How to tell the difference in contact phone numbers

I am sure I am just missing some exciting visual aid presented in the ui but for the life of me I can't tell which number I am calling in the "Recents" section of Contacts. This may be a bad habit but I always use my call list to redial people. Unfortunately I can't tell which number I am calling when it only presents names.
I have three numbers for my wife and her name appears over and over in the list. Problem is, as far as I can tell there is no way to tell which number I am calling.
Am I missing something? Do you always have to go to the actual contact to dial the correct number?

If you hit the blue "right arrow" on the Recents list, it will take you to the contact, and will put a blue star on the number that you were called from/to. It will also list the times that you spoke or missed a call from that number.
If your wife calls from the same number several times, it will have the number of missed calls in parens next to that entry, otherwise, it will list her several times, once for each number.

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    on the fly view of the DOM setting' or whatever tends to show the
    page as it is now, which would get around javascript loading
    THere is a free utility for Sothink called SWF Catcher that
    I've used, and presumably others like it.

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    Apple finally is selling non-DRM music and I've bought a couple songs in the past with ease. I like the system but I'm having a problem finding out which music is still using DRM.
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    How can I tell using iTunes Store which music is DRM protected, and which music is DRM free?

    Agreed, I have stopped buying from iTunes until they eliminate the restrictions, and have started replacing the songs I DID buy from iTunes with non copy protected ones from Amazon. I tell everyone not to buy from iTunes for exactly that reason. There are lots of other excellent options, which do not have the stupid restrictions that Apple has. The iPod is great, iTunes with DRM is incredibly annoying.

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    Thanks for all your help and ill need to do a few more tests before I can pass my answers on to my management.

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    I want to build a jsp page, which executes a method from a bean, dependingly on which submit-button has been pushed. To explain it, i've included some code.
    <form method="post" action="Default.jsp"><br>
    <input TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="BasicConfigurationDefault" VALUE="Default">
    <form method="post" action="Default.jsp"><br>
    <input TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="ServerOptionsDefault" VALUE="Default">
    These two submit to the same default.jsp page but the buttons have different names. Now i want the default.jsp page to recognize, from where the request came, by looking at the names, and forward them to the appropriate page. How can i do this? I tried using request.getparameters, but i can't figure it out in which parameter the name are from the submit buttons.
    thanks in advance,
    Hugo Hendriks

    <form method="post" action="Default.jsp"><br>
    <input TYPE="SUBMIT"
    SUBMIT" NAME="BasicConfigurationDefault"
    <form method="post" action="Default.jsp"><br>
    <input TYPE="SUBMIT"
    SUBMIT" NAME="ServerOptionsDefault" VALUE="Default">
    </form>In the first case you will receive a parameter called "BasicConfigurationDefault" with the value "Default" and in the second case, a parameter called "ServerOptionsDefault".
    I didn't try this with a POST method but with a GET method... I hope they do the same.
    If it's not working, just call a JavaScript function when you click on the buttons and set a value to an hidden field.

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    Hey Applechele,
    Thanks for the question. If I understand correctly, you have 2 chargers that look the same. I would recommend that you read these articles, they may be helpful in troubleshooting your issue.
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    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Have a great day,

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    Before I take it any further, can anyone confirm whether it is possible that this is actually a g4 screen, even though there is no mention of G4 on it?
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    As far as I have encountered, the 12" screens are cross compatible between the G3 and G4 iBooks. The LCD screens - not the cable harnesses. You can take the LCD from the G3 screen and replace the one from the G4.
    Now, with the 14" iBooks, the high end (1.33 and 1.42 GHz models) G4 iBooks use a screen that is not cross-compatible with earlier G4 or G3 models.
    So, while you cannot swap the entire screen assembly between the g3 and G4, the LCD panels are largely swappable. The screen bezel and frame are also swappable.
    Mad Dog

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    When I backed up my iphone to the cloud my contacts phone numbers disappeared from my phone and the cloud.
    Can anyone help?

    Is back up and sync the same thing?
    No. Syncing transfers iTunes content to your devices. Backing up stores all data (minus iTunes content) that you have on your phone, and can be loaded onto a different device or reloaded onto an existing device.
    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Let the device power down and back up. Go through the setup screen and DO NOT select restore from iTunes backup. Instead, choose iCloud backup, sign in with your Apple ID and select the correct backup.

  • How does muse tell the difference between a temporary site and my free 5 sites with my creative cloud membership?

    how does muse tell the difference between a temporary site and my free 5 sites i get with my creative cloud membership?
    because they both use and there's no option to say that it is a temporary site not a finished site i wish to publish to my creative cloud account.

    Since this is an open forum, not Adobe support... you need to contact Adobe staff to help
    Adobe contact information -
    -Select your product and what you need help with
    -Click on the blue box "Still need help? Contact us"

  • How do you tell the difference between a genuine USB to Lightning cable? I spoke to two different operators at Apple Support. One said that it has Designed in California Made in China and the serial number on it, and the other operator said it didn't

    How can you tell the difference between a genuine Apple lead and the cheap, or sometimes not so cheap imitations? I spoke with two people at Apple Support - one said that it has Designed in California Made in China and the serial number stamped on it, and the other said it didn't. Come on guys, how are we supposed to tell if you can't? I'd really like to know how to identify my lead amongst my daughter's gazillion fakes?

    All my cables are genuine either with the devices or from Apple retail Store I have never found a serial number on any regardless of which length ,I have all three lengths
    In fact they have nothing printed at all only a USB logo at relevant end

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