How to speedup receiving signal from Oscilloscope

hello every one. 
i have a TEK Oscilloscope(TDS 2012C) and i wnat to analyse signale in labview  that i receive from Oscilloscope. i do it, but it shows in labview so slow with delay. i want to receive signals like Oscilloscope lcd! 
please help me.
Tektronix TDS 200 1000 2000 Series Acquire Continuous ‏30 KB

samle of signal
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  • How to receive signal from Roland RD300SX in Logic Pro 8??

    Hello everyone,
    I have problems with setting Logic to receive any signal from my piano - Roland RD300SX.
    I have installed the drivers for the piano and was hoping that Logic will simply "see" it, but unfortunately it doesn't.
    I have been looking for information in the Logic manual, clicking and unclicking many options for the last few hours and nothing seems to work.
    When I enable input monitoring all that happens is to receive signal from my built in microphone.
    I know that the USB cable works well because when I go computer information I can see Roland being plugged in to one of my USB ports. So this must a Logic setting problem...
    I will be extremely grateful for any information and help!!
    Thank you in advance!!
    All the best,

    Sampleconstruct thank you for your answers, I finally found the solution.
    The Roland was not appearing in the Audio Midi Setup and it wasn't recognized until I changed one setting in the piano itself. Despite the fact that I had a CD with the USB drivers which were set up in my computer, it finally worked when I switched the USB driver setting into the "Generic" one (which means that it doesn't use the drivers from the provided CD but the ones of my OS). I don't know why it prefers the OS drivers since there is a CD provided especially for that reason, but the most important is that everything works now!:)

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    Does it not show the presence of a wifi signal, or just not connect?
    Some things to try first:
    1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.
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    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Hp laserjet 1300 not receive signals from computer

    HP Laserjet 1300 seems not to receive signals from my computer. Please explain
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Are you networked or USB cabled into from the printer into the computer?
    What OS are you using?
    If you are on windows 7 and networked in, then you need to check and make sure the that the IP address of the printer is listed as the same in the port settings.
    If you are on windows 7 and are using a USB cable, then you have to load the printer through the IN-OS driver. See the link below...
    Install the driver included in the Windows 7 operating system (OS)
    If you are using some other OS or driver, please let me know.
    I am an HP employee.
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  • HT201397 My "remote" can't control my Apple TV, however apple tv still received signal from "remote"

    My "remote" can't control my Apple TV, however apple tv still received signal from "remote" . Before that I have to press and hold the menu button, then the "remote" icon appeared on the screen.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Your Apple TV may have become paired with another remote. Hold the remote close to and pointed at the Apple TV, hold down the menu and Rewind buttons together for 6 seconds or until you see a broken chain icon on screen.

  • How to trap (interrupt) signal from JVM

    How to capture (interrupt) signal from JVM in case of JVM termination due to Error/RuntimeException in shell script (Unix/Linux OS). Is it possible?
    I am executing an java class from shell script. In cetain condition it throws RuntinmeException.
    I want to capture the signal from terminating JVM in case of the RuntimeException.
    How to acheive this ? Can any one solve this problem ?

    Using the POSIX signal java program , We can trap the JVM signals.
    Addition info
    Use sun.misc.SignalHandler - interface
    and MEthod sun.misc.Signal.handle( new sun.misc.Signal(signalName), this );

  • My iphone 4 does not receive signals from my carrier

    my iphone 4 does not receive signals from carrier

    Tap Settings App>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. If this not help may be Carrier problem, contact them. If still problem could be faulty iPhone.

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    I own an AppleTV, my roomate uses a Macbook and I have the Macbook Pro, and they all use the same remote control and signal. Anytime we use the remote for the AppleTV it sends our notebooks into Front Row. Is there anyway to disable the mac's ability to receive the signal from the remotes?

    What you need to do is pair each Apple Remote so that it's only recognised by the Mac it's paired with. The following Apple KB Documents will guide you on how to achieve this:
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    *Pairing your Apple Remote with your computer*

  • How LabVIEW get interrupt signal from microcontroller

    I try to write a LabVIEW program to test PC Oscilloscope using microcontroller and parallel port.
    The program will triger the microcontroller and wait for the interrupt signal from the microcontroller.
    Then read the data and show the display.
    I defined my ECP port as bi-directional and IRQ enable.
    The problem I faced in here is how to get interrupt service in LabVIEW 5.1 without DAQ board.
    My computer's IRQ is 07 and I would like to control interrupt service by using parallel port.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Best Regards,

    I was very interested looking for possible answers to your question - no feedback from other people - o.k.
    I think, that I have some experience with LabVIEW and
    the use of printerport on different operating systems (Win9x,WinNT,W2k). But I would solve your problem with
    polling of that "filtered" bit on printerport. If some- body has a better idea - let me know. If you have questions about interfacing @ printerport - please write to: [email protected]

  • How do you receive iMessages from a device other than the iPhone they originally are being sent to?

    I'm trying to receive iMessages from a phone other than my own. How do I receive them, I have both Apple IDs and both passwords but do not have current access to the phone I'm trying to get the iMessages from.

    Do you have the other phone's Apple ID active in your iPhone iMessage setting? If not, then you would not get them. And, the person sending the iMessage would have to be sending to the Apple ID and not the phone number.

  • Monitor not receiving signal from computer

    I have an Envy 700-074 and I bought a EVGA Geforce GTX 660 (Superclocked) video card to use with it this past July.  It worked very well for the past few months until mid-September when I started having problems while play WOW (I had no problems playing other games that required more video than WOW or in doing my 3d rendering). So two days ago I contacted Blizzard support for advice and they told me to run this display driver uninstaller from guru 3d to totally remove the nvidia drivers from my computer and then reinstall them fresh.  Well when I ran the driver remover program, my screen went black and now I can't get any display response at all from my computer.  The monitor says it is receiving no signal from my computer.  I tried with both a DVI hookup and a VGA hookup and got same response.  Please tell me what I can do to fix this. I need my computer. 

    Hello @Eanori,
    Yes re-formatting should get you your drivers back and at the very least give you a clean build to work from. I am going to provide you with all the steps to backup and recover your computer back to factory settings. To backup your personal information and ensure that it is not lost I would like you to review and follow the steps set out in the HP Support document: Backing Up Your Files (Windows 8), which will ensure your personal files are up to date.
    ***WARNING!! If you want to keep any emails or bookmarks/favorites you will want to back those up as well as I do not believe they are backed up in the HP Backup process.
    Next, I would like you to review and follow the steps set out in the HP Support document: Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8), which will you through recovering your computer back to factory settings.
    *** IMPORTANT - Your personal files such as libraries, personalization settings, user accounts, and desktop themes are permanently removed. As well the computer settings are returned to the defaults (the way it was when it came from the factory). All apps and software that were installed on the computer when it came from the factory are reinstalled, and their settings are reset to the defaults. Additionally, software, apps, programs, and everything that you have installed or saved on the computer are permanently removed.
    If the above steps did not resolve your issue please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.​t.html
    I would like to thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
    Please click the "Thumbs Up" on the bottom right of this post to say thank you if you appreciate the support I provide!
    Also be sure to mark my post as “Accept as Solution" if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others who face the same challenge find the same solution.
    I work on behalf of HP
    Find out a bit more about me by checking out my profile!
    "Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong." ~ Donald Porter

  • How to stop receiveing emails from email account?

    Hi have a new pearl 8110.  I have it thru AT&T.  I have it configured thru BES.  I receive work emails thru the BES.  I was experimenting with the personal email and set it up to receive emails from my personal earthlink email account.  I decided I do not like that set up since I am unable to set the BB up so that work and personal emails go to separate folders (the personal ones will go to a separate folder and the general email folder and the work emails go to the general folder only).
    At any rate, I want to delete the earthlink email account from the BB.  I deleted it from the servicebook, but I still am getting emails?
    Any idea how to remedy this so that the earthlink emails stop showing up?
    Go to Solution.

    Go to E-mail Settings icon on your home screen. Login using the user name and password (if passoword used while setting initial setup).  Go to Email Accounts under services and hit the delete button under the email ID that you want to delete.
    If your query is resolved then please click on “Accept as Solution”
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  • HT5538 I am only receiving iMessages to my macbook now and not to my iPhone.  How can I receive them from both?

    I am only receiving my imessages through my macbook, and not my iphone anymore, I want to be able to receive them from both, how do I do this?

    This user explains it all in this post:
    iMessage on iPad and iPhone Explained and De-Mystified

  • After I did a reset my gps app will not receive signals from my remote G PS device. I have an iPad 2 wi-if only. The remote GPS device is pared and has a strong signal. I reinstalled my gps app, no luck.

    After I did a reset my gps apps will not receive a signal from my remote GPS receiver. The GPS app wa working fine before. I reloaded the app but no luck. My remote GPS receiver is paired to my iPad and has a strong signal.

    Hi there.
    Thank you very much for your quick reply, it's really appreciated.
    No need to apologize, I actually found the phrase "If your iPad ever craps the bed" amusing under the circumstances
    I checked the list of installed apps like you suggested (Settings>General>Usage>Storage>Show all apps) but this problem app is not in the list. I have also swiped down on the home screen to search for it, but again it does not show.
    While it has not let me download the app (and I just tried it again) it has helped me to eliminate a few things from the list of what to try, and I can definitely conclude that it has not downloaded.
    I guess I need to fire up my PC and download it / sync my iPad.
    Thanks again for your help

  • How would i acquire signals from a philips viridia patient monitor?

    i'm looking for a simple way to acquire patient vital sign trend data
    (BP, pulse, etc) from our Philips Viridia patient monitors in the ER.
    How can I capture these signals using biobench?

    You can use a software application called MECIFView.  It uses the MECIF protocol to acquire these signals from certain patient monitors (such as the Viridia).  You can download a demo version at 

Maybe you are looking for

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