How to upgrade oracle 32 to 64 bit on sun solaris x86 64 bit OS?

I want to upgrade/convert 32 bit Oracle Database to 64 bit database. Existing 32 bit database is RAC and it is running on Sun Solaris X86 64 bit OS.
First, I want to know is it possible?
If yes, then what are the exact steps?

Such a migration can be done, just follow the steps in Metalink note 62290.1
It is important to remember that 64-bit database requires more shared pool memory so you should increase your shared pool size.
Liron Amitzi
Senior DBA consultant
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    At this time, Oracle is offering only the 64- bit and we do not
    have additional information if in the future 32-bit will be
    Best Regards,
    OTN Team

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    I think you should contact ORacle support on that point.

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    hai all ,
    my question is how to upgrade oracle database from oracle 10g( to ).
    what are the consideration we have to take initially.

    user603328 wrote:
    hai all ,
    my question is how to upgrade oracle database from oracle 10g( to ).
    what are the consideration we have to take initially.1. Install the patchset on top of 10.2.0.X.0 ORACLE_HOME
    Patchset number is : 6810189
    2. Finish the post installation steps as per the patchset README (patch_note.htm)
    Also check :
    List of fixes included in Note 401436.1
    Known issues and alerts affecting Note 555579.1

  • Is it Possible to install oracle 9i  32 bit on Sun Solaris Intel Edition

    Dear OTN Members ,
    It is possible to install ORACLE 9I Sun SPARC Solaris (32 Bit) on
    Sun Solaris Intel Editon 2.8 . Please inform me on
    email :-
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Thanking You
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    - Server name :-
    - Filename
    - Date/Time
    - Browser + Version : Netscape 4.7
    - O/S + Version : Sun Solaris Intel Edition 2.8

    857211 wrote:
    I just need some advice on installing oracle 11gWhat part/product of "oracle 11g" exactly?
    Installation Guides should be clear enough, if read. Also read Release Notes for additional support/unsupport info.
    However the Installation Guide for Database Client adds:
    "Note: Oracle provides 32-bit (Windows x86) and 64-bit (Windows x64) versions of Oracle Database Client. _Oracle certifies 32-bit Oracle Database Client on Windows x64_." (underline added)

  • Reg: Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition software for solaris x86 (32-bit)

    Where can i download the Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition software for solaris x86 (32-bit).
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: ora_man_8873786 on May 14, 2011 12:50 AM

    If you have a CSI you can always order the CD at My Oracle Support by submitting a SR.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • How to Install OBIEE in Sun Solaris 64 Bit OS?

    Dear All,
    Is any one can help me with screen shot on Installation of OBIEE in Sun Solaris 64 Bit (version 10) OS. OBIEE Version
    Also required a check list of Pre-Installation mandate requirements.
    Thanks & Regards
    OBIEE Functional Consultant

    OBIEE documentation: where you can find the System Requirements and Supported Platforms guide and the installation guide.
    Regarding screen shots:
    PS: I wouldn't call myself an "OBIEE Consultant" if I couldn't find the OBIEE documentation or needed screen shots to install OBIEE.

  • Oracle 10g R2 installation on sun solaris 10 Sparc machine

    Hi there,
    I encountered the following problem during oracle 10g R2 installation on sun solaris 10 Sparc machine
    Error encountered:
    Using paramFile: /u01/Oracle/10gr2_db_sol/install/oraparam.ini
    Checking installer requirements...
    Checking operating system version: must be 5.8, 5.9 or 5.10. Actual 5.10
    Checking Temp space: must be greater than 250 MB. Actual 2266 MB Passed
    Checking swap space: must be greater than 500 MB. Actual 2335 MB Passed
    Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors Failed <<<<
    >>> Could not execute auto check for display colors using command /usr/openwin/bin/xdpyinfo. Check if the DISPLAY variable is set.
    Some requirement checks failed. You must fulfill these requirements before
    continuing with the installation,at which time they will be rechecked.
    Continue? (y/n) [n]
    The following were the steps taken before encountering the above error
    1. logged into a workstation
    2. From its xterm terminal I logged to the oracle server via ssh [email protected]
    3. keyed in the following at the command prompt
    DISPLAY=machine_name:0.0; export DISPLAY
    4. executed the following from the command prompt
    Note: when executing the ./runInstaller, the preinstallation checking just hangs at Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. But the log file shows it failed during preinstallation checking as shown in Error encountered
    Please help me with this problem.
    Thank you
    Ravindran Kanniah

    It is because of UNIX shell. I also faced this error during installation.
    First check your shell by the following command.
    $ echo $SHELL
    Then select the below.
    For csh shell
    $ setenv DISPLAY
    $ export DISPLAY
    For sh,ksh and bash
    $ DISPLAY=
    $ export DISPLAY
    After you do this check the value of DISPLAY variable.
    $ echo $DISPLAY
    If the DISPLAY variable is set then run ./runInstaller.
    One advice: Keep a complete log of your terminal session. This will help you in future :)

  • How to upgrade oracle database 64bit version to version

    Dear Experts,
    I installed SAP Solman on Oracle Database 64bits version, now I need to upgrade to Oracle Database 64 bits version oracle patch).  Can I upgrade to new version if yes, Can you explain for me how to upgrade please?
    Thanks Experts so much.

    Yes you can directly apply path set
    Note 839187 - Oracle 10.2.0: Applying patch set/patches/patch collection

  • How to upgrade Oracle BPEL PM

    Dear experts,
    Is it possible to upgrade Oracle BPEL PM to or we have to reinstall from beginning.

    Hi Rajesh,
    SOA Suite is a base version and is a patchset that needs to be applied on top of
    So. when you start the patchset OUI, you need to give the OH path, so that gets applied on this existing OH.
    Now, your SOA will be version. Please follow the readme of before applying the patchset.
    Anirudh Pucha

  • How to upgade Oracle from 9.2 on SUN to Oracle 10g R2 RAC on Oracle EL4

    Hi all,
    I have production database Oracle 9i EE Release - 64bit on SunOS 5.9 cca 100GB. I would like to upgrade Oracle 10g Relase2 RAC with 2 nodes on Oracle Enterprise Linux. Database availability is 24x7 and system breakdown must be minimal. Upgrade could be done in several independent steps. What is the best form of upgrade realisation?
    Thx for some idea
    Libor Veverka
    [email protected]

    My 2 cents:
    1. de-RAC 9i on solaris
    2. upgrade to 10g on solaris (why? take advantage of datapump, much faster than exp/imp)
    3. expdp from 10g solaris
    4. create single instance 10g on linux
    5. impdp on linux
    Please note there are a number of issues with 9ir2.10gr2 upgrade (check metalink for details).
    [email protected]

  • Forte M2 and Oracle 8.1.6 on Sun Solaris 2.5.1

    Anybody out there running Forte M2 with Oracle version 8.1.6?? The best
    would be on a Sun Solaris 2.5.1 machine.
    Our Oracle dba wants to upgrade for another application but Forte's
    certification matrix only goes up to Oracle 8.0.3
    Any experiences with version M and Oracle 8.1 would be helpful.
    Jerry Fatcheric
    Verizon (Formerly Bell Atlantic Mobile)

    did this problem ever get solved. My problem seems similar, but, I get the "value not allowed" with the "end-of-file on communication channel" errors

  • Oracle 8.1.5 Client/WLS/Solaris x86

    has anyone been able to get Oracle's client 8.1.5 running on Solaris x86 in conjunction with WLS to talk to back-end Oracle? Any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

    This will not work. We have not built the native libraries to work with
    Solaris on Intel..
    I suggest trying the platform independent type 4 JDBC driver available for
    free from Oracle. It is supported (as is any JDBC driver) with WebLogic
    Server. To download it:
    Go to and select the "Download" option.
    From the resulting page, use the "Select Utility or Driver" dropdown to
    select Oracle JDBC drivers
    From the resulting page, scroll down a little (since SQLJ stuff appears at
    the top).
    Or, to go directly there:
    Michael Girdley
    BEA Systems Inc
    "Dean Davis" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3a267487$[email protected]..
    has anyone been able to get Oracle's client 8.1.5 running on Solaris x86in conjunction with WLS to talk to back-end Oracle? Any help would be
    greatly appreciated.thanks.

  • Oracle 9i and IDS under sun solaris 8

    Need some help on oracle 9i and IDS under sun OS
    i want some clariffication in my project.
    If i develop my application under "sun solaris 8" OS for x86 with "oracle 9i"
    as the backend and "IDS" (internet developer suite) as the front end, Can my
    application be ported to the other environment i.e "SUNFIRE 280R" as the
    server with sun solaris 8 as the OS and the same DB and front-end ?.
    will there be any porting problems ?.
    i am new to this environment.And i don't have SUNFIRE 280R server with me and
    the customer won't supply it.
    can anybody guide me please ?.(i am looking for the suggestions form those who
    really worked on this environment.)

    Andrea...for a faster response, please post this question in the Database - Installation forum:
    Database Installation

  • How do I setup high speed internet on Sun Solaris 10?

    I have comcast high speed internet. It doesn't work automatically. How can I setup my high speed internet connection to work with Sun Solaris 10?

    Pickup a broadband router, made by dlink, linksys, netgear, SMC or Cisco. If possible get a wireless with 4 port switch built in. This will give you added flexibility if you happen to get another system or a wireless laptop. You want a gateway router that does NAT, SPI firewall, DHCP.
    Plug it into your cable modem then into your sun box, default settings on the router will generally self configure to the broadband you connect to and there will be no problems. However if you are using a DSL or bigpond they require a username and password to get the line active, this requires an initial login to the firewall to pick PPoE on the WAN side.
    Different brands default to different 'non routeable' internal IP's, all are 192.168.x.x, smc defaults to 192.168.1.x or 192.168.2.x depending on release date, Linksys defaults to 192.168.2.x as does linksys, Netgear defaults to 192.168.1.x, the owners manual will usually tell you this.
    They are generally made to default to a windows box so configuring a unix box has to be done either manually or with the dhcp option. has alot of good vendor specific information on configuring these things.
    At any rate you need to create a file in /etc called 'defaultrouter' with the routers IP address, in the smc case it would be, pick a couple of outside DNS servers and put them in a file in /etc called resolv.conf in the format
    copy nsswitch.dns nsswitch.conf
    pick an address in the 192.168.2 range like .25 and add it in the /etc/hosts file, create a hostname.hme0 file with the host name thats in the hosts file and reboot.
    Then try to ping the router, if no ping then the chang the 3td octet 1 instead of 2 and try again.
    I've never tried doing the .dhcp thing but I've never used dhcp for a sun box before because all I do is servers.
    I think I'd try the DHCP thing first then get to the router to get all it's information and write it down. Usually the ISP will populate the router with dns servers and any dns requests are answered by the router in the dhcp configuration. I think thats about it...

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