How to use XHeaderName1 in SOAP header

I have a scenario in which im passing the target URL of a webservice dynamically in my mapping udf.
I have to pass the URL to the TServerLocation parameter in SOAP header. But the error i get is that the URL is too long for TServerLocation. So i have to split it and send it using XHeaderName1,XHeaderName2 and XHeaderName3.
Can anyone tell me how to do this.
i saw this blog which gives me some idea but still my scenario is not working
please Help

Hi Sivasakthi Danasekaran,
URL is an environment variable I think it will take 256 charecters only. You need to split it compulsorly.
Reward points if needful.

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    Just wondering if Filter can be used here, though I never tried that.

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    Regards Pete
    if you look at the topic :XML Encrypt
    you will see you can encrypt every part of the xml
    Encrypted Content
    Part of the SOAP envelope to be encrypted. Valid values are: BODY, HEADERS, ENVELOPE, and XPATH. The default is BODY.

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    Do you wnat to access the Sender Service details in your mapping using java or XSL mapping? this is possible.
    Check this link,
    Or do you want to access the SOAP header itself?

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    See this

  • How to set wsse:security SOAP header in soa 11g?

    we are facing an issue with invoking a secured webservice.
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    2.) Created a schema, set the username/password and included it in partner link header tab.
    3.) added a client token policy in em and then set http authentication field.
    all these not working.
    the error we are facing is :
    Non Recoverable System Fault : Missing <wsse:Security> in SOAP Header
    complete payload is below:
    <part name="summary">
    <summary>Missing <wsse:Security> in SOAP Header</summary>
    <part name="detail">
    <detail> Missing <wsse:Security> in SOAP Header</detail>
    <part name="code">
    Please let us know how to proceed with this?
    Thanks in advance

    You need to attach the below policy in security section (Select your partnerlink in the references section of composite.xml and the click on "Configure WS policies")
    if it is Secured Webservice, then attach this policy
    After attaching policy, click edit and configure the key(out of box, u see one key csf-key) . This key should be setup with the required username and password that matches with the Webservice expected username and pwd.

  • How to add new custom SOAP header when generate webservice?

    When invoke an external webservice, SOA Gateway provide a method to add new customized SOAP Header, via extending seeded java function "WebServiceInvokerSubscription".
    And in case of generating a new webservice in EBS, is there some similar method to add new customized SOAP header in the webservice?

    Look at your Payment Process Profile. THere should be a reporting subtab and within that subtab is a Separate Remittance Advice region. I believe that is where you specify the format for the remittance advice document (which is built in XML Publisher). Take a look at that.
    John Dickey

  • How to add  variables in SOAP header before to call my Physical Service?

    In ODSI,
    I created a Physical Service for an external WebService (third part).
    In a logical Service (inside a XQuery Extension Function) i am calling the previous Physical Service. However, I need to add some variables in the SOAP Header Request before to call that Physical Service.

    Since your webservice accepts a SOAP Header, the wsdl for your webservice should describe that SOAP header (as well as the body). And when ODSI creates the physical data service from the wsdl, the read function will take two arguments - one is the SOAP header and the other is the SOAP body. All you need to do is populate the soap header and body.
    If your wsdl does not describe the soap header - fix it so that it does. If need be, make a copy of the wsdl, modify it to describe the soap header, save it in your DataSpace, and then (re)create the physical data service from the wsdl.
    - Mike

  • How to change Data in SOAP Header

    Dear friends,
    We are facing a problem with IDOCs. We have a scenario where in we are sending IDOC from a logical system XXXCLNT040 to another one XYZCLNT004 using XI3.0 SP10.
    Now the problem is that we are simulating a situation wherein system XXXCLNT004 sends PORDCR1 idoc to XI and then XI send it to XYZCLTN004 which should return an acknowledgement to be sent to "just" XI and then to some third system not the original sender.
    Now, the problem is that we changed the mapping of the IDOC field SDNPRN to point to XI logicalsystem so that the receiver sees that message is sent from logical partner XI and not from XXXCLNT004 but when I check the idoc in we05 of the receiver side it still has partner XXXCLNT004 instead of XI and it seems that it takes it up from the SOAP message header data.
    Is there anyway we can manipulate this so that we can change/modify the sender logical partner information during runtime? or anyother suggestions.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi Manish -
    You can't map the 6 sender and receiver control record fields (partner, port, and function) and have XI pick them up. See note 728792 for the fields that you can map. You can map them but they will be ignored even if you choose "Use control record values from payload". You need to use other methods. See note 792333 for the options.
    Also check out the document "How To Sample IDoc Scenarios within XI3.0" which is available in the How-To section for XI 3.0. This will give you a number of scenarios. Drink a lot of coffee before you read this document.
    This is definitely the most confusing part of XI IDoc processing so set aside some time to figure it out.

  • How to use image as pannel header?

    hi all,
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    Now the challenge, we have to macth the flex application to the
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    flex style explorer :[b
    thx in advance.
    warm regards
    gaurav verma

    In Flex 2.0, you can do the following:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="">
    anel width="400" height="300" title="My Title"
    - Jason Szeto
    "gv79" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:e3mj9g$2v6$[email protected]..
    > hi all,
    > we here here are building a flex application for
    Laingorourke UK's
    > domestic
    > housing solution, which will cater the dynamic needs of
    bussiness to
    > collect
    > user/customer's feedback and selection on various
    components which will be
    > used/installed in his house.
    > Now the challenge, we have to macth the flex application
    to the corporate
    > branding ( ). as in flex
    style explorer there
    > are
    > header images used for pannels ( most probably ). We
    here also need the
    > same.
    > Can anbody guide me to the link/resource from where i
    can get an idea of
    > doing
    > the same.
    > flex style explorer :
    > thx in advance.
    > warm regards
    > gaurav verma

  • How to Capture Runtime SOAP Header in ABAP Webservice

    Hi All,
    I have created a WebService from a ABAP Function Module, and an external (Java Based) system is able consume to it. But while making the call, the external System enriches the SOAP header with certain values, and I need to capture these values in ABAP Function Module.
    How can read the enriched SOAP Header in my ABAP Function Module? is there any Class/Function Module which I can call to get the Runtime SOAP-HEADER or is the runtime SOAP-header available in one of the structures similar to SYST?

    Hi Ganesh,
    Please go through this link.'S.html
    I think this would be helpful for you..
    Reward points if useful,
    Swamy Kunche

  • How to view SOAP header generated from XML Gateway  ?

    Hi All,
    I am using XML Gateway integrate EBS and trading partner using web services.
    Currently I am having problem with including wsse authorization information in the outbound message of EBS.
    I am able to view the payload in the transaction monitor but not able to check the SOAP header of message.
    How to view the current SOAP header generated by EBS and/or include the wsse information which are required by recipient trading partners ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    No, this XML is the whole XI message and it is not sent by the SOAP (axis) adapter. If you want to see exactly what is sent, try checking it with the TCPGateway tool as advised on the SOAP FAQ note
    [Note 856597 - FAQ: XI 3.0 / PI 7.0 / PI 7.1 SOAP Adapter|]
    Under question "Q: How can I trace the whole message?". Otherwise, on SXMB_MONI, try selecting the PAYLOAD item on the left menu and, on the payload on the right, right-click and select "VIEW SOURCE".

  • Passing Parameter through SOAP Header in ODIInvokeWebService

    How to pass parameters in SOAP Header in ODIInvokeWebService and not just in SOAP Body?
    One of our web service provider expects certain parameters set in SOAP Header. Currently, ODIInvokeWebService allows to set parameters through SOAP (Request) Body and not through SOAP Header.
    How can we set and send parameters in SOAP Header when using ODIInvokeWebService. Can we set this in a request file. Any workaround?
    BTW is this a limitation in the tool. If yes, I am looking for a work around. I can setup a proxy service/servlet and re-route the request to the provider but I would like to know if there is a work that can be done easily through ODIInvokeWebService before I look for other options.
    Appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    Hi Muthu ,
    This is not supported by the ODIInvokeWS Tool.
    There are some ER logged against this and may be it will get implemented in ODI 11g

  • Modify SOAP header in ABAP for 3rd party WSDL

    Hi SDN,
    I want to consume a 3rd party WSDL in ABAP. I have created the proxy through SE80, and created the logical port through LPCONFIG. The WSDL I'm using needs me to include some authentication (developer key, and password) in the header portion of the SOAP message. Example below.
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:web="">
    How can I edit the SOAP header to include this information so that this WSDL will work when I call it? There must be a better way than hardcoding the SOAP call and using an HTTP client call.
    I've looked in google and SDN and haven't been able to find a good answer to this problem.
    Thanks guys.

    Have a search in SDN for "if_wsprotocol_ws_header" - there are several postings and examples and if you goto SE24 and look at the documentation attached to IF_WSPROTOCOL you can get to the example referred to in some of the SDN postings.  I also found "real" examples in SAP e.g. function group FITP_SABRE_WS, and I got it to work OK (eventually) after browsing some of these.

  • SOAP Header

    Hi Experts,
    My scenario is to access the HEADER element in the incoming SOAP Header and use it as a condition for Receiver determination.
    Can somebody give example of
    1) XSLT / java  code which can be used to access SOAP Header elements.
    2) How use this to determine the receiver.

    You can achieve this by setting the Adapter-Specific Message Attributes under advanced tab in your CC.
    check below link for the same..

Maybe you are looking for