How to uninstall parallels prior to install boot camp

I am using IMac with latest software up-date. In order to install boot camp for some specific windows applications ( change from XP to 7)
I have to uninstall parallels. How shall I proceed?
Thanks for any help.

The following from the Parallels support site may help:
Parallels Desktop 9:
Links to uninstall instructions for other versions are near the top of the above link.

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  • How to uninstall Xserve RAID for enable boot camp ?

    my hardware is Xserve Early 2009 running with OS X Lion and want to setup Boot Camp, need advise how to disable RAID.
    thank you

    Welcome to the boards.. Bootcamp is not compatible with the Xserve with or without the RAID card. What version of Windows are you looking to run and what programs will you be using?
    You have a few choices.
    VMWARE FUSION - works well and doesn't take up too much cpu. around $80
    Parallels Version 6 - As good as VMWARE but does tend to use more resources. around $80
    Parallels Server Edition - designed to run multiple server instances more costly around $2800
    Parallels Bare Metal Edition - Doesn't require OS X to run but does need the RAID card removed.
    Virtual Box - Free..
    If you let us know what you are trying to do with Windows we can point you in the right direction.
    All the best

  • How long does it takes to install boot camp?

    I am short in time so i would like to know how much time does it takes to install bootcamp, by this i mean partitioning, installing windows xp and the drivers.

    I was going by my own experience of course, never having used XP
    first to get to the SP1 release, then updates since then
    And, based on reading threads on forum, it seems like a backup snapshot/image before taking some steps would be.... helpful insurance.
    Installing can go quite quick, at one time only took 20-30 minutes, but has grown since then, and with my Mac Pro rig, I've run into some impossible confflicts (remove graphic card A until I get through SP1) which was another incentive to getting new installer disc.
    At one point, I was 'sure' it was my MS 4000 keyboard, or bad mouse cord, or the Sonnet Tempo E2P, and when I STILL had trouble....??? pull the 9800GTX - that's no fun
    One of my hard drives even new, was "dying" from bad sectors that no one could find to fix so I needed a 2nd install to fix the first it seemed. And while Ultimate Vista installed okay, Home Premium gave fits, so I turned to Business (I do like to play and experiment, found that Premium only supports one physical cpu though).
    Two years ago I was running the RC1 'beta' of Vista. A year ago, Vista SP1's RC. Two years of updates to plow through.
    One thing that slows down the updating, it is very highly compressed. 300MB is a lot and can take couple GBs as it is uncompressed, then used to update and patch and puts a strain on hard drive and cpu. Vista SP1 could require up to 7GB of temp space, used only during the update and then returned. 64-bit was estimated to require even double. And your hard drive churning away.

  • Windows ISO image, what is it and how can I get it to install boot camp?

    I'm not very computer savvy, so if you want to help me out, all I ask is that you dumb things down for me I'm trying to install bootcamp on my computer. My ultimate goal is to install Mathcad. I'm stuck on the Windows ISO image step. I don't know what the ISO image is or where it is... This is what it all looks like. Please help!

    If you have a networked printer, they sometimes have SD Card slots, USB thumbdrive slots, etc... and the printer offers to be a file server to share the contents of those removable camera storage devices.
    It is possible your home WiFi router can also act as a printer server, or with a USB disk (or thumb drive) attached, a file server.
    You could use a utility such as Bonjour Browser which will give you more information about the devices it sees on your home network

  • How do i install boot camp on a brand new 3tb iMac osx 10.8.2

    how do i install boot camp on a brand new 3tb iMac osx 10.8.2?

    Note: At this time BootCamp doesn't support 3TB drives - this is due to a memory allocation issue with Windows. Check out this article on a/an (unreliable) work around. I say unreliable because some people are reporting success and others failure. At this time if you really need Windows it probably would be better to use virtualization software like Parallels, VMWare, or VirtualBox.

  • Installing Boot Camp after Parallels

    I have installed Parallels 4.0 but I need to install Boot Camp (to be able to watch iPlayer via my XBox). Is it safe to just install Boot Camp using my Windows XP disc (I have plenty of hard disc space) or do I have to uninstall Parallels and reinstall it later ?

    blueinsmoke wrote:
    Thanks for the re-assurance Fortuny ! One follow-on question if I may (and apologies for my total ignorance). Will installing XP again on the same machine really cause the automatic loss of XP on the Parallels partition ?
    yes it will.
    Due to the fact that you run the same XP license twice on 'different hardware components' (once native with BootCamp and once virtualized with Parallels), XP thinks that you are running it on two different computers.
    The link I gave is meant to compensate that, but I myself haven't tried it.

  • How to install boot camp on my macbook pro?

    How to install boot camp on my macboo pro 15-inch early 20011?

    Boot Camp instructions are located here:

  • How to install Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro 2011

    Well I bought a new MacBook Pro and I have constantly been trying to install Boot Camp.
    When I open Boot Camp it shows me the Introduction, then it asks me if I would like to install the Lastest Windows Supports Software From Apple, and if I would like to Install Windows 7. I tick both boxes and then another page opens.
    It asks me if I would like to install it to a DVD or CD, or if I would like to install it to an external hard drive. Now, I have tried both of these, and they both show a page asking me how much space I would like to be Mac space, and Windows space. After I've chosen how much I would like, I click install. After about 30 seconds, a message pops up saying the installer disk could not be found, please insert the installer disk and wait a few seconds, and the click install again.
    I have done this many times, and that same message pops up. Please, if any of you people out there have the solution for me it would be gratefully apreciated.

    No, it doesn't. You have to purchase the Windows 7 installer. Windows is not included with the computer. Did you discuss the matter with someone when you bought your computer? If you did they should have told you that you would need to buy Windows 7. If you had asked while you were purchasing the computer then you could have paid for Windows at the time and had it installed for you.

  • Forgotten how to install Boot Camp

    I had to reinstall Windows 7 64-bit because I needed more space for Mac OS X. After reinstallation, which went perfectly, I have forgotten how to install Boot Camp. This MBP 3.1 will not install Boot Camp from the Snow DVD because it says that 64-bit mode isn’t supported (not true). I installed several components by hand. All I remember from the old style of bulletin boards was to copy the Windows contents of the DVD on to the desktop, then to use SuperOrca to modify the ISO. I don’t, however, remember the exact details of what was supposed to be modified and how to do it. This is also supposed to prevent the error of Apple Software Update not recognizing the installation of BC 3.2 after it was done.
    I can’t find the old instructions with the new format, so any help is appreciated. Peace.

    Ok do this...
    Insert your Windows Bootcamp Drivers Disc (aka OSX Install disc that came with your computer).
    When you see the prompt from Windows Explorer, instead of clicking the "setup.exe" option scroll down and click in the Explore/view files (or something like that, don't remember.)
    Look into the folder labeled as Bootcamp, then click another folder called "drivers", inside there should be another folder labeled as "Apple".
    Inside, there should be a file labeled "bootcamp64.msi".
    Single click the file (bootcamp64.msi) and once it's highlighted, do a right click ( to do you must do the following key combo Shift+F10)
    A right click menu should appear. One of the options is labeled as "Troubleshoot Compatibility".
    A dialog should appear, click on the "Start Program" option when it becomes available.
    The Bootcamp Driver Wizard should now appear. Follow the prompts of Bootcamp Assistant as always.
    Drivers will install automatically.
    Welcome to Windows 7 64-bit on your now Dual-Citizen Mac...
    Report back with your results...

  • Installed Boot Camp w/o having Windows Disk, Installed Parallels, now what?

    I installed Boot Camp not really knowing what was required, thinking that it was a download, not knowing it came with the computer. I then deleted it, thinking I could re-download it later since I didn't have a copy of the Windows OS, and now I still have it installed, but I would like the original back on my laptop since I got Parallels and have a windows disk. I just don't know where to go from here.

    you can use eiter Pacifist or these instructions from Apple to reinstall the BootCamp Assistant in OSX.
    Once done use the BootCamp Assistant to repartition your harddisk back to a single-OSX harddisk.
    I would propose to have/make a recent backup of your OSX just in case.

  • I'm desperately needing advice to a common question.  I use Quicken and love it.  But the Mac version is not as great as the PC.   Has anyone installed it by segmenting their Mac with Parallels or Fusion or Boot camp.  If so, which one do you recommend.

    I'm desperately needing advice.  New Mac.   Used Quicken on my PC.  Researched all software for Financial programs and Quicken is still the most recommended.   I want to use Quicken on my Mac.  The Mac version is not highly rated so I would need to partition my Mac.   Has anyone done this for their quicken program and if so, which partitioning program did you use - Parallels, Fusion ware or Boot camp?

    Lisa Ellies-Laye wrote:
    Thanks.  Hadn't heard of it. ?  Is there any concern installing this free program on my Mac.    Have you used it?  Apart from being free is there any other advantage of Parallels and VMfusion. ?
    Virtual Box is safe and well developed, it offers similar or identical features to the paid competition, it may be a little less polished but that's all.
    Download and try it out, nothing to lose (except time).

  • How do I expand Windows after already installing Boot Camp

    How do I expand my Windows after already installing Boot Camp?  I'm almost out of space.

    Buy a copy of CampTune and use it.

  • How to install Boot Camp 3.1?

    I would like to install Boot Camp 3.1 which I can download from the Apple Download page. But when executing the exe file on the Windows Partition it tells me I need to install Boot Camp 3.0 first. But there is now download available for Boot Camp 3.0. The Apple Software Update Utility does not show it as well so I am stuck here.
    Does anybody know how to perform this upgrade?
    Thanks, KM

    You might find the BootCamp User Guide helpful.

  • HT4718 If my mid 2011 iMac didn't come with a disk then how do I install boot camp

    I'm looking on YouTube how to install boot camp and they are all saying I need a disk and I haven't got one?

    Open Boot Camp Assistant, click on the Print Documentation button. Read carefully.

  • I don't have my Windows XP disc how can I install Boot Camp?  I do have Windows Millennium disc.

    I would like to install Boot Camp on my MacBook.  I can't find any XP discs in my files although I have legal XP on my old PC.  I do have a copy of Windows Millennium.  What to do?

    Windows 7 is more stable.  OEM Windows 7 Home is $100.

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