How to upload and share document from pages

how to upload and share document from pages app?

Hello dannafromfl,
Documents can be shared via File Sharing to iTunes or via Email.
Pages for iOS (iPad): Send and receive documents in email messages
Pages for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch): Share documents by connecting to your computer

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  • How do i get a document from 'Pages' to 'Mail'? iused to work by using 'Share' from the menu?

    How do I get a document from Pages into mail?

    Open Finder, find the file you want to email, right click on it, choose Share>Mail
    Alternatively, if you're already composing an email in Mail and want to add the file as an attachment, choose the attach button on the right of the new message's header and navigate to the file and select it.  You can also click on File in the menu bar of a new email you're composing and choose "Attach Files" and navigate to the desired file.

  • Hi, I would like to know how can I recover a document from pages that I didn't save anytime and instead of clicking the button save I clicked the delete button at the end. Is there any way to recover it?

    Hi, I would like to know how can I recover a document from pages that I didn't save anytime and instead of saving the doc I clicked the delete button. Is there any way to recover it?

    Regardless of application, the first step that I take is to save and name the current document — even if it has no content yet. With Pages, this good habit enables autosave. As you add content, your document revision history is restorable via the File Revert To menu. The delete key has the same document foreboding as only teaching a pet raven to speak "Nevermore."

  • How can I save my document from pages to a flash drive?

    How can I save my document from pages to a flash drive?

    Locate the file on your Mac, plug in the USB stick (the mac should prompt you to open it, or do this automatically), click and drag the file from the computer (wherever it's saved to) to the USB folder. That's just putting an already saved file there.
    To save it TO your USB stick, find it in the Save To diolog on the sidebar. Click it, then save it there.

  • Since OS X Yosemite upgrade, cannot share document from pages in word format. Therefore document cannot be opened by non apple user.  How do I get around this please?

    Since the OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 update to my iMac (27 inch, Mid 2010) , I can no longer "share" a document from Pages in word format via email.  It can be sent as an att but then as "Pages"  cannot be accessed by a non apple receiver.  Please what is the answer, the old method was fast, simple and efficient.
    Out of my depth appreciate some help.

    Are you using the File > Export function? It will deposit a Word document onto your desktop (or any folder you choose) and then you can attach it to your email.

  • How do I copy a document from pages into email (not pdf) and have color and format the same as the document created in pages?

    How do I copy an entire document from pages into email (not pdf) and have color and format the same as the document created in pages?

    Pages ’09 v4.3 and Pages v5.2.2 are entirely different document architectures. Consequently, copying and pasting a table from Pages ’09 circumvents the customary translation process  that would occur if you opened that Pages ’09 document in Pages v5.
    Make a backup copy of the Pages ’09 document that has the table in it, and then open this document in Pages v5.2.2. The table is translated into Pages v5 document format and displayed correctly. You can even select this Pages v5.2.2 table, and then copy/paste it into another Pages v5.2.2 document with accurate results.

  • How can I retrieve my document from pages

    I need to recuperare my documenta from pages, from a previos iclou account

    Yes it is possible -- but I don't have much help for why it isn't working for you. I just tried saving 2 documents from Pages version 5.5.1 on my Mac and was able to open the document from Pages on my iPhone. The only things I can think of is to insure both are using the same Apple ID and that when you save on the Mac your save dialog is set to save to Pages - iCloud or to iCloud Drive.

  • How do I transfer a document from Pages on my iPad to Word on my laptop?

    I want to get the app but I want to know how to view one document in both Pages and Word.

    There are several ways to get the document to your Mac. If you use iCloud with Pages, you can download the document from on the Mac even if you are running less than Mountain Lion. I have an older iMac at work running Tiger 10.4.11 and I can access my Pages files in the cloud. You can email the file or you can use file sharing in with iTunes as well.
    If you are using Word, you will have to convert the file to Word format first. With the document open in Pages on the iPad, you tap on the wrench icon in the upper right, and then select Share and Print. In the next window select either Email or copy to iTunes (if using file sharing). Then you will get the option in which format you want to send the file, Pages, Word or PDF. Select Word, the file will be converted and then go from there.
    You can also send the file to DropBox in the latest version of Pages for iOS.

  • How to upload a PDF document from an e-mail attachment file and convert it to word document for edit

    I received an e-mail.The attachment is in PDF format. I would like to upload the file to convert it to word for editing.How to do that?

    Hi Quincy,
    You would need to save the file to your desktop and upload it from there for conversion using your ExportPDF subscription.
    Let me know if you need further assistance!
    Regards, Stacy

  • How do I get a document from pages on my iPad off my MAC

    I have just taken on icloud. how do I get a pages document off my ipad and put it on my MAC? Do I still need to connect the two devices?

    Log into on your Mac, sign in and then click on iWorks. Click on Pages, find the document and click on it and then click on download. It will download to your Mac - assuming that you have enabled Documents and data in the iCloud setting on your iPad.

  • How to create an XML document from a String.

    Can anyone help,
         In the Microsoft XML Document DOM there is a load function load(string) which will create an XML document, but now we are switching to Java and I do not know how to create and XML document from a string, this string �xml document� is passed to my program from a webservice and I need to read several xml elements form it in a web server.
    This string is a well formatted XML document:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Countries NumberOfRecords="1" LanguageID="en-us">

    Thanks PC!
    I made it work using:
    DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    factory.setIgnoringComments(true); // We want to ignore comments
    // Now use the factory to create a DOM parser
    DocumentBuilder parser = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    //TransformThisStringBuffer is a string buffer wich contain the 'XML document (String)'
    InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(TransformThisStringBuffer.toString().getBytes());
    // Parse the InputStream and build the document
    Document document = parser.parse(in);
    But which one is faster InputSource or InputStream, were would you put the "new InputSource(new StringReader(yourString))" in the above code?

  • Upload and retreive documents

    I'm new to jdeveloper was wondering if anyone knew of any great oracle online tutorial sites that show how to upload and retrieve documents using jedeveloper.

    you can access the SRDemo application through help--> check for updates. This application uses ADF Faces to upload documents to the middle tier server.

  • To upload and store documents in SAP

    Can anyone help me as to how to upload and store documents directly into SAP , something similar to attaching documents in standard SAP transactions.

    Use tcode CV01N to create/CV02N (change)/CV03N to Display. U may require to do little bit config.
    If helpful pl reward.

  • I'm trying to submit a document from pages to a URL address and it keeps giving me the option to load pictures or take a new picture, how do I change this?

    I'm trying to submit a document from pages to a URL address and it keeps giving me the option to load pictures or take a new picture, how do I change this?

    If mean by way of Safari, that is correct. Only content of the Camera or Photos apps are available. you will need to find an alternate app such as iCab Mobile for uploading documents to a website.

  • HT204053 how do i move page and numbers documents from one icloud login to another?

    how do i move page and numbers documents from one icloud login to another?
    I had to change my email address whcih meant new apple login.
    I have a number of docs in iwork/pages and iwork/numbers.  How do I transfer them to my new login?

    There's a couple of ways but my tip backing up your documents in the cloud is as good as any.

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