How to share internet connection with KDE networkmanager applet

I mainly use wireless around my house and like to use one computer to share it's wireless to another when installing Arch, until I can get KDE and networkmanager installed so I can easily connect to the wireless. I've always been able to easily share internet connections with Ubuntu, but when I try it with Arch, with Gnome OR KDE (and their respective applets), It just doesn't work.
Is there some library or backend I need to install to make ICS work?
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If this helps at all, here is what I am currently trying: I open up the network settings KDE Control Module, select "Wired", select the device (eth0) and click edit, and under the "IPv4 Address" tab  selecting "Shared" from the "Method" drop-down.
Also, to make it clearer, I am trying to share wlan0(on device 1) through eth0 to eth0 on device 2. Also, device 2 is running the Arch setup and I am telling it to connect to eth0 via DHCP after I select the remote mirror to use. I have managed to do this before when device 1 ran Ubuntu.
I've searched Google, the forums, read the wiki pages for KDE and networkmanager, and can't seem to find a mention of internet connection sharing (pertaining to my usage case; the forums have some posts of people trying to use their computer to broadcast eth0, I'm trying to do the opposite) anywhere on them. In fact, I'll gladly write the section myself if I figure this problem out.
Hope this extra information helps!

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    Your touch can connect to your wireless network via WiFi. How your network is setup makes all of the difference on whether or not you can connect, however.
    If your desktop is connected via Ethernet (even with a USB adaptor) you may be able to use the desktop as an ad hoc wireless network. This is possible on Macs ad Vista machines, not sure on XP.
    Your best bet is a wireless router, however. They generally have more range than an ad hoc setup and have additional benefits such as a firewall and network security. You would connect your broadband connection to your wireless router and then all of your devices, wired or wireless would connect through your router.

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    Hi, I've got a mac pro, connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable to the cable modem. How can I add a PC Laptop with a wireless card, to the cable modem. Considering that the MacPro is not Airport friendly. Thanks

    Probably the best bang for buck wireless router is no doubt the Linksys WRT54GL. You can flash it with a 3rd party firmware, like DD-WRT (which is much more stable) and enables you to do all kinds of different things with it like VPN, Wireless Bridge, to name a few.
    Also, Linksys routers IMHO are rock solid even without 3rd party firmware. They work great for both Mac & PC.

  • PowerBook AE wireless. How to share internet connection with a XP laptop?

    I'm running a wireless network in my house:
    Powerbook running the latest OS X.
    Airpot Express connected to Comcast Broadband
    Need to set it up for a XP exuipped laptop.
    If I set up Internet sharing in the Sys Prefs, the computer is able to log on my network, but my PowerBook loses the ability - the airport menu bar icon changes - instead of the 4 round signal waves it shows an upward arrow.
    How do I set it up so I can have both computers running online?
    Do I need Airport Extreme? Is Airport Express even capable of this?

    I'm still trying, but every time I start internet sharing, the outside laptops can use the network, but my own PB loses it and the airport icon always turns into an arrow.... no network access available to me at all. Highly inconvenient.
    Is there any way around it?

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    I want to share internet connection from notebook to my mobile phone (Keon) with micro usb cord (because I don't have wifi). I found in Firefox OS (version: Boot2Gecko Settings only the possibility to share internet from mobile phone to PC. I use a Debian based OS: Knoppix. I tried to accomplish this with Networking Manager and I did a new wired connection via my phone with "Shared to other computers" IPv4 Settings and with FE:...:02 (usb0) MAC address. But on my phone there is not internet although the connecton between my notebook and phone is estableshed.

    Hi Pimpo,
    Thank you for posting your question. I was trying to reproduce your the Shared network, and I would love to know what kind of network you used to connect. This is not possible as of yet and I will file a bug being able to do this, but to make sure I have the right steps on the bug can you confirm the set up of the shared network please?
    Also this is currently not possible because the software does not know how to send network traffic over usb, assuming you do not have the ability to turn the computer into a wifi hot spot, which I would recommend instead...

  • Using time capsule to share internet connection with a pc via ethernet

    I've recently acquired a time capsule and was wondering if i could use it to share a wireless internet connection via ethernet to my non-wireless (windows 7) pc?
    My current situation is that i have a wireless modem/router that shares my internet connection wirelessly with my mac mini.
    I have a pc without a wireless card that i want to connect to the wireless network so i was wondering if it was possible to attach the pc and the time capsule with an ethernet cable, then connect the time capsule to the wireless network and share the internet connection with the pc.
    Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and if so how?

    Welcome to the discussion area!
    IF...your wireless network is now being created by another Apple "n" router like an AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express or Time Capsule, it would be possible to do what you want to do.
    But the Time Capsule would not be compatible for what you want if your wireless is created by another manufacturer's router. The Time Capsule could "join" this wireless network so that backups would occur over wireless. However, when the Time Capsule is configured this way, the ethernet ports on the device are not active, so this would not help with the ethernet connection that your computer needs.
    A new AirPort Express 802.11n would do what you want. It has the capability of joining virtually any wireless network and the ethernet port can be enabled using the ProxySTA feature, so it would work for your purpose.

  • I want to share internet connection with external IP

    Hello, guys.
    I am running 2010 2.4GHz Mac Mini with 2GB RAM. My inernet cable goes directly to my Mac with no router whatsoever. Here's my problem:
    I'm trying to set up a game server (Minecraft). So I need port 25565 to be opened. I managed to do that on my Mac and it's working perfectly. But now I want to host that server on my laptop (running Windows 7).
    When I share my internet connection with that laptop and run the server and then check the port using I get message that that port is closed, connection refused.
    After few hours of no results (adding Firewall rules, trying to port forward (before I see that port forwading can be done only using a router)) I call up my ISP and the guy tells me that when my Mac shares the internet connection, my laptop's IP is internal thus making the server that it's running invisible to others. My question is:
    How do I share the Mac's connection via WiFi so that the laptop gets external (visible to the public) IP?
    I really hope I made my problem clear.

    Get a router.
    The internet is a dangerous place for a computer without a properly configured firewall.
    Also, when you get said router, look at the Logmein Hamachi VPN. It provides a point to point vpn connection which should resolve your minecraft issues.

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    This is the situation: in one room there's an old Mac, the modem which delivers the internet and the AirPort Extreme which is connected to the modem.
    In another room there's the Mac Pro, the Time Capsule which is connected to the Mac Pro with an ethernet cable and to a printer via USB.
    I want the AirPort Extreme to wirelessly share it's internet connection with the Time Capsule so that the Time Capsule can share the printer with all three Macs (old Mac, Mac Pro and Macbook Pro), the Mac Pro can use the Time Capsule for Time Machine functionality and maybe the Macbook Pro too.
    And just using the Time Capsule for internet.
    How can I do this?
    At the moment the AirPort Extreme is disconnected and the Time Capsule is used instead, but this way I can't share the printer...

    Is that AirPort Extreme "flat" or dome-shaped?  If it's flat (802.11n-capable), you should be able to configure the "main" router to "Allow this network to be extended" and the other to "Join a wireless network".  If the Extreme is dome-shaped, then you need a more-complicated "WDS" arrangement.  In either case it shouldn't matter much which router plays which role.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "And just using the Time Capsule for internet."
    Nathan-NL wrote:
    At the moment the AirPort Extreme is disconnected and the Time Capsule is used instead, but this way I can't share the printer...
    Is the printer connected to the USB port of the Time Capsule?  Can you see the printer in the "Printer" panel of AirPort Utility?  What happens when you try to use it from one of the Macs?

  • IPhone 3GS can't share internet connection with a windows 7 64 bit version?

    I have an iPhone 3GS with the latest iOS installed, then the personal hotspot option is ON and it shares internet connection to a laptop with Windows 7, 32 bit version and with the latest version of itunes installled (
    But when I connect this same iPhone to another laptop with Windows 7, 64 bit version with the latest version of itunes 64 bit, there is no internet sharing, no error, no signal of fails, it is just as if the hotspot option were OFF.
    Its is posible to share internet from iPhone 3GS to a PC with Windows 7, 64 bit version?

    Hey there @slee , welcome back
    I would suggest trying the steps in this guide for the installation troubles you are having on your one specific Windows 7 computer.
    Windows 7: The Progress Bar on the Software Installation Stops or Stalls
    You can also try disabling your firewall while you run the installation to see if that helps.
    Let me know the results!
    Have a great Thursday
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  • How to share internet connection using 5G wifi/channel 36~48

    I'm using a 15 inch late 2013 MacBook Pro with retina display running 10.10.1 and iPhone 5S A1530 running iOS 8.1.
    I use an Apple thunderbolt to ethernet adapter at work for internet and it's all cool and fine.
    The problem comes when I try to share the internet connection with my phone through wifi. It's alright if I use channel 1 to 11. But when I try the 5G channels: 36, 40, 44, 48, it just doesn't work. The wifi icon in the top right corner of my screen has a wave animation and then nothing. It just goes back to grey instead of an arrow pointing upwards. In the slimmest hope of a display error, I search nearby wifi signal with my phone and nothing.
    I have a 5G router at home and both my laptop and my phone can connect to its 5G signal. So the hardware should be fine.
    It's weird since it should be working as Apple decided to put an option there for user to choose from all the channels, among which lie the four 5G channels.
    So to conclude, my laptop with a functioning 5G wifi module can share internet connection through 2.4G wifi but not 5G.
    Hope someone could help me with it. Thanks.

    I've turned on NAT and attempted to create a new Subnet using DHCP but it doesn't offer me Airport in the network interface menu (only en0 and fw0). Airport is turned on in network system prefs.
    Have you actually configured the AirPort network with its own IP address settings (in a different subnet from the wired ethernet port)?
    Having the interface enabled isn't enough to make it a viable gateway interface. It needs an IP address/subnet mask too.

  • How to share Internet connection from Leopard to iPhone 3G?

    How do you share Internet connection from Leopard to iPhone 3G?
    So far I've managed to create a network and I joined my iPhone to the network. But when I turn on Internet Sharing from Leopard, iPhone's Safari won't use the connection. It either starts to use EDGE/3G or says that it isn't connected to the Internet...
    What went wrong?

    I have managed to get it work, but only when I completely turn my desktop computer's firewall off. To do this, select the Security icon in System Preferences, then click the Firewall tab. Next, select the 'Allow all incoming connections' option. I wish there was a way to configure individual ports so that I didn't have to leave my firewall wide open, but I haven't figured out how to do that so far.

  • How to Share Internet connection using cable with ...

    i am using N70, i wonder any way to share my pc broadband connection with my phone using cable. anyone know?

    nobody know ?

  • Can't share internet connection with iPad since installing Time Capsule

    Until today, I've used Earthlink's DSL service with a Netopia DSL modem with an ethernet connection to my iMac through a Linksys WRT54G router. My iPads (1 & 2) have been able to simultaneously share the internet connection over wifi.
    Today, I installed a Time Capsule and removed the old Linksys router. I'm still using Earthlink's DSL service with the same Netopia DSL modem, and I still have an ethernet connection to my iMac, but through the Time Capsule now. I can get online from the iMac without problems.
    But my iPad can no longer connect as they did previously. When I try to visit a website using Safari on the iPad, I get the message, "The Internet connection s currently in use by another computer. Enter your DSL Account logon password to switch the Internet connection to this computer." If I enter the DSL account password on the iPad, I can get online, but then the iMac is knocked offline.
    How can I go back to sharing the connection so that any of the devices can get online at the same time?

    I found another thread right after I posted and seem to have solved the problem following the steps described there (plus a couple more).

  • How to share internet connection from cable modem through built-in airport on imac?

    I have a cable modem with ethernet going into imac. How can I share the internet connection using the iMacs built in airport with other computers that have airport cards?
    I would love to put an ethernet router between the imac and the modem and share the internet connection using the iMacs built in airport with other computers that have airport cards as well.

    The setup I had working is what I have connected to the internet now. A cable modem with one ethernet jack that plugs into the iMac. The airport from the iMac broadcast to my G5 with an airport card in it and received the internet connection. The PC received it the same way from the iMac but to a Netgear wireless adapter.
    I messed things up recently adding a wired 4 port ethernet router between the iMac and the modem, so that the modem ethernet plugged into the router, and from the router, plugged into the iMac which then could receive the internet but no more airport connections to my other machines. Haven't been able to get it working since.

  • How to share internet-connection over vpn

    first, sorry for my bad english...
    i have a mac mini 2011 with os x mavericks and os x server.
    i use a vpn connection for my mobile clients. these clients need to connect to the internet with the same connection as the server.
    how do i share the connection for my vpn clients?

    Mr. cgwaldt:
    I just ran some tests and confirmed the method.  To mask your ip address via your vpn do the following.
    1. Create a vpn connection to your server.
    2. Use Finder to start your  This app is located at /System/Library/CoreServices/ScreenShare
    3. When you start the app, it will ask you for the ip address of the network computer.  Enter the ip address of your server.
    4. Log in with a registered account on that server.
    5. Do all your work through the shared screen.
    I have taken a screen shot.  You will see two browsers in the screen shot.  One is open on my local computer, and the other is open on the ShareScreen app.  The one in the ShareScreen app shows the static IP address of my office.  The one that is on my local machine shows the dynamic IP address provided by my mobile internet provider.  Note, my advice in a previous post was not entirely correct; I am forcing all traffic through the VPN tunnel in this picture, and I expected my local machine to have the static ip address that is the same as the one in the ShareScreen app.  Even with all network traffic going back to my home server, I run into the problem that you spoke of, but the solution is to use that connection to work from a home computer, and then the problem is solved.
    Any work you do on your server using the ShareScreen app will use internet packets marked with your static IP address.  The connection was not nearly as slow as I had thought it would be. There is a delay between the typing of text and the appearing of the text on the screen, but if you are good at typing, this should not slow you down.
    In this example, the webpage that is showing would be the one that you would use for your billing.  That IP address is the static IP of my office, which is where the "Mavericks1" computer is located.
    For this test, I used a mobile hotspot on an Android Ice Cream Sandwhich operating system running on an HTC Rizound celular phone.  The connection speed is mediocre, and the delay was not bad.  If you are working in a hotel or have access to a much better wireless connection, then the delay will probably be minimal at best.
    I hope this helps.

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