How to use &APP_ID. inside stored procedure.

Hello, I have created one stored procedure. I am calling it from my process code. I want to use so many page variables like &APP_ID. I do not want to pass it as argument. Is it possible to use those variables without passing it in to procedure.? (&page_id. and also some application level variables )
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

The APEX documentation describes in detail the various ways of referencing APEX session state.
Local variables declared in your process block are not available in APEX' session state. Hence you cannot refence such variables in a stored procedure.

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  • How to use @prompt for stored procedure in universe

    I am using Bo XI R3.1 and universe was built on stored procedures and database is sql server 2005.
    I would like to show the list of values for prompts in report which they are based on parameters given for stored procedures in universe. Instead of typing the value for prompts the user should select some values for the prompt.
    I've tried in the universe putting the prompt syntax but didn't work could any one please let me know how this will be achived
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Eswar,
    Please try the following steps mentioned below:
    1. Go to Insert -> click Tables and Import the table which needs to assign LOVu2019s into Universe panel.
    Objects which are created on tables may appear in inactive mode.
    2. Right click on the stored procedure -> Click on Edit stored procedures.
    3. Click on the Browse universe objects from Stored Procedure Editor. (Button avaial on the left)
    4. Select the object which you want to assign for the List of values.
    5. Enter the desired text which you want to display in the WebI reports in the Edit prompt Label.
    6. Export the Universe.
    Before doing the above steps:
    While creating for SP Univ, a parameter screen appears after selecting SP. In the "Value" field enter a dummy value and
    from the "Next Execution" drop down at the right select "Prompt me for a value".

  • How to use arrays in stored procedure??Please do help me.......

    hi, i need to make a procedure where i may execute a query.The query returns multiple rows.Now i want to use 1 row.i needs to fetch all colums as out parameter...can anyone please help me.....i will be very thankful to the person.

    you cannot just force only one column from a select statement to be a out parameter, you need to collect all the columns into a collection type and use the collection type as out parameter or use refcursor as out parameter and fetch the rows
    using collection type
    create type obj_typ is object(
    a_val number,
    b_val varchar2(100)
    create type nest_typ is table of obj_typ
    create or replace procedure retrieve_emp(mgr_no number,e_details out nest_typ) is
    select obj_typ(empno,ename) bulk collect into e_details from emp
    where mgr = mgr_no;
    nest_var nest_typ;
    for i in 1..nest_var.count loop
    dbms_output.put_line(nest_var(i).a_val || ' - '||nest_var(i).b_val);
    end loop;
    7499 - ALLEN
    7521 - WARD
    7654 - MARTIN
    7844 - TURNER
    7900 - JAMESUsing ref cursor
    create or replace procedure retrieve_emp2(mgr_no number,e_details out sys_refcursor) is
    OPEN e_details FOR select empno,ename from emp
    where mgr = mgr_no;
    empno_val emp.empno%type;
    ename_val emp.ename%type;
    edetails_ref_Cur sys_refcursor;
    fetch edetails_ref_cur into empno_val,ename_val;
    exit when edetails_ref_cur%notfound;
    dbms_output.put_line(empno_val ||' - '||ename_val);
    end loop;
    close edetails_ref_cur;
    7499 - ALLEN
    7521 - WARD
    7654 - MARTIN
    7844 - TURNER
    7900 - JAMESHTH,

  • How to find the columns and tables used in a stored procedure?

    Can someone suggest how to find the columns and tables used within a stored procedure?

    For example:
    SQL> create or replace
      2    procedure p1
      3      is
      4          cnt number;
      5      begin
      6          select count(*) into cnt from emp;
      7  end;
      8  /
    Procedure created.
    SQL> select  referenced_owner,
      2          referenced_name
      3    from  dba_dependencies
      4    where owner = 'SCOTT'
      5      and name = 'P1'
      6      and referenced_type = 'TABLE'
      7  /
    SCOTT                          EMP
    SQL> SY.

  • How to customize events, execute stored procedures using JSF and ADF BC

    As a java beginner, I started with developing simple web application using JSF and ADF business component through visual and declarative approach. I need to know how to customize events, execute stored procedures, invoke functions on triggering events associated with rich controls. for eg. how to write customized functions on button click or checkbox click events to achieve business requirement and can be modified whenever required.
    Edited by: 792068 on Aug 31, 2010 9:40 PM

    Which business layer is prefered to create interactive data model: 1. ADF business components or 2. Enterprise JavaBeans using Java persistance API (JPA) or 3. Toplink 4. Portlets
    which minimizes writing low level codes and how much OOPS knowledge is required for creating above business layer binding data to viewcontroller layer?

  • How to implement simple java stored procedure

    I'm using Maxdb  7. 6.03.15 (standalone - no SAP) as a Migration Environment to a new centralized SAP solution.
    Most of the work is done in internal DBproc but I need to trig external procedure (those one's written in Java).
    I have already spent too much time to find related information and because I need only very simple triggreing, I don't want to learn and deploy product like NetWeaver ... anyone could give me minimal information on how to do that ...
    If I'm right, I need to configure the MessageServer and develop a minimist java proc that should be able to register the DBproc (java language) inside DB and handle the MessageServer msg generated by my internal DBproc call to the newly registered java proc ?
    I just want to do that as simple as possible, I don't need locking scheme neither multiple request queue ... because I control all access to the DB and all process are completely serialized  (It was a design rule).
    Could anyone help me ?

    Thank's Lars for that quick answer !
    You wrote,
    > AFAIK one development target is to implement UDEs (User Defined Extensions) that will allow the creation of "inside-the-db-code" in >other languages than the one used for the stored procedures.
    did you mean "JavaUdeServer" ? I see some interesting code in source tree about that . I investigate a little about but I miss the binary javaUdeServer code (and I don't want to rebuild the distribution also because of different version). The message returned when I tried to call a registered java stored proc was smoething like 'Impossible to contact UDE server' 
    But the code is still embedded in the kernel (as It can be found in the map files).
    I don't find any documentation on that feature ,is it for security reason ? If so  I'm ready for a 'No disclosure agreement' (It's not a personal request).
    Of course, if the only way is NetWeaver that could be OK but the task seem's to me so heavy regarding my so simple need's  ... if there is a short way (samples ?) to kick me on NetWeaver to reach my goal you're welcome !!
    (Some piece of code on NetWeaver that allow a procedure to call to external java proc that return hostname will be enough ...).
    For you information, (because I have the feeling I got your answer) I already install a trial NetWeaver some week's ago but I don't spent (and I don't have) many times to use It and I have the bad sensation to try driving a big truck only to move a cup of coffee ...(of Java of course !) but perhaps I'm too impatient ?

  • How to select from a stored procedure?

    Lets say I have a simple stored procedures
    Create Procedure stp_test
     Select * from tbl1
    I would like to be able to do this in SSMS (actually, I want to do this from ADODB)
    Select top 10 * from ...stp_test... Order By rowID
    It looks like I want to use OpenQuery on the stored Procedure, but I have not been able to do it correctly.  How can I query my stored procedure?
    Rich P

    It looks like I want to use OpenQuery on the stored Procedure, but I have not been able to do it correctly.  How can I query my stored procedure?
    If you want to use the OPENQUERY method , use the following.. follow this link...
    Please mark as answer, if this has helped you solve the issue.
    Good Luck :) visit for more t-sql code snippets and BI related how to articles.

  • How to output value from stored procedure

    Hi folks, I need to output the OrderFK from a stored procedure not really sure how to achieve this any help or tips much appreciated.
    Sql code below
    USE [TyreSanner]
    /****** Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[AddCustomerDetails] Script Date: 11/12/2014 20:56:34 ******/
    ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[AddCustomerDetails]
    /***********************Declare variables ***********************/
    @Forename nvarchar(50),
    @Surname nvarchar(50),
    @HouseNo nvarchar(50),
    @CustAddress nvarchar(50),
    @Town nvarchar(50),
    @Postcode nvarchar(50),
    @ContactNo nvarchar(50),
    @EmailAddress nvarchar(50),
    @ProductQuantity int,
    @TotalProductSaleCost decimal,
    @ProductFK int,
    @FittingDate date,
    @FittingTime Time
    DECLARE @CustomerFK int;
    DECLARE @OrderFK int;
    INSERT INTO [TyreSanner].[dbo].[Customer](Forename, Surname, HouseNo, CustAddress, Town, Postcode, ContactNo, EmailAddress)
    VALUES (@Forename,@Surname,@HouseNo,@CustAddress,@Town,@Postcode,@ContactNo,@EmailAddress)
    Set @CustomerFK = SCOPE_IDENTITY()
    INSERT INTO [TyreSanner].[dbo].[Order] (CustomerFK)
    VALUES (@CustomerFK)
    INSERT INTO [TyreSanner].[dbo].[Link_OrderProduct](OrderFK, ProductFK, ProductQuantity, TotalProductSaleCost, FittingDate, FittingTime)
    (@OrderFK, @ProductFK, @ProductQuantity, @TotalProductSaleCost, @FittingDate, @FittingTime)

    Hi brucey54,
    There’re several ways to capture the value from a Stored Procedure. In you scenario, I would suggest 2 options, by an output parameter or by a table variable.
    By an output Parameter, you need to make a little bit modification on your code as below:
    USE [TyreSanner]
    ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[AddCustomerDetails]
    @Forename nvarchar(50),
    @FittingDate date,
    @FittingTime Time,
    @OrderFK int output
    DECLARE @CustomerFK int;
    --DECLARE @OrderFK int;
    Run the following code, Then @OrderFKvalue holds the value you’d like.
    DECLARE @OrderFKvalue int;
    EXEC AddCustomerDetails(your parameters,@OrderFKvalue output)
    Anyway if you don’t like to add one more parameter, you can get the value by a table variable as well. Please append “SELECT @OrderFK;” to your Procedure as below:
    USE [TyreSanner]
    ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[AddCustomerDetails]
    INSERT INTO [TyreSanner].[dbo].[Link_OrderProduct](OrderFK, ProductFK, ProductQuantity, TotalProductSaleCost, FittingDate, FittingTime)
    (@OrderFK, @ProductFK, @ProductQuantity, @TotalProductSaleCost, @FittingDate, @FittingTime);
    SELECT @OrderFK;
    Then you can call the Stored Procedure as below:
    INSERT @T EXEC AddCustomerDetails(your parameters) ;
    There’re more options to achieve your requirement, please see the below link:
    How to Share Data between Stored Procedures
    If you have any question, feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Eric Zhang

  • How to call PL-SQL/stored procedure in Creator

    Anybody can tell how to call PL-SQL/Stored procedures inside creator...

    You can see this topic
    There is how to call oracle stored procedures. Also I put a lot of links in these topic doing reference stored procedures. I have one that it tells specially how to call oracle stored procedures from java, is in spanish but you can understand the code.;-)

  • Find all tables used in a stored procedure

    I have a requirement where i have to find all the tables used in a stored procedures from different  databases.
    Ex: i have a stored procedure where i use few tables from MASTER database and some from STAGE database.When i have written a query to find all tables used in the stored procedure, i am getting only those database table where i run the query and procedure
    I have stored procedure SP1 in Master database, but i use the tables from both master and stage.
    When i run this, i am getting the tables only from Master database but not from stage. i hope my requirement is clear.
    I am trying to find all the tables from all databases used by a stored proc.
    ;WITH stored_procedures AS (
    SELECT AS proc_name, AS table_name,
    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(partition by, ORDER BY, AS row
    FROM sysdepends d 
    INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON
    INNER JOIN sysobjects oo ON
    WHERE o.xtype = 'P')
    SELECT proc_name, table_name FROM stored_procedures
    WHERE row = 1
    ORDER BY proc_name
    Please advice

    Your question is not entirely clear. You need to run the query on different databases.
    You may find this blog post helpful
    How to get information about all databases without a loop
    Check the last script in that blog post and modify to your particular purpose.
    For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert. - Becker's Law
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  • How to list dependencies of stored procedure in a package in oracle

    hi gurus,
    can any body help me to solve the below issue?
    how to list dependencies of stored procedure in a package in oracle?
    advanced thanks...

    It sounds like you're going to have trouble because you're trying to track dependencies at a more fine-grained level than Oracle does (at least prior to 11g, which I know does finer-grained dependency tracking for columns, so there may be something that would help you there).
    In Oracle, the entity is the package body. The procedure within the package does not have dependencies and does not depend on anything, it is part of the package body, which does have dependencies. You can see what tables are used by the package body via DBA_DEPENDENCIES. But if you're trying to track the dependencies for a particular procedure in a package, you'd either have to manually examine the code or you'd have to write your own PL/SQL parser.

  • How to convert SQL server stored procedures to Oracle 11g

    Hi Experts,
    In SQL server 30 stored procedures are there how to convert all the stored procedure
    from SQL server to Oracle 11g.
    Please help me,

    ramya_162 wrote:
    In SQL server 30 stored procedures are there how to convert all the stored procedure
    from SQL server to Oracle 11g.
    The single most fundamental concept you need to understand (grok in its fullness) is:
    There is very little, to NOTHING, in common between T-SQL (a language extension to SQL) and PL/SQL (integration of SQL with the language Ada, part of ALGOL family of languages that includes Pascal and C++).
    So taking a T-SQL procedure and porting it as is to PL/SQL is plain stupid.
    Oracle sucks at trying to be SQL-Server.
    So how do you migrate from SQL-Server to Oracle?
    By taking the REQUIREMENTS that the T-SQL procedures address, and addressing these requirements using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

  • Database updation using XML and stored Procedure?

    I want to perform updation in multiple tables using XML files.Please suggest can I do updation using xml and stored procedure.
    If yes then which is more efficient and takes less time.
    1.Updation using xml files only
    2.Updation using xml files with stored procedure.
    3.Stored procedure alone.
    If direct xml and stored procedure communication is possible.then please write how.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Here's a sample. The next code drop of the XSQL Servlet will make the easy-to-do from within XSQL Pages:
    package package1;
    import org.w3c.dom.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    import oracle.jdbc.driver.*;
    import oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery;
    public class Class1 extends Object {
    public static void main( String[] arg ) throws Exception {
    Connection conn = getConnection();
    CallableStatement ocs = conn.prepareCall("begin ? := App.HotItems('PAUL'); end;");
    ResultSet rs = ((OracleCallableStatement)ocs).getCursor(1);
    OracleXMLQuery oxq = new OracleXMLQuery(conn,rs);
    public static Connection getConnection() throws Exception {
    String username = "scott";
    String password = "tiger";
    String dburl = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xml";
    String driverClass = "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver";
    Driver d = (Driver)Class.forName(driverClass).newInstance();
    return DriverManager.getConnection(dburl,username,password);

  • How to call pl/sql stored procedure in JDBC query dialogbox

    how to call pl/sql stored procedure in JDBC query dialogbox(reports 9i) .

    please refer : Re: problem If you have more doubts, please ask in that question.

  • How to check performance for Stored procedure or Package.

    Hi ,
    Can any one please tell me , how to check performance for Stored procedure or Function or Package

    user13483989 wrote:
    Hi ,
    Can any one please tell me , how to check performance for Stored procedure or Function or Package
    Sanjeev.Oracle has provided set of Tools to monitor the Performance.
    Profilers being one of them; If you wish to understand more on PL/SQL Optimization, please read PL/SQL Optimization and Tuning.
    See example of DBMS_PROFILER.
    See example of PLSQL Hierarchial Profiler

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