How to transfer Supplier custom field into Purchase order

Hi ,
We had a custom field called Project code in Supplier data (vendor master) at SRM. As per flow purchase order gets created as a follow-on document. Now the requirement -Project code which was there in supplier data this should be transfered to PO
In my knowledge this can be done through BADI , Could you please explain me steps required to do this?
Thanks in advance.


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    Dear Experts
    We have Ecc6.0 system,
    How can i add Custom fields into the Infotype Screen(PA30),i heard that we do it by PM01 Tcode.
    But in PM01 i am unable to find the enhance infotype tab.
    How can i do it ....pls help.....

    Do it thru the third tab : Single Screen.
    There write down the infotype number (e.g. 0022) and say generate objects.

  • Customer Field in purchase order (ECC 6.0)

    I need a help on custumer field in ECC 6.0.
    I would like to know if there is a standard way to see customer fields in purchase or sales order.
    Thanks very much.

    Customer fields (as in KUNNR)  or custom fields?
    Bothe sales orders and POs have user-exit screens that can be employed to show <b>custom </b>fields both at header and item levels.  In the case of sales orders, it is oft-referred to as "Additional Data B" screen.  This is the last tab screen of the sales order.
    Caveat: The above is from 46C, but am willing to bet that this feature still exists in the ECCs.

  • Add customer fields to purchase order header

    Hi ,
    I need to add two additional fields to the purchase order header.
    In std program SAPMM06E screen number 101 i have seen a code
    how to make use of this..and add my fields..wht all steps need to be done for this..
    do i hve to append fields to ekko..pls give me details

    You have to use [Enhancement|] MM06E005, read the enhancement documentation for more information.
    - Look at enhancement via transaction [SMOD|]
    - Implement via transaction [CMOD|]
    Look at [Enhancements|] and [Customer Exits|] or the old [Changing the SAP Standard (BC)|]
    Another source of information begins at OSS [Note 496083 - FAQ: Customer enhancements (User Exits) in purchasing|]

  • How to add tab and field in purchase order

    hi friends,
    I have to make changes in the purchase order. i have to add tab and a field in that.
    i know that badi ME_GUI_PO_CUST have to used this.
    can anyone send me the code or documenation fot add a tab and field using this badi or suggest me how to do this.
    if code or documenation is not available then send me the steps if possible.
    my mail id is [email protected]
                        [email protected]
    hitesh kumar

         1. Double-click on your implementation class
    2. Click on Attributes tab
    3. Add attribute SUBSCREEN1 with level Constant, visibility Public, type MEPO_NAME, initial value 'HDRSCREEN1'.
    please go thourhg the below link .... in this the steps are there and the some of the standard Enchancements also there.
    See this treads :
    ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST header n item connection
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  • Custom field in Purchase Order header tab

    I have created a custom input field for ME22N transaction using the Program SAPLXM06 and screen number 0101.
    The screen is getting visible in PO transaction and user can enter the value in it.
    But it is not getting updated in the database table inspite of passing the screen field value to ekko-zzfield.
    Moreover, i have defined screen field as ekko_ci-zzfield, as this field has been added in the EKKO table.
    What could be the reason???

    You need to use the user exits
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_006 - Export Data to Customer Subscreen for Purchasing Document Header (PBO)
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_007 - Export Data to Customer Subscreen for Purchasing Document Header (PAI)
    Shailaja Ainala.

  • Custom fields on Purchase order screen in SRM are missing.

    Hi ALL,
    SRM 5.0 R/3 4.6c
    We have custom fields which appear on the create PO in SRM, the criteria for these fields to appear is if the item is of service type.So if its service item there will be additional/ custom fields for input purchase order screen in SRM,
    But at this these fields dont show up for service item PO's . this is happening in Q and P environments while it is working fine in D and S. No changes were made to the system.
    Also if I look in to bbp_pd info for the previous service PO, the data shows up in bbp_pd but the data or the custom fields are missing on the web.
    We tried deactivating/activating the custom class in Q , but that did not help us!
    Consider this as urgernt!
    Can anyone please throw some light on this!

    Have you implementated the BADI: BBP_CUF_BADI_2
    if yes, then keep a break point there and see if you are missing any thing there...

  • How to make net price field in Purchase Order Uneditable

    Hello all,
    I am facing a problem. During creation of purchase orders the material price is picked up from the Info Record, but the net price field is editable. Please guide me how through standard SAP can i make this net price field uneditable.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Ritesh,
    You can goto:
    SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Purchase Order-Define Screen Layout at Document Level
    from here you select ME21N-Selection group-Quantity and Price.
    Make the price and price unit as DISPLAY.
    By this it will show only display for price, but you have to take not that there is also condition tab which user can change the price, this price is from INFOREC.
    Goto to M/06 select your Condition type, In Manual entries maintain "D"-Not possible to process manually

  • ME59n exit/BADI to copy purchase requisition custom field to purchase order

    I have added a custom field (Unloading Point) in the Purchase requisition customer screen. Now When a purchase order is created from the purchase requisition through t-code ME59N, I need to copy the unloading point value from the PR to Unloading Point in the shipping tab of the Purchase Order. Whch User-exit/BADI can be used for this purpose. <removed by moderator>
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 23, 2010 12:44 PM - please do not offer ...

    Good you found out what was the answer. Please share your solution, that sort of the idea of a forum like this.........

  • Problem in posting Custom fields in Purchase Order using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

    Hi friends,
    Did any body tried populating custom fields using BAPI_PO_CREATE1?
    I am trying to populate custom fields in Header.
    I am populating EXTENSIONIN-STRUCTURE with 'BAPI_TE_MEPOHEADER' and EXTENSIONIN-VALUEPART1 with respective values of fields using the code below.
    But still it is not populating the custom fields.
    Can some body help me on this?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ramesh Kodavati

    You require to implement the Badi ME_BAPI_PO_CUST
                                               Method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN or INBOUND
    for changing the parameter CH_EXTENSIONIN in method INBOUND
                                       or  CH_STRUC in method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN.
    in addition to passing the extensionin parameters in bapi.
    implement the above said bapi and put a break point in both of the methods (exactly i don't remember)
    and check values are populating in the CH_STRUC structure.

  • How to get the Customer detials in Purchase order Ship To Address

    Hi Friends,
    While doing the back-to-back order, when raising the PO, I want populate the Customer Name, Contatct Person and Address in Ship To address box. Can anyone please suggest a good query which can do that. I looking to create a formatted search based pon that.

    You can start with this:
    SELECT T0.CardName, T1.Name, T0.Address2
    FROM ORDR T0 INNER JOIN OCPR T1 ON T0.CntctCode = T1.CntctCode
    WHERE T0.DocEntry = $[POR1.BaseEntry] AND T0.ObjType = $[POR1.BaseType]
    Please bear in mind, it is a FS based on the rows so will run only on row level.

  • Customer field to purchase requisition

    I add the customer field at subscreen of purchase requisition ( at the data base table i add the relative field in ci_ebandb include ) by EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001 and
    I add the same customer field at subscreen of purchase order ( at the data base table i add the relative field in ci_ekpodb include ) by EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_016 and EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_017 and EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_018.
    The problem is: when i convert the purchase requisition in purchase order, the data into customer field of
    purchase requisition not are transfert in the customer field of purchase order.
    thanks for help,
    Roberto Baldassarre.

    correction **
    tks for your help,
    but i had just done it. I explain with detail my step:
    I add the customer field at subscreen of purchase requisition by
    the data base table I add the relative field on ci_ebandb include).
    I add the same customer field at subscreen of purchase order by
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_016 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_017 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 (at
    the data base table i add the relative field on ci_ekpodb include).
    Step followed:
    1. add field at EBAN table by CI_EBANDB include
    2. add same field at EKPO table by CI_EKPODB include.
    3. write code at EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001,EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_003 following
    document's help.
    4. write code at EXIT_SAPMM06E_016, EXIT_SAPMM06E_017 ,
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 following document's help.
    5. build dynpro 0111 on function group XM02
    6. build dynpro 0111 on function group XM06
    The problem is: when i convert the purchase requisition in purchase
    order (ME59n), the data into customer fields of purchase requisition
    not are copied in the customer fields of purchase order (this field are
    Tks for your help!

  • How to make added custom field Delta mechanism work for LO Cookpit?

    We appended a new custome field into extraction structure of the LO Cookpit datasource 2LIS_02_ITM through RSA6. And then run CMOD to write the exit code to populate the value and it works fine. But after we read Roberto's Weblog:
    /people/sap.user72/blog/2005/02/14/logistic-cockpit--when-you-need-more--first-option-enhance-it , find the enhancement we did can't make the Delta mechanism works if only this new field gets changed in a record, and the change cannot be reflected on BW.
    In order to make the Delta mechansim works, one option is to append the custom field into one of the LIS Communication Structure MCEKKO of  2LIS_02_ITM extraction structure and then write the enhancement code to this LIS Communication Structure.  In this way, the custom field can be treated like standard field that whenever it gets changed, the Delta mechanism or the user exit will be triggered.  The enhancement for this LIS Communication Struture is LEINS001. 
    Now we've got two problems when doing the above enhancements of the LIS Communication structure:
    1.  Maintain extraction structure problem in LBWE:
    We added a custom field, e.g., called ZZZ in LIS Communication structure MCEKKO (Purchasing Document Header) by creating a new custom append structure and add the field ZZZ into it, then activate the new append structure, but get warning msg like "Field name DUMMY is reserved (Do not use structure as include in DB table)".
    We do find a field called DUMMY in the structure MCEKKO. How to get rid of the warning msg and successfully activate the new custom append structure with the new field ZZZ?
    You could say that we can ignore the warning msg, but why the new custom field appended can not be seen from the right side pool of the Maintain Extract Structure in LBWE?  We need to make the new custom field shows up in the right side pool and then drag it over to the left side frame and to activate the extraction structure to change it.  But now it doesn't show up in the right frame pool!
    2. Refer to Sanyam's weblog
    /people/sanyam.kapur/blog/2005/04/30/custom-fields-and-bw-extractors-making-a-mixed-marriage-work-part-ii, there is a sample code inside this article which tells us how the sample code looks like to write this LIS Communicaton structure enhancement to make the Delta mechanism works, below is the code we modified to suit our needs, but don't know if it would work?
    DATA: i_t_ekko LIKE ekko   OCCURS 1 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA: ebeln LIKE ekpo-ebeln,
          it_ekko TYPE TABLE OF ekko WITH HEADER LINE,
          old_val(50) TYPE c.  "For storing the value from the Field Symbol
    CASE zeitp.
      WHEN 'MA'.                            "When creating a purchase order
        MOVE '(SAPLEINS)T_EKKO[]' TO old_val.
        ASSIGN (old_val) TO <fs>.
        i_t_ekko[] = <fs>.
        LOOP AT xmcekko.
          ebeln = xmcekko-ebeln.
          IF xmcekko-supkz = '1'.            "Old Value ?
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM ekko INTO it_ekko WHERE ebeln = ebeln.
            xmcekko-ZZZ = it_ekko-ZZZ.
          ELSE.                              "New Value ?
            READ TABLE i_t_ekko WITH KEY ebeln = ebeln.
            xmcekko-ZZZ = i_t_ekko-ZZZ.
          MODIFY xmcekko.
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    Hello Kevin
    We have exactly the same problem. Did you solve it? If you did, could you please tell us how you did it? We neither see our field in LBWE. Our field is a Z field from a Z table.
    I hope you could help us. We just have this issue to finish our project.
    Thanks a lot in advanced

  • How to populate a custom field of a Std. SAP Tx with BAPI usage 2 Load data

    Hi Experts,
    For instance, I created a custom field (say, custom_field_1) on a screen of standard SAP tx(say, ME21N) by using screen exit. And in order to populate the data into it (custom_field_1), will use the Function user exits of this Tx(ME23N).
    1) In next step, Where Where I have to add this field, apart from appending the same custom field in EKKO/EKPO table or any other related table; Extending the corresponding IDOC or creating a new Custom ÍDOC type? like What about BAPI?
    2) If I got a text file with the data (including the data for this custom_field_1 too) and I have been asked to load it into SAP, then, I decided to use BAPI (say, BAPI_PO_CREATE or CREATE1) to create the data, So, How to handle this custom field, I mean, In which BAPI structure I have to pass this custom_field_1 data? ( Iguess, for some BAPIs EXTENSIONIN structures are provided, sorry if am wrong!)
    Thank you.
    Edited by: SAP ABAPer on Feb 21, 2009 7:40 PM

    for example if you added field in the  VBAP table  then you can pass the custome field values like below
         move 'BAPE_VBAP' to lwa_extension-structure.
          lwa_bape_vbap-vbeln = lwa_final-vbeln.
          lwa_bape_vbap-posnr = lv_posnr.
          move lwa_final-yyslotid to  lwa_bape_vbap-new custome field.
          move lwa_bape_vbap to lwa_extension-valuepart1.
          append  lwa_extension to  lt_extension.
          clear  lwa_extension.
          move 'BAPE_VBAPX' to lwa_extension-structure.
          lwa_bape_vbapx-vbeln = lwa_final-vbeln.
          lwa_bape_vbapx-posnr = lv_posnr.
          move 'X' to lwa_bape_vbapx--new custome field.
          move lwa_bape_vbapx to lwa_extension-valuepart1.
          append  lwa_extension to  lt_extension.
          clear  lwa_extension.
    call function 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE'
              salesdocument    = strcture
              order_header_inx = strcture
              order_item_in    =strcture
              order_item_inx   = strcture
              schedule_lines   = strcture
              schedule_linesx  = strcture
              extensionin      = lt_extension.

  • How to add a customer field or extn coll in the tab1&2&3..of a UDO doc?

    Hi Experts,
    Does anybody know how to add a customer field or extn collection in the unused  tabs like tab1& a UDO document?
    Thanks for your reply in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Subhasini - <br><br>
    It seems you have discovered that adding an extension field to the Project Suppliers collection is not possible; many of the collections in E-Sourcing do not support extensions and, even when they do, typically, the table view of the data cannot be changed to show the extension value (it would only show on a "details" page, for example.<br><br>
    The solution that you have proposed may work, although I think there is a slight mistake in your logic. I believe you are saying that the script would take data from the newly created extension collection and populate data in the out-of-the-box vendor collection. <br><br>
    In thinking about your solution, I believe the benefit is that any logic and reporting based on the standard collection continues to function correctly (e.g., creating an RFx from the Project will use the out-of-the-box vendor collection).<br><br>
    That being said, I generally am reluctant to do a "replace" of a standard collection with an extension collection as you propose. My recommendation is that you challenge the customer on the importance of this requirement. For example, could the code be maintained on the vendor record? Why is it maintained in Projects? If it is maintained in the vendor record, could you just populate a read only collection the Projects that shows the vendor and code? Could a report be written that can be launched from within the Project to show the values? How does the customer intend to use this field? Could the display name of the vendor object be the right place for it?<br><br>
    I hope these ideas are helpful.<br><br>

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