How to use i pad 2 as second monitor

does anyone know how i can use my i pad 2 as a second monitor to my mac book pro?

You can try Air Display.

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  • Can i use my imac as second monitor for my  pc / notebook

    Can i use my imac as second monitor for my  pc / notebook

    Without any knowledge of the year machines you have it's impossible to answer that question. iMacs adn MBA's have been around for many years now so we have no idea of the exact specs your machine have. Remember when posting you need to be complete and paint a picture for us as we aren't there to look for ourselves. Your question should be  posted something like:
    " I have a 2011 27" iMac and a 2009 MacBook Air, can I use the iMac as an external display for my MacBook Air?"
    BTW what you are referring to is called Target Display Mode. Apple does support that on some 2009-2011 iMacs. You can find additional information at:

  • Use 2008 iMac as second monitor for pc laptop

    I have a 2008 iMac and wish to use it as a second monitor for my wife's laptop.  I originally bought a mini display port to vga adaptor cable and realized that it would not work.  I have to go back and buy the mini DVI to vga adapter cable to use it.  But in scouring the google links - I saw that it might not work.  It had said for 2011 and above it might, but did not mention earlier models.  I could use some direction.  If it not possible, I would rather not go and buy a new cable and try.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks  .

    You need to set up Virtual Network Computing.

  • Can I conect iMac 2012 with thundelbolt to iMac 2008 mini display port use this iMac like second monitor.

    Can I conect iMac 2012 with thundelbolt to iMac 2008 mini display port use this iMac like second monitor.

    This Apple article:
    What are the requirements for TDM?
    suggests that older iMac do not support Target Dispaly Mode.

  • I have 2 imac, is it possibel to conect the 2, using one as a seconde monitor?

    i have 2 imac, is it possibel to conect the 2, using one as a seconde monitor?

    Late 2009 and Mid 2010 27" iMacs
    2011 iMacs Thunderbolt 10.6 Help: Using another Mac as an external display

  • Hi, how to use touch pad (thinkPad T61) to scroll pages up/down, left/right? do I need any drivers?

    Hi, how to use touch pad (thinkPad T61) to scroll pages up/down, left/right? do I need any drivers?

    Hi daneeo, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
    In the Control Panel for your Mouse there should be an UltraNav tab. Under that tab are all the settings for the touchpad. Check to make sure scrolling is enabled.
    If you do not see an UltraNav tab in the Mouse Control Panel, download and install the UltraNav driver and utility:
    Hope this helps!
    I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!

  • Using Laptop screen as second monitor?

    Hey gusy,
    I have a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro.  With the Mac Pro I have just the one screen - used to have two, but now just the one as I rarely need it.  However, for a job I'm doing at the moment, it would be handy to have the use of two screens.  Do you know if it's possible to hook both computers up and use the LapTop screen as a second monitor for my Mac Pro?

    James Arter1 wrote: ... older Mac Pro's, so no Thunderbolt  :-(
    Then it seems you can't use your LapTop as a second monitor for Mac Pro.
    An external monitor would seem to be the least cost path to more display.
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    Mac OSX 10.7.4

  • Use Macbook Pro as second monitor for a PC

    I have to use a PC at one of my jobs. Is there any way I can use my MacBook Pro as a second monitor for that PC?

    No.  The iMac line can act like a second monitor but not a MBP

  • How do i adjust brightness on second monitor

    how do you adjust brightness of the second monitor ?? just upgraded the graphics board to ati radeon 5770 and added a second monitor -

    Never mind - found the answer inside the answer to someone else' question - the USB was not plugged in which provided the nice slider

  • How open Adobe Reader 9 in second monitor by default?

    How can I make Adobe Reader 9.0 open always in my second monitor?
    With version 8 it was at least possible to open the first document on the second monitor if I had moved the window in an previous session to that monitor and closed it there. The second and following documents always were opened in the first monitor (annoying!).
    What I want is, that ALL documents always open in the second monitor. How can I manage this?

    I am also having this issue.
    First PDF opens on second monitor. Second one I open will open on main laptop monitor and 3,4,5 etc the same.
    Would like it to default full screen on second monitor for all PDF's.

  • HT3981 how can use track pad in windows using macbook

    Hi everyone.
    Can anyone guide me , How can we use track Pad click and right click in Macbook while running Windows 7.?
    Kind regards,

    It appears you did not complete the installation and set up of Windows. Did you install the Boot Camp support software/drivers from your Snow Leopard installation disk? If you did you shouls have the Boot Camp Tools icon on your Windows. Access these tools and set up the track pad.

  • How to use Network utility, or activity monitor

    Hi There,
    Can anyone point me in the direction of something that can tell me more about how to use these programs? Thanks.

    Click here and here for information.

  • How can I set up a second monitor using the DVI, a mini Displayport to dvi?

    Hey guys,
    In my office I'm trying to set up a mac with two displays, Samsung screensync sa450s, using a Startech MDP2DVIW mini displayport to dvi, and the DVI port found on the ATI Radeon HD 5770.
    However, whichever monitor is plugged in through the mini displayport never shows video, and instead will just flicker sometimes, no matter which monitor I use, or which of the mini displayports i use. The system profiler recognizes both monitors, and has all of the specs on both monitors, but only the monitor connected directly to the DVI displays anything, even if it is the secondary monitor.
    The StarTech does still work with the macpro that used to be in this spot, and the only salient distinction I can find is that the old computer has Mountain Lion, while the new one is still running Snow Leopard. Is this a case where we should just update the OS? or is there another fix?
    I've also read online that many people have been not fully plugging in these mini displayports, so I'm worried that I'm doing that, but then I'd figure it wouldn't have worked when I plugged it into the old computer unless my predecessor had made some hardware adjustments.
    Let me know.

    A frequent solution to problems like the one you describe involves pushing in the Mini DisplayPort cable-end.
    It should be inserted until essentially ALL of the metal end disappears inside the jack on the 5770 board.
    Is this display wider than 1920 wide?
    EDIT:  The Startech MDP2DVIW adapter you cited is a passive adapter suitable for 1920 wide or less. You should be using ACTIVE adapters, about US$35. They cost a little more, but are much more trouble-free. The ACTIVE designation means they contain booster circuitry to raise the Voltage levels up to true DVI levels. The default converter produces good timing, but the signals are really low.

  • How to use custom performance counters to monitor my app?

    I have a app which will read messages from a specified service bus queue. I want to monitor how many messages it read from service bus queue in the last minutes. And I want to use a custom performance counter to achieve that.
    Then I first initialized the PerformanceCounterCategory by the following code:
    var counterCreationData = new CounterCreationData
    CounterName = "numberOfMessages",
    CounterHelp = "help",
    CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.NumberOfItems32
    var counterCollection = new CounterCreationDataCollection();
    Then when my code receive messages, I just call the IncrementBy() method to count the messages. below is the code snippet:
    private static readonly PerformanceCounter Counter = new PerformanceCounter("CustomCounterCategory", "numberOfMessages", string.Empty, false);
    private void OnReceive()
    var messages = _subscriptionClient.ReceiveBatch(32);
    var brokeredMessages = messages as IList<BrokeredMessage> ?? messages.ToList();
    if (messages != null && brokeredMessages.Any())
    MessageReceived(this, brokeredMessages);
    When I check the data from the azure table, "WADPerformanceCountersTable".  The CounterValue is just simply increasing. It is not the numbers of received messages in last minutes.
    To get the numbers of received messages in last minutes, how should I write my code?
    BTW, I'm using the AZure SDK 2.5. The transfer interval is set to 1 min, sample rate set to 20 sec. This might be changed.

    The performance counter type you're using is a simple counter. You should use rate counter instead. But the issue is that there's no per minute counter, by default the rate counters come as per second. Please check counter types from below MSDN page.

  • How can use full app with multiple monitor

    in Lion and Mountain Lion
    when i use Multiple Monitors and move any app in full-screen mode
    its become in one monitor and other monitor become blank
    but it seems usefull that other monitor show another app in fullscreen mode
    how can i do this ?
    and sorry for my bad english!!

    Sorry to say, but it is designed to work that way.
    The only way around it that I know of is, not to use full-screen but just fill the screen with the application that you are using.

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