How to use hard drives with the new mac pro

A few quick questions about upgrading to new Mac pro desktop
I currently have 4 internal hard drives for a total of 8T
What will the solution be to add storage to the new desktop?
I assume it will be thunderbolt options?
Lets say I wanted at least 8TB of storage to add to the computer
and attached the storage via thunderbolt will it be as fast data throughput
as the harddrives in my current computer hooked up to the external bus?
I also have a pci card running my audio plugins for Universal Audio how will those pci
cards work on the new mac pro?

Also will the transfer rate with the pegas be as fast as if the drives were connected to the bus in the machines like the old mac pro?
To answer that, think of this as a Bottleneck problem. The overall performance is as slow as the slowest device.
At this writing typical rotating drives can produce a momentary burst at 125 MBytes/sec or 1,000 Mbits/sec. Only FireWire 800 is starting to be a limit for that -- EVERYTHING else is faster. Thunderbolt-1 is 10,000 Mbits/sec -- ten times faster.
The best SSD can produce a burst at maybe 800 MBytes/sec or 6,400 Mbits/sec. There is not a big speed difference in an SSD RAID, because the latency is already low. But the 10,000 Mbits/sec of ThunderBolt-1 is still plenty fast enough for that as well.
If ThunderBolt-2 devices really can run a single data stream at 20,000 Mbits/sec, that does not make ANYTHING faster -- it just moves the ceiling (potential bottleneck) a bit farther away.

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  • What's the best way to configure my thunderbolt drive with the new mac pro?

    I have an external pegasus drive connected to my mac pro.  Obviously the computer is limited in space and I was wondering whether I should move my "user" folder which will include documents, pictures, videos, etc onto the pegasus.  That way the 256gb hard drive on the mac pro is dedicated solely for the os and and apps.  What do you guys think?

    I concur. See the following:
    How to use an SSD with your HDD
    If you are going to use an SSD as a boot drive together with your existing HDD as the "data" drive, here's what you can do.
    After installing the SSD you will need to partition and format the SSD using Disk Utility. Then, install OS X on the SSD. After OS X has been installed boot from the SSD. Use Startup Disk preferences to set the SSD as the startup volume.
    Open Users & Groups preferences. Click on the lock icon and authenticate. CTRL- or RIGHT-click on your user account listing in the sidebar and select Advanced Options from the context menu.
    You will see a field labeled "Home dir:" At the right end you will see a Change button. Click on it. In the file dialog locate the Home folder now located on the HDD (HDD/Users/account_name/.) Select the folder, click on Open button. Restart the computer as directed.
    When the computer boots up it will now be using the Home folder located on the HDD.
    Another more technical method involving the Terminal and aliases is discussed in depth here: Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup - Matt Gemmell. This is my preferred approach because I can select which of the Home's folders I want on the HDD and which I don't want. For example, I like to keep the Documents and Library folders on the SSD because I access their content frequently.
    Be sure you retain the fully bootable system on your HDD in case you ever need it.

  • How do I share a hard drive with the new iMac to load a disk from macbook pro

    How do I share a hard drive with the new iMac to load a disk from macbook pro. I want to install office for Mac from a disk but dont know how to share har drive from macpro

    The new iMac's don' t have DVD drives however almost all have a disk drive. The easiest method of installing MS Office for Mac on your new iMac is to download it from Microsoft and then input the code you received when you purchased your original license. Otherwise you can use the DVD drive on your MBP to install on your iMac, that feature is called Remote Disc. Instructions for Remote Disc can be found at:

  • I urgently need to know how I can connect 8 thunderbolt display, I was thinking with the new mac pro will come out, but I wonder if it is possible to connect an iMac to 4GB of graphics card, but suffers from the imac. thanks

    I urgently need to know how I can connect 8 thunderbolt display, I was thinking with the new mac pro will come out, but I wonder if it is possible to connect an iMac to 4GB of graphics card, but suffers from the imac. thanks

    I tightened all HD screws and it didn't help. With the machine running and side of the case off, I physically stopped both the video card fan and the front case fan with my finger for a couple seconds and the noise continued. I also took all hard drives out one by one and rebooted each time. Again, the noise continued until I took out the Mac HD in Bay 1, rebooted, and I had a very quiet, silent machine. The issue is the hard drive in bay 1 that shipped with the computer, it's without a doubt causing the hum/woosh sound. I still need to know if I can safely swap the Mac HD from bay 1 to bay 4 without any issues to the operating system. I would like to try that to see if it dampens the noise but I also want to make sure this swap won't screw up my machine at all.

  • Will my LED 27 Cinema Display work with the new Mac Pro?

    Will my LED 27 Cinema Display work with the new Mac Pro?

    Mini DisplayPort (like 27" LED Cinema Display) is a direct subset of ThunderBolt (like Mac pro late 2013). It plugs right in and the display portion "just works", no adapters required.

  • HT204347 is there an audio card that comes standard with the new Mac Pro?

    Is there an audio card that comes standard with the new Mac Pro?

    Hi cvs904,
    If you are interested in more information about the built-in audio ports on the new Mac Pro, you may find the following article helpful:
    Mac Pro (Late 2013): Audio ports
    - Brenden

  • How can i use 3(or more) hdmi monitors with the new Mac Pro(2013)?

    I've been looking around, trying to find a solution to this problem.
    I saw at one place that an active thunderbold -> DVI will work with the older mac pro model.
    Will this work with the new one as well?
    Will i be able to connect 3 screens if i use 2 passive thunderbold->hdmi and one
    active thunderbold->dvi and then a dvi->hdmi?

    If you need to buy Apple's $99 Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapters you may find you need to return and replace the adapter/s till you find one that works.
    Recently, after my nMP arrived I bought two adapters. It took 3 trips to the Apple store to find a second one that worked properly. This also happened a few months ago when I was buying those adapters.
    You should be aware that you'll also need the DVI cable that has the full set of pins, not the one with the row in the middle missing.
    If you check on the Apple customer reviews in the online store you'lll find the issues and possible solutions to this situation.
    Eventually I returned the second adapter when I found a way to get 2560 x 1600 through the HDMI port. I now have two 30" monitors that display 2560 x 1600.

  • Performance with the new Mac Pros?

    I sold my old Mac Pro (first generation) a few months ago in anticipation of the new line-up. In the meantime, I purchased a i7 iMac and 12GB of RAM. This machine is faster than my old Mac for most Aperture operations (except disk-intensive stuff that I only do occasionally).
    I am ready to purchase a "real" Mac, but I'm hesitating because the improvements just don't seem that great. I have two questions:
    1. Has anyone evaluated qualitative performance with the new ATI 5870 or 5770? Long ago, Aperture seemed pretty much GPU-constrained. I'm confused about whether that's the case anymore.
    2. Has anyone evaluated any of the new Mac Pro chips for general day-to-day use? I'm interested in processing through my images as quickly as possible, so the actual latency to demosaic and render from the raw originals (Canon 1-series) is the most important metric. The second thing is having reasonable performance for multiple brushed-in effect bricks.
    I'm mostly curious if anyone has any experience to point to whether it's worth it -- disregarding the other advantages like expandability and nicer (matte) displays.

    Thanks for writing. Please don't mind if I pick apart your statements.
    "For an extra $200 the 5870 is a no brainer." I agree on a pure cost basis that it's not a hard decision. But I have a very quiet environment, and I understand this card can make a lot of noise. To pay money, end up with a louder machine, and on top of that realize no significant benefit would be a minor disaster.
    So, the more interesting question is: has anyone actually used the 5870 and can compare it to previous cards? A 16-bit 60 megapixel image won't require even .5GB of VRAM if fully tiled into it, for example, so I have no ability, a priori, to prove to myself that it will matter. I guess I'm really hoping for real-world data. Perhaps you speak from this experience, Matthew? (I can't tell.)
    Background work and exporting are helpful, but not as critical for my primary daily use. I know the CPU is also used for demosaicing or at least some subset of the render pipeline, because I have two computers that demonstrate vastly different render-from-raw response times with the same graphics card. Indeed, it is this lag that would be the most valuable of all for me to reduce. I want to be able to flip through a large shoot and see each image at 100% as instantaneously as possible. On my 2.8 i7 that process takes about 1 second on average (when Aperture doesn't get confused and mysteriously stop rendering 100% images).

  • Has anyone actually used PS CS6 with the new Macbook pro?

    There has been an awful lot of discussion about how the new macbook will work with CS6, mostly talk about the UI, but has anyone used it?  How does it work with the retina display (other than the UI)?  Yes, Adobe is going to make it retina compatible and we don't know if they will charge for the upgrade or not.  But I'd like feedback from someone who is using the new Macbook pro with CS6.

    Thanks.  I have scoured the forums and nobody has used it - or if anyone has, they haven't said squat.  Anyway, I took the plunge, downloaded the app and it is absolutely stunning on my rMBP.  Even though, as you say, it is at the pixel representation I've always had.  I can't wait until the update and full retina representation.
    It is fast as blazes, sharp as a tack.  A beautiful thing.  I'll play with it some more to see how it performs.  But so far with some short tests, the rendering is almost instantanious and the colors are brilliant. 
    So far, so good.

  • Using ADC Monitor with the new Mac Mini

    My husband has an Apple monitor with an ADC connection. I would like to purchase the new Mac Mini, but would like to use his current monitor. I know there is an ADC to DVI adapter, but the new Mac Mini uses the Mini Display...could I use yet another adapter? I am trying to save money, but don't want to the display quality to be really poor. Space is not an issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have located that, but my concern is the DVI connection to the Mini Display connection on the Mac Mini. My understanding is that they are different.

  • Anyone having a crashing problem with the new Mac Pro?

    I have a new Mac Pro purchased in January.  I bought it as a front end to my very large mp3 library (170,000 mp3s and over 2,000 mp4s; media is housed on a 12 TB QNAP NAS).  Since day 1 it has been a major problem.  The biggest problem I have now is random crashing--can occur any time even when I am not even using the Mac Pro, making it totally unreliable and a $5,200 paperweight.
    I have had several Apple Care people working on this, but after having been passed around to 5-6 different people, they still have no solution.
    Anybody having a similar problem?

    As today I'm sure I'll not make the purchase again.
    The more I look into this problem, the more people and articles I find about it: and it's more than a month and no update to fix the problem.
    PC alternatives are far more interesting and they still give you the choice of building your machine.
    Apple was amazing 15 years ago, where is the team of developpers that created the old Mac Pro?!
    I want to be optimistic too, but I'm already collecting all the info on how to build an backup machine... since I'm using Adobe CC and other interchangeable softwares, there is no more problems swithcing from Mac to PC and vice-versa.
    I hope there will be a third contender entering the market soon, with a dream computer on Linux. I am on mac because of its reputation 20 years ago, but times are changing and Apple vision seems very different now.
    I'm afraid that WWDC will not announce a thing relevant for the MacPro or computers, we got used now to ear only about phones and tablets...

  • Hard Drive Carrier old & new Mac Pro

    i'm asking me if the hd carriers from the "old" mac pro fits in the early 08 one's?
    thx alot

    Be aware the Transintl sleds do not come with anti-vibration grommets which are a standard component of the Apple sleds. - When I received my sleds from Transintl I thought the grommets were omitted by mistake and sent an email stating such. Here is Transintl's response:
    "No we are not shipping Pro Sleds with any spacers. In my opinion
    these rubber spacers are not needed just because of the fact that no
    other computer manufacture uses such grommets including Apple
    in there machines to mount hard disk drives including previous
    models of Mc Pro."
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  • Swapping drives with a new mac pro?

    Can I take a 500GB drive out of my old Macpro :
    Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    Processor Speed: 3 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 2
    and swap it with the drive in a new Macpro and have it boot off of the drive and access all of the programs just like it did in the old one?

    As it turned out, I took my main drive out of the old mac pro and put it in the new one, and when I booted it it crashed twice. The screen displayed the blue color before booting to the apple logo and a transparent layer of black slowly crawled down the screen with a message that I need to restart

  • Has anyone had issues with the new Mac Pro computers and the Adobe Application Manager?

    We just purchased a new Mac Pro and transferred everything from the old computer to the new one.  Now we are getting Adobe Application Manager errors and it wants us to download Application Manager.  That leads us to the Adobe Installer that encounters the following issues
    Installer failed to initialize.  Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.  But that doesn't work either.
    Anyone run into this?

    Yep, half of my tracks are coming up displaying an error -69 ( ) and every time I remove a track from the shuffle or update the shuffle, Itunes opens a window displaying the contents of J:\ (obviously the ipod) and hidden folder \iPod_Control.... I'm really irked with this. Been mucking around with the stupid thing for hours now.
    Nothing was wrong with it until it suddenly decided to stop working, it wouldn't play tracks and Itunes wouldn't recognise it, hadn't missed a beat up till now. Sifted through the Support site for an answer and getting told I needed to update Itunes and update the Ipod software, ***?? It was working fine before. Me thinks Apple have inserted software in ipod to force users to update to newer version of Itunes. Anyway, ever since updating to the latest Itunes, the Ipod is back in action, but it is trying to tell me that half of my mp3s are corrupt (see error -69), rofl, um no, it's your stupid software Apple, I'm off to by myself a decent MP3 player without the bloat software.

  • Can i use ANY external CD/DVD drive with the NEW mac mini?

    We just got the newest Mac Mini and want to get an external drive for importing and burning CD's and DVD's.
    Can we use ANY external CD/DVD drive or do we NEED to use the "Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive."

    I've had some situations where a non-Apple DVD drive would not do a particular job.  When I tried the same project with the Apple SuperDrive everything worked perfectly.
    This is an area where I would not try to save money.

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