How to use Page down functionality in BDC Table control

Hi Guys,
I am facing problem with populating data in the table control at item level. I am able to poulate upto 6 records, i need to populate n number of records.
Pls help me with using P+ functionality for table control in BDC.
Thanks in advance

Can you share how you got this solved?

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  • Using Drop down box in a table control

      I'm new to ABAP. I'm trying to use drop down boxes as fields inside a table control.Im using 2 fields (f1 and f2). I want to dynamically populate values in f2 based on f1 i.e once i choose a value in f1 and click on f2 , it should give me a list of values in f2 based on the value of f1. f1 and f2 are from different tables.
    what i have done : i am able to populate values in f2 (based on the value of f1)
    1. Once i choose a value in the field f1, the value is not remaining in the field. Once i choose, the value blinks for a while and goes off ! ... ( my guess :: PBO is clearing it )
    2. After i choose a value in f1 in the first row, the corresponding values in f2 are getting populated in all the rows.

    For your first problem: Try to handle normal field (without table control) first.
    In PAI, you have to move value from dynpro field to your program field. In case of tables, you have to modify corresponding line of internal table.
    Then next PBO will read updated value and screen display doesn't loose any longer changes.
    In case of identical naming of screen fields / global fields in program, some movements are done automatically by system based on this naming. That's of course not possible with internal tables, so try a global field with a name different to field on screen to see the behavior.
    For your second problem: I guess, your struggling with a global work area of your internal table, which is not correctly filled with screen values for each time -> once filled, all lines changed.

  • Page Up and Page down functionality in table control

        I want to add two pushbuttons in the module pool screen which has a table control that fetches data from the transparent table. One pushbutton is for the page up and other is for page down. If my table control <say tab_ctrl1> has 75 records in total with shows 25 at time so with a single page down it should show next 25 rows of the data.

    Use the function module SCROLLING_IN_TABLE.
    For ok_code pass P- for previous page and P+ for next page.
                   ENTRY_ACT             = Table_Control-TOP_LINE
                   ENTRY_FROM            = 1
                   ENTRY_TO              = Table_Control-LINES
                   LAST_PAGE_FULL        = 'X'
                   LOOPS                 = 25
                   OK_CODE               = 'P+'
                   OVERLAPPING           = 'X'
                   ENTRY_NEW             = L_TC_NEW_TOP_LINE
    *              NO_ENTRY_OR_PAGE_ACT  = 01
    *              NO_ENTRY_TO           = 02
    *              NO_OK_CODE_OR_PAGE_GO = 03
                   OTHERS                = 0.
       Table_Control-TOP_LINE = L_TC_NEW_TOP_LINE.

  • Page down functionality in table control BDC-CJ02 tcode

    Hi Friends,
    I am doing a BDC with Table control for Tcode CJ02.
    When I reach certain number of records, say 13, the page down functionality doesnt work.I tried different ways like using the BDC_OKCODE as "=P" and "=P+".Also, I tried doing a recording by pressing the down key in the table contral, in SHDB, but none of them worked.
    Refered a post in SDN as well, but it doesnt hold any solution.
    Do throw some light on the same to achieve page down functionality for the bdc tcode CJ02.
    Thanks in advance.

    I already posted an answer to that here Re: BDC scroll down with OK_CODE '=P+':
    P+ (=P+ in the BDC) is not a universal function code, but only one which is defined in ABAP lists . So, 99% of time, it doesn't work for all others situations (like yours).
    Scrolling a table control is not so easy to do. When you record a page down on a table control in SHDB, you'll get probably a /00 which corresponds to Enter. When you play the recording, it won't scroll. The issue is that "page down" is processed in 2 parts, it changes the "top line" of the table control, and executes Enter. But it's not possible to record/play the "top line" information.
    The solution is that the program usually implements a function code:
    either "add new line"
    or "position at line"
    Sometimes, the function code is hidden so you must look at inside the program (or search SAP notes, like here: [SAP note 187946 (No positioning on PRT overview in routing)| ])
    And sometimes, there's no function code at all, and then you're stuck ! (or use SAP GUI scripting, but it may only work in dialog).
    For CJ02, I can't tell how to scroll through BDC, but anyway, there is a BAPI (don't remember the name, search the forum, it will be easy to find it), so you should always prefer them over BDC.


      Can anyone provide me BDC program with page down functionality.

    Hi ,
    There is ok code i.e P+, which is the page down ,
    For example if you have 5 slots in the screen and from the BDC u have to fill more than the 5 slots so we will send the FVAL to BDCDATA like 'P+' it will increse the one more page ssay like 5 more slots.

  • How to use the set functions effectively in webi ,please let me know with detail

    how to use the set functions effectively in webi ,please let me know with detail

    we use use set functions on heirarchies with aggregate functions mostly .
    If you include member_set, Min returns the minimum value of the aggregated data for all members in the member set.
    Member_set can include multiple sets separated by semicolons (;).
    The list of member sets must be enclosed in {}.
    If the member set expression does not specify a precise member or node, the hierarchy referenced must be present in the table, then the member set expression references the current member in the hierarchy in the table. If the hierarchy is not in the table, the function returns the message #MULTIVALUE.
    Eg .
    1)     Ancestor
    =Sum([YTD] ; {Ancestor([Test Hierarchy];2)})
    2)     IsLeaf
    =[Test Hierarchy].IsLeaf
    You can use this function when you want to show your Measure only at lower level .
    3)     .Depth
    =[Test Hierarchy].Depth
    This is also function used with hierarchy to find Level of Members .
    Follow this link for PDF reference .
    Page 147,d.bmk
    search on SCN this question was discussed before also one those links .
    Hope this will help you .

  • How to use case when function to calculate time ?

    Dear All,
    May i know how to use case when function to calculate the time ?
    for the example , if the First_EP_scan_time is 12.30,  then must minus 30 min.  

    Do not use computations in a declarative language.  This is SQL and not COBOL.
    Use a table of time slots set to one more decimal second of precision than your data. You can now use temporal math to add it to a DATE to TIME(1) get a full DATETIME2(0). Here is the basic skeleton. 
    CREATE TABLE Timeslots
    (slot_start_time TIME(1) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
     slot_end_time TIME(1) NOT NULL,
     CHECK (start_time < end_time));
    INSERT INTO Timeslots  --15 min intervals 
    VALUES ('00:00:00.0', '00:14:59.9'),
    ('00:15:00.0', '00:29:59.9'),
    ('00:30:00.0', '00:44:59.9'),
    ('00:45:00.0', '01:00:59.9'), 
    ('23:45:00.0', '23:59:59.9'); 
    Here is the basic query for rounding down to a time slot. 
    SELECT CAST (@in_timestamp AS DATE), T.start_time
      FROM Timeslots AS T
     WHERE CAST (@in_timestamp AS TIME)
           BETWEEN T.slot_start_time 
               AND T.slot_end_time;
    --CELKO-- Books in Celko Series for Morgan-Kaufmann Publishing: Analytics and OLAP in SQL / Data and Databases: Concepts in Practice Data / Measurements and Standards in SQL SQL for Smarties / SQL Programming Style / SQL Puzzles and Answers / Thinking
    in Sets / Trees and Hierarchies in SQL

  • Does anyone know how to use the bcc functionality for apple mail while accessing it on the cloud from my PC?

    I am currently away from my MAC and want to send an email through apple mail with the bcc functionality.  I am using the cloud to get to my mail, however, I can't figure out how to use the BCC functionality, please help.  Thanks!

    Open your mail,
    lower left corner click on settings,
    go to composing and check BCC, save and your done

  • How to Use the language function for assignment and validation

    Hi All,
    If anyone can explain me in details with example ,how to use the language function for assignments and validations?

    Hi Arnab,
    The expression is checked only for the current MDM session.
    If u login with the ABC language it will always show the ABC language no matter how many times u execute it.
    Try connecting to the DM with the XYZ language.
    It should go to the if part rather than else.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to use the CMS functionality in Sun Portal Server 7.2

    Hi All,
    How to use the CMS functionality using the ccd.war(Portlet) which is available in the library as i could add it to my channel but not able to show the functionality as it is showing the error msg "You are currently not logged in. Please login." should I create userid and there respective roles inorder to use the CMS functionality.
    Has any one used this as I could this in glass fish server.
    Any Input is appreciated.
    Thanks & regards

    Have a look at the "*Roles*" section of the portal server 7.2 content management system guide . You can also look at [project mirage|] for some screencasts
    1. ccd.war has 3 portlets in it:
    (a) custom content definition portlet
    (b) custom content portlet
    (c) workflow portlet
    2. Inorder to work with these portlets, user needs to be in anyone of the below roles:
    (a)Consumer (b) Editor (c) Approver (d) Administrator (e) Submitter (f) Contributor (g) Publisher
    3. By default ccd.war gets deployed using a default roles file (/var/opt/SUNWportal/tmp/
    Note: In windows, you may not find this file
    4. Access the portlets as a user in any of the role mentioned in the
    you can use a new roles file which has mapping to your custom roles. For this , undeploy existing ccd.war and deploy again with a new file
    Hope this helps!

  • How to use the divide() function in bpel

    Hi All,
    How to use the divide() function in bpel.
    pls can u give the one sample example

    2 div 4
    <assign name="Assign_1">
    <from expression="2 div 4"/>
    <to variable="outputVariable" part="payload"

  • How to use xsl document() function with LiveCycle XSLT processor

    I would like to use LiveCycle XSLT processor to merge xml documents by using the xsl document() function.
    However, I have not, yet, found  clear reference information on the specifics of how to accomplish in LC. For instance if you have
    a transformation that does merging using a standalone xml editor (such as Oxygen), than what is required to accomplish the same
    using the LiveCycle XSLT service.  How do you specify the URI of the XML document that is specified as an input in the xsl document() function. Your insight is appreciated.   Regards

    Hello Steve,
    I checked the reference that you cited (XSLT Transformation).   The reference omits discussing how to use xlst document() function within a stylesheet.  I think that probably means that feature of xslt technology is not directly available through LiveCycle.  When I find a workaround, I'll post an update...for the user community that might encounter the same issue.  Thank you for your response and insight.  Regards, jb1809

  • How to use query-database() function in transformation?

    Hi All,
    How to use query-database() function in transformation?
    It is giving four fields but if i write select query in sqlquery field it is saying select node is not found....
    plz help me out
    Edited by: [email protected] on Jul 29, 2009 2:49 AM

    To answer your query:-

  • Does anyone know how to use pages so you can export pdfs from the internet and automatically drag words from the document into the file name of the pdf (i.e., author, title of a scientific paper)

    Does anyone know how to use pages so you can export pdfs from the internet and automatically drag words from the document into the file name of the pdf (i.e., author, title of a scientific paper). For example, if I am downloading a paper by smith called "Surgery" that was published in 2002, it will automatically set the file name in the download to smith- surgery 2002. I have heard pages is smart enough to do this.
    thank you

    Pages can export only its own documents. They may be exported as PDF, MS Word, RTF or Text files.
    Pages can import (ie. Open a file as, or Insert a file into, a Pages document) documents in several formats, but won't rename the document as you describe. Documents that can be Opened (eg. Text, AppleWorks 6 WP, MS Word files) are converted to Pages documents, and retain their original names, with .pages replacing the original file extension. Files that can be Inserted (generally .jpg, .pdf and other image files) become part of the existing Pages file and lose their names.
    It may be possible, using AppleScript, to extract the text you want and to Save a Pages file using that text as the filename, but that would depend in part on being able to identify which text is wanted and which is not.
    How will the script determine where the author's name begins and where it ends?
    How will the script recognize the beginning and of the title, an decide how much of the title to use in the filename?
    How will the script recognize the year of publication?
    For papers published in a specific journal, with a strict format for placing each of these pieces on information, or containing the needed information as searchable meta data in the file, this might be possible. But it would require knowledge of the structure of these files, and would probably handle only papers published in a specific journal or set of journals.
    Outside my field of knowledge, but there are some talented scripters around here who might want to take a closer look.
    Best of luck.

  • How to use drill down option in Crystal Report

    Dear all,
            I want to know how to use drill down option in Crystal report 2008.  In below i have explained my screnario
    For example
       My scenario is.  In crystal report I have Purchase order like PO101,PO102.  Each purchase order have 5 line items.  If i drill down each purchase order it should display line item in crystal report. 

    Create a Group on 'Purchase order'.
    Group Expert -> Select the Purchase Order and Click the arrow button such that it appears right side. Click ok.
    GH1 is inserted.
    Your detail section should include 'Line items' fields.
    Right Click 'Detail' section on left hand side,  Click 'Hide (Drill down Ok)'.
    Now you will see only 'Purchase order's in Group Headers.
    Now when you click on a particular order, you will see respective line items.

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