How to use cookies in struts

iI am new to struts. I want to get value in text field from one form to another using cookis in struts, can any one help me?, please...

To write a cookie in Struts, you create one and add it to the response object. (response.addCookie(cookie)).
To read it, you use the bean:cookie tag.
As to use cookies to get a given value from one form to another, there might be better ways, like using request attributes.
You might be better off keeping those cookies in the jar, after all.

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to jsp, please let me know how to use cookies with jsp.
    I have three web applications, in run time I have to switch from one application to another application based on single login page. I have taught cookies are one of the solution. But while I'm googling I unable to get such a good material.
    please give some examples,
    Thanks in advance.

    Read a cookie in jsp
    HttpSession session = request.getSession();
    Cookie cookie_session = getCookie(request, "COOKIENAME");
              if (cookie_session == null) {
                   sesID = session.getId();
              } else {
                   sesID = cookie_session.getValue();
    get all cookie in the browser
    This gets all the cookies and according to the cookie name given u can get the cookie value
    Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies();
              if (cookies != null) {
                   for (int i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) {
                        if (cookies.getName().equals(cookieName))
                             return cookies[i];
                   }but i am not sure if this works for ur requirement try and see                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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    Please correct me if I'm wrong: I think LiveConnect is not supported on IE, and Mozilla has plans to discontinue it.
    Didn't an earlier version of JavaFX allow access to the Applet instance, including the AppletContext? Seems to me, just generally, that JavaFX applets are hobbled unless they have that functionality available. Cookies are one example. Also applet parameters, hyperlinks, and the browser status display.
    Especially hyperlinks.

  • How to use displaytags with struts

    How to use display tags with struts to generate report from database

    I think it would only consist in including the tag library of displaytags in the header and use the prefix of desplay tags.
    Exporting the report from a database would only need to retrieve this information from the database as a List, Map or Collection of objects (beans) and display tem with the corresponding tag (table)
    You have some more information here:
    Regards and good luck,
    Fran Serrano.

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    i got answer for this in O'Reilly Jakarta Struts Cook Book....

    I don't think you should use coolies in struts at all. Or for anything at all. I abhor slavery of any kind

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  • How to use cookie in OAF?

    I want to set cookies from OAF controller.
    Any thought or code snippet?
    Abdul Wahid

    Thanks keerthi,
    Late reply.I guess, the article is about how oaf foundations is maintaining states.
    I did try search, but didn't get any direct solution to use cookies just like its used in servlets.
    The requirement was to maintain session information above the user level sessions. Custom servlet cookies looked fine, but couldn't get way to set those in OAF.
    However, if some body gets similar requirement, the solution found, was, "pageContext.putSessionValueDirect" method.
    Thanks again brother.
    Abdul Wahid

  • How to use Cookies in Web DynPro?

    Is there a way to use Cookies in Web DynPro like a regular Servlet uses in it's response Object?
    If yes, I could use a code example...

    Hi Roy,
    1. This will create a Request Objec containing all the client's request just like in a regular Servlet or does it have special considerations I should worry about?
    A: If you have portal and webdynpro components, both have to use the same runtime. If you are using only webdynpro components then you can use the "Task" class. But it is a non-standard API.
    2. Where do you recommend putting this statement? I assume at the wdDoInit() method right?
    A: Don't put this statement in the doInit(), if you are handling some event within the component and refreshes the view, your doInit() will not get executed.
    3. Is there a Response object I can create as well?
    HttpServletResponse response =(( WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter()).getHttpServletResponse()

  • How to use session in Struts

    Hello, there:
    It's a simple question.
    I have a web app which has a login page, in its action class I create an object, user, and save it into session by using request.getSession(true).setAttribute("user", user).
    In another action class, I want to use the info of user then I use request.getSession(true).getAttribute("user"); however, the returned object is NULL. Did I use session in a wrong way?

    Did I use session in a wrong way?No, you are using the session correctly. The code looks fine.
    - your spelling of the attribute names - obviously they must match
    - the ids of the sessions you get both times: session.getId(). If they have different ids, then most probably the session is being lost somewhere.
    There are a number of reasons to lose a session. If you close the browser, invalidate the session in code, or lose the cookie recording the id. This happens when you change from https to http, so a session can be lost that way.
    The session is normally maintained by session cookies. If you close your browser you lose the cookie. If you have disabled cookies on your machine then it also might not work.
    In cases such as that you should be using the method response.encodeURL() to maintain the session for you in any hyperlinks you produce. Struts normally handles that for you though if necessary.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to use jdbc in struts ?

    i want to connect to database and fire insert, select etc queries but my code should be in struts framework

    Struts is only a view-controller framework. MVC implemented properly places the database operations in the model tier. So, I would advise against doing something that seems quick and simple initially (such as firing off JDBC from a JSP).
    Rather, use Struts to simply be your VC. Within your model tier, create data access objects. These can use an ORM such as JPA (Hibernate, Toplink, etc.) or vanilla JDBC. My assumption since you are using Struts is that you at least have a Servlet container, likely Tomcat or Jetty. If so, there is documentation for each of those containers on how to set-up a JDBC data source. You can use JNDI within your model tier to access the DataSource (if you are using plain JDBC) or to supply the connection information for your EntityManagerFactory (if using JPA).
    If you are not sure how to even perform database access, I would recommend taking a JDBC tutorial. Do so standalone and not bothering with Struts or even Servlets. Once you have JDBC down, you can proceed to JPA and/or then integrate with Struts.
    - Saish

  • How to use frame in struts

    Hi all,
    I am using Struts framework.
    I have two part in a jsp page, in which i am getting data from previous page by using request.getParameterValues("date");
    i.e i am getting multiple date.
    Now in first part of jsp page i have checkbox tree ,where user can select checkbox, then click on submit .Now on click submit data will pass second part of jsp page.where with checked data
    and date i have to do some process.
    it is like frame type structure, where data from one frame will pass in second frame in jsp page.
    I request to all JGuru to guide me how to do it.

    Just let it access the request parameters the same way? Using HttpServletRequest#getParameter() and so on.

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    I want to use Ajax in my struts framework.Can anyone please suggest me how
    to do this

  • Hi i want to how to use DTO in struts frame work.

    hi all,
    i want to display content on jsp pages using DTO object.
    in my application one jsp page for user input. foruser input i am creating one action form for this. and also one DTO class for handing action form .
    my main aim is elimunate the actionclass coding thrugh DTOclass .
    this is my problem.
    can you tell me how to do this.if any solution please forward me .
    my email address is [email protected]

    Please ignore my previous answer. RowSetDynaClass can be implemented DTO but this will only solve half of your problem. RowSetDynaClass can be used to retrieve the data from the database. RowSetDynaClass cannot be used to encapsulate the data from a Form to take to the database. For this you can use a HashMap or BeanUtils classes.
    There are a few examples of implementing those. But I am still looking for a good one.
    Is there any point to use RowSetDynaClass to retrive info from DB if you are going to use a HashMap/BeanUtils to get the information from the Form? Should we only use HashMap/BeanUtils for transport the information back and forth between DB and View?
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    I want to use log4j and pooling in my running project based on struts-tomcat.
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    Another day, another jargon-dump

  • How to create cookies in webdynpro and How to read from cookies

    Hi all
    Please let us know how to create cookies and how to store and retrieve the data from cookies in webdynpro.
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    can you please send sample codes how to create and read the data from cookies in webdynpro?
    if you have any useful links or documents on this cookies in webdynpro then it would be great help to us.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kalki reddy

    Have a look at the following thread:
    Re: How to use Cookies in Web DynPro?
    This may help you.

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