How to view list of items on all of HD by size

as I approach the MacBook's internal HD's upper limit, I was thinking about deleting a bunch of stuff .... but I dunno exactly what to delete. So I decided I want a view, by size, for the time being of all files/entries on the entire HD.
Thus, no matter where a file or iTunes podcast, or whatever, is located, I will be able to see them in one concise list view, sorted by size ... from there I can determine what and "if" I want to delete.
I might then like to see a list sorted by "last time used" ...
are there any utilities for this?

Klaus1 wrote:
Glad it worked!
... so I am not allowed to tell you that, if ...
interesting. a lot of ellipses I used. interesting
well, anyway, I discovered how to appropriately mark things when they are solved.
thanks again
BTW, I just tried the spell-check function and 'whoa' it does not work; highlites all words and has very few suggestons and none are the correct ones ... ie "that" has no suggestion ... I used the internal Camino Browser app instead ...

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    Just for fun:
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    Dear LM,
    This is possible through VA45 transaction,but as per the standard you can get sold to party wise .
    If you want ship to party wise then you need to do these configuration settings to add SH partner function to selection list then try
    Go through IMG path
    SPRO>IMG>Sales and Distribution>Sales>Lists-->Set Updating Of Partner Index here you go for new entries then maintain SH -Ship to party partner function for Transaction group 4-contract then save the changes.
    Now go to VA45 transaction then click on partner functions push button here you enter partner function SH then give the other details like ship to paty number ,material and date then execute now system will give the contract document list for that ship to party.
    I hope this will help you,

  • How to view list of all constraints,triggers,procedures ...etc

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    user12222356 wrote:
    And how to view its definition ?If by definition you mean DDL to create it, use DBMS_METADATA:
    SELECT  DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL(object_type,object_name,owner)
    /For example:
    SET LONG 10000
    SELECT  DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL(object_type,object_name,owner)
      CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE "SYS"."SUBPTXT2" (name varchar2, subname varchar2,
    usr varchar2,
                                 dbname varchar2, dbowner varchar2,
                                 txt in out varchar2) is
    status diutil.ub4;
    begin -- main
        diutil.subptxt(name, subname, usr, dbname, dbowner, txt, status);
        if (status <> diutil.s_ok) then
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            end if;
        end if;
    end subptxt2;
    SQL> SY.

  • How to view hotmail sent items on my iPad

    I use hotmail on my laptop and have set up email folders in my account. I then set up my hotmail account on my iPhone and was instantly able to view all of my historic sent items and all mail boxes that I previously set up. I then set my hotmail account up on my iPad however the only sent items I can see on my iPad are ones that I sent from my iPad? Can anyone tell me how I can get my iPad to show all of my sent items (including ones sent from other devices too)?? And also my other mail folders that i set up??

    Open settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    Select the Account you what this to work on
    Select Mail Days to Sync
    Change the option to No Limit
    This should give you full access to all of the folders that you have in you email account on your laptop
    Hope this helps

  • How to get list of users who all are having full access in sharepoint site using client object model c#

    I want to fetch the list of users who all are having full access to the sharepoint list using client object model with .Net
    Please let me know if any property for the user object or any other way to get it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Here you are complete code i created from some years it lists all groups and users, you can just add a check in the permissions loop to see if it is equal to Full Control.
    Private void GetData(object obj)
    MyArgs args = obj as MyArgs;
    if (args == null)
    return; // called without parameters or invalid type
    using (ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(args.URL))
    // clientContext.AuthenticationMode = ClientAuthenticationMode.;
    NetworkCredential credentials = new NetworkCredential(args.UserName, args.Password, args.Domain);
    clientContext.Credentials = credentials;
    RoleAssignmentCollection roles = clientContext.Web.RoleAssignments;
    ListViewItem lvi;
    ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem lvsi;
    ListViewItem lvigroup;
    ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem lvsigroup;
    foreach (RoleAssignment orole in roles)
    lvi = new ListViewItem();
    lvi.Text = orole.Member.LoginName;
    lvsi = new ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem();
    lvsi.Text = orole.Member.PrincipalType.ToString();
    //get the type group or user
    // MessageBox.Show(orole.Member.PrincipalType.ToString());
    if (orole.Member.PrincipalType.ToString() == "SharePointGroup")
    lvigroup = new ListViewItem();
    lvigroup.Text = orole.Member.LoginName;
    // args.GroupsList.Items.Add(lvigroup);
    Group group = clientContext.Web.SiteGroups.GetById(orole.Member.Id);
    UserCollection collUser = group.Users;
    foreach (User oUser in collUser)
    lvigroup = new ListViewItem();
    lvigroup.Text = "";
    lvsigroup = new ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem();
    lvsigroup.Text = oUser.LoginName;
    // MessageBox.Show(oUser.LoginName);
    RoleDefinitionBindingCollection roleDefsbindings = null;
    roleDefsbindings = orole.RoleDefinitionBindings;
    //permission level
    lvsi = new ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem();
    string permissionsstr = string.Empty;
    for (int i = 0; i < roleDefsbindings.Count; i++)
    if (i == roleDefsbindings.Count - 1)
    permissionsstr = permissionsstr += roleDefsbindings[i].Name;
    permissionsstr = permissionsstr += roleDefsbindings[i].Name + ", ";
    lvsi.Text = permissionsstr;
    // args.PermissionsList.Items.Add(lvi);
    catch (Exception ex)
    Kind Regards, John Naguib Technical Consultant/Architect MCITP, MCPD, MCTS, MCT, TOGAF 9 Foundation

  • How to view list buffer in new debugger?

    Hi there,
    Any body knows how to view the list buffer generated so far while debugging in new debugger.It says, after first write statement a new button appears in tool bar.I couldn't find it.Please help.

    The option Goto -> Status Display - > Display List (or Ctrl+F12) allow you to see the output so far written to the sysout in the Old Debugger.
    if you are using the new debugger the only work around that I have found is to switch to the old debugger
    ( Debugger -> Switch to classic debugger)
    You can then use CTRL+F12 to see the list output. Then you can switch back to the new debugger.
    According to my thought this facility seems absent in new debugger.

  • How to display List of items in a outputtext in adf

    Hi ADF Experts,
    My question is I am able to get the selected items from a List<String> on click of a button. How can I display each item as a outputtext inside a panelbox.

    Here is a simple ex:
    JSPX :
    <af:panelBox id="pb1">
    <af:forEach var="items" items="#{viewScope.MyBean.stringList}">
    <af:outputText id="ot1" value="#{items}"/>
    Bean :
    public class MyBean {
    private List<String> stringList;
        public void setStringList(List<String> stringList) {
            this.stringList = stringList;
        public List<String> getStringList() {
            return stringList;
        public MyBean() {
            stringList = new ArrayList<String>();

  • SAP-HR : How to view list of all employees reporting to a manager

    Hi friends,
    I need to get the list of all the employee reporting to a particular manager. How do i do that?
    Please help!!

    go to the org assignment of the manager pernr and look at lla EE's reporting to him
    else go to PPOSE and have a look at the same.
    reward points if issue resolved

  • How to show list of items when the user pressed tab key in an empty field

    Hi all
    i would like to know if there is a way to open a form with items list which will be shown to the user when he pressed the tab key within a field for instance "item code" field will present a search form with a table filled with item codes and their description.
    i'm currently working in 2004 version. i know how to catch the event.
    i'm creating a form with a matrix object binded to a datasource which is connected to the data base table which contains all the items.
    what would like to know if there is a better way to this. maybe using buisness partner objects. and if so how
    appriciate the help

    You Should use Formatted Search in this case.
    You must create and associate a query for your field.
    click on the field you want items to be listed and press Shift + F2
    catch the keydown event of this field  and check pval.charpressed = 9 (tab key press)
    then execute

  • How to view List of Customer Account Groups

    T-Code OBD2  to create a new Customer Account Group.
    To avoid using an existing name, i would like to have an idea about the current existing Group  names .
    What is the T-Code to view that list ?

    Hi Mr. Emad
    you question is fully clear..  but you can see all existing names of the account group for customer at the creation screen for new customer T-code XD01  like below attached
    Mahmoud El Nady

  • How to view List of Customization request in hierarchy.

    Hello Experts
    Once customization is saved by an user, how to visualize all the lists of customization request saved in hierarchy wise, also provide more clarity on how to transport (Process of migration) these customization requests from one server to other.
    Can someone help me with this?

    In SE10 transaction you can see the transports, and the customizing entries within it.
    Customizing entries are only tables and table entries, there is no hierarchical relationship between them.
    You might know, that "this entrie is a must to create that entry", but SAP doesn't know this, it knows only tables and table entries.
    The "hierarchy" is checked in those SAP standard transactions, where the customizing entries are used.
    So if you wanted to write such thing, you have to write them for each customizing entries. That would be a huge work...
    I think it's better for you to use the SE10 transaction.

  • How to view list of browsing history without much hassle?

    I have tried to check browsing history using the method provided in the Firefox Help. When I clicked on "open containing folder", I could not find any list that shows the browsing history websites. Please help.

    <br />
    You need to update your plugins. It is important to keep them updated due to continuing security fixes and improvements in those plug-ins:
    * Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape (you '''<u>MAY</u>''' need to update)
    * Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
    * Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_18 for Mozilla browsers
    #Check your plugin versions:
    #*'''Note: plugin check page does not have information on all plugin versions'''
    #'''Update Adobe Reader (PDF plugin):'''
    #*From within your existing Adobe Reader ('''<u>if you have it already installed</u>'''):
    #**Open the Adobe Reader program from your Programs list
    #**Click Help > Check for Updates
    #**Follow the prompts for updating
    #**If this method works for you, skip the "Download complete installer" section below and proceed to "After the installation" below
    #*Download complete installer ('''if you do <u>NOT</u> have Adobe Reader installed'''):
    #**Use Firefox to download and SAVE the installer to your hard drive from the link in the article below
    #**On the Adobe page, un-check any extra items (i.e. Free McAfee® Security Scan Plus) then click Download button
    #**If you see message just under tabs, DO NOT click the Allow button, instead click below that where it says "click here to download".
    #**Click "Save to File"; save to your Desktop (so you can find it)
    #**After download completes, close Firefox
    #**Click the installer you just downloaded and allow the install to continue
    #***Note: Vista and Win7 users may need to right-click the installer and choose "Run as Administrator"
    #**'''<u>Download link and more information</u>''':
    #*After the installation, start Firefox and check your version again.
    #'''Update Shockwave Flash'''
    #*Use Firefox to Download and SAVE to your hard drive from the link in article below; '''<u>the link takes you directly to the download and you avoid the "getplus" download manager and "extras" (i.e., toolbars, virus scan links, etc.) on the main Adobe page.</u>'''
    #*SAVE to your Desktop so you can find it
    #*After download completes, close Firefox
    #*Click on the file you just downloaded and install
    #**Note: Vista and Win7 users may need to right-click the installer downloaded and choose "Run as Administrator"
    #**Note: Most browsers other than IE will also get updated with this one download
    #**Note: To update IE, same procedure '''<u>but use IE</u>''' to go:
    #*After installation, restart Firefox and check your version again.
    #*'''<u>Download links and other information</u>''':
    #** '''<u>or</u>''' you can download, save, then run the manual installers for IE, then for Firefox (and all other browsers) from here:
    #* Also see:
    #* Also see (if needed):
    #'''Update Java:'''
    #* Download and update instructions:
    #* Removing old versions:
    #* After the installation, start Firefox and check your version again.

  • How to view list of queries

    I would like to see a list of all the queries and the cube on which the query was built on. Is there a table where this information is available in BW? Or, whats the best way to get it.
    Thanks a lot

    The Tech Content cubes have some queries that provide this info, but if you don't need to go back beyond a couple of months or need to see 30 days of daily data, transaction ST03 (in Expert Mode) looking at the BW System Load info is great as far as seeing what queries are actually being used. It provides 3 time ranges -
    Today and two previous days.
    This week and two previous weeks.
    This month and two previous months.
    It provides InfoProvider, how often it is queried, DB and OLAP performance info (avg time, rows selected and xfered, etc) and you can then drill on it to see the actual queries that are being run and all the other info mentioned above.

  • How to view customer line items in S_ALR_87012197

    Hi frends,
    what is the selection criteria for customer line items list in S_ALR_87012197 as i am preparing the EU document for it and till now i didnot use that that i dont have much idea about the icons in that screen.the concept is i need to explain them very very simple format as they want spoon feedup in the EU documents.
    Sap Guru
    [email protected]

    In that it is Posible to Open items and Cleared items
    and also open and cleared items?
    Parked items noted documets and standard items wht u want select that check box and excute it?
    in that repost there is change variant there in that lot of options availble in sap what i want select and if u dont want optins surpress it ?
    now u r clear
    i think

Maybe you are looking for

  • Interface of OPC to SAP R/3

    Hi , We got a PLC with OPC server and it  records the production order and its torque value. We need to interface with SAP R/3 so as to send  the order and torque data from OPC server to SAP. Can you please suggest any solution for this. Thanks

  • How to transfer files from Pc to mobiles?

    HI, How to transfer files from Pc to mobiles? what are the Methods to do transferring files. Sri

  • Process Order Scheduling dates.........

    Hi there,              For the process order where we can do the configuarion in SPRO so that the opreation starts on the basis of earlier dates or the latest dates... Thanks Kaushik

  • Why can't I see all of my backups on Time Capsule?

    My Time Capsule is full, and I'm trying to do some maintenance. I have an old backup on there from an old computer, but I can't see it when I use finder.  Very old Macs can see the sparse bundles when I browse over, but new Macs only see backups for

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