How to stop itunes autofilling on my iphone 5

how to stop itunes autofilling on my iphone 5
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It is not possible to install the iTunes store on an iPhone, nor is it necessary.
The iTunes store app is already installed in iOS and cannot be removed.
What is the real problem that is occurring?

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  • How to stop iTunes from launching when iPhone is connected?

    I have the "Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods" checked in my Windows version if iTunes. But when I try to charge my iPhone, it still comes up. Is there any way to disable this. Windows also detects a camera device. I do all my iPhone stuff at home on my Mac, but at work I have a PC and I want to be able to charge my phone using the USB cable. But I don't want iTunes to launch or the PC to detect the camera device. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Here's what I did using Windows Vista Home Premium. First, when I connected my iPhone, an AutoPlay dialog box popped up asking me what I wanted to do. Towards the bottom, there was some blue text that stated "Set AutoPlay defaults in Control Panel" and I clicked on it. When the Control Panel AutoPlay applet opened up, I scrolled down towards the bottom and found a list of devices which included "Apple iPhone." From there, I selected "Take No Action" from the drop-down list and have lived happily ever after.
    Hope that helped. Good luck.

  • Any one know how to stop iTunes movies from playing menu music when movie is paused?

    Anyone know how to stop iTunes movies from playing menu music when the movie has been paused?

    JourneyMan24 wrote:
    Anyone know how to stop iTunes movies from playing menu music when the movie has been paused?
    Can't. This is done for the individual movie, not by iTunes.
    Some have it, most don't.

  • HT1688 How to stop toll roads on my iphone maps

    How to stop toll roads on my  iphone 5s

    What do you mean?
    Do you want to bypass tolls or something?
    What map service are you using?
    If you're using Apple maps, see Google Maps

  • How to stop iTunes creating a new library on my hard drive when it can't find the one I have created and told it to use on an external drive?

    I have quite alot of music etc so to save hard drive space I have created my iTunes library on an external hard drive. If I ever accidentaly open iTunes when that external hard drive isn't attached iTunes makes a whole new library from scratch on my computers hard drive. I find this highly frustrating as I often open Itunes to find no music as it have changed librarys and I have to re-load my actual library: very frustraiting and time consuming.
    I would like to know if it is possible to lock iTunes some how to stop it from changing folders when it can'f find the library, or atleast give me a warning that it can't find the library before creating a whole new one????

    Tunes works through a database file which has a list of your tracks.  When you click on a track it looks up in the database which file it needs to play, then plays the file.  If something breaks this link then you get !  The two main ways to get ! are to move a file from where iTunes expects it to be, or to delete it altogether.  I don't know which has happened in your case.  You can try using Spotlight to find a file for the one referred to in a broken link.  If the files have been moved then they need to be moved back.  If they were deleted completely you will have to restore them from a backup or download them again from the iTunes Store and rebuild your library.

  • How to stop itunes to react to the play key and apple remote?

    I guess this one is a popular one:
    How can I stop iTunes from starting anytime I hit the "Play" / F8 key? The same for the Apple remote.
    I don't want to use iTunes for music playback (It just can't handle my library and lacks tons of options like browse by date, etc.) other players have. I just need it to pump stuff into my iPod Touch (otherwise would have simply removed it from the system completely).
    I am using an iMac and Macbook Pro with OSx 10.6.4.
    Any working solutions appreciated; ideally an undocumented switch in the OS.
    @Apple: This is annoying. The system is all about ease of use and most of the time it works great. Running into an issue like this is simply negating the whole philosophy.
    Thanks and regs

    this takes a while but if you want to hear the end of your songs do this:
    1.right click on a song on the options tab
    3.there is a space that reads: stop time. change that time to five seconds later and you will hear the end of the song
    hope this helps

  • How to stop Aperture starting up when iPhone is plugged in?

    Hi all,
    silly question... but Aperture keeps opening whenever my iPhone is plugged in. Does anyone know how to stop this? Not a big deal... but its getting annoying!
    Thanks in advance!

    And, if you want Aperture to launch when you connect your camera, but not when you connect your iPhone, open Image Capture when your iPhone is connected, highlight your iPhone in the sidebar, and select the No Application option in the lower left-hand corner where it says "connecting this iPhone opens"
    You can have different options for each device.

  • HT4623 how to download itunes 11.1 to iphone 5

    how to download latest itunes 11.1 to iphone 5

    You don't.
    iTunes on the iPhone came preinstalled with the IOS.
    You can download iTunes 11.1.3 for your computer.

  • HT3939 how to install itunes app on my iphone 5?

    Hi im trying to install i tunes store in my iphone 5 and a cant and i want to know how can you help me please.....

    It is not possible to install the iTunes store on an iPhone, nor is it necessary.
    The iTunes store app is already installed in iOS and cannot be removed.
    What is the real problem that is occurring?

  • Wanting to know how to use itunes radio on my iphone

    I'm inquiring as to how I can use the itunes radio on my iphone ?

    There is no facility in the iPhone for handling iTunes radio. There are third-party apps in the App Store that can play radio from the internet, although not for all the stations in iTunes Radio.

  • How to get itunes purchased on old iphone 4 to new iphone 4

    How do I get the songs I downloaded on my old phone onto my replacement phone????

    All iTunes content on your iPhone - all music, movies, tv shows, and 3rd party apps should be in your iTunes library on your computer.
    With Sync Music selected under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes, after downloading a song direct with the iPhone, the song will be copied to your iTunes library automatically the first time you sync your iPhone with iTunes after doing so. I don't believe the same applies when manually manage music and videos is used instead.

  • How to stop iTunes from adding songs to library automatically???

    I love iTunes and almost everything about it. Pretty much the one and only complaint with it is that every time I download a music file (not to my music folder), iTunes can be completely shut down, but starts up and adds the file to my library. I download a LOT of random files that I listen to once and delete immediately, or I will download music to one folder and move it to my music folder at a later date, so having iTunes automatically adding all of these files to the library on its own free will is going to force me to uninstall it. Is there any way to stop iTunes from doing this?????? Even if it were to just add the files only if I played them in iTunes vs any file I add my my computer?

    I think you aked this before and didn't get an answer. I don't really know, but here goes.
    Any thing iTunes plays it adds to the library and I guess that iTunes is set as your default player for the type of file you are downloading.
    You don't say exactly what you are doing but you are using another program to download music files. I am guessing that somewhere in the Options or Settings of the program you are using there is a setting to play after downloading, maybe you can turn that off?

  • How to stop iTunes from looking in old media folder location?

    Several years ago, I moved my iTunes media onto an external drive attached to my Airport Extreme, because I was  running out of room on the internal drive.
    I had all the usual problems with iTunes looking on the internal drive, but it mostly worked okay, as long as I didn't mind only being able to access my music at home.
    A few months ago, I got a 2TB internal drive, and told iTunes to use the default media folder location on the internal drive again. I also check to keep iTunes media folder organized, and to copy files to the iTunes media folder when adding them to the library. I had already manually copied the folder structure over from the external drive.
    I noticed that when I would start iTunes, I would see the activity light on the external drive, and it would be mounted on my Desktop. I checked, and the location for the media folder was still correct in preferences. I checked a file or two and (this seems to be gone in iTunes 12.1) it was still showing the file location on the other drive.
    I tried to manually "cut the cord" by renaming the folder on the external drive, but iTunes was cleverer than that.
    What do I need to do to stop iTunes from looking for files in the old location? I'd like to reclaim that space, but I'm afraid to remove anything over there, in case iTunes has been putting things over there instead of the new, correct location.
    This is a MacBook Pro 8,2 i7, with 10.10.3 and iTunes 12.1.x.

    Manually moving files yourself and telling iTunes where to store media in preferences does not do what oh so many people who come here with issues think it does. Changing iTunes' media storage preferences only tells iTunes where to store new media.  iTunes still looks for old media where it last saw it, namely on your external drive.  You have to let iTunes do the relocating of the old media files by consolidating to the internal drive.  It will cheerfully ignore any changes you do in Finder yourself.
    iTunes 12 for Mac: Change where your iTunes files are stored - - more information at: - and steps 5-8 in

  • How to refresh iTunes Match on the iPhone?

    I have around 12.000 songs on my iTunes AND iTunes Match (all have been matched / uploaded, no leftovers). When I turn on iTunes Match on my iPhone, it shows only 4200 tracks, not all the 12k.
    "Ok, let's turn off iTunes Match on the iPhone and turn it on again and see if it performs a refresh".
    I have then turned off iTunes Match on the iPhone, went back to the Music, and I saw that the 4200 tracks WERE STILL THERE, with the "download from the cloud" button. Weird, i have disabled iTunes Match on the Phone...
    "Let's try reboot the device"
    I have then rebooted the iphone, closing all the applications before doing it, and after the reboot (iTunes Match still disabled on the device), THE SONGS WERE STILL THERE WITH THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON...
    "Let's try turning itunes match on again, to see if the songs will be 12k"
    Turned on iTunes Match again on the device, the tracks DID NOT CHANGE. Only 4200.
    "But I want to play my music on my iphone!!! The tracks that were on the device have been deleted!!!"
    So my question is:
    Is there a way to force the "Music" app on the iPhone to perform a FORCED REFRESH of the iTunes Match library? Turning iTMatch off and on doesn't work.
    In the meantime, the only way for me to have my music on my iPhone is to turn iTMatch off, back up the iphone and perform a iPhone Restore... Seriously.

    Thanks to kirbyfromtrenton, I have tracked down at least a partial fix for this problem:
    1 - Turn off iTunes match in iTunes.
    2 - Turn off iTunes match on the iPhone.
    3 - Close iTunes and reopen.
    4 - Connect your iPhone.
    5 - Go into your music folder for the iPhone and delete all the songs.
    6 - Turn back on iTunes match in iTunes
    7 - Turn back on iTunes match on the iPhone
    All of my music is available once again, although I'm still not seeing my playlists or artwork. That could be because I'm overseas right now with a slow wi-fi connection though.

  • How to stop itunes making separate folders for every song

    Each time i open a new tune in itunes it keeps making a separate folder for them which i dont want, i just want all my tunes in itunes media/music folder as they are.
    I have unchecked to stop itunes organizing them but it still happens.
    Kind Regards

    an alternative approach would be to keep both options in the advanced preference tab checked and drag the content from its current location into an open iTunes window *while holding the option key*.
    iTunes will index the path to the original's location but not copy the file physically.
    avoids having to check the settings on the advanced tab every time.

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