How to use an iMac as a second monitor for an iMac

I have two 21.5 inch iMac's (late 2009) and I want to use one as a second monitor for the other. I have a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort connector but when I connect it to both computers, nothing happens. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong once they're plugged in or if I have the wrong cable all together. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Not going to work, the ONLY 2009 / 2010 iMacs that supported Target Display Mode were the 27" models, 21.5" models simply will not work. Please read Apple FAQ on TDM and you will see I am correct.
Target Display Mode: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
While Neil is correct, Screen Recycler's performance is not that good so the user experience probably will not be worth it.

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    You can try Air Display.

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    Can I connect my HP laptop to the desktop machine in such a way as the laptop does nothing except provide a screen for the Lenovo?  (If you've ever got serious about flight simulator you'll know how much you need two or even three screens!! )  

    No you can't you can use other monitor as second monitor for your laptop BUT you can't use laptop monitor as second monitor for other machine.
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  • Using a TV as a second monitor

    I'm trying to use a TV as a second monitor (for watching movies) with Windows through Boot Camp (netflix instant play isn't support in Mac yet). When I plug in the mini-DVI adapter with the yellow video cable, my screen goes blank for a moment and comes back on but nothing happens on the TV. I've tried updating the nVidia and ATI drivers in Windows, but they won't install properly. My System Profiler says I'm running Intel GMA x3100 graphics. I've tried what I can think of and what I've read. Can anyone offer advice?

    Robert Enyeart wrote:
    Thanks but what I am looking for is a wireless connection between my mac and my tv screen
    you might be able to devise a workaround (with old Mac or PC) using ScreenRecycler.

  • Use laptop as second monitor for hp touchsmart 310-1020

    Product name: HP TouchSmart 310-1020 PC.
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Can I use my laptop as a second monitor for my HP? It doesn't have an hdmi port, so is there any software or converters someone suggests?

    Sorry to say, but it won't be possible - any video ports on your notebook will be output only.
    Actually that's not what the OP asked, and it's incorrect since you're not answering the question he asked. There are software packages out there that will let the OP do what they want between multiple PCs. Multiplicity by Stardock is a quick example and it's only $30

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    I have a new iMac with Lightning connector and USB. And I have a Macbook Pro 17" with Firewire and USB. Is there a way to connect the Macbook Pro to the iMac and make it into a second monitor for my iMac?

    Your welcome, wish I had better news. You may want to look over Apple's FAQ on the subject (Target Display Mode) you can find it by clicking

  • How can i use my smart TV as a second monitor for my Power mac (2010) via HDMI cable? i've made the connection but no options show in system prefs display.

    How can i use my smart TV as a second monitor for my Power mac (2010) via HDMI cable? i've made the connection but no options show in system prefs display.
    the computer:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.9.5), 2 x 2.66 Ghz 6-Core intel Xeon
    the TV: LG Smart tv

    The Mac uses a highly-parameterized universal Driver for every display. The parameters are set at certain times when a query is sent to your display. The display MUST answer with its name and capabilities, or the screen stays dark. A TV set that is off or "not paying attention" because it is set to a different port when the query occurs will rarely answer, and so will often remain dark.
    You can use tools in the System Report to see whether your display has been detected at all. If it has, the report will look something like this, but its name will appear:
    The times when the query is sent are:
    • at Startup
    • at wake from sleep
    • when the Mac-end of the cable is inserted
    • when using the Option ( Detect Displays ) button in displays preferences

  • Can I use my Imac (mac os x 10.6.8 2.8 ghz intel core duo) as a second monitor for my mac book pro?

    Can I use my Imac (mac os x 10.6.8 2.8 ghz intel core duo) as a second monitor for my mac book pro?

    Click here and follow the instructions, or use a product such as ScreenRecycler over a network.

  • Can i use my imac as second monitor for my  pc / notebook

    Can i use my imac as second monitor for my  pc / notebook

    Without any knowledge of the year machines you have it's impossible to answer that question. iMacs adn MBA's have been around for many years now so we have no idea of the exact specs your machine have. Remember when posting you need to be complete and paint a picture for us as we aren't there to look for ourselves. Your question should be  posted something like:
    " I have a 2011 27" iMac and a 2009 MacBook Air, can I use the iMac as an external display for my MacBook Air?"
    BTW what you are referring to is called Target Display Mode. Apple does support that on some 2009-2011 iMacs. You can find additional information at:

  • Use older 2008 iMac as second monitor for new iMac

    Hi all,
    I have one of these older machines that has no real purpose
    but would serve me very well as a second monitor for my brand spanking new iMac.
    The specs seem to note that there is a video output - but I'm not seeing anything about video IN.
    Is it possible to use this older iMac as a monitor?

    that looks cool, and there is a free trial.
    I am not keen on using the WiFi to do this - my old iMac has firewire but the new one doesn't.
    Besides using the ludicrously expensive Thunderbolt <-> Firewire 800 convertor
    is there any other way to create a wired connection between these devices? I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a USB <-> USB network connection.

  • Use 2008 iMac as second monitor for pc laptop

    I have a 2008 iMac and wish to use it as a second monitor for my wife's laptop.  I originally bought a mini display port to vga adaptor cable and realized that it would not work.  I have to go back and buy the mini DVI to vga adapter cable to use it.  But in scouring the google links - I saw that it might not work.  It had said for 2011 and above it might, but did not mention earlier models.  I could use some direction.  If it not possible, I would rather not go and buy a new cable and try.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks  .

    You need to set up Virtual Network Computing.

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    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
    tambien en Español

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    Hi George,
    There are are two types of statuses.One is system status and second one is user status.These statuses will tell us current situation of an order.
    We can't change system statuses.But we can create our own statuses through status profile.With this profile we can control user statuses.
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    1.We define the sequence in which user statuses can be activated,
    2.We define initial statuses
    3. Allow or prohibit certain business transactions.
    Selection profiles are used to select the objects (say production orders) with different status combinations.We assign status profiles to selection profiles in BS42 T-Code.
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