How to transfer the contents of a line of a table control to second screen?

I have a table control and I have entered some contents in one line of a table control .
When i click on this line and then click on the detail button on the screen , it should take me to another screen and whatever I have entered in the table control should be transferred to the second screen .
Please could anyone help me out with this .
Sushanth H.S.

U need to get the index of the line of table control by command GET CURSOR:
Module to pick up the selected line:
Module to transfer the data from table control to internal table:
U should considere the variable line has the value of the index of the line of table control, so u need to calculate the number of the corresponding line of internal table:
* Calculate the line of internal table:
* Read the data
* Transfer the data to the output structure of the new screen
* Call the new screen

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    In table control, If you goto screen painter and goto table control properties ( f2 ), there is one check-box w/selColumn check that and give column name. Then add that column to your internal table.
    IN PAI
      LOOP AT it_tkhdr.
        FIELD it_tkhdr-sel_row
          MODULE tab_tkhdr_mark ON REQUEST.
    MODULE tab_tkhdr_mark INPUT.
      MODIFY it_tkhdr INDEX tc_tkhdr-current_line.
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    here it_TKHDR is internal table sel_row is field for selection
    After that, you can loop at it_tkhdr where sel_row is 'X' to get selected rows.

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    How aboutnew StringReader(sb.toString());Since you are working with text data, you should be working with Readers instead of InputStreams.
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    One more option is using the "collect" statement.....
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    we have 2 internal tables itab1 and itab2...
    loop at itab1.
    collect itab1 to itab2.
    Action performed is ...for the same MATNR...menge gets added and saved as a single record...When matnr record is Appended
    another case is we have 3 fields in internal table
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    Material1 KG 100
    Material1 LT  220
    MAterial2 KG 100
    Reason is that the fields before the addable value is checked for similarity..
    here field UNIT is also checked and also MATNR before adding up....
    Hope it gave you some alternative idea to proceed with....
    Reward if helpful

  • How to clear the contents of table control

    Hi All,
              How to clear the contents that are present in a Table control. If there is any code Please Let me know.
    I will assign full marks to the correct code.
    Pradeep Kumar Kota.

    U need to clear the contenents of internal table used to store the record displayed by table control.
    Every time the PBO is triggered the table control is automatically cleared, so you need only not to transfer any data from internal table to table control.
    So you should show how your PBO if you want a right answer.

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      BufferedInputStream distream = new BufferedInputStream(istream);
      StringTokenizer st =  new StringTokenizer(new String(HTTPMessageReader.toArray(header)));
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      statusCode = st.nextToken();
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            if (s.equals("Transfer-Encoding:"))
           transferEncoding = new String(st.nextToken());
         if (s.equals("Content-Length:"))
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         if (s.equals("Connection:"))
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          if (connection.equals("keep-alive")) mustCloseConnection = false;
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    Why don't you use HttpUrlConnection class to retrieve data from HTTP server? This class already supports chunked encoding...
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    Hi Ira,
    wd_context->get_selected_elements() returns WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT_SET which is a table type of IF_WD_CONTEXT_ELEMENT. You can loop through the WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT_SET, get into variable say node_elelement which is of type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element. Then you could use the method GET_STATIC_ATTRIBUTES of If_Wd_Context_Element which returns a structure with values of all the attributes in the selected row.
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    Thank you

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    You need to move your iTunes folder from the old computer to the new computer. A sync between an iPod and a computyou're ones not transfer all contents.
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    You need to get a new computer or a refurbished one.

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