information on how to share an imovie library with other accounts on the same computer without duplicating files.  If I  copy imovie files to the shared folder each user is required to import the files to their library which duplicates the files.  It would be nice if imovie had the option of including events/projects shared in the share folder.  Is there an option to change everyone's default library to a shared folder?  Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

The easiest way to do this would be to atach an external drive. The external drive should be formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled). If you have a drive that is formatted some other way, you can reformat it using Disk Utility. It can be Thunderbolt, Firewire, or USB, but Firewire or Thunderbolt will give best performance for video.
Now you need to move the projects and events over to the external drive. This must be done from within iMovie.
In iMovie, click VIEW/EVENTS BY DISK.
Now, in the Project Library View, hold down the command key while dragging the small icon for each project to the small icon for the external drive. Now select one of these projects and click FILE/CONSOLIDATE MEDIA. This will enable you to move associated Events, Photos, and Music to the external drive. Repeat for all projects.
If any events are left over at the end of this, because they are not used in any of your projects, you can move them to the external drive by working in the Event Library list. Hold down the Command Key while dragging the small icon for the Event in the Event Library List to the small icon for the External Drive. Repeat until all the Events are moved.
Now you can edit these movies on any user account.
For future clips that you import from a camera, be sure to select the external drive as the location.

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  • How to share iPhoto library with other ID

    i'm sure there is similar post/response to this but been trolling the message boards and can't find a similar situation.
    the scenario goes like this.
    - single macbookpro 10.7.2
    - user1 is primary/admin user in which is owner of laptop
    - pictures are in iPhoto v9.2 under user1
    - user1 does all the pic uploads/edits/etc as the primary user of the macbook
    - user1 is not a hardcore photo editor type and just primarily uses iPhoto for basic cropping and organization/viewing
    - pics sync to user1 iPhone/iPad(iOS5) via PhotoStream and sync'ing of albums
    - wife has her own iPhone, separate apple ID and uses user2 on the same macbookpro above that user1 is using
    what we are trying to get done...
    - wife wants to be able to see albums on her iPhone and also have ability from laptop/iPhone to select pics to upload into her facebook as needed
    - bonus would be if wife can also view my/user1 PhotoStream
    looking for any assistance on how to get this done painlessly with least possibility in corrupting iPhoto library in which user1 uses and avoid having to create/copy all pics into user2 iphoto library and waste HD space.
    if it is easier to re-send a link to someone else that has conquered similar challenge, pls send across.  much appreciated.

    The thing is, the whole point of having separate accounts is to keep your data seprate from hers. So, any attempt to overcome this can be kludgy.
    For iPhoto 09 (version 8.0.2) and later:
    What you mean by 'share'.
    If you want the other user to be able to see the pics, but not add to, change or alter your library, then enable Sharing in your iPhoto (Preferences -> Sharing), leave iPhoto running and use Fast User Switching to open the other account. In that account, enable 'Look For Shared Libraries'. Your Library will appear in the other source pane.
    Any user can drag a pic from the Shared Library to their own in the iPhoto Window.
    Remember iPhoto must be running in both accounts for this to work.
    If you want the other user to have the same access to the library as you: to be able to add, edit, organise, keyword etc.
    Quit iPhoto in both accounts. Move the Library to the Users / Shared Folder. (I would note that some Lion users are finding Permissions issues with this.)
    (You can also use an external HD set to ignore permissions, a Disk Image or even partition your Hard Disk.)
    In each account in turn: Double click on the Library to open it. (You may be asked to repair the Library Permissions.) From that point on, this will be the default library location. Both accounts will have full access to the library, in fact, both accounts will 'own' it.
    However, there is a catch with this system and it is a significant one. iPhoto is not a multi-user app., it does not have the code to negotiate two users simultaneously writing to the database, and trying will cause db corruption. So only one user at a time, and back up, back up back up.

  • How to share music library with other users using it's own iTunes hdd

    I have 183 gigs of music on my computer. I have it all on it's own hard drive not the OS or "C" drive. I'm pulling my hair trying to configure other users on my computer to access the music on windows Vista
    Cant find any info to help tell me how to do that when the music is on it's own HDD. Can anyone help?

    I don't think you have to drag anything anywhere.
    Let's just say your music is on a drive named G:
    I assume you've set its permissions for everyone. I also assume you can already listen to the files from the G: drive in itunes on your account - so you don't need to consolidate anything; iTunes is already working on your account and you just need to set some other users up to do the same.
    From the section named "On Windows"
    You're already at step 3, so continue with you add them to their library.

  • How do I share my playlists with other accounts/users on my Mac?

    How do I share my playlists with other accounts/users on my Mac?

    I have a similar question, which I posted 8perhaps inappropriately) in the Home Sharing discussion:
    The problem I have is that it simply doesn't work and the question I have is how you do not move the the iTunes Library file or the iTunes Library.xml file when they are actually in the folder you are told by the article to move in the first place.

  • How can I share my music with other account users

    Hello I would like to know how I can share my Itunes library with other user accounts on my mackbook?

    Help here >  iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • How to share iTunes library between 2 accounts on 1 Mac

    I want to share my library with my son on his account. Both accounts are on the same computer. What steps do I need to take to do this? Thank you in advance.

    My wife and I share the same iTunes library on the same Mac but have separate user accounts.
    To do this:
    1. Make a folder called ‘Music’ in Users/Shared and move your iTunes library to this new folder.
    2. Ctrl + click on the ‘Music’ folder and select ‘Get Info’.
    3. Click on the padlock icon at the bottom of the ‘Get Info’ window and enter your password.
    4. Set the permissions as follows:
    Your user name (Me) = Read & Write
    Wheel = Read & Write
    Everyone = Read & Write
    5. Click on the gear icon to the left of the padlock and choose ‘Apply to enclosed items’.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Close the ‘Get Info’ window.
    8. Log into each user account and create an alias to the new shared iTunes library in their User/Home/Music folder (the default location for the iTunes library).
    Note: If an iTunes library already exists in the users ‘Music’ folder you will need to delete this first and don’t forget to backup just in case something goes wrong.
    Each account will now be able to access the same shared music library.
    One final thing which usually catches people out. You will need to tell iTunes to ‘Keep iTunes Music folder organised’ and ‘Copy files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to library’.
    To do this:
    1. Open iTunes
    2. From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences
    3. Click Advanced
    4. Select the ‘Keep iTunes Music folder organised’ option
    5. Select the ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library file’ option
    6. Click OK
    Note: This needs to be done in both user accounts.
    The only slight down side of this method is that if I add any new music to the shared iTunes library in my account, my wife has access but she isn’t able to change the info (artist name, album, track number etc…) as I am the owner of that music (the files have standard permissions applied when added so I have Read & Write access but my wife has read only access). The same applies if my wife adds some music through her user account. This isn’t a problem for me as I’m the one who manages the library and adds music, my wife simply wants to be able to access it.
    If you want to manually change the permissions so that both users can change info, simply navigate to the ‘iTunes Music’ folder which is located in Users/Shared/Music/iTunes/ and Change the permissions using the same method above, making sure you ‘Apply to enclosed items’.
    This will need to be repeated each time any new music is added. If you want to know how to set things up so both users can change info on tracks without having to manually change permissions each time then this can be done, but it will require delving into ACL permissions.
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  • How to manage one library with two accounts

    how to manage one library with two accounts

    you can only be logged into one account at a time on the iTunes store. However, you can authorize your computer for both accounts, making your computer work with both. In the menu bar just click [Store > Authorize Computer]

  • How to share Itunes library with multiple users on same laptop

    I have a macbook pro and am the administrator. I have a profile for my daughter as well. How can I share my itunes library with her without manually loading all the songs on her profile which would take up more memory. Can someone please send me a step by step guide as I am struggling with this. Thanks. Jasu UK.

    Move the iTunes library to a location accessible by all accounts on the computer, such as /Users/Shared/ on a Mac, which can be done from the Advanced section of the iTunes preferences. Next, open her copy of iTunes, turn off the option to automatically copy songs to the iTunes Music folder from the same section of the preferences, and drag the folder into the open iTunes window.

  • How to share a library with two apple id's?

    We have one library on the iMac. And only 1 computer - so home sharing is not the solution.
    My husband and I each have our own Apple id and iphones. How does he get access to our library as we have only one as he is a new Apple user. Where am I meant to save the library so he can log in under his User name on the iMac and then open iTunes and see the same library that I open?
    Many thanks.

    You should continue to use your old ID for iTunes, if you don't you will have difficulties using your purchased content.
    You can use either the new or the old ID for iCloud, iCloud is just a sync service so you won't actually lose anything by using one or the other.
    If you'd prefer to use the same ID for both and your contact and calendar info is in your iCloud account using your new ID, you can always transfer that data to the other account and delete the new account altogether.

  • HT204053 how to share my songs with other computers in house

    how to share music with other computers in house

    There is a Setting in The Settings app to turn this on or off. I now I found it once and turned it on. But now, I can't seem to find it to tell you how to turn it off.

  • Happy Christmas - can't share my library with other users on my PC

    So my daughter is fed up, i buy itunes on my user name in our Windows XP, but she has a different itunes library in her user area and she cannot see my library. I am the guy with the credit card but i cannot see how to export tunes to her library. I guess we can create a central one and share it but i dont know how to do it.
    Any advice gratefully received.
    dell   Windows XP  

    Copy the .m4p files you buy from iTunes to another location on the computer she can access - like the Shared Documents folder. She can then add them to her iTunes.
    You may want to look into Gift Cards, Allowances, and "Gift Song" options as well. For any of these options, don't create an iTunes Store account for your daughter until you have a gift card ready to use. From her XP signon, go to the store and start the "redeem" process. You'll be prompted to create an account, and when you enter through this "doorway", you'll have an option select "no credit card" for the account. That way she'll be limited to using gift cards, allowances, and gifted songs for purhcases.

  • How to share itunes library with multiple users, and keep organised

    I'm using iTunes (v12) on Windows 7 and am trying to set myself up so that multiple users on this PC are sharing the same library. I've followed the guidance mentioned on a couple of other threads, and put the library in the Users\Public\Music location, and on each user account have pointed iTunes to this location. This has worked OK, as both users can see all the music.
    However, problems arise when User A deletes a couple of files (duplicates for example) - User B logs in, and the song is still listed in the library, but with an alert stating the original file cannot be located. They then have to go through the library and also delete these entries. Equally, if User B adds some music files (as opposed to iTunes downloads), they are not visible to User A until they "Add file to library..."
    Are there any further steps that I can take to keep both users views of the library identical, without manual intervention by the second user whenever the first makes a change?

    The way you've set it up each user has a distinct library, but is accessing a common set of media files and folders.  To accomplish what you want, you need to have a complete iTunes library (database + media) in a common location - typically this would be C:\Users\Public\Music\iTunes.  See turingtest2's notes on Make a split library portable for the steps that may be needed to bring your library into a suitable structure.  Based on your description, you'll need to select one user's library (C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl) to act as the shared "master" and move this to the Public folders.
    Then, for each user, hold down SHIFT while starting iTunes - when you get this prompt:
    click on Choose Library..., navigate to C:\Users\Public\Music\iTunes, select the iTunes Library.itl file you'll find there, and click Open (you'll only need to do this once for each user account).
    Note, though, that iTunes is inherently a single-user application - any attempts to run iTunes at the same time will cause errors (and, in the worst case, possible corruption).  For this reason, its a good idea to disable fast user switching in Windows so that only one user can be logged in, and running iTunes, at the same time.

  • How to share iPhoto library with Windows 7 Media Center?

    Is there a way to share an iPhoto library over a local network with a Windows 7 Media Center PC? I have a Mac Pro that has my iPhoto library [about 9,500 pictures and about a hundred videos] which is about 70GB. I also have a Windows 7 PC connected to my plasma TV for media, most of which is drawn from a 5TB NAS. Ideally, I'd like a way for my Mac Pro to keep a copy of the photos and videos on the NAS [the original should stay on the Mac Pro] without requiring me to manually copy over the new photos.
    My understanding is that iPhoto isn't designed to do any type of cross-platform sharing whatsoever, but hopefully I'm wrong. I would definitely appreciate any help; thank you!

    Thanks for your input, Terence Devlin. At this point, I'm not even looking for a cross-platform media server application. I'm looking for (and wondering why iPhoto doesn't have) a way for us to use iPhoto in a way that it already functions.
    What I mean by locking you in is that Apple is saying, if you do it our way, (iPhoto/iTunes/iPhone/iPod) you can get the functionality you want, but even within that ecosystem, it's inconsistent. Like I mentioned previously, syncing photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch through iTunes gets you all the photos organized by events. And clearly, iTunes/iPhoto is capable of reading the iPhoto database, and pulling out the photos and organizing them by events. Yet we can't do it from iPhoto itself. And that's not even getting into Apple saying Spotlight on the iPhone searches through everything...except photos...even though with iPhoto '09 they're encouraging us to tag faces and places...I just think it's odd/a shame that Apple is hiding existing functionality from its users.
    At any rate, I will be giving that other application a try.
    (p.s. you can't "aggregate out" something and get something smaller; aggregate as a verb means to gather together or sum up, and as a noun means the total or summation.)

  • How to share numbers documents with other users?

    I created a numbers document and would like to be able to allow someone else to access the document using icloud.

    This should help:

  • Sharing iTunes library with other users (on Vista)

    I'm posting this for my sister who just purchased a new computer running Vista. She's set up a user account for herself as well as one for each of my two nephews. We've successfully moved over her iTunes music folder from her laptop and can now access it and listen through her account.
    However, we'd like to set it up so that my two nephews can also listen to the music from their user accounts. My oldest nephew also has a shuffle that would sync to it.
    I've found a link to information about sharing, but I still need to clarify a few things.
    Here's the link:
    On this page, it describes how "to share your music with other accounts on the computer" and also how "to listen to another account's music files".
    Exactly how are these two things different? I'm pretty sure that I probably want the first of the two, but I'm not positive.
    And once we successfully set this up, would we have to sync the shuffle via my sister's main account or could it be synced from any of them?

    Let's answer your second question first ...
    And once we successfully set this up, would we have to sync the shuffle via my sister's main account or could it be synced from any of them?
    Any of them.
    ... and your first question second.
    Exactly how are these two things different?
    The first part - sharing your music with other accounts - makes the music available to the other users on the computer.
    It is then up to the other users to decide whether or not they want to make use of the available music, hence the second part - listening to another account's music files - which, as the article says, must be repeated "for each account that is listening to shared music."

Maybe you are looking for